Though Gorgeous, Katie Holmes Is Dressing Like A 50-Year-Old!

Hey…she looks gorgeous and all, but why is she dressing so matronly!? Here, young mom Katie was snapped with Victoria Beckham at an Armani store opening in Paris Tuesday evening.

Katie Holmes



  1. face says

    she is the model of hollywood stars, very beautiful but so dwn to earth and very conservative in all aspects

  2. carleigh says

    Diana CONGRATS!!! How wonderful for you! Keep the 7-Up and Saltines handy and keep us informed! Best wishes to you and your family!

  3. Diana says

    Hey Braydie – yes the baby is due around the second week in September so very excited!! I shall keep everybody updated on here as and when I here and progress. Morning sickness has really kicked in though. Feel terrible!! All in a good cause though!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. carleigh says

    Braydie isn’t it great that all our stalkers appreciate us sooooooo much! LOL…i just saw this stuff and laughed so hard! Get em’ girl! LOL, love ya!

  5. lily says

    oh my god what is wrong with kate, tom is the uglies thing on earth he looks like her father and posh looks like a crack head what a bunch of losers!!!!!!!

  6. Braydie says

    LOL ALSO…I gotta cut and paste something that I thought was hilarious!!

    165. Whatever | January 29th, 2007 at 10:40 pm
    & with that – I am not going to give you the satisfaction of reading your response โ€ฆ I really can step away from the computer. I have a real life (o:
    Thanks for the fun Biatch!

    166. same name same game | January 29th, 2007 at 11:05 pm
    ummm- โ€œtalk about a baby or twoโ€ you havenโ€™t done that since your first post about Katie Holmes (#96). Take your own advise, dumbass. She who lives in glass houses (or trailers) shouldnโ€™t throw stones!

    WOW~~~~she REALLY stepped away from her computer, huh!!!! LOL She lasted about 25 minutes LOL

  7. Braydie says

    Nell~~~ couldn’t figure out what to say the FIRST time you posted?? Yup this person “rocks!!” …name stealer, talks like a racist, has nothing to say about kids unless its in a bad way, insults comments that’s not even directed to her, and thinks she has a right to tell people when and what they can say on this site. Like I have said before ….no one knows who’s who on this site, so know what? I think your that person under a different name, I think this because not only do you STILL sound the same, you TYPE the same! wow get a life for real. Also get over my home and how much it costs. My neighbors around me live in 10, 15, 20 even 40 million dollar homes, so I’m not bragging. I think your just a pissed off, jealous, bitter, bipolar, mentally unstable uncaring person that can’t land a man or keep a job because you worry too much about what others do on a computer all day.

    Makes me appreciate my life more.

    Tiffany~~~ Yes Babyrazzi is like this all the time….if you want to look up OTHER baby sites…Google it, you obvisously are on a computer. If you found this site, i’m sure you can find others. I like how you insult everyone, then ask if we know any other sites…

  8. . says

    Nells comment was direct at Braydie not you Carleigh.

    why are you getting involved in something that doesn;t concern you?

    You DO exactly what you tell others NOT to do??!!!!

    BTW Katies hair sucks and she olny weres it like that to cover her stupid pubic hair bangs!!!!!!!!

  9. Tiffany says

    I’m new to babyrazzi and was shocked to find out that it has nothing to do with celebrities, but of the lives of the people posting. Don’t people know you can create chat rooms for this? I’m so disappointed. Does anyone know of another site where the conversations are about the celebrities?

  10. carleigh says

    Nell why don’t you post something, in fact anything relative to this topic and stop trying to insinuate yourself into something that doesn’t concern you??? That’s why this site is all about claws and daggers because people like you comment on shit that has NOTHING to do with you even remotely. Grow up!

    BTW…I like Katies hair (there not to make myself sound like a hypocrite I posted about the topic!)

  11. Tiffany says

    I’m new to babyrazzi, but I’m shocked that this posting has nothing to do about the celebrities, but about personal things of the people here. Is it always like this? And don’t people know that you can create your own chat rooms for this kinda thing. I’m so disappointed.

  12. Nell says

    Newnameevery minute/day/etc…. YOU ROCK! I agree, Braydie start your own site and talk about you ridiculous family and fantize about a 4million dollar home. NO wonder you (and the country) is all messed up, the department of HOmeland security had you representing it–how terrifying.

  13. Boo says

    I just need to say one more thing on this post….and it’s addressed to none other then crazy chick of all different personalities…but seriously, do you know Braydie or Carliegh Personally, did they do something to you that makes you feel so much hatred towards them…. honestly, my guess is No… you are just a super immature little girl that needs desperately to get a life.
    Also you know you’ve already read her response and everyone elses on here… you just won’t respond to it, because you have nothing to say…. you probably finally realized how ridiculous you sound.

  14. Braydie says

    Nicki~~~~ Exactly! Who does that?? This person needs to get a life of her or his own…instead of waiting for me to get back on babyrazzi. Also she/he are neither flattering or annoying…. just plain stupid. I hate to call someone that but damn….they need to really get a grip on reality!

    BC ~~~ Whats funny is in MOST posts…I’m not even talking to THAT person lol. But they KEEP going…and going….and going….like I am. she/he needs to get the hint!!!

  15. BC Girl says

    Whoever you are, the one that is arguing with Bradie, PLEASE STOP!! I have seen you a while ago fighting with Shea, and its the same shit over and over again!! You are annoying, childish, not very bright and you are rude!! We all know how many different handles you use, wont you please just go away!!!

    Carleigh – I have dobes too!! Mine are full size dobes though. I absolutely love them to pieces. When I came across you post I was excited, not too many people have dobes anymore, regular or minnies!!

  16. ??? says

    I dont think Bradie has one “stalker” as you say. I think theres a whole ton of people who dont like the dumbass.

  17. Nicki says

    Wow Braydie, I see how much your jealous stalker missed you. I’m not sure if you should be flattered or just plain annoyed. Seems like she (and all the voices in her head) is a tad angry you left her for so long. ๐Ÿ˜†

    Keep us posted on lil Ella please. I would love to see a pic of the cradle your hubby and boys are making for her when it is finished. Nothing nicer than something handmade with lots of love. Best wishes.

    This is for your “friend”—- Katie is pretty, don’t like her outfit. I’m sure we will see tons more pics of them when the Becks move here soon, so I’ll wait to comment on Vics.

  18. says

    Is it just me or has anyone ever noticed POSH always has that stupid “look at me how sexy I am” expression on her face and that same stupid pose, she needs to get over herself, “hello posh you are not a spice girl posing for a poster anymore” that chick seroiusly annoys me!
    KATIE on the other hand IS AS BEAUTIFUL AS EVER! She looks glamerous, I love that bright red pout! Very sexy on her!

  19. Braydie says

    Lets see for one…I never read any post from you asking where I was, If I’m the one that sits and waits then why are you asking about ME?? yup think what you want about me…I don’t care…however you seem to be awfully upset about what I said about YOU. Truth hurt? Once again you read what YOU want to read ….where have I EVER said I was innocent of anything? Also I don’t think you CAN step away from the computer…If you could you wouldn’t of posted anything in the FIRST place. hmmm I think talking about my children and others talking about theirs IS talking about kids. Whats my favorite saying??? I;m sure you know it since you think you know everything about me lol. Its “if you don’t like it, don’t read it!” So here I go back to my “trailer” to throw stones at your shack. Also you were smart…(which we all know this person isn’t)….go get tested for being bipolar !! Jealousy also isn’t very becoming…not even on a computer.
    So thats about all I got to say to you….say whatever you wish… I’m laughing my ass off at how dumb you actually can be, then you keep GOING LOL.

  20. same name same game says

    ummm- “talk about a baby or two” you haven’t done that since your first post about Katie Holmes (#96). Take your own advise, dumbass. She who lives in glass houses (or trailers) shouldn’t throw stones!

