Lots of Glamourous Moms At Golden Globes!

Reese is my favorite! I love the shoes and simple yellow dress!

Reese Witherspoon

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Kate Winslet

Rachel Weisz

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck


  1. June says

    Reese Witherspoon Rachel Weisz Kate Winslet

    Jennifer Garner- the worst dress ever! i don’t like her

  2. Zbella says

    Angelina is a beautiful woman, but she doesn’t look so great here. I love Kate. Just so normal (or so she seems).

  3. Kellie says

    Hi Angelina
    I LOVE that necklace Vanessa is wearing in her new video. Do you know where I can get it? Who makes it?

  4. alea says

    That team aniston person needs to chill out—are you like jen’s mother or something?!? They’re just celebrities–quit hating on everyone but jennifer aniston

  5. alea says

    Reese, Rachel and Kate always look gorgeous on the red carpet—jen garner ‘s was a miss—and why are you all hating on angelina—her mom died around the time of the golden globes—give her a frickin break!!!

  6. taya says

    Hey Angelina, I noticed you said you did Vanessa Hudgens make-up. While you were with her, did she ever talk about Zac Efron? Are they going out?

  7. Dee says

    Angelina looked beautiful, except for those ugly tattoos on her arm. I bet she regrets doing that!
    These days I see a lot of older women who had gotten tattoos when they were younger. Unfortunately, these women put them in places where they are visible to everyone. Looks pretty tacky now on them now.

  8. Lauren says

    I thought that Kate, Reese, and Jennifer looked amazing. You never would’ve guessed they were mothers. They all looked hott. I’m so over Brad and Angelina. Brad was okay, he looked happy to be there. He was waving to fans and smiling. Angelina just looked like the skanky bitch that she is. I have to admit though, they made a cute kid.

  9. Paula says

    Actually, I thought that was a bruise on her arm but if you go to other sites and look for the same pictures but different poses it’s not there. It is a shadow from something. So, no, it’s not a meth scab, which meth users get after they become so addicted they start loosing hair, weight and they get sores all over them. That’s when they hit rock bottom. I don’t think AJ is a meth user. She might have been a herion addict years ago but in her defense I don’t think she is now. And in JA’s defense, if she had surgery for a deviated septum it was probably so she could breath better and not just for cosmetic purposes. But it isn’t unusual for any celebrity to have something done to make themselves look better. I read where Brad and AJ had wrinkles filled in while they are in New Orleans. So it goes with the territory. I’m not a fan of Brad or AJ but Team Aniston you are way over the top and really shouldn’t be accusing someone of something like that unless you really know for sure it’s true.

  10. carleigh says

    OK Team MANISTON…gotta ask or rather defer to your obvious expertice here but WTF is a “meth scab”????????? You need to put down the pipe and just shut it already because your posts make absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever…L-O-S-E-R…oh and BTW since you think JA is so perfect did you read she got her nose done to “fix” a deviated septum????? Miss Perfect isn’t so happy with her look apparently? Why don’t you go stalk JA’s plastic surgeons clinic or something to make JA think she has a fan or two left!

  11. rachel says

    i think that brangelina were the best angie had loosened up at the end when babel won the best motion pic I THINK

  12. rachel says

    i think that brangelina were the best angie had loosened up at the end when babel won the best motion pic I THINK

  13. says

    LOOK, at Skank-a-linas arm just above the elbow,
    can anyone say, METH SCAB!!!
    Disgusting Evil WH**E!!

    All the other women are absolutly beautiful!!!!

  14. Vero says

    I am sure Angelina had a reason for the way she was being. She is not a hypocrite, why be all smiles and friendly to the people that are talking all kind of crap behind her back. What was up with Ryan’s questions!! They were so ummm I cant even find the word! Come on people you are talking to an intelligent couple not to Paris Hilton who can tell you how many times she brushed her hair before coming to the party! Angelina and Brad looked amazing, during the show they were always smiling, and when they were interacting with the fans they were all smiles!

