Sara Gilbert Expecting Her Second Child

Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert (remember her from Roseanne?!) is expecting her second child with her lesbian partner.

Sara, 32, has been in a long-term relationship with TV writer/producer Allison Adler, who gave birth to the couple’s son, Levi, via a sperm donor in 2004. This time she will carry the baby. (This is sort of awkward to explain!)

“Sara and Allison have always planned on having two kids,” a pal tells The Enquirer. “Sara’s already a wonderful mom but she feels the experience of giving birth will make her life complete.”

Here is a pic of Sara with her son Levi:

Sara Gilbert

Best Wishes!

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  1. says

    Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely useful information specially the final phase 🙂 I handle such information a lot. I was seeking this particular info for a long time. Thanks and best of luck.

  2. BC Girl says

    EWeb – You can rant on & on as much as you want, you are not going to change my beliefs and feeling about this subject. I just have one question for you: You say that we should love and accept anyone and everything in this world, what do you think about incest people?? Just like you were saying about gays, some people really do love their aunts, uncles, brothers, sister, etc. What if they were to have a sexual realationship?? Would you defend that as well?? Im sure that you would disagree with that, but yet there are some people (like you in this homosexual case) who are not against that….. Who would have the ‘correct’ beliefs then?? What Im trying to say, is that you have your beliefs and feeling, and I HAVE MINE!!! Neither are right or wrong, its just how we feel. So give it up already EWeb….

  3. EWeb says

    BC Girl i don’t know who your kiding when your saying that you don’t hate gay people when in the response to my post you said that its disgusting, its gross and you referred to gay people as homo’s, which is in fact a durogatory term used to describe people of that sexual orientation. i’m sorry but i can’t see you ever excepting anyone who isn’t straigh into your life…no matter how they are related to you and thats a pure observation from the few sentences i read. i can only imagine what someone who really knows you might think about you.

    and ME, whoever you are your the worst of all. your telling us that we are actually the phobic ones because were loving and accepting of other peoples personal choices and lives. what a load. the term homophobic is according to the dictionary means:
    unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality.
    Fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men.
    Behavior based on such a feeling.
    the definition states that it usually refers to a fear but that actually is not the only meaning of the word.

    and furthermore i am not saying that your not allowed to say or have an opinion. however i am saying that just like your allowed to say and have your opinion i am allowed to say and have mine. the truth though is that i’m not the one lobbying against a whole group of people. in fact i love when people have opinions different than mine, it gives me a chance to realized other sides to things. the only problem with your side is that its full of hate and disgut and fear and i choose not to be apart of anything like that. i have realized the truth and its that people like you love to hate other people and will use any excuse to do it. the whole there are more people in the world that agree with me than you thing isn’t a very valid point and really only proves mine more. because once upon a time a very large group of people used to say the same things about african-americans and slavery that your saying about gay people and we all know how that argument turned out. so excuse me for not wanting to be a person who helped oppress a whole group of people. frankly i have too many things to say to you right now so i’m just gonna leave it at that.

    “in the last days men shall wax worse and worse giving in to their own lusts (men with men and women with women)” its funny to me that we read the same bible and i’ve never ever see parenthesis in the bible say men with men and women with women. and that neither me or anyone i know has gotten that meaning from that passage. i think someone with a huge prejudice told you that is what that meant and you believed it because of your own close-minded ness. also never once have i been in church and heard my priest say that homosexuality is wrong. it really does crack me up that you get that message…whoever translated your bible must have done one hell of a shitty job.

    i also think that its hilarious that your saying that whats written in the bible could be wrong but you don’t think so because God would have told us so. did it not ever occur to you that people like me who believe what we believe are God’s way of opening your eyes to the mistakes that someone may have maid? do you honestly think that you would believe someone if they came to you and said the bible is wrong? no, you wouldn’t because people like your are clouded by the misinterpretations people have been spewing down our throats for centuries; misinterpretations that were caused by fear. i’m not saying the bible is or isn’t wrong so don’t get that from what i’m saying. however, i am saying that God didn’t quit after the bible was written. that the bible included everything he wanted to teach us. he’s always teaching us and helping us become better people and that includes accepting people of different races, religions, and sexual preferences. God would never deny anyone and neither should you.

    Anna! i think your awesome and you were much more eloquent and saying exactly what i was trying to so. i thank you very much for your opinion.

    frankly i’m tired of trying to talk to biggets about them being biggets. its alot easier to go along with a wrong opinion than it is to fight for a right one. and frankly i’m tired of fighting against you so this will probably be my last post on here. unless you really say something completely insane.