  21. Whatever says

    & with that – I am not going to give you the satisfaction of reading your response … I really can step away from the computer. I have a real life (o:
    Thanks for the fun Biatch!

  22. Whatever says

    Braydie – you are a very sad excuse for a human being. I find it very funny that you – who claims is over this site – sits and waits until someone posts about you. See it was all a test. I noticed that your evil ways had not been on here in some time … so I made a post a few days ago – where is Braydie – then boom – here you are … amazes me … I think you sit and read every post – waiting for someone to say something about you. I know you are an evil person. I know some – of those mean spirited posts are from you … yet you “claim” you are innocent – please – I think everything that comes out of your fingers … typed on this site – and probably many, many sites – all lies! You are probably some fat, divorced, bitter bitch that lives in a fantasy land … wishing you were all of the things you post here.

  23. Braydie says

    Hmm also…LOL I believe your the one that’s a vulture…not volture BTW….., wow post much? For every ONE post we write, you write at least THREE. Go back to school…get laid ….and get a life!!!! You seem to need all three of those.

  24. Braydie says

    Granny~~ I know that it does wear you out. I am already working for The Department of Homeland Security, in the field. I am currently going to college well to be honest, I’m bored, lol. I can do things at work but not like I used to, so I’m taking advantage of it and getting my bachelor’s in forensics. I hope to join the FBI academy in spring 2009. Bureau of Prisons is hardcore though, you must be a tough ass granny!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Boo, I can see when it isn’t someone just by the way they type. I knew it wasn’t you saying that. You get used to it after awhile.

    To the idiot that keeps posting stupid things: I didn’t think this site was sanctioned just for people like you that SAY stupid things……maybe you should actually read what you say before you give advice on how much someone write or what they say. Hmm or maybe actually talk about a baby or two??? WHY are you on this site if all you have to say is carlieghs got a dog?? hmmmm I’ll make all the news stations send out reports on that…..Why don’t you stick to what you know….being a jealous hateful stupid person. Oh yea, I forgot Stalker.

  25. My new name now says

    Carleigh has a minature dobie becus the trailer park has weight restrictions on dogs. Also its easier for her to kick and it cant fight back

  26. Granny says

    Braydie. I retired last year after 24 years working for the Bureau of Prisons in a med to high security federal prison. I hope you are serious about law enforcement for a career, because it plum wears you out. It was a difficult way to make a living dealing with some of the really lowest of lowlifes. I don’t regret having done it, but I certainly caution people about it. My family couldn’t wait for me to get out of it.

  27. carleigh says

    I wasn’t sure but I didn’t want any misunderstanding either worries! I don’t care about the idiots who post under my ID..they are sad, pathetic and need to obviously get their own IDENTITY and LIFE! As far as a pit bull yep I had one at one time, now it’s DOBIE’S and miniature one’s at that, they are lots of fun and not the near work of the larger sized dogs. Love’s my mini-pin!

  28. Boo says

    Hey Carleigh, if your referring to comment #124, that wasn’t me, post’s 109,121, and 129 were the only post’s made by the REAL me…the rest were the cowardly person too afraid to post under her own name, just FYI….And Bradie I had a feeling those posts weren’t from you either, seeing as one of the firsts posts I saw of yours on here you were talking about how life is good, your son is good, everything is good, then for you to start talking as if you are better then everyone else… it was quite obvious that it wasn’t you posting that stupid Shit…. The maturity level of some of the people that come on here is pretty friggen Pathetic, I’m tellin’ ya.

  29. new name every minute says

    ummmm … anyone think bradie should start her own chat room – so that the people who give a s*** about her & her family can join her in her chat room?

  30. new name everyother day says

    umm…has anyone noticed that brady is making up for not posting for 4 months on one thread? For someone who don’t post anymore and hates this website she sure is on here- alot!! I dont think she knows that there are other storys she can comment on. maybe her computer is stuck on this thread.

  31. newnameeveryday says

    ummm … has anyone noticed that bradie and carleigh watch babyrazzi like a voltures? Just in case – heaven forbid – someone talks to or about them. Whahahahahah they need to get a life (O:

  32. carleigh says

    Boo, I’m sorry but you are not accurate when you state that Braydie and I are the same person. Braydie was an original blogger whom I met when I started on here early last srping. Braydie has her own opinions and thoughts and for people who have been around long enough we know the way she is candid and open when she states her opinions, but we also know when someone else is logging in and posting falsely under her name as well. I have absolutely no problem with anyone in this site and don’t take things people say all that personally so I don’t want you to think I am picking on you or singling you out in any way. I am carleigh and have always been carleigh, braydie is her own person just like I am. Just to clear up the information in case there is any confusion in the air. But thanks and happy blogging. I saw pic’s of Katie in a beautiful sea foam green dress and in that dress she looked amazing, I wish the webmistress would print some flatter pic’s of Katie around here once in awhile. (Still think Tom is a weirdo and heard on the radio this a.m. that he wouldn’t let her co-star in the last Batman movie because he didn’t want her around those other hotter, younger men..she turned down $2million dollars! Her agent said it was a scheduling conflict but I don’t think I am inclined to agree..remember when he was married to Nicole she never really did any signifigant acting on her own she starred with Tom in a series of bonafide bombs. It was only after she left him that she struck out on her own and made the movies that garnered her the recognition she has now! I think there’s a pattern emerging…all we can do is wait and see though, but I do think TC is a bit of an intergalitic lord of cruise control!)

  33. Braydie says

    KellyMay !!! ๐Ÿ™‚ hey woman how are ya!! Of course they weren’t me lol. Have I ever talked THAT way …nope. Just what you get when you come on Babyrazzi !! Drama drama drama lol. Thank you, I cant wait !! It’s gonna ALOT different with a girl, I’m kinda scared lol. It’s weird seeing pink all over now instead of blue.

    BC Girl , you tell em’ !!

  34. marieon says

    I simply HATE Victoria Beckham she wormed her way up from nothing nd now she acts like the fashion “icon” for the stars giving her tips on how 2 look good wen her recent book on how 2 dress went 2 the gutter itz so sad that poor katie is following her advice..wat a MESS!

  35. says

    Braydie!!!! First off I knew that some of those posts were not you… your right this site hasn’t changed a bit! Congratulations on your baby girl,Ella is a pretty name ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. BC Girl says

    Wow… Some people have got alot of time on their hands!!

    Who cares if someone posts a little personal blurb to their online friends?? Yes, it would be annoying if 2 or 3 people carried on a conversation for days with just a few posts between that is actually on topic. But nobody here seems to be doing that… these ladies are just simply letting their friends know happy news and updates on their lives. Leave them alone!!! I know for a fact that if I found out I were pregnant tomorrow, I would sure be posting it on this site, its just something that is so exciting Im sure you want to tell everyone!!!
    Congrats Brady on your baby girl, I hope all goes well for you and baby!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Tiffany says

    I think that though her recent outfits are a bit mature they are elegant and go to show that you don’t have to show tons of skin to turn heads. Unfortunatly Katie’s own style hasn’t been seen since Tom came into the picture. It would be nice to see something she would “like” to wear as to “told” to wear.

  38. Dianne says

    Thank you #43 Meg and #68 Candice for agreeing with me on this issue. I think it is important to dress appropriately when you are at certain functions. Katie looks very classy and sophisticated. Just as Candice mentioned, there are commericals and TV shows that have women showing too much skin and it has nothing to do with what they are advertising. I used to work in an office in NYC and there were certain co-workers who would dress like they were ready to hit the clubs. It makes you feel a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable. I was always taught you should look like a lady if you want to be taken serious, and I still believe that.

