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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s ten-month-old son Barron stole the show on Tuesday as his dad received his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Barron’s proud father was keen to point out that the youngster has a successful future ahead of him.

“He’s strong, he’s smart, he’s tough, he’s vicious, he’s violent – all the ingredients you need to be an entrepreneur,” said Donald. And Barron obligingly proved the point by hanging on tenaciously to his dad’s microphone. “Uh oh, he won’t give up the mike,” said the business mogul.

The billionaire host, who was presented with the screen accolade for his appearance on The Apprentice, added he was thrilled to receive the 2,327th star on the famous boulevard. “It really has been a special moment in my life,” he said, describing filming his show as an “absolutely amazing” experience. Donald’s wife, former model Melania, was also at the ceremony.

Oh my…Donald desribing Barron as vicious and violent made me giggle!



  1. Dena says

    I like Donald i think he seems like a nice man..Im glad he got a star..So what if he did buy it…If i had his money Id sure buy me one…look the man is smart and had made a 1000000,00000 lol dollars going it you go boy…and barron is a real doll

  2. Lauren says

    I cannot stand the Donald especially after the Rosie vs. Donald feud. But, I have to admit, Barron is a cutie. Look @ his mother, how can he not?!

  3. Jessie says

    Baron’s outfit is gross (my OPINION) and he looks like Augustus Gloop (once again my OPINION, so don’t trash talk me, I’m just saying)

  4. says

    I love THE DONALD!!! he rocks. I am glad he finally shut that rosie up! She annoys me!
    Barron is a cutie, I think he looks like his dad!

    (hahaha, sorry I couldn’t help it) 🙂

  5. mario says

    Hey you guys its obvious his kids don’t take after him; thanks god; Ivanka looks like Ivana; Donald Jr. Looks like the mailman; and Barron sure takes after Melania; go figure…I don’t care for a man throwing his money around to improve selfworth; but maybe we are all a little bit jealous of that and really do we have anything better to do…look at Rosie she sure doesn’t what a blast!

  6. Lacy says

    you know, they actually look cute together, all the them. i could never get over the whole trump-melania thing, but with their kid, they all look like a pretty cute family(by that i mean melania and barron, trump is getting kind of old). this little boy is so cute. they dress him up like the little englishman you see in movies. his clothes is probably worth more than my house, lol.

  7. carleigh says

    Barron is a cutie pie! The mini-comb over thing..I thought that same thing in the third picture….because it looks like Donald’s hair to a T..but Barron is a doll! His wife is gorgeous and SMART!!! She’s just as sassy and classy and Ivana ever was! I don’t care for Donald Trump but you never see his older kids in tabloids with a cocaine mirror, smoking crack, throwing up after a drinking binge, ditching their underwear and being stupid like some young,trashy, wealthy, spoiled rich Brandon Davis the pig! He’s worthless! Donald has an unmatched business acumen,intelligence, drive and charisma which are all the ingredients needed to be an egotistical rich blowhard..I am sssssssoooooooo sick of him and Rosie O’shut her mouth already! But this is about baby Barron and what a beautiful little boy he is…I will say no more.

  8. MissyMama says

    Ok, I really do not understand why Donald Trump is getting a star?!? But then again there is alot of stuff that goes on in Hollywood that I don’t understand….

    I can’t get a very good look at Barron in these pics. Sure does have alot of hair though!

  9. Diva says

    It’s the Walk of FAME, not the Walk of Talent, Entertainment or Contribution. And like it or not, The Donald is famous….. as is, or at least was, Mary Hart.

    Oh, and I noticed the similarities in Barron and Donalds hair, too, lol. But, Donald said he likes his hair, so I’m sure he thinks it looks just as fantastic on his boy! Wouldn’t it be GREAT if Barron was a little rebel later and grew his hair out long and started playing in a garage metal band?!?!?!?

  10. babyhates says

    Don’t all his kids work for him ???? I mean okay they work but it’s different when you work for daddy. Also the reason that they (his kids) got a great education was because of there mom (they said that in interviews).

  11. Dianne says

    I think this baby is absolutely a cutie. I like Donald. I know many people don’t but I find him a smart business man. He knows how to invest his money and make it. I agree with Essie, all the children work and they take it seriously. That must make him very proud.

  12. KMisaHO says

    Hmm..that’s a nice thing to say about your own kid “vicious and violent!” God, I hope he doesn’t turn out like his father! Anyway, OMG “Babyhates” you’re right! Barron does have a mini comb-over! Too funny! (and that is NOT calling the kid ugly!) Melania is beautiful (What is she doing with Him? Oh yeah! Money!)

  13. dori says

    Essie you are so right years ago you had earn a star on the walk now they give them to anyone and everyone even assholes like this old man who keeps marrying younger women and having children. Look how old he is! He looks like the childs great grandfather for god sakes. Some women will sleep with anyone for money ..

  14. crayola says

    oh there’s my cat missy i have been looking for her to give her a proper burial. if you look realy closely you can see her eyes peering out at you. please barron pull my cat missy off his head so i can put her to rest she is probably tired of rotting on his head.

  15. Essie says

    Barron is a cutie. In fact, all of Trump’s children are beautiful, handsome and cute. Ivanka is gorgeous!!! His children are also smart and they actually WORK rather than spend their nights in clubs and their days sleeping off the night before.

    Having said that, I really don’t like Trump and I stopped watching his show after the first season. And that feud with Rosie??? Ridiculous!!! They both need to shut up already!!!

    Getting a star on the Walk of Fame is very easy and Trump is not the first one to buy his way there. I remember walking down the Boulevard one day, reading the names and there were some I could not understand why they were there . . . Mary Hart??? She’s that over made up woman on Entertainment Tonight. If she has a star than anybody deserves a star!!! Back in the beginning the Walk of Fame actually meant something. Not anymore.

  16. says

    I have never posted before, but when I read peoples comments and they trash the looks of a baby it just irks me. So if you hate the parents hate the parents and until their children do something or say something idiotic then trash them until then leave them alone.

  17. babyhates says

    I do not like Donald FRUMP !!!! He bough himself a HOLLIWOOD STAR !!!! It’s sad when some one this pathetic is given what he ask for. He’s not an actor or a musician, just a pathetic man who paid for his own show and now this………… Well folks if you want a STAR just pay the $25,000 this loser just gave away. Also his son has his comb-over !!!!

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