Brooke Burke In Fit Pregnancy

Brooke Burke

Brooke appears in the Feb/March 2007 of Fit Pregnancy magazine…looking absolutely gorgeous! She posed for the issue not long before she gave birth to her third daughter, Heaven Rain on January 8th.

The whole interview can be found here. Here is an excerpt:

Any beauty advice?
I oil my body twice a day – on my belly, hips and breasts, I use something called Mother’s Special Blend, it has shea butter and almond oil – but you can use just olive oil. I don’t think you need expensive beauty products, raw natural, oil is fine. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid stretch marks. Also wear a really good support bra, day and night – especially when you’re nursing.



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  7. Dave says

    I think another reason she looks SO good is every single published photo in magazines is photoshopped. Just like this one. So while you may feel inspired by how good she looks, also please realize looking this way isn’t realistic, either.

  8. Ann says

    I am pregnant, and I am only 15! OMG, I hope I can stay that fit! She looks so pretty, and comparing to me, I sorta in bad shape right now…

  9. Angel says

    She looks radiant! She is a very good person, great spokeswoman for celebrities that are moms. I’m going to try that top when I’m pregnant, I think it shows off her growing child wonderfully. My husband said that I was the most beautiful woman in the world when I was pregnant, 🙂 he loved seeing his growing child, he’ll love that top! I especially like that medal circle that reminds me of the crescent moon or even full moon which symbolizes pregnancy/fertility/motherhod. I got stretch marks on my breasts, they really grew, nursing a chld is so wonderful, needless to say they are nothing compared to the reality of our wonderful gifts of joy from above.

    Congratulations to the future mom! 🙂

  10. Lauren says

    Wow, she looks amazing. Pregnancy really agrees with Brooke. I bet her baby girl is just as gorgeous as her mother.

  11. #5 lvr says

    congrats diana i am soo happy for u
    and i agree with u diana its not worth being all bitchy with one another

  12. Diana says

    Dori – I am not putting my life on display thank you very much. I am just very excited that’s all. And, no I have to disagree with you regarding KellyMay. She is a beautiful person and I think we should all jus try to get on on here. It’s not worth being nasty to one another!

  13. dori says

    diana why are you putting your life on display for everyone. did’t you learn from the mess that was on this site for kellymay. everyone thinks she is a nasty cheating whore. sorry just what i read last month.

  14. Ellen says

    I was also lucky. The women in my family don’t get stretch marks. And I didn’t even bother with lotions or oils.

  15. carleigh says

    Diana CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! That’s wonderful! I wish you a healthy, happy pregnancy and a smooth, painless as possible delivery!!!!!!! That’s just wonderful! All the best to you on this special event!

  16. says

    Diana- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am very happy for you and will give thanks for this awesome blessing!!!!!

    Genetics Carleigh. They determine a lot about stretch marks as do other factors like diet and weight. Every woman is so different. I was devastated with my second pregnancy because no one told me the new stretch marks with subsequent pregnancies start where the old ones left off. I thought the old ones just came back 🙁 Oh well, small badge of honor for a great reward! A good friend of mine had twins, she had no strech marks on her belly not one and she was tiny but…. her hips and butt were a mess. It literally looks like all the skin from back there streched to fill out the front. You just never know what will happen 🙂

  17. Mumba says

    I agree this photo was probably touched up before it went in the magazine. But some woman dont get stretchmarks and Brooke may just one of those lucky ones. I have two small stretchmarks on my belly but most are on my breasts (sorry tmi) brooke could have them in other places too…

  18. BC Girl says

    Brook does look amazing that for sure. But all of you who are wondering how and why she doesnt have any stretch marks at all….. thats called PHOTOSHOPPING!! Of course they are going to photoshop those stretch marks out of her belly for a pic like this. The magazines make all of these ladies look flawless, when really they are just normal people like me and you. Dont get me wrong, Brook is definately gorgeous and has the best pregnant body I have ever seen…. but when she is just at home taking care of her babies, not at a photoshoot, shes just like the rest of us. She does have flaws too!! 🙂

  19. Jenna says

    I haven’t got a clue who Brooke Burke is, but I think she looks great and I love her baby’s name.

  20. Diana says

    Carleigh – I thought I should just let you know that I am four weeks pregnant with my first!! 😉 So excited, but still early days….

  21. Sara says

    I have three little girls, didn’t use any sort of cream excect regular lotion ( I live in a dry state). I was told it’s all about your skin elasticity and how it recovers when stretched. My mom didn’t get them either so gentics could very well be the case too….

  22. carleigh says

    Oh I ate very well during BOTH pregnancies because I craved steak, cherries, cheese, milk and water..weird but true. Plus I have taken a multivitamin for years and then when pregnant took the prenatal vitamins containing folic acid. I got em maybe there is something to be said for the linking the predisposition of having strech marks to lucky I haven’t heard of DMAE or Alpha Lapoic acid…I’ve only actually heard of Ester C but know nothing about it either, what do these specific vitamins do for the body? Just curious, thanks.

  23. rene says

    Some people get them others dont. (stretch marks) I have two little ones and have none. I did not put that much oil or cream on my body with my second child and I was much bigger with him. My mom never got them and she had three! I belive it has to do with your genetics. But you can improve your skin by eating lots of the healthy fats (fish oil, flax seed) and taking a good multi vitamin. Ester C and DMAE and also Alpha Lapoic acid taken over time will really help.

  24. carleigh says

    I hate her she’s perfect… stretch marks whatsoever…she’s either the luckiest woman alive or she’s not for real. I used body butters and only gained 14lbs. and 17 lbs. with my children and I got stretch marks on my lower abdomen, thighs, breasts…how could she have had 3 children and not a stretch mark??? From what I understand it’s not a matter of just keeping skin hydrated or saturated it’s also that your skin only has so much elasticity and I wonder if genetics plays a portion too? I don’t know..KellyMay what do you think? Brooke is stunning while pregnant and she glows…dammit!!! She has NO’m a bit jealous!

  25. says

    Mother’s blend smells amazing! I can smell it immediately when a mom exposes her tummy 🙂 It has Coconut oils in it too and cocoa butter, great stuff!

    Brooke is the epitome of beauty in pregnancy! She also does attachment parenting and has strong feelings on breastfeeding. she seems to really enjoy her job as a mother which really shows! I want to see this beautiful baby girl!

  26. Sara says

    She looks great!! I think she’s a great roll model too for pregnancy in general. She stayed fit, ate right and it shows. You don’t have to pig out on everything in front of you and use your pregnancy as an excuse! I wish her all the best.

  27. Amber says

    I thought they used cocoa butter as well…

    Part of the reason she looks so good here in this pregnant photo is her confidence. You can tell that she feels beautiful while she carries this little life.

  28. Angelina says

    woa!! lok aat that belly no strech marks or anything. earlier in my pregnancy in about october i had realy bad ones. Now they are just fine. She is really pretty and it seems like she just annouced that she is pregnant. That was really short. I dont really like the shirt though. If yuo hvae any questions regarding fashion or make up feel free to aske me beucase my profession is a make up artist and i also specialize in fashion. Just ask me right here.

  29. MissyMama says

    Pregnancy really looks good on her. And Babyhates, I’m with you, I bet she is back to her regular size…..

  30. babyhates says

    She is so beautiful !!! I can’t wait to see pictures of her baby !!!!! I bet she’s almost back to her regular size…..


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