1. Anaya m Carney says

    Is there really another son?? We have not seen him so it makes you wonder.. If there is , why doesn’t she show him. It makes you think that there is something wrong with him

  2. Jennifer says

    Ya know, I bet Jayden James doesn’t even know that Britney is his mother! He probably thinks his nanny is his mother! How come we haven’t seen any pics of him? Is she trying to pull a “Suri Cruise” with the media and keeping him hidden because she thinks she will be offered a lot of money for his first pics? Pathetic. I have a 2 year old son and it would take wild horses to keep me away from him! I spend every minute I can with him! I am a working mother also and I spend more time with my kid than she does! I mean, she hasn’t had an album out in how long and every pic we see her in, she looks like she has been popping every pill known to man! I thought she wanted to “experience the single life” after her and Fed-Ex split? That wasn’t very long, was it? Now she’s got a K-Fed wannabe taking his place. When will she realize these guys are sponging off of her? Wake up Britney! You don’t need a man in your life to be happy! Think about your kids for once and not just for a photo op!

  3. Suzy says

    Well, I just stumbled upon this web site as I was browsing and read a few of the comments that were left. I 100% agree with Paula, carleigh and grandma of 4. Kids are a gift from God and not intended to be a publicity stunt cuz you’re not sure what else you can come up with for PR, aside from whoring it up, which by the way is getting old. Time to grow up. The point about kids getting up at night is true, maybe not Sean so much anymore but Jayden. Britney will be sorry when the kids get older and are more attached to their nanny than there own mom, which there should be a natural bond to, but in this case the bond is being given to the nannies seeing as she doesn’t care to spend the quality time with them. The kids wil know who spent the most time with them, and that’s what matters the most, NOT “oh mommy’s got lots of money and was whoring it up instead of taking care of us” too bad they won’t have many good, fun-filled memories when they’re older of their mom. Parents like her make me wanna vomit. I understand that parents need to get out cuz I’m a parent myself, but there’s a point when you’re not even being a parent anymore, and I’m pretty sure that Britney’s crossed that line quite some time ago. I pray that Sean and Jayden will see what their mom was really like and have it in their hearts to forgive her, even if she doesn’t deserve it, not even in her defense (cuz I completely disagree with her), but she’s still there mom, and she should start acting like it.

  4. MissyMama says

    Thanks Carleigh, I actually check those sites from time to time also, I must have missed recent posts.

    I’ve just got to say, I went back and watched a few clips from Britney’s interview with Matt Lauer…I’m not even going to mention the outfit, make up or hair, but DAMN! I was listening to her attept to answer his questions and she can’t even do that! The way she talks, the words she uses and her phrasing are all elementary. It’s like she is uneducated or dumb. And for heavens sake, what was with the smacking of gum?? How rude can she be?!?

    Anyway, I had to get that off my chest. She really is just a dumb little girl…

  5. carleigh says

    MissyMama there’s more dirt on her out there it’s just not on this site try,,, they have some very interesting dirt on Brit. Wonder how come the webmistress takes so darn long to update info these days…hope nothing is wrong?? Who knows but check out those sites there’s plenty of dirt out there we just gotta dig a bit to find it…lol

  6. MissyMama says

    I am a bit releived that I have not seen anything Britney in the past couple days. I’m am tired of her antics, but I did find it curious that a couple sites are reporting that K-Fed is trying to get her to enter rehab, and that he is PISSED the kids are being raised by nannies.

    Who knows if it’s true. But I can agree with him on being upset that the kids are with nannies more than with their mother and since custody still hasn’t been established, he cannot take the reigns.

    Maybe he really IS a good father after all and really DOES care about his kids….

  7. Lauren says

    So, Britney is finally pictured out with her son. She looks really out of place being there, I might say. This is so just a photo-op after all her bad press. Poor kids, they deserve a truly involved mother who puts them first and not partying with Paris Hilton and hooking up with skanky guys.

