1. joan says

    for all the people who have nothing better to do than to hate on Angelina jolie grow up already. When julie roberts does things it’s no problem and many others to many of you have too much self righteous views. As a child of nine and both parents that are married for 48 years live your own lives.

  2. Ellen says

    Those are sweet babies. As to the morning sickness, I think the only sure cure takes about 9 months. Sometimes slightly chilled 7-UP or Sprite would help me. Good luck.

  3. BC Girl says

    I Completely agree with you Nicky. I cannot stand Puff Daddy… AKA P. Diddy…. AKA Diddy, whatever name he is going by these days. His girls are beautiful, but he is very self-centered!!! They should just completely take him out of the picture and the 3 beauties should do pics of themselves!!

  4. Angelina (preggo hot momma!) says

    It’s okay, Nicki. But i have to comment on Diddy~ why is he the one that just looks like he just got out of labor and looks like all tired and he labored to push those babies out? Its all about him and Kim is pushed off to the side. They shoyld have done a better covor shot where Kim is actually in the picture and each of them with a baby.

  5. MissyMama says

    Cute girls. I’m sure they will get everything they want…

    I cannot stand him, so I have nothing further to say.

  6. Nicki says

    Angelina~ I’m sorry I got you confused with Witchiewomen, who just annonced she was expecting, but this was her 5th. That is why I mentioned the 4 girls. My mistake, so sorry. Congratulations on your first lil baby.

    babyhates~ it seems some people hold Angelina J. to a whole different set of standards, and then there are those who will ridicule EVERYTHING she does and twist it around to make it seem like she is the worst person on earth, and her doing (whatever others do) it is 1000X worse.
    Those people will never be happy or satisfied.

  7. babyhates says

    Nikki you are so right ~ Everyone else that had kids out of wedlock and blah blah blah is okay but AJ !

  8. Angelina (preggo hot momma!) says

    No this is actually my first. I am 24 and my husband is 26. Also i dont wanna gain toooo much weight now because i weigh about 107… so iwanna TRY to keep it in the 20’s or 10’s. But i will try to. iT DOES suck a lot but i havee tryed saltines becuase my mom,Lynn told me that they helped they actually did. I will try ginger today and update y’all. Thanks.

  9. Nicki says

    #9, Angelina~sorry, that applies to Angelina Jolie. I have never seen a picture of all your little ones. Good luck with your morning sickness, did you feel like this with your other pregnancies? You have all girls right? Maybe your having a boy this time if it’s that different. Best wishes.

  10. Lauren says

    Very cute babies. Diddy looks so happy and Kim looks amazing after having twins. Maybe now, Diddy will finally make a honest woman out of Kim. After all, they do have 3 kids together.

  11. carleigh says

    KellyMay can probably give you some good advice on morning sickness too. I found Vitamin B6 capsules, ginger capsules,avoid greasy /spicy foods, eat what you want and what appeals to you because your body wil know what it can handle, eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours to keep up your blood sugar and level it out,

  12. carleigh says

    Angelina if your vitamins are causing you to be sick then I found taking them at night before bed helped me not to be so sick during the day. I also found that eating foods with ginger or drinking ginger tea or snacking on some candied ginger really helped. Saltines may or may not work depending if you were like me i couldn’t stand the texture of certain foods or just the thought of the texture of the food was enough to send me clutching my tummy and running to the porcelaine god! If it’s just average run of the mill first trimester related morning sickness then chances are you will find that it will cease around your 3rd month, i hope this is the case for you because i know how much it sucks being sick all the time. try bananna’s too.

  13. Nicki says

    Very cute babies. I hope there are other pics, because this one reminds me of how much I think of him as self-centered. This pic is ALL about him (and his sperm creation) He is front and center and Kim is pushed off to the side like she usually is. She looks happy and in love, with him, he just looks like, look at me….look what I did.
    Thats just how I see it, I will look around and see if there are other “not so ME” shots.
    The babies look very cute, I really like the name D’Lilah, very prettty.
    (I wonder if anyone will complain because they are in BLUE & white and not pink or yellow or something……….Oh wait, that only applies to Angelina and her children, never mind)

    Congratulations Kim and Sean on your precious lil girls.

  14. Nat says

    By the way, i sugges you have them before u have anything in your belly (thats how i did) and later in the day too.

  15. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    i dont think that u can really tellwhat they look like at that age, Lily and i saw on the Jennifer Garner post that u can be a little negative, i mean come on- calling a baby ugly? dont say anything if u have nothing nice to say. its okay to say ur opinion but i mean that harsh. You

  16. Boo says

    They are beautiful little girls…. and kim and diddy look like really proud parents.
    As for taking care of Morning sickness… I am not sure, I was very lucky with both my pregnancies and never got sick once.

  17. Kalista Brat says

    They are so cute and adorable, I’m just glad they look more like their mom and not Diddy, cause he is kind of fugly!

  18. Angelina (preggo hot momma!) says

    awwwww…. i want one of those little chubsters!!!! He looks really happy and Kim looks good after the twins. The one on diddy’s right looks like she is going to be a sweethart, but i dunno. Does any one know how to calm down or stop TERRIBLE morning sickness?

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