  39. Missy says

    I LOVE her top!! I’m glad Victoria is fully clothed also. I’m not sure that Victoria is the best role model for Katie but I think it’s cute that Katie has someone she can roam the globe with it looks like they’re having fun!!! Mommies can have fun too!

  40. Lauren says

    thanx for the advise Braydie but if i got pregnant it wouldnt be happy news. im done having kids. Its better to BLEED then to BREED. wheres that damn midol! i got alot of errands to do today!!! i have to take my dog jack-named after my second cousin once removed sisters babysitters friend-to the vet, then i have to pick up my HOT husbands speedo from the dry cleaneres-we go to the one on the corner of 12th and Main. Then Ive got to go and get my eyebrows waxed…. damn!!!!… that hurts but sometimes beauty hurts and then ive got to pick up my kids from school, and then I got to make dinner …pot roast…and do some laundy. Then do the dishes and help the boys with their homework …allgebra…and perhaps watch some tv. Is AMerican Idol on tonight?!! I love SIomon !!!dont you??? Paula looks drunk most of the time. anyway….i better get going. lots to do today. it was FUN sharing ALL of my personal business with y’all. I like how this website has become SHARE YOUR LIFE…com all that baby crap was Boo–oo-oo-ing! toodalu girls!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Braydie says

    Diana …CONGRATS!!!! so it’ll be a sept baby? I wish one of mine would of been in the summer:) But then again both pregnancies i was super hot, so maybe not lol. “the web master doesn’t like”??…..Oh yea I keep forgetting this baby site doesn’t like to share baby news …just stupid fighting posts lol. I’m very happy for you!! I didn’t get to go to London in November, I was very disappointed. Doctor did not want me to fly ๐Ÿ™ I hope everything goes well in this pregnancy for you, keep me posted my email address is above in one of my posts.

    Lauren, you should get pregnant….then you wont have to worry about cramps, midol, or tampons for 9 months at least!!! then you can share that happy news with all of us ๐Ÿ˜›

  42. Lauren says

    since were sharing such personal info today, I would like to join in—i just started my cycle. damn these craps hurt. does anyone have a tampon and some midol?

  43. Diana says

    Hey Braydie – great to see you back on here!! It has been a long time! I am glad that you are doing great. I have some news as well (but I will keep it short as I know that webmaster doesn’t like personal posts on here, but I am SO excited!). I am about seven weeks pregnant!! So excited! I thought I was only around five, but didn’t realise that they class how many weeks you are by the first date of your last period! That was 9th December. SO excited!

  44. Braydie says

    OH and Olivia …exactly WHAT am I getting ??? IT”S A COMPUTER. Some of you guys really need a break off Babyrazzi FOR REAL. Come back in a couple months and you’ll LAUGH at everything that’s written, So it’s really your own faults for sitting there and reading it all thinking its real life! then bitching about it when someone steals another’s handle and says stupid crap! I’m not saying this to be mean! I’m sincerely stating that if you leave and come back it wont be so dramatic anymore. This was a escape for me for a long time. I actually started to be on here more then being with my family. I’ll admit it. The drama and the different opinions had me intrigued. When my son got into his accident…I remembered that the computer is just that. A computer. I have a great life and one part of that was really close to being taken away. so I left. Believe me I had withdrawals!
    My point is…if you dont want to leave…dont make it personal. If someone posts under anothers handle….just remember…no matter what handle it’s under, you cant be for sure whos behind it. Thats always been the chance you take when you post on babyrazzi. Well this “security Guard” (lol) is off, have a great nite ladies!

  45. Braydie says

    LOL this site HASN”T changed…there still is that person that has to make up posts in other peoples names. Everyone that knows me knows what my real last post was. BTW to the person that’s such a coward that cant even go under their handle on a COMPUTER, it was my older brothers 3 boys, Get your facts straight…. , but your right…i got a hot husband however I make just AS MUCH money as he does, I actually work for what I have unlike some that just sit on their comps all day taking the states money. kinda funny I haven’t posted in like…what 5 months lol and you still remember all that! DAMN jealous much LOL.. Like I said in my first post back…this site wont ever change. so anyone that has had their name stolen and wants to continue to post….just deal with it cuz the web site owner wont do anything about it.

    Olivia…it’s really none of your business what color my skin is to be honest. “white Trash” is something WHITE TRASH would say. Not someone like me.

    Its really obvious that nell and Boo are the same people…just really obvious, if you want to change names …make some time between your posts lol.

    also to anyone that knows me, they know I’m not a security guard lol. That made me laugh lol. I sorta miss the drama!

  46. Nell says

    LOL! I like that the “millionairess.” But add to it, the “millionairess security guard.”
    Hey Braydie, it’s great that the closest your rich husband could get you to celebrities was as a security gurad. Why weren’t you a guest?

  47. Olivia says

    I guess the millionairess went to satisfy her “hot” hubby in their million dollar bed or maybe she finally was verbally beaten into submission. Hope it’s the latter.

  48. Boo says

    Now, braydie is threatening people…Hmmm…sound’s like a real educated woman, like a woman who really lives in a 4 million dollar home.

    Hey, lady, wake up, the rest of us aren’t stupid nor do we need to put up with you stupidity and your insults. You, my friend, are probably white trash–you know the saying, you always hate those who most remind you of yourself…Use you educated mind to mull that over.

  49. stilla says

    I just log on to this thread of posts, and read the comments that Braydie made about white trash. Who are you to say such things, and to insult and threaten people. And who are all you fools who support this woman and her deragatory comments? Wow, all of you need to reassess those you support. I, personally, wouldn’t want to support someone who used the phrase “yellow people.”

  50. Nell says

    Braydie–you last comment about “white trash” has made you lose any credibility as a person you may have had. It’s obvious people who resort to degratory comments, and “white trash” miss educated is no longer politically correct language, are often those who are highly on the defensive, which often means these people reach for ethnic or racial insults because they cannot sustain an intelligent debate.

    Further, your assumption that everyone who asks you to qualify your haughty statement is “white trash” is nothing more than immature and ludicrous (do you know what that means, ludicrous?)

    And, lastly, I guess the hubby leaves you with much time on your hands, as all you do is post and insult, Run, now, run, the “white trash brigade” is on there way to your million dollar home, to steal your stuff and your hubby, run miss security guard, run.

  51. Boo says

    #124 still so cool…. to anyone Sane on this website the REAL me will not be posting on this page again…. so we know they are fake when they come up!…FYI why must you use someone else’s name to post nasty msg’s, What are we afraid to post our own name….POOR thing!

  52. Boo says

    #124 still so cool…. to anyone Sane on this website the REAL me will not be posting on this page again…. so we know they are fake when they come up!…FYI why must you use someone elses name to post nasty msg’s, What are we afraid to post our own name….POOR thing!

  53. Nell says

    Braydie, the diffiuclt part about believing you is your constant need to state how much you have and how much you are better than everyone else. YOu know, people who really have all that really don’t need to chronically state it and shove it in people’s faces. And if you have all that great, but you certainly do not come across as a nice human being. In fact, you seem to be a horrible person, filled with anger and disdain for those, like Katie, who have more than you.

  54. braydie says

    My girls know me … know what I am all about. I have been posting on this site since it started. I should run this site. I could eliminate all of you and your ability to post.

    Uhhhhh, I am way to busy for this. I have a hot naked husband in bed waiting for me. I better make sure I alarm my 4 million dollar home. I would hate to see some white trash people like you guys trying to steal from me.

  55. braydie says

    You guys just wish you were me! Everything I state is the truth. If you guys do not like it then tough crap. I really could care less if you guys believe me or not. I know the truth and that is all that matters!

  56. Olivia says

    This is awesome. Braydie, you’re really getting yours.

    I’d also like to know what exactly makes you so much better than Katie.