  4. Lynn says

    Something is wrong with the state of the world when people begin to believe that God ordains gay relationships when it clearly says that because that in the last days men shall wax worse and worse giving in to their own lusts (men with men and women with women) That’s in Romans. When you quote your scriptures about judging make sure that you are quoting it in contexts. You can’t pull one scripture out of the bible and think you have mastered it’s meaning. The judging scriptures does say judge not lest ye be judged for the same judgement that you judge will be measured against you. This is scripture does not imply that the church should not judge, but it goes on further to talk about forgiveness. That is what the scripture is saying, not what you all seem to be implying it means. However, there is a scripture which states, The time is now that judgement shall begin at the house of God. The saints shall judge angels. If the church is qualified to judge angels, surely it can judge simple things in the world such as this. Homosexuality is wrong according to the scripture, it was written by men inspired by God to do so. Could there be error? Quite possibly. Surely, if there were a problem, God would have brought that to our attention. How can men from various times be inspired to speak against the same sin “homosexuality”? Lot’s wife lost her life because she could not let go of the sin that they left behind in the city, she turned around and looked aback. No matter how people believe they were born, or who they are sleeping with, you cannot make a lie out of the truth. It’s wrong, and many people will lift up their eyes in hell because of their disobedience to the word of God. That’s the bible, not my interpretation. If you don’t like it, then you should consult God about it, because I didn’t write it. Christians don’t get upset, because it is the scripture coming to past. It just means that the day is approaching and every man that does not believe and has turned from sin will be judged. Are you going to tell God not to judge too?

  5. Me says

    Phobic means you’re afraid of something. If you disagree with something, that DOESN’T make you phobic. “Homophobic” is thrown around so much, it has lost all meaning. You people who don’t find anything wrong with homosexuality are awfully quick to judge, yourselves. Homosexuality IS a sin, whether you like it or not. Homosexuality is not a race, so don’t categorize it as such. Seems to me you’re the phobic ones, since you can’t seem to handle someone else’s opinions. It’s this “I don’t like what you’re saying, so I’m going to tell you not to speak and I’ll also accuse you and label you” mentality that just blows my mind. You do the VERY thing you are supposedly so against. There will come a day in your life, even if it’s the last day, that you will know the truth.

    Yes, God loves everyone. He doesn’t love homosexuality. That doesn’t mean He hates homosexuals. But, bringing a child up in that lifestyle, teaching him or her that it’s ok, IS a detriment to the child. It IS a shame that these “couples” bring innocent lives into their sinful lifestyle. This doesn’t make them worse than, say, abusive or substance-addicted parents. But it doesn’t make what they’re doing any less wrong.

  6. Anna says

    Congrats to Sara and Allison!

    I have to say I am not surprised by all the negativity on this thread, though it is rather disheartening to come across it.

    I’m 29, and my brother and I grew up with two lesbian mothers. We’re both perfectly normal adults, thank you, and I have very happy memories of my childhood.

    There is *nothing* wrong with gay and lesbian families. What makes a family is love and commitment and dedication, not the gender of the parents. Children need love and security and stability in their lives. They need to know that their parents care for them and will always be there for them. That love can come in any form — one mom, two dads, etc.

    For all the posters who are supposedly so concerned for the children, please be aware that what really upsets children is other people’s ignorance and prejudice about their families. If you would be accepting and teach your children to be accepting, there would be no issue at all.

    I know plenty of other adults who grew up in same-sex families, and we all turned out just fine. Every study that has been done and every major medical and psychological association in the United States has said that there is no adverse effect on children with gay or lesbian parents. Please do some research into this topic. You might be surprised.

  7. BC Girl says

    EWeb – For starters, my beliefs of the homosexuals have absolutely nothing to do with God and the bible, honestly, I dont even believe in that stuff, I believe there is something, but not God and the bible. I feel the way I do because it is something that just seems and looks sooo wrong!! I find it gross, who cares if you dont, thats you and I am me!!
    Second – You said that you dont see us saying anything bad about unfit straight parents – I know that there are unfit straight parents, and that is horrible!! I have not said anything about that in this thread, but go check out threads about Britney (the most unfit mother in the world)… yes I HAVE said things about that!!!
    Third – I will love my children no matter how they decide to live their lives. I never once said that I “hate gay people”. As a matter of fact, I think I have even stated that I do not hate them, I just think its wrong and disgusting. If my child turns out gay, when then so be it, I will still love them as much as I always had before.
    Just because someone doesnt have the same feelings as you about homo’s does not meen that they are wrong and you are right. I think you need to give YOUR head a shake and realize that there are alot more people in the world today than you think, that still do not accept this disgusting act!!!

