TomKat Out To Dinner

Tom, Katie and Isabella (Tom’s older daughter) were snapped at Wolfgang Puck’s Cut Steakhouse in Beverly Hills on January 13th. There you can dine on 8 oz. of rib eye steak from Japan for $160! Katie looks cute!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. cherisse says


  2. Skylar says

    First of all…Tom and Nicole have joint custody. It is equal believe it or not. I do not know what the break down is, but the custody agreement was equal.
    Second of all…When Tom is with Katie and the kids, he never holds the hands of his kids. Always Katie. I know he loves her and all that, but I think he needs to hold his own kids’ hand sometimes. Just a thought.

  3. cherisse says

    i agree Suri is my favorite baby too. I don’t know she is just so cute. I remember seeing her in Vanity Fair and she was so adorable especially the pictures with her with Tom and Katie. Now they looked like a real family not one of those fake ones you see people trying to sell. Anything about Suri i would read in a heart beat.

  4. JACKIE says

    Yeah CherriseI don’t get it, even Katie’s family appears at those games on occassion and Katie her self has gone to the games twice without Tom to support the kids. I know Nicole has problems but bonding with kids is a good way of healing. Now she is working on a movie and Keith is going on a world tour. Seriously she is going to wake up when they are 18 and lost touch with her. Aren’t they like 12 and 14? That is like 6 years and 4 years.

    I think it is time for our quarter yearly doze of Suri. I really would like to see her and how much she has grown. She is my favourite baby.


  5. cherisse says

    i have a confession to make
    i am addicted to Tom and Katie
    I love hearing news on them and hate hearing news on them because most of the stuff they put on TV and in the mags are 99.5 percent wrong. But i LOVE them i love seeing Katie and Tom out on sports game. I think they make a great couple.Because even though the mags make it seem like they are wierd to me they are just normal parents who are at every Bella and Conner games. You don’t see them like every other couple doing all the red capets events when you do see them they are trying to have a nice family dinner or at soccer or baseball games.

    P.S. Where the hell is Nicole during all of her kids games? I mean she have been their mother for all their life and Katie been their step mom for about 2 months and even before than been to mostly all their games, you even see Katie’s whole family at the game, but you do not see Nicole why is that?

  6. jojo says

    It really looks like Tom is trying to turn the clock back in his appearance. It looks like he’s trying to look in his 20’s. LOLOLOL.Katie looks beautiful and you can tell that Tom has changed her image. She dresses very maturely and even her appearance has changed. Tom needs to loose that baby weight that he gained while Kaite was pregnant.HAHA

  7. says

    #2 you are a complete pig, I would be embarrassed of myself if I were you, but then again stupid dirt \y people like you tend to not care about a little thing called class!!!
    You are pathetic.

  8. Nisa says

    I never understand people like Clara, what really is their problem? The only reason I can forgive you for insulting Mr cruise is because you are on anti- depressants and he disses them.

    I think Carleigh and Ellen said it well, and I cannot add any more, my only problem is that Tom has a new advisor and he sould sack him ASAP. The hair and the shiny suits are really not my cup of tea. I am still hoping that the weight is for his up- coming role.

    Other than that, I wish they make it. one, because they give us news, and two because despite my reservations they seem genuinely happy nad their kids well adjusted.

  9. Paula says

    Well said Carleigh and Ellen. I like this couple and hope they live a happy long married life together. And so what if their religion is scientology. As long as they are happy who cares. If it works for them so be it. They always look really happy and content together and so do the kids. It looks to me like Tom’s lost a little weight.

    I’m really glad I’m not in the lime light for people to judge and criticize. I’d be picked apart for going to Wal Mart in my sweats and no make up today and tennis shoes with paint on them.

  10. Ellen says

    I hope none of us is unlucky enough to have family or friends that are ashamed to be seen with us because we are not physically attractive enough. God made some of us plain although I don’t feel as if any Tom, Nicole or Katie are plain at all.

    Good parents do not try to be a child’s best friend but their parent. And when both parents work and especially when they are divorced we hope that the children go where it is in the child’s best interest even if that means with only one parent not 50/50 between the two. Where will Isabella and Conner go the next time Tom is filming? Probably with Nicole.

