Katie Holmes Talks About How Wonderful Motherhood Is

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie, 28, revealed how joyful motherhood is in the March issue of Bazaar magazine. She explains how easy she found pregnancy with Suri, now 9 months old – she had no morning sickness and no cravings besides cupcakes. “I felt so proud to be having a baby and so excited,” she tells Bazaar. “And I felt closer to other women – to my sisters, to my mom. I felt empowered, like, ‘I’ve given birth. I did it! There’s nothing I can’t handle.’ ”

Motherhood, too, has been easy. “I’ve really enjoyed this time that I have taken to be with Suri as well as the challenges of the first couple of months: feeding and pumping, learning to decipher what each cry means – is she hungry? Is she tired? Does she need a fresh diaper? – and figuring out how to really help her.”

Asked if she wants more kids, Katie smiles and says: “Definitely.”

And, although she took time off to be a mom, she also wants to make more movies. Last week, Variety reported that she had dropped out of the sequel to 2005’s Batman Begins and was in talks to star in Mad Money opposite Queen Latifah.

“I have a whole new set of responsibilities,” she says. “My work is very important to me. My family is very important to me. When I go to work, it will be the right thing, worth my time and worth my time away from my family.”



  1. Miapocaa says

    Cherisse I hate to say this, but Katie was always out shopping, weeks and days before she was due and after she was due..after the birth she wasnt coming out because of her weight, as Tom explained she was trying to get back into shape…is you know anything about how sceintologists raise childrens, you will know that she doesnt spend the majority of her time tending to suris needs, neither was she spending teh first week with her…its th e scientologist way fo life that this stupid brainless girl has adopted for the love of midget…..Where are all her friends and fmaily when she is being pulled along by toms , his family and his acquaintances (not friends)invited to the wedding………………

  2. cherisse says

    i think what Katie was saying is that after she found out how to reconize the crying and getting used to raising a new born she got a hand of it and knew what to do after the baby cries or if she was hungry. And Tom even told David Letterman when he was on his show that when they have questions or problems they call their mothers to help them and Chris Klein Katie’s ex said she always love children and always adored her neices and nephews and now she has one of her own people think that she don’t do a lot of work just because she is rich. Well if that was the case why did you think that for months or couple of weeks you did not see her after she gave birth.
    I think that Katie is a great mother.

  3. Granny says

    When I think about all this woman claims to do, I think that women like my daughter and a lot of you bloggers are really the amazing ones. My daughter and many of you do the child care with only the help of a husband (no nanny), run a house (no maid), have careers (with average income), take care of other kids (again no nannies), and all the rest that comes with real life. If you ladies had the nannies, maids, chauffers, and unlimited incomes you could fly around the world to fashion shows, dress to the nines, go to kids ball games without struggling to tote the infants and their necessities and have trainers to get their bodies into awesome shape. You ladies are the ones who should be on magazine covers explaining how its done and educating the world on multi-tasking.

    I’m not saying that KH didn’t work at raising her child so far, but she cannot hold a candle to the rest of the average mothers. And I do like her.

  4. cherisse says

    i have 2 say something.
    How in the hell do all of you know what goes on in Katie life? I wonder do any of you stalk her or are you her nanny? Don’t forget that when Suri was born she stayed in the house for 2 weeks, not only that but did you forget that Tom was out more than Katie. While around the time Suri was born you hardly ever seen Katie out. You always heard Tom say ” she is @ home with Katie. I think that it is nice that Katie is going out and taking a break from staying in the house. I do not get you people how would you feel if everyone was always commenting on your life 24/7? i bet you would not like it than. Why don’t all you negative bitches who always got something to say worry about what goes on in your life not anybody else that you do not know. JUST GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK FROM ALL THE NEGATIVITY BULLSHIT.

    PS If you want to start critizing i suggest you talk about how Katie around more than Toms kids real mother even before they got married.

  5. Nisa says

    Taja I agree with you, besides many of us listen to what our husbands tell us and do it any way, she is not different, he is her other half…….right now any way…. so she is right if she takes his views into consideration. Remember money is nolonger her problem, so let her choose the roles she wants or her husband wants, if he is happy, she is happy. Acting is a life long career, Katie may get her best roles in her sixties like Hellen Mirren.

