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Madonna was snapped with husband Guy, Rocco, 6, and Lourdes, 10, at the London premiere of Arthur and the Invisibles on Thursday. Along with Robert De Niro and Jimmy Fallon, Madonna lends her voice to the animated family film. But where is little adopted David?



  1. Jenna says

    Its not a big deal I know, but I don’t think refering to Madonna and Guy”s youngest son as “little adopted David” was particularly nice, but as I said no big deal. I agree with those who said a movie is no place for a baby. Its not fair on the child to expect them to sit silently and still for 2 hours, and its not fair on the other people there.

    Lourdes looks beautiful, and Rocco looks like a typical cheeky little 6 year old (just like my cousin actually). And I think that the trainers look good, its a children’s movie premiere for goodness sake not the Oscars!

  2. KMisaHO says

    What a good looking family! And…if Rocco is anything like my son, he will ONLY wear tennis shoes. He looks fine….just like a little 6 year old boy should! Lourdes looks so pretty and grown up! And I must agree…a movie premiere is no place for a one year old baby! Besides, this was Madonna’s night to promote her film. If little David was there, his appearance would of dominated the evening.

  3. diva says

    I agree with Tra-c, rocco does look out of place….he looks like he’s going to a football match not a movie premiere. Shame his parents couldn’t make the same effort with his appearance like they so obviously did with lourdes…..:-p

  4. sammi says

    lourdes has amazing hair , she’s going to grow up to be very beautiful , hah rocco looks like a really wild little boy, very cute family

  5. kinny says

    Mellow out People!
    I was adopted and feel there is NOTHING wrong with calling the new addition to the family “adopted”. It’s NOT an insult. It’s a blessing. It takes an enormous sized heart to adopt a child. The event (the adoption) is fairly recent, so it is still completely alright to occasionly refer to the child as adopted.
    People read too much into other people’s words. It wasn’t meant as anything except to ask where the little dude is.
    I wouldn’t take a little one to a movie either.

  6. carleigh says

    I agree with all the comments about the reference to “little adopted David”, also about the people who pointed out this is after all a movie premier. Not exactly a stellar place to bring a noisy, rambunctious,toddler along to. I have ran into people who have actually brought babies to the movies before and it was awful! I go to the movies to see a movie and I pay to see the movie and the added bonus is that occasionally I get to do it w/o the benefit of my kids..I can see a “grown up” movie…..and I definitely do NOT want to have to try and listen and enjoy the show over someone’s crying, screaming, noisy little kids…movies aren’t cheap anymore either so I want to actually see the movie I paid to see. But some people just don’t think obviously as other posters above have also encountered this same thing……..I carumba!

  7. justagirl says

    hes only a little boy Tra-C…. and plus those arent tennis shoes.. jeez theyre called trainers and why cant he wear them its not like hes grown up or anything

  8. Tra-C says

    Why is Rocco wearing tennis shoes? Doesn’t he own dress shoes? Looks so out of place in the picture.

  9. Lauren says

    “Where is little adopted David?”

    Uh, first of all, he is Madonna’s and Guy’s SON-there is no need to distinguish whether he is adopted or not. Secondly, who brings a one-year-old baby to a movie premiere with screaming fans in the dead of winter? Get a freaking brain.

  10. No_Name says

    Lourdes looks so grown up and sophisticated. Rocco looks like he is a mischievious lil’ devil. 🙂 And Guy, well, I’ve always thought he was sexy and macho. And Madonna is gorgeous as always. David would definately complete the pic, but I understand why he isn’t there. I hope this family has a very blessed year.

  11. Brandi says

    Have you ever sat through a movie where someone was dumb enough to bring a baby? It is NOT fun. Sometimes I wonder about how lame the media/bloggers are. You (collectively – other sites say the same with this picture) are trying to stir up controversy over something that DOESN’T matter!! Leave her alone! Leave them all alone! Parents can decide when and when not to force their babies into the publc eye. Especially when he is referred to “little adopted David”.

  12. Swooosh says

    About David… Madonna can never do anything right in some people’s eyes. David is a baby. who takes a baby to a premiere/movie.

    Would you take your baby to a premiere/movie? I don’t think so. Don’t be stupid.

  13. ellie says

    Why must one call the child ‘little adopted David’? It somehow makes him seem different than her other children. Plus, where do you think the child is? A movie premier is not exactly the place for an infant.
    Sorry for the cranky tone, but that last sentence just struck me as moronic.

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