1. Alli says

    I agree with Jessica; The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was how cold he looked and how bundled she was. It is obviously windy, as both of their hair is being blown. His poor lil ankles!

  2. Jessica says

    #12 MissyMama- that is fine that there are pics of Kingston bundled up- I’ve seen them, but why is he outside in this picture with no coat at all when Gwen is all bundled up? That is NOT a good mom to have your child out in the cold at ALL with NO coat or hat!!!!! My child is 7 months old and I would never bring her outside at this time of year with no coat and hat!

  3. Jessica says

    Gwen is all bundled up, why isn’t Kingston? He looks pretty cold, his nose is red and the wind is blowing enough to blow his hair around. WHERE is his coat? Gwen has a scarf and coat on and Kingston has NOTHING- I thought she was a good mom, now I am starting to wonder.

  4. amy says

    Diana, I couldn’t agree more. She looks so good. I wonder how old she is? Kingston looks just like his father.

  5. Jennifer Oro says

    Gwen you are FABULOUS and BEAUTIFUL!!!
    KINGSTON is ADORABLE !!!!!!!

  6. MissyMama says

    Kingston is so fricken CUTE!! He definetly has his daddy’s looks.

    Love, love, LOVE how she is ALWAYS out and about with him! Yes Gwen!!

  7. Diana says

    She is just so beautiful. She doesn’t need all that make up on.. she looks great!! Baby is so cute too!

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