1. Cynth says

    I think she is a very cute baby! I was laughing at earlier entries when people were getting upset. Come one, let’s laugh it off! This is a blog about celebrities, and it is fun to “gossip” about them. If you dont want to be talked about, then you shouldnt become famous! I think it is great we can all share opinions, and hopefully not take offense to them. I think that babies get mistaken for opposite gender all the time. My little niece was such a cute baby, but many people thought she was a boy even when she was all in pink. This used to offend my sister in law and she would get so hurt they thought she was a boy. I guess some people can be ignorant, that is why I look for pink and blue, and go from there! If i am unsure about the baby’s sex, I just say how cute their baby is, or ask the baby’s name (hopefully that gives me a hint)

  2. says

    I think that to dress a baby pink or blue its not important and maybe its oldfashioned, the baby looks cute with her black clothes. I will not dress my kids depending of their sex

  3. says

    I see some very interesting outfits on babies! I still can’t get over how small jeans can come LOL Almost always the babe is dressed in reflection of the parents tastes which is one of the fun things about having a child 🙂 She’s beautiful irregardless of what she wears.

  4. says

    i know this one time my aunt dress her son in all white with a white baby hat and this lady was all like she so cute but anways ramona is a cute baby she mostly look like peter but i think ramona is an old fashion name like marie antoinette

  5. jules says

    i dress my daughter in black all the time! babies don’t need to be dressed only in pinks or blues. usually i add a pink or lavender accent (bows, socks, shoes) etc and people get it. babies look cool in black.

  6. Lauren says

    Wow, Ramona is a cutie. I love that name, it reminds me of the Ramona The Pest books I used to read. 🙂 They seem truly in love with each other and their little girl. All the best to the new family.

  7. MissyMama says

    I really don’t think it matters how one’s infant is dressed, pink, blue, yellow, whatever. People are going to look and make comments based on what they see, facial features, hair, etc. Regardless of gender, color of clothes, lack of hair, Ramona is a very cute baby with beautiful features.

    I wish them the best.

  8. carleigh says

    Hey whatever since you don’t even use a real ID…screw you and bug off! Leave Braydie alone she brought a real spark and liveliness to this site so F*CK YOU!

  9. Brandy says

    The family looks absolutely georgous! I did dress my daughter in more “girly” clothes like PINK dresses, PINK shirts w/ flowers, butterflies, etc. and still got told constantly how cute HE was. With my two sons I dressed them in blues constantly and was told how pretty my little girls were. If she was dressed more gender specific, someone would have a complaint about that. It’s her baby and that make what she dresses her in her business.

  10. carleigh says

    I don’t care for her name but she’s a cute baby and her mommy is just glowing..good to see.

  11. Pika says

    Black is also a big staple at art schools. Here in Providence, black clothing for everyone is just the norm!

    Ramona’s a cutie…love that extremely portable age!

  12. babyhates says

    Essie – agree with you ~

    It’s never “nice” in here no matter what everyone complains and it’s what a blog is for ! I wish the person that ran this site would get there info right because or else Maggie would be freezing her daughters butt off.

  13. rach says

    Ramona is beautiful. Maggie looks so happy and whoever that guy is he is loving Maggie and the baby. – No matter what you p ut on your baby people will assume their gender. I can dress my little girl and head to toe pink and without fail someone will call her a boy.

  14. Jessi says

    Goldmine in those socks? They look like they don’t stay on! Give me a good pair of Robeez any day. They stay on!

  15. Jen says

    Even though she’s not dressed in pink, Ramona does have girlie Trumpette Mary Jane socks. Iove them. I wish they had them when I had my daughter. Now I have the Johnny’s for my little guy, which look like hightops complete with laces. Trumpette’s got a goldmine with all those socks! I do like the name, too. Let’s see how it takes off in the baby name ranks now.

  16. KMisaHO says

    Just so you guys know…Celebrity Baby Blog has this same picture and they say it is in LA and that is NOT her husband, Peter, but rather a friend….????

    By the way…my (long) blond haired, green eyed 2 year old daughter (wearing a light blue sundress) was mistaken for a boy not to long ago….I just laughed! Whatever!

  17. Ms D says

    #9 MissyMama –I can certainly relate to that!
    I think the worst I ever had it was when my oldest son was three–THREE–we were in the store, and like you said, he was in jeans and a blue jacket, if I remember right–and I got the same thing…”Oh she’s so cute.”

