Cindy Crawford & Presley In Hawaii

Cindy, 40, and her seven-year-old son Presley were snapped in Hawaii on January 4th. Cindy also has a five-year-old daughter named Kaia.

Cindy Crawford



  1. Nastai Zap says

    Cindy loves both her kids the same, I’m a huge fan of Cindy’s and have watched every interview she’s been on. I have no idea were this Amy pulled this shit out her ass saying she pays more attention to Kaia.
    These are paparazzi photo’s how would you look if your always being snucked up on and chased to get a photo. Cindy’s one class act she not out whoring herself out to be in the lime light like so many.

  2. Michelle says

    I am sure that Cindy Crawford is an excellent mother, however, I tend to agree with Amy. If you look at the pictures with her and her children, you will notice that she is more receptive towards Kaia than Presley. She is always paying attention to Kaia in the pictures; much more so than her son. I’m sure she’s a great mom though and that she loves her children very much. Presley’s hair is fine. I think he looks cute.

  3. Karina says

    He’s an incredible looking kid, and whether or not he has long hair makes no difference! If he decides to cut it, it’ll also look good, it doesn’t matter because he’s so adorable!

  4. Angel says

    He’s a great looking kid, perfect. My son had long hair and it was so beautiful, wavy with golden brown highlights, he looked like a rockstar. When he was almost 4 he cut it a little (I finished it up into a perfect cut) because it kept getting caught in his ambulance toy truck. He looked even better with short hair! On a boy sometimes or many times they look neater or cooler with the right perfect short haircut, like miniature men :-).

  5. amy says

    Did everyone notice the small mole on his right cheek? Did Presley inherit mom’s mole too? It is close to his mouth just like Cindy’s. How cute!!! I still don’t like Cindy tho. There is something about her that gives me the creeps. It doesn’t seem like she adores her son in the same way she adores her daughter. Every since Presley was born she went around doing talk show interviews and the interviewer would say how beautiful Presley was. She would then roll her eyes or say something negative about him. She would then hint at wanting a daughter. Even in recent interviews, she talks about how she feels annoyed that Presley slips into her bed at night and how he gets bad grades in school and so on. It is as if she doesn’t want her son to be seen in a positive light. She taught him how to flip the bird too!! She only wants kaia to be the star. That is so sad when you choose between your children like that.

  6. Michelle says

    “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”! I guess these folks think if they complain enough, the next time Presley reads this website (sarcasm), he’ll realize his folly! Having been to Hawaii, I can vouch that he’s just windswept; if you’ll look at that pic from October where she’s walking him to school, you’ll see he looks just fine! And yes, kids, come out of the 1950s and expose yourselves to the fact that it’s popular amongst boys to have long hair; and whether it’s popular or not, sometimes it just looks nice. It also adds some character; ever since Rocco Ritchie got buzzed, he just looks so boring and nondescript now! But watch out, y’all, once that new Harry Potter movie comes out, since he’s gotten his hair cut now, that’ll become the latest fashion!

  7. BC Girl says

    Why do some people (Jennifer Oro, Essie & Diva) get so frickin’ defensive when someone makes a comment that they dont agree with?? Its not like you personally know this kid either, who cares if someone says he needs to cut his hair?? Is it really the end of the world now??

  8. Jennifer Oro says

    Cindy you are BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!
    Presley is ADORABLE and HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!
    His hair looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!
    ALL YOU NO GOOD CRITICS,Take a look at your hairstyle and then criticize a 5 YEAR OLD!!!!!

    GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

  9. Essie says

    You are so right, Diva!!! Some people have no lives if they are consumed with how long a boy’s hair is. Where I comes from (OHIO, by the way), boys of all ages have long hair. The African-American boys have long BRAIDS!! Bet that would really blow the minds of the backwards posters on this board!!! You all are hysterical!!!

    I think Presley is handsome. That picture reminds me of a young Tarzan!!!! He’s adorable. I would never cut his hair.

  10. Jo-Anne says

    Nothing wrong with his hair.. I think it looks rather cute.. It’s just a hollywood trend and I’m sure once he’s old enough he’ll ask mom to have it cut.

  11. Diva says

    omg….. get over your white-bread, Stepford Wives selves over the hair thing…. you people are all tired and narrow minded… especially over something so harmless as HAIR.

  12. says

    I think he looks like every typical boy in my neighborhood! They all wear their hair long now, and I’m sure if the wind wasn’t blowing his that way he’d look very boyish. You people are a bit too critical, he’s just a kid and he probably told his mom that’s how he wanted it…it’s not like he’s 2 and she can do whatever she wants!

  13. Sara says

    I really think since he was the first born, she truly hoped for a girl….so she let the hair grow…..( my friend did that with her first boy).
    Then she had the girl and she may have just let him have the long hair because she thought it was so “california” little boy looking. I don’t know….but he really needs it cut. Just my opinion.

  14. KMisaHO says

    Amen! I totally agree with you guys! What a mess! Didn’t she learn anything about hair care during her days as a supermodel!? (He almost reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith)??

  15. amy says

    He would make a beautiful girl. But since he’s NOT a girl, cut his hair!! Where I live, noone would let their little boys hair look like that.

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