Gwyneth's Hair Secret

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth always looks so lovely (photographed here at Sundance), and her hair is amazing! I read her recently mention that she never stopped taking her prenatal vitamins by New Chapter Organics and that she attributes her amazing hair health to them….so I ordered them from and am now taking them! Hey, it can’t hurt…only help! The bottle was about $25 and when I read the bottle, it said to take 4 a day…so it seems a little pricy, but the ingredients are amazing! My gyno had just told me that I should be taking folic acid every day, so it was good to find a quality multi.

Note: I am going away with my husband for the first time in 3 years for the weekend at a romantic inn with a fireplace! My mother-in-law generously offered to take the kids…yeah! So, I won’t be able to post till Sunday night or Monday morning. I am so excited, but actually a little nervous as we haven’t done anything without the kids for such an extended period of time for A VERY LONG TIME!



  1. Kate W says

    I am British and had an itchy scalp my entire life, until I moved to the US! I think London water is TERRIBLE for the hair. However I also think taking vitamins is highly over-rated, and that Gwyneth ( my best friend back home just named her baby Gwyneth, but she IS Welsh so it doesn’t seem too bad!!) probably has access to fantastic food. Or, of course, is just genetically blessed.

  2. kt says

    webmistress, ignore the MEAN ladies on this site, and just have a fabulous time with your husband. i hope it is romantic and beautiful and passionate! let loose and have a wonderful time!

  3. sweetie says

    she needs to cut that hair. looks to thin, and i don’t thik it flatters her. sorry my opinion.

  4. Lovethebabies says

    London water ruins lovely locks of hair (and skin)!! Maybe she applies 100 brushes a day….?

  5. KMisaHO says

    The secret to Gwyneth’s beautiful hair is…money! Money to buy the best hair products and money to hire the best team of hair dressers. Pre-natal vitamins…yeah right!

    Anyway…what’s Gwen doing in America? I thought our country sucked (according to her)?!

  6. Tammi says

    Webmistress: your hubby must keep you really busy MOST of the time, since you often go many days between posts!! If you moving to weekly/biweekly posts, you should inform your readers! Anyway good fuck, er, good luck!

  7. says

    Personally her hair and pre-natals no connection?!? Perhaps Gwen will concieve again? Is she BFing?

    Enjoy web mistress!!! I loved Rubys’ comment, so very true! Hubby and I try to do that atleast once a year, it’s very refreshing and something that he plans now every year because he likes having me to himself for a weekend, and I certainly don’t mind it either… 😉 LOL Perhaps those pre-natals will come in handy! Your youngest is now almost 3…

  8. AngloDeFile says

    Don’t waste your money on the vitamins for your hair. I’m sure it’s the water in London that’s the secret. Because, according to GP, isn’t everthing in England so much better than in the States?

  9. MissyMama says

    So WebMistrees, are you pregnant?!?!? Why the need for prenatasl??

    Gweneths hair is beautiful! I’m a bit jealous, when I try to grow my hair really long it just tends to get stringy…

  10. says

    Wow! That started being about Gwyneth and went on to mention the gyno and Mother in Law and weekend away and blah blah blah. Babyrazzi is getting lame these days. Probably wouldn’t be much posted even without the weekend away.

  11. Ruby Jackson says

    “I am so excited, but actually a little nervous as we haven?t done anything without the kids for such an extended period of time for A VERY LONG TIME!”…

    …it’s like riding a bike. It’ll all come back to you once you’re in the saddle again!

    Is that why you’re taking pre-natal vitamins?


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