  11. carleigh says

    To the Nicole/Keith rehab debacle…the man admit’s he has an addiction problem and goes into rehab…to GET himself the treatment he needs. It’s the first step in actually admitting the problem of addiction and that’s the hardest part, I hope he succeeds this time and he and Nicole can put their life back together…how sad. As for the
    “cheating” stories, if it’s true that’s another issue and one Nicole will have to work through privately..and will be played out for the public in the weekly scandal sheets, even more sad.
    I don’t know that Tom has primary custody of the kids but they seem to always be with him and there haven’t been any recent pic’s of Nicole with her children, so one has to ponder why that is???
    As far as Tom yes he does need to ditch the disco duds, they don’t look good on him since he’s put on some weight. He’s not a fat ass by any means but he is just a man who is going through a fat, sassy, happy stage in his life…he has seen better days. Katie looks very polished and attractive in these pic’s and for the person who said above that she can’t style her hair..hello!!!!!!!!!!! it’s windy you can tell it by actually LOOKING at the pictures..duh! Isabella is a young girl and she’s growing up in a controversial family and I don’t believe her and Conor attend a private school, I seem to recall an interview with Nicole in which she said that the children were both home school by a private tutor/teacher.
    Leave this family alone…so they want to worship spaceships and’s not illegal it’s called freedom of choice! Even if it is weird and creepy, it’s what they practice/believe so more power to Xenu! Nobody says anything near this restrictive or harsh about Catholicism, Lutheran,Methodist or Baptist religions do they??? NOT at least in this forum they don’t.
    I don’t really get the same creepy deepy vibe from TomKat that I once did, but maybe that’s just from the fact that they’ve grown on me. I don’t know but they seem to be happy, healthy, and eating well, loving parents and they can actually afford to never work and be totally family and parent orientated which is very admirable. I hope they stick it out and stay together!

  12. Nisa says

    I think the kids are enjoying their time with Tom and Katie. Katie seems like a fun step mum you wanna show off to other kids. I wonder what they call her! There is a time I was worried about them. Divorce can be incredibly harsh on kids. they now seem happy and well adjsuted. They love Nicole too. They seem happy when they are with her.

    I do not mind the kids being homeschooled. They do have another teacher other than Tom’s sister. Schools in beverly hills are not the best. Most of the kids are from rich damaged families with a lot of money and are hooked onto drugs.

    Besides, they seem to be well adjusted kids. Jada and Will home school their kids too and their son Jaden is pretty impressive and eloquent for an 8 year old. Willow too is pretty smart.

    You guys have to get over scientology, Tom is not going to change his mind however much you abuse his beliefs. They work for him so let him be, I mean there are satanists and cannibalist cults. Religions do not make sense on the whole, just tell an atheist God said; ‘ let there be animals and they appeared …’and see whether they will not think you are speaking xenu.

    Any way like it or not scientology has gained from the no publicity is bad publicity rule and you guys are its major recruiters. Like Bush being Alqaeda’s major recruiter. People who join cults look for crazy things so your painting scientology as crazy only draws more people. My bet is that the fee will cut them off.

  13. just me says

    With “SLACKS” that tight, they will never have another baby!!!! With all the suggestions he gives to Katie, oops, “KATE”, she needs to suggest to him some suits that fit like they are supposed to!

  14. KMisaHO says

    OMG…what a stupid thing to say “Embarrassed to be see with an ugly mom?” I hope that YOUR kids don’t say that about you! (Oh and by the way, if Nicole is so ugly? Why is SHE the Channel No.5 spokesmodel and not Katie?)

  15. Kalista Brat says

    I think Tom’s kids are better off with him and not with Nicole’s sexaholic cheating husband Keith. I’ve heard some raunchy stories about him, and I don’t think Isabella or Connor should be near that man. I’d rather hang out with Katie Holmes as my new mum, she looks sweet, fun, and adorable unlike gnarly panick attacky Nicole! I hate it when her hair is all curly, I’d be embarrassed to be seen with such an ugly mum! I’d rather be shopping at Barney’s with Katie!

  16. neil says

    I could care less about how they LOOK. Geez, they look fine. I just have one comment; they practice a religion created by a Science Fiction writer! Yikes!

