1. Jaci says

    I think it is so sad my heart goes out to Heaths family and Michelle and little Matilda R.I.P Heath xoxox

  2. EWeb says

    yeah cuz i’m sure thats exactly what everyones accidental pregnancy is…a trap…your full of it, seriously just let other people be happy and not rain on their parade both mother and father love their child and don’t try to take that away with petty stupid remarks.

    i think michelle has alot of self esteem to do what she does for a living involves a lot of courage.

  3. Marian Jo says

    Please stop glorifying these silly girls who get pregnant to trap their men. They are a terrible example to young girls and women who should learn self esteem which entails waiting for the right man without having to trap him with via a baby that he hadn’t planned.

  4. Nicki says

    Michelle doesn’t look very happy in that picture. I wonder if the baby is having a fun walk looking at the inside of that down blanket thing over her face. I know they hate having thier pics taken, but sometimes they just look miserable.
    Grocery bags don’t have wings, they have to be carried. 🙂


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