Heidi Klum & Leni Go Shoe Shopping!

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Heidi and two-year-old Leni visited the exclusive Stuart Weitzman boutique in LA on Friday. While Heidi shopped for sexy footwear, Leni tried on some $225 four-inch gold stilettos for size! Fun!

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  1. Jodie says

    31 – I thought that too about Witchiewoman’s dates – funny no one picked up on it earlier! There are some real fantasists on this site or else serial namechangers who enjoy having multiple aliases! rofl

  2. Jodie says

    36 – why are you talking to Angelina Jolie?? The poster with the handle Angelina isn’t the real one, you know.


  3. T. Daniel says

    Hi, Angelina, I think you are a God sent for the children that are in your’s & Brad”s life. I pray that you’ll get married soon. Your children are beautiful, Zaharah’s hair please take the rubby bands out of her hair, it will never grow because the rubby breaks it off.You can get someone to bread it , or twist the small amount she does have , but keep the rubby bands out please. I’M a greatgrandmother, an i’ll never tell you anything wrong. Because I love you’ll.( p.s.) If your dad did’nt hurt you phycially get him back in your life before its too late,an you”ll never forgive your self.You & Brad are made for each other, you make me believe that the world is going to be better in the future. ( May God bless you”ll an keep you safe) good bye T.D.

  4. Lauren says

    Leni is soo adorable. She’s gonna be a stunner when she’s older like her mom. It’s so cute how Heidi is giving Leni’s lamb water. She seems like a devoted mother.

  5. KMisaHO says

    Hi Witchiewoman…I don’t mean to sound like a skeptic (my husband says that I over-analyze everything) but…I was just reading your posts, and I think that you must have your due date or your youngest baby’s age wrong. You said that your youngest was 5 months old (that would make her birthday approx. Aug/Septemeber). Than you said that she was 3 months old when you got pregnant again (which would be in Nov/December) That would make you only 2-3 months pregnant and not due April? I’m sorry, but I’m no ob/gyn, but I just can’t see how you can have a 5 month old and be due in April? Like I said, I don’t mean to be a skeptic, I’m just curous, I guess.

  6. Witchiewoman says

    She was about 3 months old wheni got pregnant again. i have one every year, but i think we are going to slow down because its lie a machine process and we keep doing it and we dont really get to know our children as well. So after this one, we are going to wait a while for the next one. I want to spend some quality time with all my kids and i want them to grow up knowing that we love each of them equally. I am 28 and my husband is 29 so after this one I wont hvae another one at least after 2 years. I also need to grow on my relashionship with my husband becuase we are so busy with the kids all the time, we never have time for ourselves, but we are working on it. I want them to know that even though they are young, oldest is 4yrs, youngest is 5 months. they are going to be loved by their parents. I breastfed my first 2 but then it got so frustrating i have up and went to formula. Me and my husband have been together about 5 years now. Yeah every one is new and i love kids and i need to spend time with them to watch their every move and how they grow, i wanna be there for everything.

  7. carleigh says

    Witchiewoman I just now realized you are going to be a “new” mommy too, even though you have five already every one seems new doesn’t it? Congrats on your growing brood! Best wishes and much happiness!

  8. Witchiewoman says

    oh well i thought people thanked me on my pregnancy so im sorry. Julia is crying!! gotta scoot.

  9. Witchiewoman says

    Thanks in my comment i never thanked Angelina for her did i? I dont know how wi raised it, all i can say they are a blessing and are a joy. It can be sometimes stressful but you have to look on the birght side of life. Thats how i think of it.

  10. says

    Leni is so cute and Heidi is such a great mom, very cute pics. And for angelina congratulations, I like Julianna, Cristina and Isabella for girls names and for boys names Gabriel or Julian, but Annie is fine

  11. Nisa says

    Congs Angelina, witchie woman, I really respect you for raising 4 children soon to be five children under the age of five. How do you do it? Leni looks super cute.

