1. Lauren says

    Coco is so cute. It’s the perfect name for that little girl. I think it’s hot when guys are involved with their kids like David is. David and Courteney should give Coco a little brother.

  2. says

    I didn’t know that about her pregnancy… I actually just had to instruct a mom on heparin injections, she was so worried she was going to hurt her babe with the needle. She had had a pulmonary embolism in her first pregnancy.

    KMisaHo do you have APS as well? May I ask how it was diagnosed?

  3. kalinsmommy says

    she is soo Cute, the other little girl in the Uggs are too. what do you guys think of little boys in Uggs? Cute vs. not so cute…

  4. Candice says

    Awwww….very cute! I love seeing a father involved with his children. You can tell Coco is the center of his world. Its nice to see that David & Courtney are going strong!


  5. Julie says

    She is a beautiful little girl. Looks like she and daddy are having a blast. Who’s the hottie daddy sitting next to David Arquette???

  6. says

    Her hair was probably immaculate for about 5 minutes after it was done. Perfect hair never lasts long with little ones, messy hair is a sign that she has had fun. So so cute!!

  7. BC Girl says

    Emma – look at the first pic, she is messing her hair all up playing and being a goofy little girl. Im sure they dont ‘fix her hair up cuter’ because they know it will not stay that way for long!! Adorable little girl!!! 🙂

  8. KMisaHO says

    She is a very cute little girl! Her personality shines thru! They call Coco their miracle child! Courtney has a “blood clotting condition” (APS) which increases the risk of miscarriages. She had to give herself Heperin (blood thinner) shots during her pregnancy with Coco. My daughter is 2 months older than Coco and I had to do the same thing thru-out my pregnancy! 2-a-day right in the stomach! Ouch! but well worth the pain!

  9. Emma says

    I am glad to see they are dressing her more girly these days, but you would think they would fix her hair a little cuter!

  10. says

    Coco’s fun personality is shining through! David looks like he’s having fun too, it’s wonderful to see them so happy! I agree Maggie, Coco would love a sibling!

  11. says

    Coco is such a sweethart, and she seems a funny girl, the cutest girl I ever seen, I think david and couteney should give her a baby brother

  12. Essie says

    Coco is adorable and so is the other little girl. They look happy to be the center of their daddies attention.

  13. Boo says

    She is cute….I love seeing daddy’s taking care of their kids for a day while Mom gets some time to herself…. I wonder if and when we are gonna get news that they are expecting again.

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