  17. Jackie says

    Some of you people are just haters. Those children cannot live with Nic with all her problems now. Keith has been in rehab and Nic has been so busy with the movies lately. Keith is now going on a world tour. When will they have time for the kids. Am glad there is someone like Tom who is well grounded and can have them. I would not mind if he had them forever and Nic just visited them. Though I like Keith, I think he is flawed and needs a lot of time to heal.

    I too saw Angelina being such a bitch to a reporter, though paps are a nuisance, she had no right to be so rude!. Her recent behaviour screams ‘heroin’ to me. Any way old habits die hard. I think the more she exposes herself the more we see that side of her. She had lulled us into being she is a reformed nymphomaniac into orphan collecting.

    Tomkat are my favourite too. There are pictures of the Golden Globe party where Katie looks absolutely smashing.

  18. ashleigh says

    yes toms sister home schools isabella and connor and tom has custody of them most of the time. The kids belong to sport teams which would explain why jenna said shes seen photos of them doing sport and stuff
    Tom does look a bit rodiculous in this photo though his hair and clothes need a makeover
    Katie looks pretty though.

  19. MissyMama says

    Jenna, I’ve read in several places (can’t think of where right now) where it has been said that Tom’s sister homeschools Isabella and Connor in the teachings of Scientology. I could be wrong, maybe they attend a Scientology school??

  20. Brian says

    Woah, there are too many bitter people in here, or maybe just bitter psychiatrist! Get over it! They look normal, only you think too much of them that you start picturing things in your head! They have done nothing wrong whatsoever! Did anyone see those pics of Britney Spears puking on her new boyfriend?

    You can find them at

  21. Lindsay says

    I miss this couple sooooooo much! I am soooooo happy to see these new pics! Where have they been? They are sooooo great! The best! I look forward to more!

  22. Kalista Brat says

    Finally, new pics of tomkat! Katie looks sweet like always and Tom looks nice too. Lately I’m finding Brangelina to be boring. I think Tomkat is my favorite couple now. Shiloh, I think is the most gorgeous baby, but I think Suri is pretty too, but I might change my mind when I see new candids of both of them. Did anyone see that video of Angie being a bitch to a reporter? I think she’s starting to come off as a not nice person. I also read in Elle magazine that she argues with Brad when they fly their plane. Not a good sign

  23. Jenna says

    Tom looks ridiculous as usual. Katie looks good. Are you sure Isabella is being home-schooled? I’m sure I’ve seen photos of them at school sports days and stuff.

    I’m shocked that Tom has custody of the kids and not Nicole. Does anybody know why that is?

  24. Jeni says

    I like this couple better than Brangelina regardless of all the shit in the tabloids. I mean, I can’t believe Brad cheated on Jennifer with Whorelina. Courtney’s husband said so on the Stern show! Angelina looked like she didn’t want to be at the Globes, she kept making faces. I think Katie Holmes looks so sweet! Tom looks alright, I wonder if they are going to style his hair for Lions for Lambs, that is probably why he’s letting it grow out. I can’t wait to see Suri again!

  25. MissyMama says

    Shea, I think Tom has primary custody of the kids as they are home schooled (by Scientologists) at his home.

    Tom looks like such a dork in those tight shiny suits and that long hair. Yuck!

  26. Lindy says

    Yay I was hoping and wishing to see new photos of them two. I never get enough of this couple, I realize I long more to see pictures of them than of Brangelina!

  27. says

    Why are the kids always with him? Where is their real mother Nicole? They seem to be really happy though all 3 of them. Katie is beautiful!!!

  28. Julie says

    I’m still facinated with this couple, but I really think it’s time for Tom to get a haircut and some better fitting suits. Katie looks really nice. She always looks so happy and confident now. Good for them!

  29. ana says






  30. boo says

    i was at that same restaraunt and could’nt figure out why there was a space ship outside. now i know why the aliens were inside. i wonder how long that fool is gonna let his hair grow. probably can’t cut it for awhile after marriage. and her pubic hairs on her forehead are finally growing back.

  31. amy says

    Tom looks like a complete ass in his tight, shiny suit. Isabelle is dressed like an old lady! All of the sudden, Katie is looking like the normal one. How did that happen? They look happy though. I wish them the best.

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