1. Boo says

    There is also a lot of “equipment” out there that can make someone sound better then what they are…. I’ve heard that Brit Brit is known for lip syncing at her concerts ( which I don’t know if thats been proven or not)…I just hear it and read it and so on…. but if it’s true then how do we know for sure if she does have an amazing voice, it may just be Average and dubbed to sound a whole lot better….Just like the infamous Ashlee Simpson SNL bit…. or I think it was a Superbowl ( where she got booed)… and in her concerts, her voice isn’t that nice while singing live….I don’t think she can sing at all…. I think it’s all equipment that makes her sound nice on her CD’s! jmo

  2. Paula says

    Dori, I have to disagree about her singing. She might be able to “sing”, but she isn’t that talented. Christina Aguilera can sing and has a powerful, beautiful voice. Britney can dance but so can alot of other people in the music business. True, I don’t know that much about the music business but I can listen to someone and figure out who has awesome talent and who has mediocre talent, and Britney is mediocre to me. And I know she’s got a lot of albums to prove she can sing, but that doesn’t really prove it to me. It proves she caught teens and 20 somethings at the right time. I think the teens these days are moving on to someone else which is how it always is in this business. People like Britney are a dime a dozen. People with real talent stick around a long time.

  3. dori says

    Ok…. I agree she looks lousy but to say she can’t sing, well you’re just plain ridiculous and obviously have no clue about the music industry. The girl is loaded with talent for singing and dancing and the day any of you can do what Brit does so well then you can make nasty comments about her singing abilities. .
    Yes.. she definately needs a stylist her hair make up and clothes are no good on her but you don’t have to rag about her talents. When her new album comes out along with the pics of Jayden you’ll all be eating your words.

  4. I smell something!! says

    Hey, if you don’t like me nagging on her looks, then don’t nag on mine. For all you know I do look better than her. At least I wash my hair and don’t show my cooter to the world. So, you have a good night babe!!

  5. blunt says

    Ahh!!! Babydoll I don’t have kids and I never said she was so great I just wasn’t nagging on her appearence like you cause I’m sure she looks better than you!!!! Have a good night loser

  6. I smell something!! says

    #17 and 18 – my opinion. She’s not pretty, just plain and SHE HAS A BIG FOREHEAD. I don’t like her, never did, never will and nothing she does will change my mind about her. So shut up you bitches. Just because you like her doesn’t mean I or anyone else has too. You must live just like her or else you’d be appalled at her behavoir too! Most people that think she’s so great don’t take care of their kids either!!!

  7. blunt says

    Okay I agree with #17 totally.But i smell somthing, diva and Karina are just a bunch of haters. Yea brit has done foolish stuff in the past but give her a break she does look better but saying “she has a big forehead” and that shes fat is just rude and stupid i mean she is a human being. And u all just hear,read and look at pictures and judge her when she may be partying but yet spending time w/ her kids,and why haven’t we seen Jayden? MAYBE JUST MAYBE she DOESN”T want HER child to be exposed to a bunch off cameras and critical and harsh losers like the three of you. Just my opinion

  8. NO NAME says

    Looks like we’re all in agreement–This definately is not the best pic of Brit. A stylist would help her out tremendously. I’ve always wondered why celebs who have tons of money look like they’ve been dumpster hopping. Although this lil’ black slip prob cost thousands of dollars, I’ve seen better looking clothes at Fred’s. Just my opinion. Get home to your boys, Brit. They need you more than the cameras do. 🙂

  9. Lauren says

    She looks terrible. You can tell her hair is fried from dying it 2 much and she looks greasy. She’s also got a little belly. She needs to just stay out of the spotlight and take care of her boys. Where is Jayden, by the way? He’s almost 5 months and he hasn’t been seen anywhere?! She showed off Sean when he was barely 2 months old.

  10. Tammi says

    She could very easily be pregnant again! SURE LOOKS LIKE IT!!! And I don’t care, but any way you dress this kid up she still looks like trash – in fact she is REALLY starting to look like her mom!

  11. says

    The tag on the dress was priceless, especially when the back was see through!

    Britney has a lot of work to do to gain back respect. First off where’s Jayden? Why hasn’t she shown that babe yet???? I haven’ty asked that untl now and it really makes me wonder why?

  12. diva says

    Sorry web mistress but you must need your eyes testing…. the girl does NOT look cute she looks trashy and cheap..

  13. Brandy says

    She does look cleaner and more together here, but if you ask me she is still just: Washed up, Used up, Cheap, Loser!

    Go home, take a shower and play with your boys!

  14. MissyMama says

    At least she looks a little cleaner. But still needs a stylist. The slip dress is too tight, her hair is a mess and her nails are bitten down to the quick.

    Ugh, I’m just so tired of her, no more comments.

  15. Boo says

    Yeah , the pic with the Tag showing under her dress was alittle bit much, The girl is at least a medium, The dress was a bit tight, but a lot classier then her usual look.

  16. Candice says

    I’ve lost all respect for Britney. I think she’s a horrible role model for young girls. Although tabloids are tabloids and who knows if she’s really doing everything they say, she still has lost her edge. I don’t think she’ll ever really be Britney again. I personally never thought she had any talent. I hope she’ll be able to get her life back on track.
    Best wishes to her and her children.

  17. jordyn says

    I saw this picture on the website ” in case you didn’t know”, and she still has the tag on. It read xs, I think she should have worn a bigger size, then maybe she wouldn’t appear to be sucked in so much. She should try and wear Spanks, they are wonderful fat sucker iners.
    She does look better than she has, I will give her that

  18. Julie says

    Not the best I’ve seen her look, but she still looks good, and since she’s dumped that parasite, she seems much happier. I’m happy for her and hope she’s living it up!

  19. I smell something!! says

    I just can’t seem to get past the memory of her “goodies” when I look at pictures of her. I’ve never thought she was very pretty. She has a big forehead. Sorry, but she can’t sing and the only talent she has is making a fool of herself in front of the camera. I’m afraid her days are numbered. She needs to stay home with her money and take care of her babies now. And is that a slip she’s wearing? And she’s getting fat again!! Just my opinion!!

  20. carleigh says

    WOW……….she looks great! Now if she would just do this consistently that would be amazing! I love the necklace and earings and she looks very well put together…wonder if she remembered underwear? Sorry, couldn’t resist!LOL. Hands down the best I’ve EVER seen Brit look, maybe she actually got a “real” stylist? Who cares as long as it sticks, this is what she’s needed to do for a very long time. Now, if she would give a decent interview about her life w/o K-Fed and show off her boys she may gain just a modicum of respect back.

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