    I just said, “He’s a boy, but thank you.” And she gave me that look like “Really?”
    I just wanted to say, don’t you think I KNOW the sex of my own child?? Sure his hair wasn’t short-short, but it wasn’t that long either! Jeez!!

    I always, before commenting on a child I try to see what they have on, or some other ‘identifying’ things, like a pacifier or a diaper bag..but if I’m not sure I just say something lame like “Oh, how old is your baby?” hoping they’ll say something like, ‘Oh, he/she’s 8 weeks old’, etc.

    But I guess sometimes you just run into that kind of thing..both my sister and I had problems like that with our sons. We just got used to it. LOL! 🙂

  18. suze says

    Sorry, Boo, I have to disagree…this blog was definitely NOT nice and friendly…people were certainly complaining! Is “Maggie should’ve dressed the baby in something pink or light purple, rather than black” NOT a criticism??? What about “black is too harsh for a baby”? Is that not a judgement? I think Essie is just finding humour in how catty bloggers on this site can be….
    Anyways…adorable baby, cute outfit, nice to see a celeb mom spending time with her baby.

  19. Boo says

    Excuse me DIVA but if anyone is pathetic its essie for assuming people were complaining about Romana’s clothes and you for agreeing with her.
    This whole blog was nice and friendly until she spoke up, Why is it that there is always someone on here that likes to stir up some drama?

  20. diva says

    Essie i totally agree with you. Some people are not happy unless they are moaning about something. The colour of ramona’s dress might be dark blue which i think looks really cute on girls…..So boo, stop being so pathetic

  21. Essie says

    Sorry. Didn’t think I was being rude. I just thought it was ridiculous for strangers to complain about how a baby dresses. Perhaps Maggie prefers non gender-specific colors for her baby. After all, Ramona is HER BABY!!! And a baby girl dressed all in pink is not always cuter than one not dressed in pink!!! I guess in future when you all see Ramona playing with a truck instead of an American Girl doll, you will decide Maggie is turning her into a lesbian!!! I’m LMAO!!

  22. Nicci says

    wow Essie, a little rude, I didn’t pick up what you did from their comments. Cattiness is a little overrated, I think.

  23. Boo says

    I didn’t realize that we were complaining , I thought we were just simply saying the baby would’ve looked cuter in something a little more girlie…but apparently you know it all!

  24. Essie says

    I have to laugh at you people, complaining about how a woman dresses her baby. It’s hilarious.

    Anyway, Ramona is a cute baby with a cute name. And, I love the way Peter is looking at Maggie. So adorable.

    P.S.: They were not at Sundance. Peter had been at Sundance but he was back in L.A. with his family when this picture was taken. There’s no way Ramona could be outside dressed like that in Park City!!!

  25. MissyMama says

    Cuteness!! She looks like a beautifully healthy little girl. Those chubby little cheeks are adorable!

    Ms D: I have 2 boys and when they were infants I made sure they always had SOMETHING blue on….but wouldn’t you know, a woman said to me in the grocery line one day, “My she is adorable isn’t she.” I said, yes, HE is. Mind you he was dressed in a blue shirt and blue jeans with a light blue blanket and in a blue infant seat. How did that woman think he was a she?!?

  26. Ms D says

    She is cute. 🙂
    I’d seen a picture of her elsewhere a few days ago, but it wasn’t as close up. You can see her better in this shot.

    I also agree that they might have picked a different color for her..with her dressed as she is in this picture, if you didn’t KNOW she was a little girl, I’m not so sure you’d be able to tell..unless the outfit has some ‘girly-details’ tha we can’t see here.

    But I’m biased on that I guess–having had both, I know that when my daughter was born ( after having had a son) I was constantly dressing her in pinks, purples, stuff with flowers..nothing gaudy, but let’s just say I was never asked if she was a girl or a boy! LOL! 😉

  27. says

    She’s beautiful! I like the name Ramona, it reminds me of the books I read when I was a child.
    Great to finally see pictures of this happy family!!!

  28. says

    She’s beautiful! I like the name Ramona, it reminds me of the books I read when I was a child.
    Great to see pictures of this happy family!!!

  29. Boo says

    Very cute…But Maggie should’ve dressed the baby in something pink or light purple, rather then black…seeing as she is a little lady, but none the less she is adorable.

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