  8. carleigh says

    But Stacey it’s NOT YOU who is plastered all over this website is it???? It’s NOT YOU who is parading around drunk night after night after night…so it is NOT you that we comment about and believe me if it was just a matter of jealous sure I would admit it but it’s not jealousy so you are mistaken. It’s called disdain and if you looked completely at Britney’s track record with an open mind you wouldn’t think that way, you would see what 99% of anyone else can see…a drunken out of control trainwreck. You don’t think Britney is like that, well that’s your opinion and you are certainly entitled to feel and think however you want. But please don’t just make a blanket statement about people who happen to see Britney in a much different light than you do..because we are entitled to our opinions and feelings just like you.

  9. stacy says

    i think people are just jealous and are not happy with their lives so you have to bad mouth a celebrity like brittney spears, so what shes wearing a skirt , im a mother and have wore a skirt to the park, does it really matter.

  10. carleigh says

    Tyesha , I am not jealous of Britney…actually you can be a happy rich person, a happy poor person, a rich miserable person or a poor miserable’s all about personal choices one makes. I wouldn’t trade my life for her’s for all the money, underwear and hair extensions in the world. I love being a mother to my two daughters, I am in a happier place than I’ve been in a long time and I realize a lot of things about ME in the past 4 months. Everyone has their own path to walk down in life and from where a person sit’s someone else’s situation might seem ideal and give reason to be jealous or envious..but we don’t know really know how they live and if their life is as great as it is the pic’s and articles we read. I made some comments based on facts apparent from Britneys’ conduct, demeanor, and actions….sorry but this is one woman I can most assuredly say that I don’t envy one little bit! You were misinformed and way OFF! Sorry.

  11. N says

    Missy that is you, the total a hole.
    You say you really try not to comment back but you continue to do so. You are here to Bitch because the only thing I defended about Britney was her right to wear heels and a F’ing sundress to the park. I have not defended that girl regardless of what she does. I dont comment about her Parenting skills because I dont know how much time she spends with her kids and I am not going to be NAIVE enough to gauge those things based on pictures and gossip mags. That is why I gave the hypothetical scenario to prove why “I” would not judge her on those things. ONCE AGAIN… I was commenting on the idiotic comments regarding her wearing heels and a dress to the park.

  12. MissyMama says

    Ah yes, thats me, the total a hole.

    I really try not to comment back on other peoples opinions as I am not here to bitch back and forth with people I do not know. That being said, there are times when I just can’t help myself, especially with people like you N who continue to defend Britney and will continue to defend her regardless of what she does. I cannot for the life of me even try to understand how women and mothers such as yourself think her behavior and lack of parenting is acceptable.

    Thankfully there are just as many if not more women and mothers here who find her actions appauling and will continue to voice THEIR opinions about what we see and are being told about Miss Britney and her lifestyle.

    Until Britney can start behaving like a responsible mother and start showing her “fans” and the world that she can be a normal functioning member of society who cares more about her children and career than partying and hooking up with random guys, then maybe we will start showing her a little respect and have some positive things to say about her.

  13. N says

    Missy…. If you knew it was hypothetical….then why was this comment needed?

    – do you know Britney personally? You seem to have her schedule down pat….

    Just being an a hole I ASSUME….. : )

  14. MissyMama says

    N-yes, I’m not an idiot, I know that was a hypothetical scenario and I did not say that the kids aren’t with her, I just said that I DOUBT they are.

  15. N says

    Missy… how do you know when she is at home…. she lives in a gated community. Their not letting paparazzi in to take pictures. Most of the pictures i have seen have been late evening/night. Except for her so-called photo ops during the day. How do you know she didnt bring her kids to Vegas….. Are you there in her room? and so what if the manny carries the boy. That means nothing. When she was carrying him and almost fell everyone was saying she shouldnt carry him. She should have put him in a stroller or let her bodyguards carry him. Make up your mind critics!