  8. EWeb says

    okay so all of the women who posted on her against gay/lesbian people make me absolutely sick! specifically BC Girl, Candice, Diana, and Kelly.

    you call yourself mothers….well you have the first part right anyway. first of all being a homosexual is not a sin. Loving someone and being loved back is NEVER a sin.
    people who live their life obsessed with religion and the bible are worse than any sinner in this world because they take what God and Jesus tried to teach us and use it to prove their incorrect points. and they use it to put others down and discriminate against them. because in their uneducated minds that makes being a bigget okay. you can feel however you want about what i said but that is the truth.
    furthermore i think any lesbian/gay persons child is better off than your children because your only teaching your child that its okay to hate people different from themself. or even worse if one of your children is gay/lesbian you will hate them and think they are disgusting…what a message to send to your child “i will only love you if you turn out exactly as i want you too, if you don’t sorry but i will hate you”. ant thats the exact message your sending so don’t try and rationalize anything it is the truth plain and simple.
    there are alot of children out there with straight parents who are completely and totally unfit, yet i don’t hear you saying anything about that. being gay/lesbian doesn’t make you a horrible parent. i believe it might make you a better one because having to face such discrimination in your own life helps you teach your child how to be strong and never comprimise themself because of all the ignorant people out there and their kids will grow up knowing that their parent won’t ever judge them because they know what it feels like to be judged. unlike your children.
    and lastly the truth is that kids will only tease other kids about the parents if someone (like their own parents) have made it clear to them that something is wrong with it. so congratulations on making your kids the evil little bullies who pick on other kids and make their lives hell. glad to know that such biggetry still exists and is being shielded by your ignorant and sacreligious actions using God and Jesus as motive for your own personal hatred.

    i have alot more to say and will gladly say it, however, i feel like anymore right now is probably to much for anyone with such low levels of intelligence.

  9. BC Girl says

    Baby Girl – How do you figure that it is ‘normal’ to be gay?? It may be slowly being accepted by the human race, but it is definately not something can be labeled as ‘normal’!!

  10. Baby Girl says

    I think that it is a good thing that she is with someone that she likes. Just because it isn’t right the way you look at it doesnt’t mean its not right the way she looks at it! So what if the baby has two moms! I think that it’s normal to be gay.

  11. Sally says

    I don’t care what people get up to sexually, as long as they are consenting, adults and human. The rest is up to them and none of my business.

    And I would bet my life on the fact that the percentage of damaged children/people out there at the hands of heterosexuals, Christians, nuns and priests is MASSIVELY higher than those of loving gay parents.

  12. carleigh says

    Does any WOMAN on here care to rmemeber back to the time when women were treated as PROPERTY? We couldn’t vote, own property, couldn’t get an education, couldn’t divorce a man who was beating us or was an abusive alcoholic???? OMG…………and some of you very women want to shun other people’s personal lifestyle choices…well thank god some women went through sufferage in the name of women’s rights and weren’t afraidi to rock the boat or stand up for what they believed in. If not we would still be treated as personal servants, barely able to write or comprehend our “due” and deserved rights………..don’t regress your way of thinking because if women are to make strides it takes those that are willing to challenge society, make the headlines and stand up for the right to be HOW and WHO they are. Some of you make me ill with your talk of segregation and seperation…what’s next burning crosses, hate crimes and racial tensions?? Grow the hell up American women!!!!!!!!!!!OMG JUST GROW UP

  13. carleigh says

    BC Girl unfortunately you are correct in assuming that people are out and having sexual intercourse or sexual relations with anything besides other human beings. However, that being said I can’t see congress passing a marriage bill (or for the respect of the british bloggers on here ..parliment) allowing a man/woman to marry their housepet. Unfortunately there are some very sick individuals who believe and practice beastiality….now that is much more perverse and disgusting that the other forms of sex that you find morally and personally irreprehensible. Besides sex with animals is against the law so I don’t think that at any time in the near future that Mr. Jones will be allowed to marry his faithful steed Flicka or the family dog Spot…..comparing apples and oranges vs. legal and illegal doesn’t do much for your arguement nor does it bolster your opinoin, which by the way you are entitled to completely. But I am just saying lets be realistic here and stick to things that are a valid reality and whether or not you personally agree or disagree, same gendered couples are setting up household, having sexual relations, and bearing children every single day in the US and many other places and simply put with no disrespect intended…this happens whether you or anyone else happens to like it because we are not a nazi regime and we have the freedom to make our own personal choices. Just as you my friend, are certainly entitled to your own justified opinions. Just trying to play devils advocate here..sorry.

  14. Sally says

    How come it’s the victims of bullying that should be segregated? What a great way to legitimise pack mentality. If children are bullied then the perpetrators should be the ones kicked out.

    I can’t stand bullies and nobody should pander to them.