  57. Boo says

    112,114,118 …. you are pretty cool putting posts in under someone else’s name…. are we really that immature people I mean Please Grow up!

  58. Nell says

    THere she is again, wanting to insult and instigate. THis woman is far from a good person. She’s nuts, and her “story” about being rich with a hot husband and living in a 4 million dollar home is just that a story. Don’t rich people have better things to do than blog on this site? Or is your hot husband not interseted in you?

  59. Boo says

    Yeah, right…..You are so darn funny. You live in a 4 million dollar home and you’re a security guard.

    And, further, having custody of your sisters kids doesn’t make you better than Katie. It makes you a good person, but not better…You are ridiculous, precisely because you measure your worth against these celebrities.

  60. braydie says

    I obviously need to school you guys … I am very rich, educated, married to a rich and hot husband. I live in a 4 million dollar home. Have custody of my sisters kids. By all means – I am “better” then you and Katie Holmes! Chew on that and get back to me (o:

  61. braydie says

    I obviously need to school you guys … I am very rich, educated, married to a rich and hot husband. I live in a 4 million dollar home. Have custody of my sisters kids due to her death. By all means – I am “better” then you and Katie Holmes! Chew on that and get back to me (o:

  62. Boo says

    LOL. Or that she’s having tea with the queen.

    I have a question though, if Braydie’s husband is so rich, why is she working as a security guard?

  63. Boo says

    Post # 111, RIGHT ON! Go ahead Braydie tell us why you are so much better than Katie Holmes, the inquiring public would like to know.

  64. Nell says

    Braydie– Take your rich husband and get yourself some therapy and a life.

    I remember you from a while ago, and let me tell you that these sites have been so pleasantly quiet without your crazy ranting and cursing out of other people. YOu are an instigator who enjoys riling up people, only to then curse them out. And further, if you need to measure yourself and qualify your existence as being “better” than Katie holmes then I really feel sorry for you.
    I’d like to know what exaclty makes you so much better than Katie? Is it your self proclaimed lovely figure? Is it your big house–i’m sure hers is bigger? or is it your “rich” husband–i’m sure her husband is infinitely richer? Perhaps, it’s your great mothering skills, as i’m sure you know her’s initimately. Or maybe it’s your wonderfully inviting and pleasant demeanor? Please, miss braydie qualify your posts and do tell us why we all should be privy to the information that your “husband is rich and your house is big, and your body is great and your better than Katie.”

  65. braydie says

    Just so everyone knows… I live in a big house, with a rich husband, I am skinny (even while I am pregnant). I am happy and I am better than Katie and all of you! Remember that and we will all get along just fine (:

  66. Boo says

    I agree, I don’t care if it’s a blog about a celebrity… if you wanna have conversations with people that aren’t the subject line then so be it… anyone else who is on here to comment about the celeb themselves then please comment all you want… but seriously, enough with Blasting people for carrying on conversations amongst one another and getting to know online friends.

  67. Jeri says

    Hey how about this! When someone actually addresses people and its not addressed to YOU, DONT comment on that post! Braydie has a right to tell her friends on here whats going on in her life. I don’t know her nor have I talked to her, but she sounds alright. She hasn’t even said anything all that bad to be honest. If she really did she Kate and Tom then that’s HER opinion. Most of you cant shut up about having your own opinion, then you go off on someone that actually seen it first hand and tells HER opinion?? HYPOCRITS is what most of you all are….I’m not sure if I even spelled that word right, if I didn’t…oh well. THIS is MY opinion. However I’m sure you will have SOMETHING to say about it.

  68. carleigh says

    Braydie—It’s great to see you back around here once in awhile…and you are right nothing much has changed..LOL. I am so happy your son Kris is back at school again, I am sure it’s been a long, arduous process but he sounds like he’s thriving. That is wonderful! You are finally getting that baby girl and such a pretty name..I’m sure you are sooooo excited! That’s also great news! Sounds like you are bearing under a hellish schedule like I am, lol…back at school myself. I’ve for 14 months left to go and I am completely done and will be a Respiratory Therapist. Yes, I got rid of that low life, no-good man I was wasting my time being with him. I am happily single and have been on a date or two, nothing serious as I don’t want to do that until I am out of school. It’s hard enough to raise the girls, work and go to school, I just don’t have the time to devote to a relationship right now. But, I am not giving up and I am not sad, I am living and whatever will be will be, nothing more or less.

    To Nell…I LOVE YOU TOO! Please refrain from saying something to me personally. You appear to be an idiot and you do NOT apparently read the whole entire posts and realize it’s the others that make direct comments to me FIRST! Just like you…so mind your own business and stop being a little hypocrite! You should really think long and hard before you hit the submit just don’t appear to be a very bright person.

    I think Katie is just trying to fit in fashion wise and I believe once she get’s her signature look established she will stick with what looks good. She’s only 27 years old, she obviously has good taste because we have never seen a “cheesy” shot of her privates, she doesn’t have her T&A hanging out of her clothing and she doesn’t do the rolodexing between hair extensions and dying her hair till it practically falls out at the roots. I believe Katie just has a few kinks to work out and she will become more self confident as she get’s older. I know it took me awhile to figure out what looked good on me vs. what I thought I could actually wear and get away with

  69. braydie says

    I knew there would be alot of posters that had “opinions” of what I said about Katie. Like I said before I dont care if you believe me or not. I know what I know and if you think I dont then go right ahead and think that, I wont be the one to try to stop the way people think.
    To Nisa… Did I ever say she was a “fat girl” before she got pregnant? nope. You read what you wanted to read, not what I actually posted, What I posted was the truth as I seen and witnessed, not “flaws or bitterness”.
    As for posting personal info. LOL I really want someone, ANYONE to try to find out just what my zipcode is. I can see if I put up my social or Driver license number maybe. I could also see if I did post pictures or pictures of my children. But until that day…..
    Also i said to all my girls….you know who you all are…if you read that and you KNOW your not one, maybe you shouldnt respond, unless you have a question thats not stupid…..hmm just a thought lol.

    Dani, Nice to see someone with a actual thought in her had thats NOT bitchy! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I already work in the Criminal Justice field. I just want to be more aware and educated in my field. With this training im hoping to go to the FBI acadamy in 2009.

    NICKI!!!! miss talking to you girl, say hi to everyone for me if Im not on for awhile again ok!

  70. Dani says

    Braydie that was a crackalackin’ post. Thanks for all the 1st hand on T&K. At 5’4′ ,110 lbs. & fit, I’m small, so 5’9″ and a fit 105-112 lbs. would be skeletal scary.
    Nisa, quit being such a troll, Braydie saw with her own eyes. You don’t have to agree, or believe but there’s no need to insult or threaten her. Personal attacks are not cool.
    Braydie, I came to this site after you’d stopped posting so don’t know your story but I wish you all the best with your family and new career. Forensics, eh? Like a CSI
    or coroners office?

  71. Nisa says

    Braydie, #96 your story is all good, but has a flaw. How come, Katie appears fatter in pictures and you say she is very thin, thiiner than Posh, and yet Tom appears in these same pictures and you say he is even fatter? Are these two different cameras? Posh too looks so much smaller than her in pictures, do you think all cameras for all tabloids and newspapers are illusory? You should not be hanging aropund people who snigger behind people’s backs, because you have a back too…………..if you know what I mean.

    You sound bitter about these two and I think that is colouring your opinion, indeed vision. Katie has always been rail thin and only put on weight during pregnancy, because most part of her relationship with Tom she has been pregnant, people think she is a fat girl but she is not.

    Otherwise good luck in your forensic degree and I hope you have a healthy baby. Ella Jeanette is a lovely name.