  16. N says

    Missymama…. that is a hypothetical scenario…. I understand if you dont comprehend that. Trying to prove a point!

  17. MissyMama says

    N- do you know Britney personally? You seem to have her schedule down pat….

    None of us can assume anything at this point other than the fact that she is RARELY seen with her children let alone at home! And by what we have been observing, she does NOT spend much time at home or out with her kids.

    She is out and about in Vegas right now with her new boy toy. Do you think she brought the kids along??? I highly doubt it.

    Now back to this “outting” with SPF…I saw video of her little jaunt to the park (on flynet online I think) and you can tell this was totally a photo op. Her manny is pushing SPF while she is chatting with another mom and throwing the occasional arm out to “push” SPF. The manny carries SPF and the manny places SPF in the car seat and buckles him in while Miss Britney sits in the front seat and looks on.

    She has no interest in being a mother and it is showing.

    Now for some gossip, dlisted is reporting that Britney may be pregnant AGAIN! Lord help us if it’s true…

  18. N says

    For one: When Britney came on to Kevin in the club he should have told her then that he was in a relationship. HE DID NOT! HE IS THE SKANK! Two: Kevin was in a relationship with Shar not Britney…. SO he is the one to blame for their breakup. You dont know what lies he was telling either women. HE IS THE SKANK! Three: there are 24 hours in a day….. lets assume on thursday eve around 7-8pm she goes out to eat…then from 8-3am she is clubbing… from 3:30-10am she’s sleep……from 10am to 7pm she is at home. That is 9 hours that she could be spending with her kids. Now me on the other hand…… lets start thursday eve….from 5-10pm i am at home spending time with my family…from 10pm-7am im sleep… from 7am-4:30 pm i’m at work…….I only have 5 hours at home with my family……. She has more time with her children than most…. we dont ever see pictures of her during the morning hours unless she is running errands and as you haters call it… photo ops with her son. Her career is an entertainer. She has been out of the music scene for 2 years. That is a long time in regards to music. Music changes alot…people are finicky. She needs to come out with a bangin A$$ cd to put her back on the map. So instead of her working during the morning hours and sending her kids to daycare like most people do… We can just say that she works 3rd shift and can afford to have nannies and her mom look after the kids while she is out.

  19. Sarah says

    I don’t think anyone should be picking on Carleigh. Carleigh’s posts are not dripping with jealousy – they are just honest observations of an obvious trainwreck. Based on the actions of Ms. Spears lately – she has left herself open to the type of criticism she receives on this website and many others. It’s hard to find anything good to say about her when she has flashed her privates to the world and passed out at night clubs just a couple months after giving birth to her second child. Call it judgemental – but I see it as concern for 2 young children.

  20. Olivia says

    Oh Oh Oh, I forgot to ask. *** (Did you ask Carleigh to keep her posts short because too many words at one time confuse you? What the heck kind of a name is 4 stars anyway? Oh and by the way Tyesha if anyone’s words are dripping with wanna be jealousy it is yours. Does the fact Carleigh has it together threation you?

  21. Olivia says

    If my recent hair extension adventure gave your life meaning???? You must be more bored by the winter bla’s than I am. Glad to be of service

  22. Tyesha says

    Really girls, her kids are going to be fine….
    By the way carleigh i can hear the jealousy dripping off your voice just by what you write. Dont hate on Britney Spears just because she everything you wanted to be its not her fault you failed miserably and went undiscovered

  23. ******* says

    #41 why don’t you mum your ass, mumma. you think that just because i have one error you are the spelling queen. Well to hell with you british mumma ass bitch. Please do take the time to spell check this PUTA (bitch). ha ha ha i just had a good laugh telling you all this.

