Nicholas Cage & Son

Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage was snapped with his one-year-old son Kal-el Cage at a street festival for kids in Nassau, Bahamas. (Taken Dec. 21, 2006.) Kal-el’s mother is Nicholas Cage’s third wife, Alice Kim. Interestingly, Kal-el is the birth name given to comic book hero Superman! Nicholas has another son, Weston, 16, with actress Kristina Fulton.

This is a pic of Nicholas, Alice and Weston:

Nicholas Cage


  1. Gesa says

    He met his wife in a restaurant, she was a waitress there, and he fell in love immediately…..she was hardly twenty at the time…

  2. Amy says

    I usually think Nicholas Cage is HOT but he’s not in the first picture. Lower one is good, though. I wonder where he found his wife? She’s prettty enough to be an actress herself.

  3. Nicki says

    Cute little boy. His older son is getting so big, he looks handsome. Alice looks a little bit like Lucy Lui in that picture. Pretty girl, I’ve seen other pics and she didn’t look like Lucy.
    Well I guess Supermans real name is better than “Superman”. He is also a HUGE fan of Elvis Presley, so maybe it was between Elvis or Kal-el.

  4. Lauren says

    What a cutie. What’s with the name?! That’s a horrible name for a little boy. What is with celebs and their weird names?!

  5. Braydie says

    I also think the name is really ugly, the kid is a cutie, his wife is gorgeous but kal-el???? Stupid name in my book.

  6. carleigh says

    What an awful name!!! OMG..what’s the next one going to be named Batman, Green Latern or Spiderman?? Baby is cute though and his wife is really pretty too!

  7. Boo says

    Cute baby, it’s strange that Nick would name him after superman…. But at least he’ll likely get Kal for short when he gets bigger….He’s got really cute long hair to!

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