Catherine Zeta-Jones With Dylan & Carys

Catherine seems to have really dropped out of the spotlight recently to enjoy her family. Good for her…but I miss seeing her and her family! Here Catherine, 37, was snapped with six-year-old Dylan and three-year-old Carys.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Also pictured are Michael Douglas and Michael’s son Cameron, 28, from his marriage to Diandra.


  1. Deb says

    Seen Carys lately? Dylan is beautiful, looks like his mom, but Carys looks like her father (ugly). He looks like their Grandfather for crying out loud.

  2. omid says

    OMG! czj looks great !beautiful !
    and kids are cute,i love carys she looks like those sweet and classy little girls.

  3. leilanian says

    carys isn’t one of the cutest hollywood babies right now but she will be sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty and gorgeous,she has beautiful eyes and her mothe’r lips and nose,so she can be realy stunning as young lady.
    catherine is gorgeous and stunning as always.
    and dylan is a cutie.
    but michael is too old for this hot lady.but they are in love i believe.

  4. ami-zar says

    catherine gerogeous!and carys look very classy,dylan is very cute,i think he will be a gorgeous guy,belive me.

  5. Lauren says

    Wow, what a gorgeous family. Dylan and Carys are the perfect combination of both parents. Michael is looking old but Catherine and him seem to truly be in love. I also love that name Carys. It’s pretty.

  6. Daze says

    Cameron definately has that Douglas jaw. He looks like his Dad and his grandfather. I didn’t have to be told to know he had to be Michael son. As for the two little guys, it looks like Dylan has his mother’s eyes, but I believe, he too is going to have the Douglas jaw. Carys is a cutie, and she has her Dad’s eyes, but I believe her mother’s nose and mouth, which is more suitable. Great looking family.

  7. belma says

    the other woman in the pic is cameron’s current girlfriend. michael has no other daughter except carys, who appears to adore her dad in all the pictures i’ve seen of them. as for being old, he is, but according to someone who has seen him in person, he is very charming and is very appealing. and he and catherine seems to be genuinely in love.

  8. Sara says

    Cute pix! I read somewhere that the other gal is the fiance of the guy in the pix. I think they are cute kids! Best wishes to them all.

  9. amy says

    That other woman is his older daughter. She must hate her stepmother! Anyone would feel ugly next to her. She is sooo beautiful, and so are her kids. The only thing that is out of place is the old man next to her.

  10. says

    I thought the same thing about the resemblance! Catherine is gorgeous! Who is the other woman in the picture? Yes that does look like a skirt to me too?!?

  11. KMisaHO says

    Honestly, when I first saw this picture, I thought that Michael was his father Kirk Douglas. Wow! He is looking old. Their kids are adorable. Just wondering…is Dylan wearing a skirt?

  12. carleigh says

    Carys is so pretty and Dylan is a good combination of both his parents…lovely kids. I just can’t get over their age difference though it would be to me like sleeping with my friends’ grandpa or something…ick. But beautiful family nonetheless.

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