Miss New Jersey USA Resigns Due To Pregnancy

Ashley Harder

The Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that 20-year-old Miss New Jersey USA Ashley Harder has resigned because she is pregnant. It is against the rules of the competition to compete while pregnant.

Ashley and her 28-year-old live in boyfriend, Gregg D’Antonio are expecting the baby this summer. The first runner-up Erin Abrahamson will take her place.

This is a new twist in the ever-growing number of scandals and resignations in the Miss USA Organization. Last month, Miss USA Tara Conner entered rehab for drinking. Meanwhile, Miss Nevada Katie Rees was dethroned after scandalous photos of her popped up over the Internet.

Ashley said, “This isn’t another scandal. This is a baby; this is a life.”

Good for her for pointing that out!

Best Wishes!


  1. says

    Give it up #11, holy crap,
    at least Alex has the brains to give up a stupid title and keep her baby, which she could have easily gotten rid of, but she took the higher road! Good for her!
    The other two girls what do people expect…you give them beauty, power and money and of course they are gonna act like a bunch of whores, it is expected it is reality of todays soceity!!!
    The skanky are the ones that get ahead!
    (SKANK-A-LINA just for example)

  2. Alex says

    So far there are drug addict, lesbian, and now pregnant….whats next ? Next year pageant from county jail ?

  3. Michelle says

    This young girl fullfilled all of the requirements of the competition at the time of competing. She is unmarried, a requirement per the title Miss. Babies are gifts from God, and should never be looked at as a scandal! Ashley shows true strength to stand up to the media so early for her child.

  4. MissyMama says

    I think pagents are ridiculous whether it be exposing our children or these young women, in a way they’re sick.

    Who cares if she is living with her boyfriend. It’s not all that rare anymore. I know that there was no way I would have married my husband without living with him first!! LOL. And again, it isn’t all that uncommon these days to get pregnant without being married. Yes under perfect conditions babies should be made from the love within a marriage, but sometimes “accidents’ happen.

    I agree, babies are not scandals!!

  5. jenna says

    lol “greens” i was thinking the same thing.
    Pagent makeup is rediculis.
    and good for her for saying what she said about her baby.

  6. jenny says

    maybe this is precisely the point – this pageant seems to be a rather outdated idea to me, when women are finally getting the courage to live their lives based on their own choices as opposed to blindly following some societal institution….

  7. mommytimes2 says

    I agree with Ashley that this is a baby, a life, but the reason this pageant is the “MIss” pageant is that the girls are expected to be unmarried young women. It is billed as a means to obtain scholarship funds to attend college, and to create networks for these girls’ careers. At what point did it become SO accepted that people live together before they’re married that no one has questioned the wisdom of her choice in that matter? People are scandalized that other girls drink–maybe THIS scandal will help our daughters and their friends think about whether they should reconsider living together.

  8. Brandi says

    Good for her to stand up for her baby, though I can’t see that a shacking up situation is good for it. She is going to get so much bad press; hopefully it dies down before baby is born.

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