  24. Olivia says

    Wow Carleigh, you go girl! #38 post was great. As far as the following comment ,when you write so much you say nothing???? In my opinion Carleigh’s comment was a whole bunch of something. By the way Carleigh, I got hair extensions just before Christmas, just to see what it was like and surprisinly I liked them. Have to be a lot more careful washing and styling, but honestly, what fun! I changed them out last week for just a few in bold primary colors. Not an Ewwwwww though, I’m loving it, striking but tasteful. What fun! I bought a bunch of them in several different colors and have been running in and having them changed to match my outfit. My husband thought I had lost my mind, but now although he is still laughing at me, he is enjoying the fun I’m having making changes. Must be a winter weather attempt at cheerfulness.

  25. MissyMama says

    I wouldn’t be caught dead with that thing on my head. It’s awful!! It doesn’t even sit right on her head!!

    You would think she’d figure it out that she needs to leave her hair alone and get some serious “treatments” going!!

  26. carleigh says

    #47 She’s bald from all the hair dying and extensions…hence the GAWD awful stuff she’s got hanging off her head.

  27. MissyMama says

    WHOA! Who the hell wears somehting like that to take their kid to the park?? She obviously did not PLAN on taking him to the park, otherwise, I’d hope she would have worn something a little more appropriate??

    And, my God, someone please tell me WTF is up with that nasty wig?!?!?

  28. Brandy says

    I am not defending Brit at all here, but (in case you didn’t know) has pics of her actually pushing Sean P on the swings, and she appears to be enjoying herself & her son. I hope for those babies sakes she does wake up & get her priorities in order. You should check out that site.

  29. N says

    For one look at all the pictures before you comment…. the shoes she has on are short wedges…and she is pushing sean in the swing. Who cares what she wears to the park…as long as she has panties on!… (that was for the judgementals)…. Alot of the women on this site are insane!

  30. N says

    Alot of you women on here are insane….. especially the ones writing books to explain your judgemental point of views. Who cares how she is dressed…she is there. I have seen many women run in platforms and high heeled shoes. I have seen many women wear dresses to a park. You guys try to voice the stupidest things to prove shes not a good mom…..but you dont realize how dumb you sound.

  31. mair says

    Absolutely one of the cutest little boys to be seen. He is a darling…don’t look at his mother. Just look at him. Awww

  32. Minnie says

    Nothing better than listening to people attempting to defend their taste for gossip and judgemental ways.

    Bond shmond. My goodness. It’s like that claptrap that if a mother doesn’t cuddle her newborn straight after birth they will never develop a decent relationship and will be emotionally scarred for life. It’s all rubbish. You do your best by your kids AS YOU SEE IT and make sure they are fed, dry and sleep enough. And they still grow up and complain because there was that one time you turned away from them in a pet shop and they felt abandoned and now they need $5000 worth of therapy.

    It’s all nonsense deviced in a world going to hell in handcart to make people feel guilty.

  33. carleigh says

    To Jessica, my youngest daughters uncle is on his THIRD tour of Iraq. What does passion about issues have to do with anything? We fix the world when it’s an issue in the world that we can “control”. We cannot control world hunger, poverty,aids, war, etc., etc. All we can do it to sustain, persevere and pray! I didn’t vote for Bush and feel he is not the best person to be in the position of President of the United States, but it’s not my decision, I voted and used my rights to try and make a difference. The problems in this world are vast and complicated and need to be addressed on a GLOBAL proportion so attacking us here doesn’t do anyone any bit of good. All we can do is hope, pray and try to make the world a better, secure and safer environment for our own children. What might you suggest? I am not being a smart ass or picking on you but I am quite active and keep up with the news and am well aware of the problems in this world on a global scale but w/o the means or money to do something…what am I left to do but wring my hands in disdain and shake my head in utter disgust! I can control and protect MY own environment and nothing more or less than that. I try to do something positive to make myself a better person every single day..somedays it’s easy to do that and other days are a complete struggle. But it’s an effort and that is all that is required right?

