Britney Spears Can't Seem To Kick The Habit

Britney Spears

Britney was snapped smoking and shopping in NYC yesterday. Hopefully her smoking is just a phase…



  1. zscorpio says

    Toooooooo much attention for a trashy person! And YES – she needs a bath, scrub, whatever, but I don’t think it will help much! Even man around her looking dirty (in exact meaning of this word). No millions on account can buy classiness and inteligence.
    And never, ever compate this piece of trash with English royalties!

  2. Paula says

    Carleigh, you go girl…….I agree 100%! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Yea ya’ll……WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!

  3. carleigh says

    If it takes two years to recover from a divorce there would be no such things as REBOUND! It takes a person whoever long it takes but you know get to grieve and then rejoice but you can’t ever do it at the expense of your own children, which is exactly what Britney has done and is doing right now. She makes me utterly sick! I think I puked in my mouth a little…YUCKY!

  4. carleigh says

    Renann-Don’t even ever compare Britney Spear to Princess Diana. These comments are made about Britney because of HOW and WHO she is, plain and simple. People didn’t dare make a deragatory comment about Princess Diana because there wasn’t much you could say negative about her except she married a complete ASS! Princess Diana was a doting, loving, caring, mother who actually spent ALL of her free time with Wills and Harry. Unlike Britney who courts the media constantly, neglects spending any type of quality time with her children, she ran around showing off her nasty vagina all of the internet—another BIG thing that Princess Diana would never, ever in a million years dream of doing! It’s road kill Britney vs. Priness Diana…please don’t even go there, the differences are like trash vs class..which Diana had inherently all of her life and Britney has NO class in any cell or particle of her whole entire body! In fact if Britney want’s a female role model to aspire too, Diana would have been the PERFECT choice for that. Britney should look at the grace and dignity with which Diana lived her life and aspire to be 1/1000 of what Diana was. No comparisons, nobody is jealous we are all just SICK, SICK, SICK and TIRED of Britney (Shitney) Spears and her nasty ass. She needs to go HOME and hug her babies while she still can and keep her drunk ass at home! (Diana went through an extremely public divorce but you didn’t ever see her trapsing around like this because Diana had dignity and self control)…another few traits that trailer park barbie oops I mean Britney has never ever had either..divorce doesn’t mean you get an excuse to wreck yourself, drink like a fish, become promiscuous, and let yourself fact in a divorce once the initial pain is over a woman should get her self esteem back and be bigger, better, wiser and stronger. Britney hasn’t had to pay for any of her mistakes so she doesn’t have a clue as to how much she is damaging her life, her health and most especially her TWO BABIES!

  5. Renann says

    I can’t believe what I am reading on a baby site. You all are so jealous!!!! Britney has worked hard, been through some real heartbreak and has nannies!!!!!!! So What??!! So did Princess Diana but I can’t recall ever reading these kind of comments about her! Why don’t you all get a life and let Britney deal with the pain of her divorse in what ever works for her? It takes, on the average, two years to recover from a divorce. You all – get a life!!!!! BRITNEY RULES!!!!!

  6. MissyMama says

    Sallie, sadly it’s not just you. She looks disgusting. She needs more than a bath. She needs more like a complete scrub down with a fire hose to blast all that grim off of her.


  7. carleigh says

    Kimasho you are too damn funny!! If not the Surreal Life then most definitely PORN BABY!!!!!!!!!!! She’s got all the makings of a porn star and hell she shows it for free, don’t even see Jenna Jamison doing that for nothing! Britney is a skankarama hooker!

  8. KMisaHO says

    She has gone down hill….fast! Dang! just think, it was only a few short years ago when she was on top of the world…with a rock-hard body to die for, #1 records, and Justin T. on her arm! To look at this picture, she looks like a homeless bag woman who hasn’t showered in weeks. (no offense if any homeless people who may be reading this!) Anyway, at this rate, she’ll be fat, broke and staring on VH1’s “Surreal Life” by the time she’s 30.

  9. Tasha says

    I hope britt isnt smoking around her babies but it happens, she is a human 2 and i feel that she deserves 2 get respect just like all other human beings in this world. Does anyone know if we will ever get 2 see JJ???

  10. blunt says

    how can you all say she doesn’t deserve her own kids They are HERS!!!! A million people smoke around there kids in this world and YES it’s WRONG but maybe she didn’t smoke when she was preggers and doesn’t smoke around them and if she does, sadly what can we do??! NOTHING. And maybe she has reason for being out at 3 a.m if that is even true and it is just a picture her kids could be with her and not in the picture. And guess what celebs have nanny’s so get over it. basically its just not worth time nagging on brit when she is moving on with her life. And this is a baby site so why is this pic even on here??? You all need to look at my comments at the pic w/ britney in the black dress and maybe you will understand.

  11. carleigh says

    I agree and concur with the issue of second hand smoke around young children, especially when it’s the prime season for RSV. I am studying to be a respiratory therapist, and my younger daughter has acute asthma and has contracted RSV when she was 7 weeks old. If Britney isn’t careful she could expose her kids to whatever germs she is picking up when she’s out galavanting around the globe at all hours of the day and night. She’s very irresponsible and I don’t know what more I can say except…Bad Britney, Bad, Bad Britney!