  15. BC Girl says

    I do not agree with homosexuality, but at the same time I do not hate gay people. As long as they do not ‘touch eachother’ or anything like that in front of me I am okay with it. The only thing that really worries me about how we are evolving to state that being gay is okay, and its now legal to marry the same sex and have children with them… what happends when someone now wants to marry and have sex with their dog, or cat, or a wild animal?? The way that the human race is going, pretty soon it is going to be legal to marry and have sex with anyone or anything you want to. This is JMO. Please nobody take this post in the wrong way, but does anyone else not see the world coming to this if things keep going the way they are??

  16. NO NAME says

    WOW!!! Looks like lots of peeps are fuming around here. Far be it for me to try to rationalize my “opinions” to any of you. This is a blog for people to post their OPINIONS, just as I did. If my opinion doesn’t reflect your own personal opinion, does that make mine invalid? Obviously some of you would like to think so. I resent being told that I’m “close minded” and shallow to the homosexual world. I have friends who, for one reason or another, prefer that lifestyle. That’s their business. It’s not for me, but whatever floats their boats. And keppa, I appreciate you trying to make a valid point, however, “wearing glasses”, “being overweight” and “having some other type of deformity” pales in comparison to having two gay parents. Fortunately, kids have the choice of contacts, and exercise, but do they have the choice of 2 mommies or 2 daddy’s? My point, exactly!!

  17. carleigh says

    segregationistic was the word I meant…sorry for the typo it posted even though I corrected it.

  18. carleigh says

    Just and FYI to the poster under “no name”…kids get teased for far more and far less than having same gendered parental units. Try being born into a world where perfection is determined by $$$,looks, breast and jean size. Where little girls are puking and starving so they can look like one of their emaciated idols! There’s to much wrong in this world to nit pick apart every single detail but to state that special schools should be built to shelter these kids is kinda scary, homophobic and almost boderline like one of the ealier posters also pointed out, segratationistic. The amazing thing about little kids is that from the time they are born they are self secure and aren’t marred by society, but unfortunately once they hit school age it’s the children OF PEOPLE who think and act like you that make them feel they are insignifigant and different. Shame on you and I hope you aren’t teaching your children to be as narrow minded and hateful as you….what a real pity that would be to waste the innocence of a child to be exposed to a hatemonger like you. And NO I am not homophobic , nor am I gay but I also know how to accept and understand people for who and what they are!

  19. keppa says

    “no name” (although what you say sounds familiar to other posts…)

    so, by putting these children in seperate schools they will feel less humiliated and teased…..
    so we should probably also make seperate schools for children with glasses, who are overweight, or have any other type of deformity right? because they too are obviously teased in school (like most children at some point) so this would be best for them, right??

    but doesn’t that sort of sound like something from our past…..hmm…..maybe segregation? i guess children who aren’t caucasion should probably have their own schools again too….

    your views of “normal” sure a f*ed

  20. diva says

    You “christians” are all a bunch of hypocritical perverts. Whats wrong with being gay – surely thats better than being a murderer or rapist…??

  21. diva says

    alot of vicars and priests are paedophiles….so what do you “christians” have to say about that then…

  22. Diana says

    Maus – that is your opinion about the bible, and yes you are quite correct in a way. The bible was written by people – Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul etc… etc… These were MEN of God however. I would however not be judgemental towards this relationship or any other same sex relationship. To win people for Christ you have to show love and compassion.

  23. NO NAME says

    OK, I’m just going to tell it like it is. I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle. I believe that’s why God put Adam and Eve on the planet; not Adam and Steve. In my opinion, same sex marriages and parenting is not natural. Unfortunately, we live in a society where the corrupt now symbolizes “normality”. I’m not saying the children that are “conceived” out of these unions will be loved any less than those born of the more traditional “mother” and “daddy”. The innocent children are the ones who will be ridiculed, teased, and made to feel inferior because of a situation they have no control over. It would really benefit these children if schools just for kids of gay parents were built so they wouldn’t be humiliated and taunted. I’m sure there’s going to be lots of people who disagree with me, and that’s fine. These are just my opinions. Fortunately, I can remember back to a time when this world we live in was considered “normal”.

  24. sally says

    Candice, try learning some basic grammar and punctuation sweetie; the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ would be a good start. It’s such a pity your heterosexual parents didn’t get you a decent education.

  25. Nina Arnold says

    You go Sara,
    I must first say how thrilled I am for you and your wife. I know gay and non gay couples and on average the gay parents are so much more mature and totally committed to the children, and the kids are so well rounded and also more mature. I think gay parents raise theyre kids much more open and honestly because they have to teach the kids about rascism, homophobia and ETC… these kids for the most part are accepting and unjudgemental and all the things it takes to be a good person in this world we live in today.

  26. keppa says

    Thank you so much Jennifer for putting everything I’ve been trying to say into a much more concise, clear statement.
    I wholeheartedly agree.
    Congrats to the couple and their children…end of story.