  34. carleigh says

    #35 Tyesha…I do agree with the issue being the kids. However, despite the fact that they have everything they may need in the material sense i.e. food, clothing, roof over their heads, etc., etc….what about their mother’s love and attention? Sean P. and Jayden are BOTH young babies and from one mother to another, would you rather have your kids bond with YOU their own mother or some hired help or nanny???? What they may have in terms of materialistic things is an advantage no doubt. What they don’t have as far as I can see is a mother who consistently stays home and BONDS with her babies. Sean P. and Jayden are at an age where they NEED and WANT their mother, I can tell you from my own personal experience from my two daughters when they were little they depended on me being there to wipe their noses when they were sick, to kiss the boo-boo’s and ouchies, to nurture and protect them. I did have an occasional night out with the “girls” so to speak but I wasn’t ever away from either of them for an entire night until they were well over 2 yrs. old. They wanted to be with me as much as I “needed and craved” being with them. Going back to work was horrible for me because it meant that I was leaving them alone with a babysitter or at daycare and while I had no choice but to work, it was NOT an easy decision. Here we have Britney who is worth what $32 million dollars and could literally afford to stay at home with her children and never, ever have to work again but yet she decides to “work” on drinking and pill popping habit. I wouldn’t be such a Brit basher but hell she’s the one putting herself up for the criticism by being “out” every single night, prowling around half drunk and half dressed. In one breath this girl screams, begs, pleads and cries about how much the press hounds her and what a hell it is living in the shadows of the paparazzi….and then goes out night after night and makes sure she’s spotted in compromising positions, having sex in a public bathroom, puking on her new bf, hanging out with Parasite Hilton the biggest camera whore god ever made, and then all w/o panties and flashing her nether regions around. Does this sound like the cries of a woman desperate for peace, quiet and privacy??? No, I am sorry but it doesn’t–she deliberately does stupid things to make sure her pic’s are out there for the whole world to see and for people like us to sit back and shake our heads with criticism and disdain. I am simply amazed that if she’s is as desperate for this BIG comeback…why not clean her act up??? She’s either in denial or just stupid or BOTH. Brit pack up your boobs, put away your party hat, put on some decent clothes and stay home and cuddle, nurture and love your babies! Babies are only babies for a very short time and then you lose that opportunity and won’t ever get it back or get a do over. They are in their formative years and if their mother doesn’t intervene she’s going to have very emotionally neglected confused little boys….It’s so sad to watch because in the end the babies always seem to be a like a fashion accessory once the novelty wears off they are pushed and shoved to the side. Britney can have all the fun she wants but everyone has to have limits and from the vicarious way in which she has been living it’s clear to the WORLD she’s got no limits or morals! She’s going to crash and burn in a very short time the pills, drugs, drinking and partying will catch up to her and then she’s gonna be strapped down in an ER a victim of an overdose, this is the reality and it’s again all very sad. Mostly for Sean P and Jayden who are completely unaware and totally innocent! Poor kids, trainwreck, trashy role model for a mom.

  35. Tyesha says

    Really girls the thing that matters the most here is the kids. They both are healthy, they have food in their bellies and a roof over their head. Every mom is different. Every family is different, and everybody views life different. But in the end you all know that her boys are going to be fine and they will love their mom just as much as you love yours and as much as your kids love you.

  36. Paula says

    #32, Jessica, I have a son in Iraq as we speak. Yes, that is a real issue. This takes my mind off of him. Britney isn’t a priority in my life but like I said, it takes my mind off of the war. I can’t do anything about the war and I can’t do anything about Britney, but I can voice an opinion.

  37. Jessica says


    Just think….

    If “some” of you people had as much passion about REAL issues (ie~hunger, poverty, war, etc…) as you do about Britney Spears, this world would be a better place!!

    Hey…atleast she is at the park. It’s a start.

    But for “most” of you people, she will never be good enough.