  72. Nell says

    Carleigh regarding post #91 and your comment that you were “going to try and be kinder to people,” well that post certainly didn’t seem like any attempt at kindness. Secondly, I find it preposterous that you and now Braydie are using this site to post such person information. Have you any idea who might be reading this. I mean do you know how easy it is to become a target of some lunatic. A word of advice keep the private stuff private, or use a private chat room, or better yet the phone. Plus, some of us really don’t want to know the extent of your personal life. THis is a site that catapults one out of reality and the lurid and harrowing details of your lives are best left for a good firend or a therapist.

  73. Kate Holmes-Cruise says

    Ocassionally I pop into this website to see all the glamourous pictures of myself and the occassional picture of my baby Whats-Her-Name….Suri-thats it

    Anyway –
    I dont like people dropping my name like we are BFF-ecspecially people who I do not know. You say you have pictures of us together. Perhaps you could POST A LINK to refresh my memory as to who you are & what lavish event my husband & I attended. We go to so many ya know.

    I weigh 112 LBS if you want to discuss my weight and my fabulous husband Tom is NOT fat. He is just acting FAT- that just goes to show you what a great actor he is.

    one more thing,….my name is KATE not Katie!!!!!

  74. CyberStalker says

    Braydie and Nicki and all the rest of you:

    You are CRAZY to be putting so much personal information on a public website.

  75. Nicki says

    I don’t like Katies dress, she does look pretty though. Posh usually is always stylish, just too stonefaced in her pictures.

    Braydie~ glad to hear everything is going well. Good to hear Kris is back at college. Congratulations on your little girl, who will arrive in April. I love the name Ella. Very pretty name, Ella Jeanette. Please keep us posted.

  76. Nell says

    Forget how she’s dressed, let’s think about why she’s dressed. Does this woman do anything but shop and go to openings? I think it’s pretty frightening that the only time we actually saw this woman with her baby was at her wedding.

  77. braydie says

    Hi all! sorry about before I wrote my post and all that came out was the (.) so that sucked lol.
    Anyway, I had to post about Katie H. because I seen her and took pictures with her not too long ago at a event I was at, I was appointed to head the surperving of security there, btw I dont care if you believe or not. anyways, Katie is very skinny, SCARY skinny. I’m 140 pregnant and i looked like a huge cow next to her. I’m looking at my pictures and I would say she is about 100 to 105 lbs wet, if that! I would also say she is alot thinner then posh. Now THAT is scary. NOT Tom though he was so super heavy. I think HE thinks he isnt though. He wore this ugly black suit that did NOT fit him and alot of people was talking crap behind his back. It was sad. Katie doesnt look like like this either in real life, she looks so diferent then this it’s weird!

    But anyway!

    To all my girls!!…….I just thought I’d let you know how everything is going since I dont post much of anything anymore. I see not alot has changed on here…concerning the pricks and bitches that think they own this site, lol. Im due in April, I’m having a baby girl! We’re naming her Ella Jeanette….Ella for my hubbys nana that passes away in November, and Jeanette for my mother Jean and his mother Annette, also my sisters middle name is Jeanette. I dont do much at work anymore, they just wont let me since I’m pregnant. ๐Ÿ™ so I decided to go back to college for my Forenics Degree. I’ve been going since Oct. and its so much fun lol. Alot of the kids call me mom which I think is funny, and since I’m already in the game, they have alot of questions for me. Even my instructor asks me questions which i think is hilarious and cool at the same time! As you see I’m typing better, it’s all the essays I have to write lol. my son Kris is back at college also, he fully recovered anf he is just a amazing kid! I feel bad for him though because he still thinks alot about his accident with his friends, and he misses them too:( Other then that, he’s doing really well! my other 3 babies are doing awsome as well. my 15 and 13 yr olds are making a rocking bassinette with their father for their new sister. It’s super cute! It has her name etched in the side, so pretty! my youngest will be one on Valentines day. It went by SOOO quick! He loves beyonce, and when ever she comes on the T.v. he has to stop and watch. If anyone says anything while its on he screams NO NO NO! at us and waves his hands… Its funny. well I know thi sis super long but like I said, Essays lol. so sorry about the length! Miss talking to you all and i hope all is well with you!

    Carleigh, hey babe! Dont worry about these people. Remember it a computer and you can walk away at ANYTIME ๐Ÿ™‚ Your opinions are YOURS….dont worry about anyone elses. you wont change their minds and they wont change yours. I’m happy that you got rid of that man you were with, theres someone better out there for you.
    I got a new email address to anyone that wants it,
    I might not answer right away, but I will get to it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a great nite ladies, I’m tired as heck I’m off to get my ass to bed!

  78. boo says

    Carleigh, why bother wasting your time to respond to these people… you don’t need to explain yourself!

  79. Dani says

    Just read about Posh and “Scientology Spice” LOL on other site with more photos.
    It’s got to irk when Posh pulls off looking better,(her age) dressing better (no visible granny girdle), gets all the attention( Armani can’t keep hands off) , and sweet soccer Jesus, gets to be married to David B. Has any one seen Mr. B as the Prince in the Annie Leibvowitz/ Disney photos? Literally smoking!
    ( Maybe Tom and Katie can be Gepetto and Pinnochio?)

  80. carleigh says

    Hey “summers” eve…u got a point to make??? I have stated things about my personal life before in posting’s of the past but have not as of late so you must be obsessed with keeping up w/ my personal life. Since you remember every lurid little detail…….OK….here ya go honey! NOPE I got rid of the lowlife drunk! YEAH! Secondly, I am completely OFF the med’s (beings he was the major contributor to that factor in the first place) getting rid of him was the BEST thing I’ve ever done. Finally, I decided to make a conscious decision about being kinder to myself and others and that includes YOU SUMMER’S EVE (in case you don’t know that is a brand of DOUCHE here in the US)! Now if I offend you with my OPINIONS you just like MZ. WHATEVER can go bugger off! And if you don’t think I am being nice you should go even further back into the babyrazzi archives and check out some more info and posts from me….so SHUT UP and GROW UP! Go back to your own miserable, mundane, pointless existence and leave me out of your pathetic ramblings.

  81. litz says

    Love her or hate her, she looked great in Paris and I couldn’t wait to get to the internet to see more pictures, I only saw what was in news papers. She is classy and elegant and completely stole the show. I do not think she ever dreamt about this in all her life. Sitting on the front row at Haute couture and wearing a $10,000 dollar dress personally made by Armani and having all the media attention. She was actually the star of the whole couture. She makes me dream.

  82. braydie says

    i wrote this long post that didnt take i guess i dont have time now to rewrite it but i will later, that really sucks it didnt post lol! maybe it will still.

  83. eve says

    carleigh, your tampax comment was – like you – in very poor taste, and uncalled for… you are a nasty piece of opinionated work, go and take a handful of your anti depressents…has that boyfriend come back to you yet or is he still preferring to spend his time hanging out in bars to avoid you?? and as for katie…her face looks beautiful though her clothes scream ‘dynasty’….ugh!! she is a beautiful young woman who appears to be dressing to please others…and as for vb….her face is so tight that if she smiled i am sure it would crack to pieces…but she does have three lovely looking children

  84. Olivia says

    I looked at the site you posted KellyMay. I didn’t think the dress did much to flatter her. Her breasts looked distressed, possibly even painful. A bit too much push up in my opinion. In the bling shot they almost looked to be folded up in there. The upper back was stunning, however waist down in back did not appear as flattering. Is this the green dress mentioned earlier in the above posts which some felt she looked so incredible in?

  85. Nisa says

    I don’t think Tom Cruise can allow her to have her nose or lips done, I think it is the make up, remember she rarely wears any heavy makeup.

    I agree she looks different lately and in my opinion better and more grown up, especially the pictures with the green dress. I applaud her decency at all times and am glad she is going back to work soon. I was worried a moment there.

