Jaime Pressly Glowing At The Golden Globes Gift Suites

Jaime Pressly, 29, looked gorgeous at the Golden Globes gift suites. She is expecting her first child…a boy this spring.

Jaime Pressly

And here she was snapped recently in Las Vegas.

Jaime Pressly



  1. carleigh says

    MissyMama don’t I know about the “weight in the ass” comment. With BOTH my kids I was just round from front to back and I hated it! I wanted to be one of those glowly, happy, pregnant gals but it didn’t work out that way once I passed the moving land mass stage of about 7 months..lol. I did lose the weight but I can totally relate to the “weight in the ass” comment, thanks I needed that chuckle.

  2. MissyMama says

    She looks so beautiful, but I’m a sucker, Pregnancy is so beautiful. She looks to be carrying the weight nicely. Not like some of us who carry their baby in their ass. LOL!

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