  15. Clara says

    She’s cute, the dress is cute, and the shoes are cute but I just don’t like it all tied together. I really dislike her hair for some reason. I think it’s the bangs. I also feel that she should have worn a necklace with such a low cut dress.

    What’s with Brad’s skinny tie? Isn’t that kind of 80s or something? They both look like somebody jacked their doubles from Madame Tousaude’s. Angie has strange hands. The tattoos look very low class, and they both look stuck up.

    I love Kate but I don’t think she looks good here at all. The white dress is dull, and as someone said above, with the hair, she looks so washed out. The lipstick is horrible and she needs to do something about her eyebrows.

    Pretty girl, gorgeous hair color. The dress is nice, but very simple. Why isn’t she wearing any jewelry?

    I think we know who will be on the next tabloid cover about anorexic celebs. Jen looks sick! And the dress is really bad.

  16. Team Jolie says

    Lacy, now that I think about it you’re right. Angie has been uup front with all her men and had looked like the leading lady and nobody’s date. But if you looked at the pictures while she was pregnant, when they were just starting out as a couple, you could see that SHE was leading HIM and when he would lean over to tell her something, she would remain standing or sitting still. Now, since they’ve been together for two years, you can see her always groping for his hand like she’ll die if she doesn’t hold it in public. Like if you saw her on the Golden Globe awards pre-show interview she was holding his hand the whole time except for a couple times when he needed his right hand to “talk” with.
    But it’s all good, because it’s good to take the backseat on relationships once in a while.
    But Angie looks great, her eyes really “pop”.

  17. Angelina says

    Yeah you know, its really nice to get to know them and they are all regular people. If you really get to knwo them. It is a great deal of fun and quite the paycheck too!!

  18. KMisaHO says

    Wow! Angelina that is quite an impressive (make-up) resume! Must be fun working with all those stars!

  19. Lacy says

    i think it’s weird how both angie and brad have a similar looking gaze
    i never thought that she could be tied down to a guy, enough to make her look like the date instead of the star.
    i remember she once said in an interview that she wanted someone that could tie her down and keep her on the bottom(gross, i know. but it’s true) maybe brad is this guy she wanted.maybe he ties her down. i always thought that she probably had him at her knees, but after watching the golden globes, maybe he’s the one keeping her at his knees. maybe she is not trying to make it his night. maybe, now, she is just the man’s woman. Brad’s girl, woman, to be exact.

  20. Angelina says

    Well i did Raven Symone’s make up for That’s so raven. I used to doBritney Spears make up for her Dream within a dream tour and I work my way place to place doing makeup. I also did Vanessa Anne Hudgens make up for her video Come back to me and I did Hilary Duff’s Most wanted cd cover. I did Jessica Simpson Ellen DeGeneres show interview. And that is pretty much it. I am set to do Kathrine McPhee’s make up later on and JoJo’s.

  21. Jenna says

    When I look at pictures of Angelina from several years ago, I feel almost sad. She always used to look good, she just doesn’t look the same nowadays. For a start, she never looks happy. Angie dresses too severely now. Her hair is pulled back too harshly and she looks far older than she is.

    Also, her dress is unflattering and doesn’t go with her jewellery (I know she was contracted to wear the dress and it wasn’t her choice). Angelina looks gorgeous with her hair down and a smile on her face.

  22. Jenna says

    When I look back at pictures of Angelina from several years ago I almost feel sad, she just looks so changed.. She never looks happy any more and she dresses far too severely. She looks quite a bit older than she is in that photo.

    The gold jewellery doesn’t match the dress (I know it wasn’t her fault she had to wear that dress) and her hair is pulled back too harshly. Angelina looks gorgeous with her hair down and a smile on her face.

  23. Louise says

    I think that there is nobody as beautiful and intelligent like Angelina Jolie! She’s sexy, true, knows what she wants and knows who she is! I’ve so much admiration for her and hope she will make more and more films!