    I do not trust Tom one bit where this girl is concerned, I defiantely expected and feared a pregnancy announcement soon. Though I think he got a good deal. She is a beautiful girl.

  86. carleigh says

    Whatever…whatever! who’s trying to “pick” or start a row here? If you don’t like what I post guess what..too bad! I didn’t use any vulgar language and if I still happen to offend you then maybe you should pull out the Tampax and some Midol..take a pill and go jam!

  87. Helen says

    I think that Katie looks really classy. Her hair is very sophisticated and she looks beautifully finished. The style suits the occasion well. She out-classes Victoria (although i don’t mind her either)!!

  88. N says

    Sorry to offend you KMisaHO….. To those offended by my comment replace it with ……feebleminded or weakminded. : )

  89. Olivia says

    Very funny posters 14 or 15. I can only assume you posted number 61 for me. Obviously I offended one of you clever girls. I will say from my point of view it was very good try at sounding like me, but not quite there. If you think you annoyed me, you didn’t, I actually laughed. I will say though, I wasn’t comparing Princess Di to Katie Holmes, Princess Di was and still is my hero, I was remembering her style attempts in the beginning and how my older sister attempted to follow her and how we now howl at her Princess Di wanna be days photo’s.

  90. KMisaHO says

    This is just a cropped photo og Victoria and Katie. Just Jared has the whole picture (and many more). It is actually Armani with hand around Katie. Here’s the link if interested. (oh…and by the way “retard” is an awful thing to call someone and may offend some people with mentally disabled children. Please think before you type! Thanks)

  91. carleigh says

    I never said character wise or made any direct comparisons between Katie Holmes and Princess Diana…EXCEPT for the fashion statement….Katie’s clothes look a bit like something Diana would/could have worn circa say 1984-86!!!!!!!! I admire and followed Diana’s works all throughout her life and to me that was NOT made as an insult to her memory in any way. TO those people on this little CELEBRITY BLOG who want to make broad reaching PERSONAL statements about what they THINK I meant……..sorry to have to clarify things for you all but you are WRONG as usual and putting your own WORDS and THOUGHTS and COMMENTS on what you all think I meant…don’t do that please it’s called twisting my words and you are all WAY OFF BASE!! Have a nice evening LADIES!

  92. Candice says

    I agree with Dianne (comment # 3) to many people show T & A. You can’t turn the T.V. on without some show having to have it or some commerical. Its actually very sad. I was watching a T.V. show the other day and it went to commerical and the commerical turned out to be a santa clause one and the two elfs were girls dressed like sluts! What does that show. I think more woman need to stand up for themselves and have more self respect. It seems like women forget that they can be respected for more then their body. I’m not saying you should cover it up and never show any skin but theres a way to be respectful and classy about it.
    To be honest I think both Katie and Victoria dressed classy. Keep being the classy ones ladies because thats the rare find!!!! Anyone can be a slut and look like one. Katie and Victoria are both beautiful and Classy!

  93. Shea says

    hey Olivia… you calling anyone with their own opinions “idiots” makes you look like a “arse” yourself. as for your comment about the dog thing…hmm looks like you can be one yourself huh?? Why dont you take the first hit off that pipe yourself.

  94. Lacy says

    hey SUNNY’D, the hand holding katie is a man’s hand(most likely tom’s), the hand behind that one is victoria putting her hand around katie posing for the picture.

  95. granny says

    Olivia. Now I am chuckling. I am from the middle of Oklahoma and I go to England every year for a vacation. I have never met a snobby or stuck up Brit although I am pretty sure there are a few. But them some people are surprised that Oklahomans aren’t all walking around in cowboy boots (which are fine), chewing on a straw and saying howdy and I know we have some of the stereotypical ones here.

    The hand looks as if it is attached to an arm of someone cut out of the pics on KH’s right. It’s a big hand so I hope it belongs to a man.

    But being an American isn’t an insult though.

  96. BC Girl says

    Sunny’d.. thats hilarious, I was just looking at that wondering how that hand fits as well….

  97. SUNNY'D says

    has any one noticed the “hand” in the middle of them,
    does this picture look fudged to you?
    just how does that hand fit into this picture…..

  98. MissyMama says

    I don’t think she got her nose done. Her lips look alot different though. i don’t know, but she definetly does NOT look like she used to. A lot of that could be the maturity of giving birth, who knows.

  99. Olivia says

    You are all so predictable. What a chuckle. See how quickly the pack of rats turned from KH to myself!!!!! By the way, I’m “not” an American, what a positive insult!!!!! Bunch of pompous little weak ass bullies! Also by the way, Idiots, neither Carleigh no I compared KH to Princess Di, your right there is “NO” comparison, we were talking learning a sense of style. Also by the way, not all Brits think Posh is all that. She is a real shudder. An embarrassment to the British people, she is. Not all Brits walk around with their finger so far up their arses that they have a permanent pout on their faces, I can tell you! So put that in you finger pointing pipe and smoke that for a bit you bunch of rabid attacking dogs!

  100. BC Girl says

    Wow Fancy, I have never seen that comparisson before!! It looks like she definately had some nose work done!! I like her nose way better when it was the original one. Although, she does still look good.

  101. Ellen says

    A beautiful outfit. But a serious outfit as if a formal meeting or such. It was at an Armani store opening so probably everyone there was dressed more subdued and less faddish.

  102. HRH says

    Kate looks incredibly chic, but do not compare her to Princess Diana. Well stated Jessi. “… send her victorious, happy and glorious, long to reign over us… God save the Queen.”

  103. N says

    I see nothing wrong with calling you retarded…. You got the point. I could have just called you stupid. Only 12 year olds think about having comebacks BC….. ALso, You are arguing on the internet with people you dont know remember DIANE up above…… Like I said you’re not that bright.

  104. says

    I’m supposed to be writing a paper but I’m here!

    Kate looks different? Her face has changed? Maybe it’s just a makeup change…

    I watched the video KMisaHo posted and it’s hilarious! Victoria is adorable and a ton of fun! Thanks for posting that.

    Hmmm that link to the early Suri birthday is very vague and has nothing to support it, always skeptics…Connors birthday was Jan 17, perhaps a party for him?!?

  105. BC Girl says

    Ok N… Im not even gonna get into this with you. You are obviouslly just some little 12teen year old who has nothing but horrible comebacks. This is my last post to you, grow up N… There is no need to carry on arguing on the internet with someone that you dont even know. Oh and by the way, you are the one who is sounding like she is ‘not very bright’… Calling someone ‘retarded’?? Come on now… bye bye

  106. N says

    You’re Welcome….. BC girl also known as Retarded Girl….. or maybe Slow girl…. whatever you like….. Basically saying that your not that bright!

  107. BC Girl says

    Hmmm N… did you really just call me ‘retarted’?? I dont think I have heard someone call another person that in years!! thanks for the laugh!!

  108. dori says

    I watched that clip of VB and you’re right it does show a softer side of her, although I believe that is an old clip because her hair is long and she hasn’t worn it like that for a long time .
    I am glad that I viwed it .
    #20 thanks

  109. Diva says

    I think Katie looks beautiful and classy, as she so often does these days… and I’m not old or matronly, I just know what class and elegance looks like. And I am no fan or either her or her recently declared new “Jesus” of Scientology

    I couldn’t stand Posh until I saw that video link a couple months back and got to see her interacting with kids, and I did an about face on my opinion. She seems so happy and fun and she CLEARLY loves and pays ALOT of attention to her boys.

  110. N says

    I can complain about what the hell i want to complain about retarded girl. You complain about Britney Spears and I complain about you because thats all you can talk about. Get another topic. Stop saying the same shit over and over again. It’s old. At least wait for her to do something new then talk about that. If you didnt realize this is a blog about Katie Holmes… talk about how you hate that she’s skinny and can afford high end clothes most people cant, and Tom is gay.