  27. says

    I couldn’t get through all of the posts. And normally, I only come to the site, look at the pictures, read a few posts and leave. But I felt the need to share something with this one.
    1.) My brother is gay. It took me a LONG time to come to grips with that. When I realized why I had such a problem with it – I found that all my reasons were totally selfish. *I* think it’s disgusting. *I* always dreamed of having a sister-in-law. *I* always dreamed of being an auntie to his children. Blah, blah, blah. When I really stopped whining about everything, I realized I didn’t love my brother any less. But I did feel the need to find out how long he had *known* he was gay. Which brings me to point #2.
    2.) I too, used to believe that gay was a “life-style”. And I suppose for some it is. But when I talked to my brother & his partner I found that they truly felt that they had been *born* that way. They didn’t know why or how – but they had just always been uncomfortable with the idea of heterosexuality – even after trying to be with a woman – they just felt something in them that grossed them out about being hetero. Now, I really could not understand this. Because I believe in a God – and while I wouldn’t necessarily say “I’m Christian”, I do believe in a Heaven and a Hell and right and wrong – and couldn’t believe that a God would create people that were already “sinners”. But the fact of the matter is, God creates humans everyday with an illness that can’t be cured (which is not what I’m trying to say that being gay is like)… And while I don’t understand God’s “plan”, I have come to believe, after many discussions with my brother & his partner, that people can be born this way. Why? I don’t know. But looking back on our childhood, he did exhibit MANY feminine qualities; and while that doesn’t necessarily make one gay, he just never really seemed very comfortable with himself.
    3.) To all those that say that the children will be uncomfortable or grossed out by their parents – or wish that they had *normal* parents… Who doesn’t??? My parents are straight, but sometimes their behavior grossed me out. Sometimes I wished that they were *normal* (even though they were to societies standards). Every child is grossed out by thinking of their parent’s sex-lives. That’s normal whether you’re being raised by same-sex couples or non-same-sex couples.

    Sorry, I don’t remember the posters name, but in response to “the girl’s gone wild” and “girls kissing girls” comments, I’d just like to say that that behavior has NOTHING to do with the homosexual community. That has EVERYTHING to do with society in general – including the Christian community. People’s “values” (a word a hate) are all out of order. And because of that we’ve got children going crazy, doing ANYTHING for some sort of attention, love… something. But it has nothing to do with being gay. And I found your rant completely nonsensical. As a matter-of-fact, I felt that your post seemed to imply that gay people are the cause of all the craziness in the world. And actually, that’s just not true.

    In closing, I’ll just say that I wish people could get passed the *gross* factor of homosexuality & instead just see people for their actions & words. People can be straight and be bigger “sinners” than someone who isn’t straight. Straight parents can be horrible parents – just because they’re straight doesn’t mean they are giving their children any better start in the world.

    Anyway, congratulations to Mellisa and partner!

  28. Lauren says

    I watch Roseanne episodes all the time on Nick @ Nite and I had no idea she was gay. I guess, it’s true when they say you learn something new every day. Best wishes!!

  29. says

    ok like who care if sara and allison are having anthor baby if they choose let them who are we to judge for the lifesytle they live and you guys said i felt sorry for the children who lived with two mommy or two daddy who care {excrpt for closed minded people} and you guys said god dont approved of gay lesbian then why did he made them and the first place if he didnt approved of it and you guys also said that the bible said being gay is a sin the bible also said thall sall not killed thall shall not steal thall should Not judge people still do it i am not a christan by the way i agreed with carliegh if two women fall and love let them and EMBRACE it

  30. Maus says

    Does anybody realize that the bible was written by people and not by God? The people who wrote the bible told stories that were clouded by their judgments, whatever they were in these days. Surely humanity has evolved further and can realize that whatever is here on this planet, IS natural (or normal)! Christians preach for and want a better world. Here is a start: accept the facts and act from your heart towards your fellow humans.

  31. carleigh says

    #24 Carleigh why even read your bible if what you have just said is a load of crap that completely goes against what the bible teaches.—I do not understand what the point of this sentence is??? Please enlighten me, or indulge me if you would. Did I personalize it and say whether or not I agreed or disagreed??? No I don’t think I did! You are clearly entitled to your opinion, what I am wondering is just what specifically you meant in your rant towards me.

    #27Because as long as we don’t see our opinion we aren’t being hypocrites so as long as we keep it to ourselves–I didn’t know we could “SEE” an opinion…none of your rant made one bit of sense to me. I am not being passive, I am just not a narrow minded, bigotted hate monger.