  24. dori says

    Reese was soooo cute wasn’t she? I don’t know what was different but she looks great! Was it the bangs? Just beautiful. Good for her after her divorce she looks ready to go again. Such a sweetheart

  25. dori says

    I thought the dress color was not good for skin tone and with grey your wear silver not gold so whoever her stylist was made an error . The grey dress only made her tattoos show up even more. But if you notice pics she wears grey and black. a lot She’s very gothic. So her face and hair were very hollywood the rest of her is gothic. It just shows her conflict of trying to be someone she really isn’t .
    She was beautiful but from what I read all over her attitude was not nice. She should be grateful to her public for they are the ones bankrolling her humanitarian efforts. But I do think she is beautiful.

  26. Granny says

    This morning Fox televised Angelina and Brad on the sidewalk outside of the awards. Outside with the average people they interacted freely with the public. They spent time with those people and shook hands and doing lots of smiling.. They seemed to enjoy that situation. But the awards broadcast itself seemed as if they were uncomfortable. They may truly dislike and/or feel unconfortable in the more formal interviews.

    Who knows? But there was definitely a big difference between what Fox filmed and the other stations.

  27. Angelina says

    I dont think that the gold jewelry went with Angelina’a dress. I love Reese’s satin red heels. Her eyes make angelina look mean. I love Jen Garmners dress it was so classy. I think that Kate was a little too strong on the red lipstick and should have stuck with a lighter pink for her eyes and the dress , it makes it look too dramtic and if she was going to wear a black dress then she wiuld put on what looks like dry blood lipstick but o ther than she looks awsome for a mother of two. If you are wondering and need some fashion tips i will be glad to answer them beucase iam a make up artist.- its my profession. I dunno about Rachel’s dress beucase i fell like i have seen ehr wear this color or dress beore but she def looks like a glamour mom. Her son Henry is adorable. I think Angelina was very protective of Brad that night that dress did not suit her and the gold jewelry just made it look like a heavier look on her. She should have left her hair down in some sort. That bun is really bud and puts all the attention on her face where her make p is harsh. But i like the choice of lipstck.

  28. greens says

    Re: Jen’s perfect hair — ha! Considering that bleach & highlights are Brad Pitt’s best friend that is too rich. 😉

    And too bad her looks didn’t match up to his. Yeah, because that’s what’s important.

  29. greens says

    Re: Jen’s perfect hair — ha! Considering that bleach & highlights are Brad Pitt’s best friend that is too rich. 😉

  30. Merrie says

    Angelina and Brad always look amazing together! The Tats are just who she is and that’s cool. She’s not a fake like Brad’s ex who always had to have perfect hair. Too bad her looks didn’t match up to his!

  31. greens says

    Angelina’s dress matches her tats. How classy. One of the reasons she was so bitchy is that she hated the dresses St. John made for her but had to pick one to wear anyways. BooHoo. You’re only getting like 12 million bucks to wear it so slap a freakin’ smile on your face and get on with it.

    About her “not liking the attention.” Umm — remember when she won the globe for Girl, Interrupted and jumped in the pool at the hotel with all the cameras on her? Yeah. Love how everyone chooses to forget old Angelina and only concentrate on new Angelina.

    Reese looks HOT!

    Love Kate Winslet but hate the blonde hair on her. Washes out her beautiful English complexion as does the white gown.

    Didn’t love Garner’s dress much either. Too disco.

  32. nina says

    you are all missing the point,its not Angelina’s dress its her face that looked AMAZING.
    and i love the dress too ,just a simple dress.

  33. Babee Dahl says

    Kate Winslet is always so beautiful, as is Rachael. I just love those 2 english ladies and they always remind me of each other.