  12. MissyMama says

    I agree with you 100% Boo #15.

    She does not deserve those boys. Just because you are a celebrity does not give you the right to pawn the parental duties and raising of the children to hired help. These two poor little babies are going to grow up and find out that their mother spent more time in clubs and partiying with her “friends” during the most important times of their precious lives than she spend anywhere near them.

    I wonder……has she ever changed one of JJ’s diapers?

  13. Boo says

    A few people have said this pic was taken at 3am… which brings me to my question….what the hell is she doing shopping at 3am, when she’s got a 17 month old and a 5 month old at home sleeping…. so there is another night where she gets home at 5 and sleeps til 3 pm, leaving the nannies to do everything, It’s sad when you think of it cuz while this pic was being taken I bet that poor little JJ was probably awake getting a 3am feeding by one of the nannies or as he knows it his other mommy….it’s just so sad it really is….Must be nice to have the ability to come and go as you please, just to pick up and go and not have to worry about how your kids are going to be cared for.
    I don’t know how she can trust anyone but herself to watch her kids 24/7, the only people I have ever left my children with are their grandparents or aunts because I fully trust that they’ll be taken care of, I’m not saying that her Nannies aren’t fully qualified to watch kids but watching them is one thing…RAISING them is a whole other story which I feel that’s what the nannies are doing…I’m sorry but she does not deserve to be a mom…IN MY OPINION…I honestly think at this point they’d be better off with K-FED…at least then he may take the time to spend with them!!

  14. crayola says

    nasty ass bitch. she needs to go into hideing and not show her fed up face for awhile. No a good while. I bet you she smells like a pack of cigarettes along with someone elses ass. it is just how she looks i can smell through my monitor.

  15. Paula says

    It really doesn’t matter if she smokes around the kids are not, if it’s on her clothes and she picks them up they can still get the effects of the second hand smoke. Causes respiritory problems and ear infections. People don’t realize that or just don’t care. She may not smoke around them but she needs to change her clothes before she enters the house. And with her rep she probably won’t mind taking her clothes off at the door and walking in naked. After all, we’ve seen it all already. LOL!!

    She’s still greasy looking and looks to be in need of a bath. Yuck!

  16. amy says

    Why is everyone so down on smokers? Most people don’t smoke around their kids – Britney especially – since she’s never with them. Just because a person smokes doesn’t mean that they are evil. Maybe she just wants to stay skinny. And, NO I do NOT smoke. Quit over 4 years ago!!

  17. MissyMama says

    Ah, Carleigh glad to see you came to your senses!! :o) You had me scared there for a minute!! LMAO

  18. carleigh says

    I EAT every single good thing I posted about her in the black dress….leave it to Britney to OOPS DO IT AGAIN, and AGAIN and AGAIN!!! I won’t ever try to even remotely think a good thought about her again because every time I do she winds up making me look stupider than her! Forget it, she’s done stick a fork in her bloated, smoking, skanky, greasy, nasty ass..she’s ALL DONE!

  19. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    No….. I think that she was a smoker for wuite a while now. I dont think that she would ever stoop so low and smoke while prenant. I am sure she was aware that it can harm the baby. That is just an unflattering picture of her. It was 3 am when it was taken so u can understand that she looks tired and the hair and stuff. She shoulf really stop inhaling smoke is very bad and can be harmful to Sean and Jayden.

  20. Cyberkitten37 says

    So what if she’s a smoker??? So long as she isn’t doing it around her kids (ie: in the car or house) and subjecting them to secondhand smoke…then who cares????

  21. says

    She’s just like any other smoker, she’s just not hiding it for the Stupid paparatzi!! Why don’t they take pictures of POOR people smoking??!! Just Because she’s going through a divorce DOESN’T mean She has to hide Her Real SELF!!!
    I’m Ready For the Camera’s… Come on take one of ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If that’s How she wan’t to let her feeling out, Then… GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!

  22. MissyMama says

    I know I said no more comments, but….DAMN!! Not only is she all greasy/unwashed/unkept…this photo was taken at 3 am in NYC where it is the coldest it has ever been and she is wearing a crop top and some sort of light cover??

    She must be doing some good drugs if she can stay warm enough for that kind of outfit.

    Trash, trash, trash….gross!

  23. Lauren says

    She looks so gross in the picture. I wonder if she was smoking during her pregnancies. She should try quitting for her sons sake. Secondhand smoke is so bad especially for young kids.

  24. Boo says

    I wonder if she was a smoker while she was pregnant…. That is something that I have a hard time with, I can’t stand to see a pregnant woman with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth… Don’t get me wrong, I know how hard it is to quit… I’ve been there, done that…. I was actually a smoker when I got pregnant with my oldest child, I discovered I was expecting him on Dec 19 and was completely off cigs by Jan 1st…it took me a couple weeks of cutting back to a complete stop. And it’s now been 4 years for me of non smoking.
    And I’m not TRYING to put down all you mothers that smoked throughout your pregnancies, Cuz like I said, I’ve been through it and know what it’s like…I’m just simply stating that I don’t like seeing expectant mom’s do it.

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