  38. Paula says

    Everyone should care Jill. Our children are our future, no matter who they belong to. Carleigh, I agree with everything you said. I think these “young” mothers should really figure out what they want for their kids. Ask themselves if they are willing to sacrifice life as they know it before the baby comes. If they aren’t will to give up a few nights of partying and stay home and bond and nurture their children then they shouldn’t have babies. If everyone acted like Britney Spears our world and children would be a total mess. Thank God their are still responsible parents out there that are willing to stay home with their babies at night and be mothers. When my babies were little I’d get up and check on them even when they were sleeping just to make sure they had a cover on. And when they did wake up, they always knew I was going to be there to pick them up and cuddle them. Who picks Britney’s up? Oh yea, the nannies do, because she has money to pay somebody to be the mother she isn’t being. Gosh, wonder what’d she do if she didn’t have money? Shudder to think!!

  39. carleigh says

    And I am NOT talking about the requisite “Photo Op” she seized from taking Sean P to the park and to the pet store. She should be home with her kids and bonding with them both, they already don’t have a father the way it is, he get’s mere hours a week w/ them in Jan. and she is what they are stuck with for a mother ( a drunken heifer who would rather club crawl with Parasite Hilton then spend tie with her own babies)….another question…who is going to be a strong parental role model for her baby boys?????? Not her at this rate that’s for sure.

  40. carleigh says

    #24 in closing I am a 35 yr. old mother of two children and yes I know how “hard” it is to raise kids, nobody ever said it was an easy job..hell if it was an easy job our kids wouldn’t need us now would they?

    People are so hateful and say such heinous things about Britney because of HOW she conducts herself. NOT just because of WHO she is. She acts like to be around her kids is a bother, she’d rather party till she pukes (see, staggers around without underwear and a bra most of the time, and she’s a mess.

    We aren’t jealous and we don’t hate Britney….we are making comments and observations just like you did when you posted above in her defense. There’s no excuse for any mother Britney included specifically here that has any business running around 24/7 and ignoring and neglecting her kids. How long do you think it takes Britney to recover from her nightly binges? I’ll bet she doesn’t get home till 3-4 am and then sleeps it off all afternoon. So………my question is this primarily….when does she POSSIBLY have an ounce of time to spend with Sean P and Jayden???

  41. carleigh says

    #26 Paula well said.

    #24 You are a single 20 year old mother…then you full well know how hard it is to raise your ONE child alone, add another baby to that picture and multiply it times 4. Britney has a toddler and a 4 month old and that takes an enormous amount of work, it’s like having 2 littles one’s is double to work, correct me if I am off base please. I get the fact that you feel she’s entitled to go out and do what she wants, spend her money how she see’s fit and all that nonsense. Do you go out every single night of the week? Would you just up and leave your kids every single night in the care of a nanny/babysitter? Would you go around in public sans underwear in a short skirt and flash your “bits and pieces” to the whole world?Would have have the notorious Paris “A walking billboard for STD’s” Would you come staggering, falling down drunk after a night of booze fueled sex in a PUBLIC bathroom??? Hello, not if you are any kind of a mother…..

  42. Paula says

    Sorry #24, but since you’re a mom yourself you have to know that babies wake up at all hours of the night to be fed and or cuddled. But if your gone all night partying you wouldn’t know that. And yes, Britney has money but that surely doesn’t excuse her from being a good mother. And, have you thought that maybe all that money helps her to buy herself some drugs. Can’t tell me she’s not doing some drugs. Yes, she is young and she does deserve a night out once in a while. Everyone does. But going out all night for weeks at a time and showing your twat to everyone is not being very responsible, but of course when you are plastered you don’t really know or care what you’re doing in the first place. It’s all been said . You can defend her but I have noticed that young and not so young moms that do always say they go out a lot. So, have you hugged your baby today??

  43. **** says

    look at that poor child he does’nt even know what to do , he has probably never seen a park before. i don’t think he knows how to play. does’nt have a mother to interact with him. sad so sad.