  34. carleigh says

    I am sorry but I love Angelina to death..but i agree with Dori here. I would think some kind of body makeup to cover those tat’s for a special night would have looked a bit more classy. I have tat’s myself (3 to be exact but nothing large, garish or visible to the naked eye so to speak) and know how it is once you get inked it’s addictive. But Angie was wearing an poorly made dress that really didn’t flatter her awesome body at all! She was beautiful as far as hair and make up but the dress and visible dark tat’s just kinda ruined the “polished” look I think a star would be striving for. Cover up the tat’s and she’s perfecto!

  35. dori says

    You can dress her up and plaster her face with make up and she looks beautiful but the tatoos all over her body, ummmm….don’t go with the dress, what can I say?

  36. MissyMama says

    When I saw Reese, I was like….WOW!! She looks amazing, confident, comfortable. I’ve always really liked her though.

    I was caught a little off guard by Brad and Angie. They seemed “off” last night. I could see how Angie was trying to keep this Brads night, but she really looked upset. Weird.

  37. Essie says

    Nao, Angelina has a $12 million contract with St. John’s, not $2 million. Two million would not be much of a contract for a superstar like Angie!!!

    Anyway, Angelina refused to respond to the stupid questions being asked by Ryan Seacrest and I don’t blame her at all. Besides, she was there to support Brad, not to be the center of attention. However, she waved and responded to her FANS who were waving to her from the stands. I’m sure they were happy.

    Angie’s dress was nice but not really stunning. In fact, I didn’t think much of any of the dresses except for Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum and perhaps Kate Winslet, who always seems to dress the same on the red carpet.

  38. babyhates says

    St. Johns dress sucks !!! Oh well, they could have made something nice-er for her to wear…. She looks upset or something. ANYWAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone else looks good… I hate Jen’s dress !!

  39. says

    I watched the show last night and thought Reese was HOT! She exerted a confidence that was stunning and I loved her red heels!
    I was also was very happy to see Brad and Angelina, they certainly got a lot more camera shots then others. I saw many gestures of love and thought they looked very beautiful.

  40. Tess says

    In Angelina’s defense, she has always said that she doesn’t like the attention she gets and it makes her uncomfortable. And to #8, I weigh 145 and my clavicle sticks out just like hers anyway. It’s not like you can eat a pizza and gain weight in your neck/shoulders. DUH! It’s an ackward area.

  41. Nao says

    Angie has a $2million contract to wear St John’s design.. That’s why she was there, I’m sure.

    She’d rather be in a 5 star resort in Africa, acting like she’s poor. Whatever.

    She’ s too skinny too. Her clavicle bones sticking out is not attractive.

  42. says

    Brad and Angelina look ridiculous-like this night was in their honor or something. Reese looked amazing, she looks very tiny, but healthy and glowing and I love her hair. I agree Jennifer Garner’s dress wasn’t the best choice, and Rachel and Kate look great like they always do. I heard this morning that Angelina was, in fact, very rude to everyone and had no interest in being there…it shows.

  43. joelly says

    Angelina was pure class alright….Class A stuck up B. That’s fine that she wasn’t promoting herself but show a little courtesy to fans and those in the industry who make it possible for her to do the things she does.
    With her personal history if she wasn’t an actress ($$) she would never have been able to adopt (twice). She should be more grateful for those who have supported her movies because without them she would be childless and probably starring in B porn for a living.

  44. KMisaHO says

    Angelina was pure class at last night’s Golden Globe Awards. She was not there to promote herself; rather, she was there to support Brad (for his film Babel). I’ve also read that Angelina doesn’t like the Red Carpet (and all the attention she gets) That may explain why she may have ‘looked’ insecure. Reece looked awesome (but not for the Golden Globes) and I’m sorry to say that Jennifer Garner’s dress did nothing for her. Where’s Heidi Klum? She looked fantastic!

  45. joelly says

    Everyone looks great, however (not to be a hater) Devilina could have been less of crab ASS on the red carpet.
    Brad looked quite happy to be there but AJ looked less than thrilled and kept grabbing on to him everytime he’d stop to wave or talk to someone. It made her look very insecure.


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