1. Ellen says

    If this is exploitation maybe we should give the famous a list of important things. ON this list it could contain items like 1. when you should have you child with you and 2. how you will know the paps are around to take you picture and 3 how you will stop them from taking pictures of you in everyday life and 4 when to quit breast feeding to reduce the amount of time they take their child with them..

    Now the rest of us are just to take our kids with us everywhere. And since we are not famous we don’t have to schedule pictures with the paps.

    Good grief. In may opinions photo ops are organized not just daily everyday mundane life – the drug store, walking to the park, yada yada yada.

  2. Ellen says

    Somehow pictures taken when walking to the drug store, or the park or whatever on one’s own time doesn’t sound like exploitation.

    Maybe someone could enlighten me on what is the proper number of times one should allow a photographer to take your pictures in a week or how often or when should you have your child out with you? And how do you stop them when you don’t want pictures done? Or maybe someone could explain to me how the paps know this is the appropriate time or how do they tell the paps that pictures are off limits? Is there a contract? How do you tell the photographers where to be for the approved pictures? As far as I can tell they take pictures whenever they can get in close enough invited or not. Sorry; but if a parent is out doing day to day activities with their family then it isn’t a photo op. It is life. How much moaning would we be having if people like Gwen went about their days and left the kids at home with the sitter. Suddenly we would be claiming they were poor parents and ignoring their child.

  3. Nell says

    Yes, she exploits her child. Please all of you wake up. this woman is in love with herself. Which other celebrity touts their child in front of the paparazzi like her?

  4. Nell says

    Yes, she exploits her child. Please all of you wake up. this woman is in love with herself. Which other celebrity touts their child in front of the paparazzi like her?

  5. Nell says

    You of all people should NOT be calling anyone an idiot. YOu, my friend attempted to do research for down’s syndrome on this site. Ha, who’s the idiot, idiot!

  6. Nell says

    All of you are really lost. First, of all, I really enjoy the insults that I’m jealous or I’m not a good mother, very innovative, keep them coming. Now, yes, she’s exploiting him! Her and that brainless Heidi Klum are the only 2 celebrities that seem to invite the paparazzi to photograph their children. Which other children of stars do you almost everyday? None. Besides, this woman is an egomaniac anyway, and she also looks terrible in this picture, and to add her voice sounds like she’s in constant distress….

  7. Ellen says

    #33 What was a “really stupid thing to do”? If it was accidently entering two times I think I have seen that done before. Just skip over one of them when reading . : )

    But I have manners and like my mother taught me I apologized. Even though it was unintentional.

  8. B_lady says

    Ellen girl, just be more careful next time that was a really stupid thing to do…..and the rest of you shuck up already!!!!

  9. Ellen says

    Sorry about two comments in a row. It didn’t look like the first one had goine through and I started over.

  10. Ellen says

    Sometimes I wonder about this site. Hmm. Take your child with you and you are exploiting it but don’t have your child in every picture and you are ignoring it? Wear a dress to the park and you are having a photo op but wear casual pants and you are letting yourself go and will lose your husband? Be seen with one parent only and the other parent doesn’t care?

    I imagine most of the parents on this site took their kids with them on their errands with no motive except to get the errand done. And I imagine some of us dress down on errands while other dress up.

    I do know that I like parents with their children, mothers with underwear on, and I am glad that we don’t post our pictures on this site, because my unbleached hair is a rather drab mousey brown. And education is power! And I think it is nice that Gwen actually married before having her family. Maybe old fashioned but actually kinda nice anyway.

  11. Ellen says

    I don’t know about the mixed messages at Babyrazzi. Take your child out with you on errands and you are exploiting but be seen out without you child and you are a bad mother? Or out with your child wearing a dress and it is a photo op but out in pants and you are looking so bad your husband may leave you for another. Not wearing a face wide smile 100% of the time and you’re stuck up but not smiling 100% of the time and you’re stuck up. Wear your hair different than we do and you have no fashion sense.

    I do know that being with your child is always good, wearing clothes especially underwear is GREAT, and education is a good thing to have. I’m also pretty impressed that Gwen actually married her husband before she had her son. Old fashioned maybe, but still a pretty good idea.

    I imagine that all the mothers on this site regularly took their children on errands with them and some of those times these mothers may not have been all dolled up.
    And I think we are pretty lucky that we don’t post our pictures on the internet. I doubt many of us could pass our own criticism.

  12. says

    …the jury is still out

    Kudos to Gwen, she is not exploiting that child?!? She is breastfeeding, she needs to be close to her son. Who is it hurting for her to want to be with her child. Gwen seems fairly balanced in being a mother and working. She seems to be a really unique, fun person whom loves her life.

  13. carleigh says

    NO I didn’t know what her handle meant..but you know what that’s just rude…who is she to judge anyone??? Leave KellyMay alone, she’s a very nice person and has been more than kind and helpful to other people on here anytime, no matter what. Some people are just RUDE!

  14. MissyMama says

    #16 I agree with you. I breastfed both my boys for a year each, and WHEW! It is defenitly a full time job in itself! I commend her for being one of the few celebrities who have made it past the 3 month mark of BF while making a new album and promoting her new album.

    Go Gwen!!

  15. Did ya know? says

    oh, and since you changed your stripes, you need to change you handle back to imo…you won’t seem so much like a hypocrite!! peace to ya!!

  16. Did ya know? says

    #21, so glad you’ve figured it out for once. it is nice to be nicer. not trying to start anything. just glad you finally changed your stripes. see, it can be done. peace to you sister. love ya, too!! keep up the good work, it’s good for the soul!!