  44. Tyesha says

    Dear Everyone,
    One question for you all who are making negatve comments about Brits parenting skills: Do you have children of your own? Also do you have any idea how hard it is to be a mom? I do. My son was born exactly 5 months to the day before lil Sean P was born. I am twenty years old and a single mom and i can tell you little inexperienced girls and also you older jealous girls that there is absolutely nothing wrong with going out, partying, etc when your a mom. Britney is still young and she has every right to live her life as a 25 year old. For one im sure she goes out at night when her babies are sleeping so wheres the harm in that? the kids are asleep! Also FYI it takes ALOT of money to raise a kid, wich Britney has plenty of that so you know her babies are perfectly taken care of, then more. So instead of focusing on how Britney lives her life, why dont you direct your attention twords something worth while, like all the drug addicted moms in society who dont work or do nothing with their lives but live on welfare, wich by the way is your hard earned tax dollars…

  45. says

    Her son is so cute. I hope she does her best to take care of them, and realize how important her children really are before it’s to late. She better start thinking of her childrens future. And think how they are going to react when they she mommy pics when she would go out and leave them with a nanny.

  46. KMisaHO says

    Kim #8 “Where’s the diaper bag?” During the summer, I take my kids to the park (approx.) 4 times a week. I NEVER take my diaper bag with me…I leave it in the car. It’s too hard carrying it while running after and playing with little ones. (Although I do keep a baggie of butt wipes in my pocket) Anyway,

    I’m no Britney fan and I like to stay positive, but being an avid park-going, I have never seen a mom quite dressed like that before. Put on a pair of jeans and some tennis shoes and have some fun! You’re kids are only little once!

  47. Paula says

    #17, I saw that. Notice how she has her hand pulling up her dress. She’s got to show some body parts even while she is at the park. #15, when I can see her with her son, son’s on a regular basis and I can tell by the pictures she’s really enjoying them and not just standing around trying to look pretty, then and only then will I start to think she’s changing. Otherwise, my opinion still stands. I still say she’s not through yet. She will do more outlandish things for publicity or just because she’s stupid. It’s in her make up to do those things. She’s been doing it since she started in show business. Right about now, I thinking she’s feeling pretty trapped. She’s produced these two little babies and now she’s feeling tied down to them and is trying a lame attempt to give the public what they want and that is to see her has a good mother. Too little, too late for me. She’s got money and friends and feels she can’t go play with it or them because she looks bad now that she has kids. She goes from one extreme to the other. She used Sean P. to her advantage before, carrying him all over the place. It was keeping her in the lime light. That’s old to her and she’s been there and done that. She’ll eventually bring the other one out and get her attention, then that will get old too. She’ll have to do something else to keep herself in the lime light. She’s a sad person that needs a huge amount of attention, negative or not, to keep her going. She was probably a spoild brat when she was coming up and I believe that’s true from some of the stories I’ve heard around her home town, and she feeds on the attention. Too bad she had to have two innocent little babies to keep her involved with the press.

  48. says

    go on britney is just standing there while her bodyguard push sean after that she was still standing making her bodyguard pick sean up and put him in the carseat

  49. Olivia says

    PR stunt or not? Britney is at the park with her son. Dressed properly or not? Britney is at the park with her son. Wrong shoes or not? Britney is at the park with her son? Purse instead of a diaper bag? Britney is at the park with her son. We don’t like her? We find fault with her what ever she does, “”””rightly so to my thinking””””, but ladies, Britney is at the park with her son. Maybe not a perfect step in the right direstion to many of you (according to previous comments). but what the hell, No matter the reason, Shawn knows Mommy is with him at the park. Maybe tomorrow she will accidently stumble into another step in the right direction. Either way it is a win win situation for SP A stumble in the right direction is a stumble worth cheering. If I’m being honest, I have to admit I see tremendious progress being made judging from last week, last month, several months.Like her or not, fair is fair and give credit where credit is due. I can still dislike her, but fair is fair. Brittney is at the park with her son ladies.