  111. BC Girl says

    N… Who are you to complain about us talking about Britney Spears?? Just in case you havent realized, Im gonna let you in on a little secret….. THIS IS A CELEBRITY BLOG!!!!!!! If you dont want to see people talking about celebrities and their babies, then why in the hell are you even at this website??

  112. N says

    By the way…. katie looks nice. And i dont think my grandmother would wear what she is wearing so i would say no it doesnt look old…. Just very covered up since the women of this day like to underdress.

  113. N says

    Damn…. how did this katie holmes blog turn into Brit wheres jayden….. Can you guys talk about anything else than britney? Jayden is at home with the nannies… you guys already know that. She isn’t showing him because she is holding out for an exclusive…. or maybe she doesn’t care that you guys ( who she doesn’t even know) want to see him. Maybe her world doesnt evolve around you guys like you want it to.

  114. MissyMama says

    Thanks for the link babyhates. That is VERY interesting and WEIRD! I can see having a party a week maybe two ahead of the birthday (for guest purposes) but 4 months??? WTF??

    #37 – I’m not saying I wish Katie would dress trashy and slutty like Ms. Spears. But as a young woman there is a happy medium between dressing like a slut and drerssing like an old lady.

  115. Meg says

    I agree with Dianne and think Kate looks lovely, grown up and when in Paris, the fashion house on the planet, this is how women of all ages and nationalities tend to dress, I think she looks quite smart!

  116. KMisaHO says

    “Babyhates”…I never heard that they celebrated Suri’s birthday almost 3 months early. That is so strange? Do you by chance have a link where I can read that? I would appreciate it…thanks!

  117. Julie says

    I think Katie looks beautiful. She has changed her style quite a bit since her pregnancy, and I thinks it’s wonderful. I don’t know where the idea came that TOM is in charge of her wardrobe and that he wants a matronly looking wife. Tom is wealthy, so maybe he spoils Katie with clothes that SHE wants to wear. I thought they were strange before, but since Suri’s debut in Europe and the wedding, she seems like a different person. She seems happy and confident. I think she’s fabulous! As for Posh, I always think she looks strange in her photos. Very plastic looking and ALWAYS glamour posing-like Paris Hilton! But after watching the video that #20 gave a link to, I think differently. Posh seems like a funny, down to earth gal. I’m sure she and Katie are enjoying hanging out together.

  118. Dianne says

    BC Girl, I wasn’t talking to you directly I was just making a statement, no more, no less. It just seems that everywhere you see photos of women showing too much clevage or showing too much of their body and it shouldn’t always be that way. I think a woman who dresses classy, looks like a woman.

  119. babyhates says

    Wow Princess Di ?????? Okay that was one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard on this site. Katie is just a has-been-tv-star that got chosen to be Tom Cruise Beard ! She is not royality or anything special. Her dress looks like something out of Dynasty and the RED lips are also so 80’s !!!!!!! I wonder why this site didn’t post anything about them celebrating Suri’s birthday alomost 3 months early !!!!!!!

  120. eminencegrise says

    What’s wrong with looking elegant and sophisticated? Why has that become synonymous with looking ‘old’ and ‘matronly’?

    Has porn/raunch culture really become that ingrained in our society, that a 27-year-old woman has to dress ‘sexy’ like a streetwalker or she’s immediately considered dowdy?

    How sad!

    Katie looks FANTASTIC! Glad she listens to Armani, a man of style, sophistication and class.

  121. says

    In my opinion they both deserve each other for BFFs. They are a couple of media hungry try hards. I feel sorry for the children they will be spending more time with nannies than their mothers, however they will probably get a better upbringing from their nannies. These mothers can’t really be setting a good example for their children. Those kids will end up screwed up.

  122. says

    she looks lovely but may i ask a ? her given name was
    katharine noelle homles gose by katie but ever since she got with tom he though the name katie is for a little girl and his change it to kate and wasnt katie Catholic now she change it to Scientology..

  123. sweetie says

    oh look, two aliens. vb looks like the queen alien and the other fool looks like one of the slaves. sorry but she is’nt fooling me, i know those two are aliens. and that broach it’s probably a tracking divice tom makes her wear so he can keep track of where she is at.

  124. Lauren says

    There is nothing wrong with the way Katie Holmes has been dressing lately. She’s older now and more womanly since having Suri, so that’s probably why she looks so different. She dresses sophisticated like the young mother she is. Britney should take a fashion cue from her. Victoria needs to eat!!

  125. Shea says

    Jessi….since i am a american, i have to say i agree with you. katie holmes has nothing on princess diana, they shouldnt even be compared.

  126. Jessi says

    I think you should re-read your #8 comment Olivia before you accuse others of being vulgar and tacky. Those were some harsh things you said about VB.

    With that said, since I am British, I had to laugh at your American comparison between Princess Di and Katie Holmes. Believe me, there is absolutely no comparison! Princess Di was a lady…not some young starlet who’s only claim to fame is getting knocked up within months of meeting the washed up Tom Cruise.

  127. Olivia says

    Well said Carleigh. I had forgotten about Princess Di and her first attempts at fashion. I like that you can disagree without feeling the need to attack. I have noticed there have been several other posters on this site recently who can disagree with a bit of taste. Do you think there may be hope this site may be returning to it’s intended cute baby site instead of which poster can make the most vulgar tacky observations while attempting to out sleaze each other?

  128. carleigh says

    Katie’s make up and hair look flawless. The style of outfit maybe isn’t the best choice for her because she looks so washed out with everything black but give her a break it is “fashion” week and she’s with walking death Victoria Beckam. I am sure Becks phoned her up and said “wear something in black”…just to coordinate with one another. I don’t like VB at all and I think Katie looks so much younger against her because Posh has had so much cosmetic surgery, botox and boobs that everything about her is fake! Katie looks real all the time and she makes some fashion misteps once in awhile but she recovers. She’s coming into her own style and I am sure anyone who remembers Princess Diana remembers the ackwards years before she got her fashion senses down pat and knew what suited her not maybe vs. what she likes or is in style. I think Katie is coming along wonderfully, however that being said, I would like to see more Suri pic’s. The child is exquisitely beautiful!

  129. Nisa says

    I think we all forget that Katie is being personnally dressed by Armani and designers tend to go overboard, I can bet you if Armani got her an out fit and told her it was specially for her she would not say, ”that is too old for me”.

    Actually she looks pretty great when you see other pictures and the videos. It is another thing whether she likes these shows or not. Frankly I think she would rather be cuddling Suri or hanging at home with Tom or just shopping in Paris with Victoria.
    I wonder how anyone would like such parades, but I think she is indulging Victoria who likes a lot of publicity- bless her- and knows that with Katie she will get a lot of it.

    I have seen Katie on another site in a green get up and seh looks amazing. I like her sense of style. She is not trashy like some people I hesitate to mention.

    But I give her credit for supporting her friend Armani. (Who knew Katie holmes would be a personal friend of Armani and Posh? bet not her!)

  130. Fancy says

    I do believe the first time I saw the ensemble Mrs.Cruise has on was when Mrs.Brooke Astor was wearing it. Like Mrs. Cruise Mrs. Astor looked a treat, not a day over seventy. I’m sure all Talbots shoppers find this young matron look quite the inspiration. Whatever.
    Second, unless the eyes of hundreds are deceiving them Mrs. Cruise has embarked on that happy L.A. pastime:
    cosmetic surgery.

  131. Lauren says

    I’m not a fan of Katie Holmes but I like her sense of style. She seems to have a really sophisticated sense of style and she shows that off in her clothes. She dresses just how a young mom should dress. Britney should take a hint from Katie and start dressing more classy.