    Carleigh, I agree it is good to see her doing interviews again, I too wish we could see Suri more, those pictures really looked good. I hope she does this mad money flick.

  6. Taja says

    Lets be honest everybody…Katie has stated repeatedly since her and Tom got together that she is so happy and excited to be with Tom. We can’t blame Tom for her actions and behaviors because if she wanted to do something she could stand up for herself and do it. She enjoys not having to do anything and being known to the whole world as Mrs. Tom Cruise. Tom may not want the whole entire world in all of their business all of the time, but you and I don’t want everybody in our business either. Quit blaming Katie’s actions on Tom because she is just as much to blame and maybe she likes having things the way they are.

  7. Blng says

    That’s so stupid. Mothering is a newborn is not easy. It’s very rewarding and all However its everything BUT easy.

  8. Janice says

    Katie had conflicting schedules and chose not to do the sequel to the batman movie. She is planning on doing Mad Money. Besides the part for rachel Dawes is around 10 minutes long, so it probably wasn’t worth it, besides I don’t want to watch batman just to see her for a mere 10 minutes, I’d rather go see Mad Money and see her throughout the whole movie, cause she is the one I actually want to see, I missed not seeing her on magazines!

  9. Kalista Brat says

    Katie is so sweet and she has such an adorable daughter, I think I’d be lucky to have a mum like her. I can’t wait to see Suri again. I’m gonna go to Borders and buy my copy of this issue soon. I hope she does more interviews cause I want to hear more!

  10. DJ says

    Interesting that Katie said she had dropped out of the Batman sequel. What I recently read was that the producers didn’t even ask her to come back because they thought she was such a flake and they were looking for a more “substantial actress” for the sequel (their words, not mine.)

  11. sweetie says

    I agree with Fancy in everything, yeah next time interview the nanny she will give us some fresh news about Suri, poor Katie I think everybody can see how much Tom control her it’s so sad.

  12. Amy says

    Everyone is so worried about her career. Would most women work if they were her? It’s not like she had a huge career before, so why would she now? Because she needs the money? Don’t think so. I agree with the last 2 commentors, about the nanny.lol.I think Tom put her up to the interview, to make them look more normal.

  13. Fancy says

    Katie should of had Jennifer Garner’s life. A hot young sane husband, a baby she could take out in public, and her modest talent turned to doing entertaining features.
    I could say so much more but will confine my comments to the baby related, namely why is she talking about Suri as though she’s still a newborn? The interview was done when Suri was 8 months old! Is Suri crawling? Jabbering? Getting into everthing? Does she like to swing, play on the grass? Is she an easy going baby or fussy ? C’mon, pumping? Those breasts haven’t fed a baby in ages. As for does she need a fresh diaper, if you’ve got a nose you can pretty much figure that out in week one. We won’t even go near the worth my time nonsense. Since when is Paris fashion week so worthy?
    This interview is as photo shopped as the famously large Holmes calves in the shoot it accompanies.
    Next time interview the nanny about Suri.

  14. Lauren says

    It’s finally nice to see Katie giving interviews and talking in public again. I still hate Tom Cruise but Suri is an adorable little girl. Katie should start making more movies again. That way she can be taken seriously as an actress.

  15. Kat says

    I’m sure motherhood would be “easy” if you had staff to do everything for you. As much as she’s out in public without her daugher, you know she’s not doing the majority of the “mothering.” If I could get out as much as she does, I would think motherhood is easy, too. But for real women, it’s a little more work than Katie thinks it is.

  16. carleigh says

    I am glad Katie is giving some interviews now, it’s nice to hear her talking about Suri but I wish there were some recent pic’s of Suri out too. However, I don’t think she has offers just “pouring” in for her acting career, from what I’ve been reading and hearing Tom has been micromanaging her every career move so I am sure he will exert his total cruise control over her. She probably won’t make many movies right now because Tom wants her under his thumb 24/7. I still don’t like Tom but I do like Katie and think Suri’s a beautiful little baby. I think they are happy but Tom needs to loosen the noose and relax and let Katie have a life outside of their marriage and Scientology cult.

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