  17. BC Girl says

    # 6 Nell: How do you figure that she uses her baby for attention?? Im sure that whether she has her baby with her or not, the cameras are going to still be rolling and taking millions of pics of her. She does not need little Kingston to be ‘popular and famous’. She is a great mother, get over yourself Nell… maybe you should take some pointers from her??

  18. KMisaHO says

    Wow…”Did ya know?” such harsh words! Someone must of got your panties in a knot! Anyway, I think you have miscontrued the truth…sorry, sweetie! I have merely come to this website, just like everyone else, to look at all the adorable babies and the beautiful celebrities that are so lucky to be blessed with them. If my newly grown morals and “halo” bother you so much, I am truely sorry. I will not argue with you, thats not why I am here, so don’t try to start anything. You will only be wasting your breathe and look foolish. Try to be positive, honey….it does wonders for the soul. Peace to you, “Did ya know?” (or whatever your real handle is). I hope you have a happy day filled with joy, joy, joy! 🙂 luv ya!

  19. Did ya know? says

    carleigh that KMisaHO is imo…! her name means kellymay is a whore. where have you been? and seems to me you and her got into it not too long ago for her dissing kellymay. so she ain’t what she seems. and all of a sudden she grew morals and a halo….can’t trust anybody.

  20. Jenna says

    Expoliting her son?

    GET A GRIP AND GET A LIFE! When a celeb is seen out without her kids, she gets attacked for neglecting them. When a celeb is seen out with her kids, she gets attacked for exploiting them.

    Whether celebs choose to protect their kids from the crazy papparazi or wants them to be with their mummy all the time is their choice. Gwen looks like a great mum to me and Kingston is a little cutie.

  21. Robin says

    Gwen looks an awful lot like Jessica Simpson in this pic…Gwen is NOT that well-endowed even if she is breast feeding

  22. Jen says

    I love that she’s still breast feeding, so I understand – especially since she’s in the limelight. That certainly isn’t selfish. I know first hand what a big sacrifice it is.

  23. carleigh says

    BTW..Gwen is fab as usual and Kingston just keeps getting cuter every time I see him..Kudo’s to Gwen for being a hand’s on mommy!

  24. carleigh says

    KMisaHo…don’t let other people’s comments get you so upset. Good for you going to get your Master’s degree, in what may I ask? I am genuinely interested as I am also attending school to become a Respiratory Therapist, I had to give up on Radiography because I have a very bad back and the lifting/bending repetitions were not ideal for one with chronic back pain. Please don’t make such one sided comments about “stupid white trash” better than that and damn proud of who you are and where you are going you have every right to be. Just don’t let other people’s comments bother you so much….I used to let everyone on here bother me and pick at me and I would come back screamin’ and scathing and you know what…it was foolish of me to abase myself to people that I don’t even know and will probably never meet in reality. Why take other people’s opinions and comments so personally? Who cares, just move on and shake your head and laugh at em’ I have to do that all the time.

  25. KMisaHO says

    Lana, yes you’re right! I am a “scholar” for working on my Master’s degree. You sound alittle jealous? How educated are you? Do you gots yourself one of those fancy GED’s from the community Trailer Park night school for unwed mothers? O! And by the way…Gwen doesn’t “exploit her KIDS” as you say. She only has ONE kid…singular (not plural!) Before you call someone else an idiot make sure you don’t look like one first! Dang! I hate stupid white trash!

  26. Lana says

    I must agree with Nell. I’m tired of seeing this woman everywhere, it’s not just on this site, it’s on all the magazines, in the papers. I think she is exploiting her kids. And Kmisaho, are you the “scholar” who was searching the AJ site for a research paper on down’s syndrome? I think so. Who’s the idiot, idiot?

  27. Lissa says

    Nicely put, KMisaHO. If one is easily offended or put off by what they see on the site, he or she is free to go.

  28. KMisaHO says

    What a moronic thing to say “exploiting her son for her own ego?” It’s called being a mother, idiot! Mothers take their kids places. It’s not her fault that people take pictures of her. If you’re “so tired of Gwen”…guess what? don’t read this post! No one put a gun to your head and told you to read it! If anyone needs to “get a life”, it’s not Gwen, it’s you!

  29. says

    ok what is your point she seen with him because that is her only child and first born and i guess she love him that much to take him everywhere she go you rather have him stay with a nanny baby need to be with thire parent at his age of course we would said the same thing if aj or britney was with thire baby

  30. Nell says

    Not her again! I love the way all you people are so quick to say “she’s such a great mother because she’s always seen with kingston.” Well you all said the same thing about AJ, and now you’re all saying somehting else. How hard is it to figure out that most of these celebrities who are constatly in the news, for example the top three are AJ, that moronic Heidi Klum and this one, miss Gwen, who is really only out for herself. YES, SHE TOUTS HIM AROUND FOR HER OWN PURPOSE AND THAT IS TO BE SEEN IN PUBLIC, AND WHO BETTER TO BE SEEN WITH THAN HER OWN KID, WHO IS BEING USED FOR ONE EXPLOITIVE REASON: HER OWN EGO AND HER OWN FAME. I’m so tired of her and her overprocessed blonde hair and cheap red lipstick….get a life girl.

  31. MissyMama says

    I don’t care how she is dressed, comfy or dolled up, she is awsome. Seems like sucha a good mom. ALWAYS has Kingston in tow.


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