  132. Lauren says

    I’m not a huge fan of Katie Holmes but I like her fashion sense. She has a sophiscated style and she shows it off in her clothes. She dresses like the young mom and wife that she is. I would like to say the same about Britney Spears. Britney needs to take a cue from Katie and start dressing appropriately.

  133. Olivia says

    Is it possible some of you would not even try on an out fit such as this, due to the price tag? It is a beautiful out fit, very stylish, extremely classy and obviously pricey. Face it Katie isn’t 16 any more. I think most of you are being petty So tell us when was the last time you saw your grandmother in anything like this? Perhaps not enough money and too much body on your parts could be more to the point as to why you find this objectionable. She is almost 30 years old for crying out loud, a mother, as well as able to afford to purchase items that obviously make you shudder. I would be willing to bet those of you critics are over weight, and on a very tight budget. who very much need a visit from the “What Not To Wear” ladies. Grown women wearing too tight teeny bopper clothes perhaps????? And what does Britney have to do with what Katie is wearing. You sound like a rabid dogs 14 and 15. Grow up

  134. MissyMama says

    KMisaHO: I watched the video, ok, I see she actually HAS a personality. I wish she would actually show it a bit more. She seems like a normal person in that video, not so, fake and animated like she seems these days.

    I’m actually a bit impressed….

  135. Paula says

    I disagree! I like her dress and as far as her looking older in the face, she has had a baby. I think that puts maturity on a woman. She’s growing up girls and isn’t the little girl everyone thinks she should be or used to be. She looks great to me. As far as Victoria, I hate her hair. She needs to change it. It’s too thin for that style.

  136. Lacy says

    o.k., this is too weird.
    she is looking too much like posh(or at least trying).
    she looks prettier.. in… younger womans clothes.

  137. BC Girl says

    I agree Missy Mama… I was really excited to see little Jayden, but Spears has been so annoying lately, I have lost all interest in anything that has to do with her.

  138. MissyMama says

    All I have to say is this is very strange. Katie is entiled to dress however she sees fit, but, I don’t understand the whole dressing in outfits that a granny would wear. Maybe it’s some weird Scientology “rule” that once married and a mother you must dress like a nun??

    And Victoria??? Maybe she doesn’t know how to smile? Or maybe all her teeth got knocked out?? I don’t know but all I have to say is, SOMEONE, ANYONE, FEED HER!!

    #15-It’s not a double standard. With Suri it was a matter in trying to determine whether or not she was actually Toms baby and we were all curious as to what and WHO she would look like. With little Jayden, well, there is not any real mystery there on what he might look like. Brit and K-Fed already had SPF, so Jayden probably doesn’t look MUCH different. Besides, I think most of us are a bit fed up with Ms. Spears and really don’t care anymore.

  139. dori says

    And Olivia you’re right Victoria is creepy.Wide eyed and her face looks frozen. So very unnatural.
    On Katies behalf I have to ask, maybe she enjoys being a grown up mom living a sophisticated life. Maybe she’s liking it?
    “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover”

  140. BC Girl says

    I highly doubt that she wasnt thinking about her looks when she threw this little ‘outfit’ together. There are millions of warm clothes that one can choose from…. again, just because its cold out, doesnt not meen that you have to dress like you are 60… sorry, Kalista, Im not trying to be rude to you at all, JMO.

  141. Jayden James says

    I demand to see Jayden James? Why is everyone not going apeshit over him like you were over Suri? Total double standard!

  142. Kalista Brat says

    I think she is pretty and sweet, she hasn’t done anything egregiously wrong that I know of, but we always criticize these celebs,so I’d agree that I think the dress looks more like something an old woman would wear, but I think it also looks like it is warm, I think Katie was thinking about protecting her homeostasis and not really looks, besides the dress doesn’t look bad. I like her hair.

  143. dori says

    I totally disagree with the statement. She looks fabulous. The suit is gorgeous and very classy. Very appropraite for the occaision.

  144. Jade says

    Katie looks like the FIRST FRIGGIN’ LADY!!!!!
    Remember how everyone thought that Suri didn’t exist? And what a hard time everyone gave Tom and Katie for it?
    Well…..has ANYONE seen little Jayden James Federline?
    This is just weird to me. Brittany seems more into going to bars and puking in hedges or going away for weekend sexcapades in Vegas, than her own babies. And let’s face it…that’s all they are! Sean Preston is 16 months old and Jayden is..what…a few months? I feel that brittany is being really neglectful and at least you can tell that Suri has very involved and caring parents. Is there hope for the Federline babies? Am I being to hard on the girl. Yeah she’s young, I understand that, but maybe she should have thought about that BEFORE she had babies!

  145. KMisaHO says

    Maybe it’s the make-up, but…does anyone else think that Katie’s face looks “different?” She used to look so wholesome and innocent. I’m afraid those days are gone.

    So…does anyone know if Katie or Tom have any new projects to promote? I have a feeling that’s the next time we will see Suri? Gosh! Not even a picture of them taking her to the pediatricians. Perhaps their doctor makes house calls!

  146. Jade says

    I 100% agree with BC Girl. Love the Alien Comment by the way!
    I bet that Tom was abducted and beamed up to the mothership where they implanted some sort of anal probe. It would explain why he is always wearing that “I just climaxed” grin all the time. poor guy though, it must be hard to go senial at such a young age.

  147. Olivia says

    I like it. It is a very classy outfit, not exactly a hanging out outfit, but very classy. I’d wear it, to a business cocktail party or dressing for dinner out. What I don’t like is VB. There is something very wrong with that woman. Scary woman who appears to not have all of her paddles in the boat or water, whatever that saying is. Does she ever speak or do any thing except strut around looking like she escaped from the nut house? More like a store manikin or walk about Step-ford wife with out all the home skills. I can’t imagine anything worse than hanging out with what she appears to perceive her to be. Does anyone think she is a happy woman? Has she ever smiled? I recall a photo with her holding a baby attempting to bottle feed and she looked so awkward clumsy and totally out of her realm of knowledge. It was sad and scary. I’d not let her hold my child!

  148. BC Girl says

    You know Dianne, I realize that not everyone has to “show tits and ass”… did I say that at all in my prevoius posts?? No!!!
    I agree with Kalista Brat, Posh dresses very sexy, as does Kate Hudson, Gwen Steffani, and Angelina Jolie… and none of them tend to show off “tits and ass” all the time. My point was that Katie seems to be trying waaay to hard to be the old married lady. She does not need to dress like she is 50 (or even 60) just because she is Tom Cruise’s wife!!

  149. Jade says

    I think that all the time around Tom has finally pushed poor katie over the edge! He is OBVIOUSLY making her into something that HE wants. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but COME ON!! First he changes her name : KATE. Now she’s hanging out with people that she probably doesn’t have anything in common with. I feel bad for the girl, she is so young and should enjoy her wealth, talent, baby and her FAITH as a catholic. Go back to church little girl, if he loves you..then he shouldn’t be trying to change you. He’s MOLDING you into his idea of a fantasy women. Does she want her daughter to see all of these changes in herself? And Tom….lay off the CRACK! (just a joke…I hope)

  150. Kalista Brat says

    I don’t think it has much to do with the dress I think Katie Holmes has the body type of the type of models in vogue and it must be really cold out there so she wanted to wear something warm and cozy.Istill think she is pretty and I like her hairi up like that. Maybe in summer she will wear a more revealing dress outfit. I think Posh dresses very sexy!

  151. Dianne says

    There is nothing with the way she looks. I think she looks classy and sophisticated. She looks better here than she did before in past photos. You know, not everyone has to show ASS and TITS.

  152. BC Girl says

    Whats up with that huge granny broach on her jacket too!!! I bet that its some sort of alien that she carries on her shoulder…

  153. BC Girl says

    She doesnt even look like Katie Holmes anymore!! She is trying waaaay too hard to be ‘the Mrs. Cruise”…..

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