    It takes many different types of people to make this big wide world go round. I am the last person to stand in judgement of two women who choose to be together. I have friends that are lesbians, I am proud to call them my friends and think they have a wonderful relationship. If one woman is attracted to another woman and they find love together then that is in MY opinion a wonderful thing. There is not enough love in the world and when you find it wether it is with a man/man,woman/woman, woman/man you got to grab onto it and not let it go. They obviously love each other and want to have children and I see nothing wrong with that. Go poke your face into a dictionary and read the “text book” definition of normal and then take a reality check because in today’s society NORMAL has taken on many different labels.

  32. BC Girl says

    I believe that you should be able to stand up for what you believe in. Just like all of us ladies have different views on mothering, and how to be a good mother… we all also have different views on this topic.

    We all have different opinions on whether homosexuality is “right” or “wrong”… those are just our opinions!! Nobody has a wrong opinion, its just what they believe in!! Whether you agree or not…

  33. Candice says

    hahaha keppa that was funny! yes i’m the first to admit i’m judgemental and read your comment again sweetie. you just ranted and raved and r judgein me sweetie. everybody is. you don’t know me you don’t know how i am just b/c i’m strong willed, confident and have no problem standing up for what i believe. keep hating it all you want. I LOVE IT!!!! hahahahaha

  34. Sabrina says

    There is a difference between judging, and just stating something. Juding is saying someone is going to hell for thier actions, and neither Kelly, Jayden, Diana, Candic, BC Girl dod anything like that.

    Peronally I agree with all the ones wh oare against it. I am also Christian, and think it’s totally wrong. I watched shows about same-sex people having children, and almost all the children said they felt weird, and different, and wished they had normal parents. Now seriously what’s that telling you?

    The thing is not everyone has to agree that homosexuality end of story. To many it is not normal, and unatrual, so get over it people.

    Speaking about the whole thing, I do like Sara Gilbert as a an actress, and I hope the baby is healthy. However, I do feel saddened for the children, as I do think everyone should have a father, and a mother, not two of the same period.

  35. jayden says

    Tina, your right about the fact that God made us in his image, but the same God who said he made us also said that being gay is a sin.

  36. keppa says

    nice rant candice….too bad it comes off sounding very ignorant and out of touch.
    the reason that electrical parts are referred to as “female” and “male” are because humans named them that at some point in the past….not for people to look at and “quote” “God” as saying there must be a man and a woman for things to work.
    and, wow, i’m so proud of you for ripping down those fliers…that must make you feel like a real hero. but…you did tell one of the commenters that she was “right” for being disgusted, so i’m not quite sure what kind of a person that makes you.
    what happens to kids who have a father and a mother, or only one parent, and are abused or put down their whole lives….that’s still a better life than being brought up by same sex parents?
    finally, thanks for at least finally admitting that you ARE judgemental…the only part you got wrong was about others having to be too. i’m NOT, and obviously a lot of other people on here aren’t either, because we don’t have the one-sided views you do.

    get over yourself.

  37. Candice says

    Carleigh, ok so let me get this straight. We aren’t suppose to judge, right!? Well first off thats a load of crap. Everybody judges. So basically your saying if we have an opinion about something we should sit back and be like you (passive) and not say what we believe. Because as long as we don’t see our opinion we aren’t being hypocrites so as long as we keep it to ourselves..(EVEN THOUGH WE’RE STILL THINKING THE SAME WAY whether we’re quiet or not. So your saying we can be hypocrites just don’t voice it? Don’t stand up for what we believe! GOOD IDEA, thats pure and not judgemental. Your are judging everyone on this post b/c they have an opinion thats judging to you!!! Read your bible more carefully sweetie.

  38. BC Girl says

    Ughhh… I just dont see how one could be ‘attracted’ to the same sex?? Its just so wrong!!! IMO

  39. Brandy says

    Maybe I should have left a little more background info. I was born to a woman who was “straight”. She was also a drug addict. When her addiction got the best of her, her sister adopted my sisters and I, she was a lesbian. I call her mom and she raised us with the help of her lover. That home environment was way more stable and better for us than the one with my natural mother, but I still didn’t agree with it, but it was not my decision.

  40. I'll stand up for the truth! says

    Carleigh why even read your bible if what you have just said is a load of crap that completely goes against what the bible teaches.

    And as for that whole thing that we were created in God’s image gay OR straight that is complete crap!!!!! We were created in God’s image pure and purfect; men with women, but it is becuase of sin that man has rebelled and is now trying to day that being gay is acceptable. If you really read your bible then you will also read about the city of sodom which was destroyed with fire and brimstone because the people living there were commiting sins such as homosexuality.

    And as for the whole homophobia crap, just becuase you KNOW that something is wrong, disgusting and unnatural DOES NOT mean that you are scared of it!

  41. carleigh says

    I knew this topic was going to be controversial just like the Melissa Etheridge/Tammy Michaels post that was up about 2-3 months ago when they had their twins.