  12. Boo says

    Congrats Angie, I’ve always been a big fan of Hannah, and Ava, if I ever have a daughter those will be the names to choose from… but Annie is very pretty to, good luck in the summer…lol… I was pregnant with my son and gave birth the 2nd week in September…. so the Summer heat nearly killed me….lol…all I can say is thank god for AC.

  13. says

    Congradulations, angelina well for girls i like the names mckenzie alexis madaline lily rose kiely avery lillian julitta i think those are the most beatuiful names ever and Witchiewoman i love all of you daughters names Hilary Mildred , Clara, and Julia i think they are really wonderful names….

  14. says

    Congradulations, angelina well for girls i like the names mckenzie alexis madaline lily rose kiely avery lillian julitta i think those are the most beatuiful names ever and Witchiewoman i love all of you daughters names Hilary Mildred , Clara, and Julia i think they are really wonderful names….

  15. Lauren says

    I was thinking the same thing BC Girl?? I was also a bit confused why witchywoman was thanking everyone on behalf of Angelina??

    I hope her kid don’t break her neck walking around in those shoes. Cute pix though!

  16. Granny says

    Angelina. My youngest (24) is named Anny so I think your name is perfect. Congratuations.

    And little girls learn to love shoes at an early age. Really brings back memories of my daughters in my closet. And now my granddaughters. Course none of mine cost that much.

  17. carleigh says

    BTW…I love the picture of Leni in the heels..my littlest daughter does that all the time and it never fails to crack me up to see her clopping around all pigeon toed..it’s cute! I love to see pic’s of Heidi and her kids! She appears to be a great mom!

  18. OMG!!! says

    #9 why would anyone in the world want that many kids? You must never get to sleep, eat or bathe. Obviously I know what you do have time for, tehe!!

  19. carleigh says

    Congrats Angelina! How wonderful! I love the older style baby names that are coming back into vogue. I think the name Annie is adorable and Sean (well that’s my ex hubby’s name so that explains my view on that name) but Sean is OK I guess but I have a personal dislike for someone with that name so don’t mind me..lol. Best wishes and have a happy pregnancy! Enjoy your new baby!

  20. BC Girl says

    Witchiewoman, not to sound rude at all, Im just a little confused. Why are you thanking everyone for Angelina?? Just a question 🙂

  21. Witchiewoman says

    Congradulations, angelina!!! I hope eerything goes well!! Well for Boys name ilike the names that picked put a lot. I loove ur last name. Piri. That is soo cool. Well i am a 28 year ol mommy to four Children, Hilary-4yrs, Mildred-3yrs, Clara-2yrsold, and Julia who is 5 months old. I am now pregnant with my 5th child and due in April. I have one every year and they sure are a blessing. ( The names of my kids are old fashion becuase those names are form the year 1912 , if u have noticed.)

  22. KMisaHO says

    Ohh…your post wasn’t there when I posted. We must be posting at the exact time! Gotcha…hormones! I know how that goes! Anyway…congratulations. Those are very nice names, by the way!

  23. Angelina says

    KMisaHO, read my post that i posted before yours, then u will figure that whole thing out. Thanks.

  24. KMisaHO says

    By the way…Angelina, Congratulations. How do you know it’s a girl so soon? (Just wondering! I always thought you couldn’t tell until like 17/18 weeks??)

  25. Angelina says

    In my secong post i did notmean to say that it was a girl i meant to say for girls names…. you kno… hormones are acting already!!LOL

  26. Angelina says

    OMG, !!!! i just found out that i am PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iam sooo excited!! It is too early to find out the gender but i am due in September for Boys name i was thinking Sean Piri and for a girl i was thinking Annie-Rose Piri but tell me what u think!!

  27. KMisaHO says

    Yes…I always let my 2 year old play in $225 stilettos! :)Maybe Heidi is teaching Leni how to walk on the runway! Anyway…that’s a cute picture of Heidi giving Leni’s lamb some water. She’s seems like a very hands-on mom! I can’t wait for Project Runway to start again!

  28. Angelina says

    OMG,!!! Ijust found out that i am PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1I am soo excoted!! I am due in September and i am soo happy. I need names ……its a girl. I was thinking Annie Rose Piri, what do u think of that?

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