Reese Witherspoon Taking Deacon To School

Reese was snapped taking three-year-old Deacon to school on January 24th. Deacon is so cute…love his camo pants!

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese seems to have really slimmed down….and she was already quite slim!


  1. says

    LOL too neat!
    Yes I wonder if Willie will see his shadow? We got shafted for snow this year 🙁 Bring on Spring! This new Willie is local so perhaps… it’s the talk of the town!

  2. Boo says

    Hey there Sweetheart…I said it’s where I grew up, possibly Somewhere between those 4 different different areas…. And it’s not where I live now!!!…..just FYI!!!

  3. Boo says

    No Ann-Marie…Wiarton is near Tobermory , Sauble Beach, Hepworth, Owen Sound Area…which is where I grew up…. I believe Parry Sound is closer to Algonquin Park or at least in that General direction.

  4. Ann-Marie says

    Hi KellyMay, I am from Fenelon Falls, but I work in Lindsay, and grew up there. Is Wiartin near Parry sound? My sisterinlaw lives there.

  5. Lauren says

    I absolutely love Reese! She looks like she did slim down quite a bit. Perhaps, the stress of a divorce and taking care of 2 kids is getting to her. Deacon is adorable. He’s a little chubby cutie. He looks like his daddy more and Ava looks like her mom.

  6. Nisa says

    Gwen used the word blob in a totally different context than Angelina, whereas her comment insinuates that they were like blobs for a moment, Angie seemed to suggest that Shi was just a blob all the time, that coupled with what she said before about feeling more for mad and zee in that interview, plus the fact that she seems to be negatively percieved since getting with Brad, her comment is bound to generate more furor than Gwen’s.

    I do not think she will be given a hard time like Angelina.

  7. says

    Ann-Marie 🙂 I live near Wiarton (not exactly but close) how about you?

    I am interested to see how Gwens’ blob comment goes over as well!

  8. Candice says

    I absoutely love Reese! What a talented, classy, and beautiful woman! I don’t really keep up with the hollywood gossip except when it comes to the stars that really seem down to earth and have a good head on their shoulders. I was saddened by the news of her pending divorce. I wish nothing but the best for her, Ryan, and her two beautiful children. Reese sure is one of my favorites…she’s the full package!!!!!

  9. KMisaHO says


    This was on the Celebrity Baby Blog website, It is a quote made by Gwen Stefani (re: the playdate with Shiloh):

    “A Kingston Rossdale and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wedding in the future?: “Yeah! They were like two little blobs when they met. [They were 6 weeks old.] Maybe they’ll get married when they grow up? That’d be cute!”

    Just wondering if anyone thinks that Gwen will receive the same backlash for calling her son a “blob” like Angelina Jolie did! It will be interesting how different the 2 women will be treated for the same remark!

  10. KMisaHO says

    Maybe Reece lost weight because all the tabloids were calling her “fat” a few months ago! Now she’s too thin! You just can’t win in Hollywood! I don’t remember her son being so chubby? (Maybe he’s eating her food..haha!)

  11. MissyMama says

    Love Reese! Deacon is really adorable, and doesn’t look like he misses a meal !! lol. Nice hearty boy! :o)

    I’m sure the stress of a divorce is enough to make anyone lose a few pounds. She looks great. Hopefully she won’t lose too much more and look sickly…

  12. Boo says

    Love her…she’s great…. Deacon is so chubby he’s so handsome…but Reese on the other hand looks as though she has lost weight… Maybe the divorce is taking it’s toll on her…I wish her nothing but the best.

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