    First of all in the BIBLE that I read it says Judge not lest ye be judged.

    Second of all it states in the BIBLE that I read that thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.

    You can’t call yourself a true Christian if you do not abide by those two things. You can say that you are nonjudgemental but in the next breath say that “I don’t agree” is that not being judgemental. Saying nothing would be better than to appear a hypocrite by making such a statement.

    Furthermore, I feel it is a beneficial thing to any child to have as much love and nurturing as humanly possible whether it be by having two Mommy’s or two Daddy’s. Who is society sets the boundries and stereotypes the word “normal” nowadays? Who among us is able to judge and say what’s right or wrong. If it works for these two women and the millions of other same gendered couples then who is to say that it is wrong or harmful to these children that they are making the conscious choice to raise….homosexuality is NOT contagious, it’s a life choice.

  42. Candice says

    See, Brandy makes a great point! Not EVERY kid is damaged, but some still will be. Congrats Brandy on your husband and family but right there you were sickened by it. See because for two gays to get pregnant they need a sperm donor so that means that whatever woman is carrying that kid and whoever the sperm donor is made the baby they will have traits from that woman and that man…which means if that kid turns out not to be gay (like brandy married a man and was grossed out) what if that kid is sickened by it. What will it do to their mind out how they think about it????

  43. Brandy says

    Having come from a two-mom household, I do not think that every child is damaged or broken because they are raised by gays. I am married, to a man, with three children myself. That being said, I still do not think that same sex marriages are okay. It was always a little sickening to me when my moms kissed in front of me, but my sisters and I are all very happy and well adjusted adults now.

    I wish this family the best, and hope their children feel differently about their relationship than I did growing up.

  44. Candice says

    And one other thing eveyone needs to stop saying they don’t judge!!!!!!!!!!!!! everybody does and if you say you don’t ur full of crap!!!! i bet theres ppl reading this comment that says she stupid for the way she thinks, or they see someone and say omg what is she wearing. we all judge everyday so stop whining about it.!!!!

  45. Candice says

    I stand by what I say and how I feel its wrong. It even says so in the bible. If it was so natural and so forth then we wouldn’t need a MAN to help make that baby. If it was so “normal” it wouldn’t matter that you need a man and a woman to make a baby. This may sound silly, but if you think about it (just for a second) everything is related to a man and woman. Think electrical as silly as it may sound. If you go into a store they relate to the man plug or the woman. To some it may seem irrelavent but it makes sense. The men plug is the one that sticks out the woman plug is with the holes. Why would everyone relate to it like that? If God wanted it to be that way then he would have made it possible for a woman/woman or a man/man to make babies together.
    Just because I disagree doesn’t mean I think they should be ripped apart. For example, when I was in college their were these two girls that were lesbians yes I didn’t agree and I never will but later on that day I went into the ladies room and their were “flyers” and stuff written on the walls about these two girls, horrible mean things. WHAT DID I DO! I ripped all the flyers up in everyplace I saw and then marched down to the dean and said this stuff has to be removed!!!! I have guy friends that are gay and they know damn well I don’t agree. I’m not saying their bad people but the truth is its not natural. I’m not saying their kids won’t be loved, but they will be teased and torrmented and they should think about that. My real concern is what the hell is happening to the world!?!?!?! No one stands up for what they believe! As much as people that have their rights to stand up for being gay people should have the right to say its wrong. I’m one of those people and its NOT NATURAL!!!!! All you hear is these woman acting like sluts, girls kissing girls because they think it impresses men and stuff. LOOK AT THE NEWS, how this world is behaving. We care more about what slutty Lindsay Lohan is doing then the war thats going on!!!! You got woman kissing woman (girls gone wild and crap) and then saying i’m not bi i’m not gay! Yeah Right!!!! You kiss and girl and your a girl your bi, gay or just plain messed up and say goes for guys!!!!!

  46. Maus says

    Truth is that God did not create religion, humans did. And the reason for that was to gain power over people as religion is based on fear. Jesus was completely misunderstood and did not come to this planet so humans can worship him through religion (like the Christians do), but rather help us to remember who we really are (God’s children) and can be if we follow his example. Can’t see that he ever said anything judgmental about anyone, no matter what they did, how they lived their lives and with what partner. There is no “right” or “wrong”, it just is the way it is. And that’s okay with God.
    Congrats to the expecting parents.

  47. Aggie says

    I love how people have to throw in the “I’m Christian” comment as if this justifies their homophobia. It’s time for the world to wake up and realize that not everyone governs — and should NOT have to govern — their lives through religion. Fundamentalism is what’s wrong with, and is the source of many of the problems in, the world today. There is so much hypocrisy inherent in “Christianity” and in much of religion as a whole. Listen to the song “Jesusland” by Ben Folds. It’s brilliant.