  50. Brit says

    not that I’m defending her…but I don’t carry diaper bags with me….I have a large enough “bag” that I can put diapers and wipes and extras in……now…however….I don’t think I could be wearing “stripper” platforms in a sandbox. LOL

  51. sweetie says

    I think Britney needs to grow up. For sure she is not ready to be a mom but too late. She sould follow Jannifer Garner example she seem to be enjoying violet a lot, she is always out with her. that is a real mom! not Britney. Grow up, enjoy your kids they are at a beautifull age right now . Don’t be afraid to get dirty in the park playing with your kids, give them all the attention they need remember they don’t have a Dad leaving with them right now and that is importan(I don’t think KF ever care for them anyways).

  52. says

    Sorry, but to me these recent outings with her son look more like a PR stunt than actual interest in her kids. I think she’s aware the heat is on her again and this is her lame attempt to appear an involved parent

  53. boo says

    lol…I must say that was an entertaining bit Paula…. Funny thing is you’re probably right! 😀

  54. kim says

    WHERE IS THE DIAPER BAG?? Any mother who knows what she’s doing does NOT leave home without that! Regular handbags are impractical, and many designers have nice diaper bags! It is nice to see her AT the park with SP, though, we have to give her credit for that, photo op though it may be!

  55. Paula says

    They were probably on their way somewhere else and passed the park and said “Oh, that would make a great photo op! Let’s stop here so people can see me stand by my son on the play ground. Oh, I just don’t want to get dirty tho so please keep him at a distance from me. Do I look good? Oh, yes I look fabulous and I know people will think I’m a great mother out here in the park and all with my son. That should take care of it for a little while. Oh, is it time yet? Got to go put on some more skank clothes and meet my friends at the club. Let’s go Sean Preston, mommy can’t be late. I’m just diein for a drink and I’ve spent enough time with you already. You can play with the new puppy when the nannies bring you home. I’ll be home in the mornin but please don’t bother me until around 1:00 or so. I have to get some sleep. Jayden James…..whoes that now???

    She is such a loose person all around. It’s so obvious what she’s doing!! Say no more!!!

  56. gracelyn says

    I agree Grandma of 4, she needs to loosen up and play with that sweet boy! Why does everyone always want the kids brought out, and as soon as they are its a photo op, or for PR? Not with just Britney but with every celeb that doesnt have their kids out for the world to see?

  57. Grandma of 4 says

    Well….at least this is a start! However, that being said, Britney does need some advice on “going to the playground”!

    1. Get rid of the handbag!
    2. Trade the fashion shoes in for some lace up sport shoes! One year olds RUN!
    3. Loose the skirt and wear some jeans and a shirt, sweatshirt, sweater!
    4. Pull your hair back into a ponytail…minus all those extentions.
    5. At least LOOK like you have been to the playground before.
    6. Have Sean SIT DOWN while YOU twirl him around.
    7. Try to relax and have fun!

    There is nothing like having a good time with your child and actually looking like you are enjoying yourself!

    Let the photographers snap away!

    Good Luck!

  58. Marti says

    I STILL wanna know why we haven’t seen a picture of Jayden? If she wanted a true photo-op, that would be the way to accomplish it, big time!

  59. carleigh says

    Look at me, look at me! Photo op,photo op! She’s a loser! Later on after this pic I am sure she tore off her underwear and made tracks to the nearest watering hole! Washed up, trashy, pill popping lunatic!

  60. Jacki says

    I think all this taking her son out is for PR after her recent PR disasters. Having said that, I think she is better off doing that than taking her pants off for publicity.

  61. Jessie says

    Britney doesn’t look like she’s ready to play with her son at a park, she looks like she’s about to leave him, once again… and is that that K-Fed look-a-like she’s been hanging around with? Also, when are we going to see pictures of Jayden James?!!

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