1. Chicorina says

    Keni, I’m afraid even this site is an invasion of privacy of the worst kind. However, I don’t know that that’s evil in any way – on the contrary, it’s rather fun, and I think shows a different side of these women and men coping with extraordinary circumstances.

    I sympathise with celebrities that have to go out first thing with their kids and get pictures snapped when they’re messes, on their periods, recovering from the flu, just like any human being. I really do.

    Yet, I’m here, and you’re right the tabloids are bad, but they’re not getting as much money from circulation as they are from advertising… we’ll have to boycott the companies that advertise in those magazines as well. Would be rather hard to do, to tell the truth.

    I agree with Emma Thompson and what she said about corporatism and narcissism and the need for a sort of mind shift away from this narcissistic, greed-culture.

    The exact same industry/culture, however, that pays these same celebrities millions of dollars per film (see them asking for less money and less attention at the box office? No) wouldn’t have the money coming in at all if there wasn’t a sycophantic love for celebrities in the public in the first place.

  2. Debbie says

    Kate Winslet is my favorite actress. She is so down to earth and I respect her so much. Can’t wait to see her and Leo together again.

  3. Keni says

    this may seen like an odd reqest…

    I love me my celebrities but as u can see in the splash videos… they are being hounded TOOO much.
    I get Ppl mag by mail, it was my guilty pleasure, perez too and just jared of course… I think that we should boycott the tabloids until they leave the ppl we love alone.
    When Brad is begging them to stop flashing and Victoria B is begging them to stop flashin the bulbs in front of her epileptic child, when tom and katie have to hide their child for fear of a stampede when they take her out, ITS TOO MUCH..
    I know many ppl wont agree but its time to defend our celebs. Come to sites like these that are free but avoid the supermarket taboids that pay over zealour photographers to take pics.

  4. KMisaHO says

    I love Kate (really, I do), but…on the east coast, it has been freezing cold lately! Dang…you should see my kids: hats, coats, scarfs, mittens, etc. All you can see are two little eyes poking out! Burr…! Stay warm, little guy! Do your coat up!

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