    On a lighter note, I’m thrilled for Sara and Allison! Congratulations!

  48. Sara says

    All I can say is wow. A loving household is wrong? You people are mothers? Does your child care what organ exists between your legs? Is your sex life relevent to your children? Why would that be any different for gay couple?

    I had no idea this kind of hate existed in such thick portions still. You should all be ashamed – I hope you can avoid passing on that hate to your children. That truly would be a shame, and especially traumatizing if your children turn out to be gay as well!

    And no , I am not gay.

  49. says

    I didn’t ‘know’ she was gay either but certainly saw some tendancies in her sitcom days.

    I don’t believe it’s my place to say whether it is right or wrong. I don’t choose that path myself nor have I ever had the desire too.

    I agree 100% KMisaHO, structure and love is so very important for children and how that may come really has know baring IMO

    I just need to take care of me and make the choices I feel are right for me! Congratulations to them and how cool they both get to experience birth!

  50. KMisaHO says

    Keppa, I totally agree with you! When a person says “too bad that a baby is growing up in a lifestyle like this”…that IS judging them! No matter how bad you want to believe that your not! Homosexuality kinda grosses me out, but…it’s better for a child to grow up with 2 loving, caring homosexuals in a committed relationship than in an unloving, uncaring heterosexual relationship.

  51. BC Girl says

    I agree with you 100% Candice. How cruel is that to make a child grow up with same-sex parents. They are going to get teased so much in school from all the other kids who make fun of them for having 2 mommies and no daddy. If people want to be gay, thats fine… whatever floats their boat. But I do not think that it is right that they can legally get married now, and have children. JMO

  52. Tina says

    Well I am never going to go on this site again. There is absolutley nothing, I repeat nothing wrong with homosexuality. They are in a long term relationship and have decided to share a family together. How’s that different to a hetrosexual couple. It’s not. That child will feel that it’s family is a normal family because it’s normal for them. Trust me, been brought up that way myself. I’m married (to a man not that that should be relevant). If your Christian, surely you believe that God created us in his image – so that would be gay, straight, black, white…

  53. Blng says

    Wow i didn’t know people still felt that way about same sex marriages. I am disappointed with the world now.

  54. Boo says

    What is that supposed to mean anyway?
    Just because they are 2 women raising children doesn’t mean they are going to be loved any less , or cared for any differently, sure as the kids get older there will be questions from people around them and the kids themselves… but when that time comes thats when they will deal with it.
    I don’t think it makes any difference if it’s a 2 parent same sex or opposite sex home or a single parent home… the kids are gonna get all the love and care they need regardless. JMO

  55. keppa says

    I’m pretty sure that if you make a statement such as “Too bad this baby is going to grow up in a life style like this. I pray they can find their own way,” then you ARE judging these two women….their parenting abilities and their relationship with their children.

    Nice try, though.

  56. Kelly says

    Candice – I completely agree with you.

    Diana – I am also a Christian. I know that while we hate the sin (homosexuality), we should love the sinner. Just because we love sinners doesn’t mean we should not disagree with the “path” they have chosen. That doesn’t mean I am judging them, only God can be the judge.

    Too bad this baby is going to grow up in a life style like this. I pray they can find their own way.

  57. Diana says

    Candice – I do agree with you, as I am a Christian and believe it to be completely wrong. However, I would not be judgemental towards them for the path that they have chosen in their lives. And I agree, I hope and pray that the baby is healthy and they have a happy life together.

  58. Candice says

    I’m sorry but I am completely against same-sex marriages and two people of the same sex having children. Its wrong and disgusting! However, I always wish that every baby is healthy and happy no matter what the circumstances, even though I disagree 100%

    Its their life but I’m just express my opinion.

  59. Boo says

    Oh I’m not denying that she was Butchy and Tom boyish on Roseanne, but it did surprise me she is gay.
    And how nice would that be if our Men could have babies for us to experience child birth…I bet there’d alot fewer kids in the world if that were the case….No guys would be willing to go through it!…lol.

  60. KMisaHO says

    Wow, Boo! I always thought that she was “butch”..even when she was on Rosanne. When I heard she was gay, it was no big suprise. She is the total opposite of her sister Melissa (even though she was adopted). Anyway…best of luck to her and her “partner”. (I wish my “partner” could have a baby just so he knows what I went thru….but I’m straight and my “patrner” is a man!)

  61. Boo says

    That’s Crazy, I used to love Rosanne and I watch ER all the time and see Sara, I love her as an actress and I had absolutely No Idea that she was gay…huh, I guess you learn something new everyday!… anyways congrats and good luck to her and her partner… too bad there wasn’t a bit better of a picture of the family this one is pretty Fuzzy…Oh well, what can ya do.

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