Tori Spelling Is Cute

Tori, 33, and Dean, 40, looked at an activity center (those are on of the best inventions ever!) at a Babies “R” Us in Calabasas, CA, on January 2nd. They registered for items like a wipes warmer, a Gymini activity mat, and a Boppy nursing pillow.

Tori Spelling

I say this despite myself…though I’ve never been a big fan of hers she seems like she’ll be a great mom and is a very glowy pregnant woman. I am very happy for her…she seems to realize how blessed she is.

Tori and Dean seem very happy about their baby joy!

“Every night when I walk by my mirror I just stare at my belly and I’m so impressed by it,” Tori, 33, shared on Wednesday. “You always wonder what you’ll look like when you’re pregnant and it looks good. I like being pregnant.”

Dean gushed: “She looks so sexy naked.”

While Tori said she is expecting a boy “in late March,” Dean added, “We haven’t decided on a first name, but his middle name will be Aaron,” in honor of Tori’s late father, TV mogul Aaron Spelling, who died last June.

Here Tori was snapped out and about on Monday in West Hollywood.

Tori Spelling
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  1. sherri says

    i wonder if dean’s 1st wife has forgiven her,i hope tori do’s not lose him to someone like her self than she will know the pain of having a husband walk out on you and your children,who would want a man like that anyway.

  2. Boo says

    I believe I was sticking to the subject and Defending Tori, you attacked me with your “b***h” and saint” comments remember. So if you will just lay off and stick to the subject, then hey so will I!

  3. star says

    look boo you must have a real big mouth down and above. lets keep to the subjects okay, not your life.

  4. Boo says

    Actually I have read books, ” What to expect when your expecting” is a great book for expectant mothers to read, and yes I’ve seen video’s to back when I was in high school… oh but lets not forget the 2 little bundles that I carried and gave birth to all natural, one of which was over 9 pounds…. that is how I know what I’m talking about.

  5. star says

    yes b***** i am a mother. and i know it burns . i take it your not a mother and that is why you have to read up on it. keep doing your research so that you can teacch us more like if we don’t know. you try to come on here sounding like a saint that never talks bad about everyone. the good thing is that we live in america and can speak our minds. so get over it everyone will say what they please.

  6. Boo says

    First of all I agree completely Carleigh….second- since when are adults too old for “pigtails”… I didn’t know there was an age limit on them…Ooops, My Bad!…. Third, I am also Proud to be a Canadian and I most Certainly do not consider Tori to be a home wrecker , So I guess that “We” don’t refer to her as a home wrecker “You” do Lowla…And lastly people leave relationships for a reason… No matter what there is always a reason, in this case one of the reasons was that Tori and Dean fell for each other and that’s it, that’s all, they no longer were happy where they were and wanted to be together to start a life so they did and now they are both happy and going to welcome a brand new baby into the world…. so why can’t people just be happy for her and quit bashing her every chance they get….personally I think she did nothing to deserve the rude remarks especially on her looks, I think she’s beautiful and seems like a really down to earth kind of person…. Oh and that brings me to one more question, Star are you a mother…have you ever given birth, because last I checked it burns no matter what your baby looks like when you are giving birth to a baby…. maybe you should read up on child birth or watch a couple of movies then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  7. carleigh says

    Why do people have to be so hateful? So, Tori Spelling isn’t the most attractive person in the world but the comments are just deplorable. This girl is happy apparently and I do not know the whole story about Dean and his ex-wife. However, neither does anyone else. I just don’t see what the difference is what this baby boy looks like as long as he is healthy and born into a loving family. Considering the odd lifestyle Tori grew up in, she seems to be a hard working, well adjusted person who is looking forward to having her first child. I wish them a happy, healthy baby and that’s all I’m going to say……because I have nothing else to say.

  8. star says

    i feel sorry for her when she has to push that baby out it’s gonna burn the hell out of her, if he has her face. i don’t know sometimes i wonder if she is a real live walking, talking horse. and that man he is just plain sick to have her tattooed all over his body, probably even on his manhood.

  9. says

    Hmmm this is a blind item that I read, the majority of guesses were Tori. I really hope for her sake and the sake of that child it isn’t her.

    One Blind from Lainey – FAS

    I’ve never had a baby, nor do I intend to, and therefore don’t consider myself an expert, but even I know that it’s wrong to over-imbibe when you’re expecting. Then again, it’s also wrong to steal another woman’s husband so why hold our mother-to-be to such lofty standards of propriety? Besides, going by what I hear, she’s probably not smart enough to figure out that alcohol can actually harm your fetus – relief therefore that her empire of origin has been left in more reliable, if manipulative, hands.

    Still… it’s really not the kind of gamble you want to f&ck around with. But as I said before, sound judgment is not her strong suit and well into her 2nd trimester, she was openly throwing back glass after glass of red wine. Over a 5 hour period, eyewitnesses report that it was refilled more times that would be considered “medically, socially, morally” acceptable. Even more interesting though: the person doing the replenishing was none other than the proud father and reigning junior master.

    Word is he keeps her already vacuous mind as stimulated, or as de-stimulated, as possible, which may account for the common phrase heard among those who’ve met her and describe her behaviour: “She is always OUT OF IT”…so much so that he often has to accompany her to do her business.

    After all, opportunistic love also extends to the loo.

  10. ~**~*~**~~ says

    You can’t help who you fall in love with…. you meet someone and there happens to be an immediate attraction and you fall in love…which is what I believe happened with Tori and Dean while filming The Movie Mind over Murder or whatever it was called.
    Maybe Both of them were already having Marital problems with their exes and meeting each other was the push they needed to get out of where they weren’t happy…. And now they are expecting a beautiful baby, so obviously they were meant to find one another.

  11. teri t says

    I too believe Tori is a homewrecker and I hope all her publicity dies! Dean and his wife had just adopted a baby one month prior to his “falling in love” with Tori. What about the innocent children and the biological mother of the adopted baby who believed she was giving her child to a stable two parent family!

  12. says

    Actually Jo Jo what you read is what someone ass-umed about me, I’ve been with my husband for 12 years and am very much in love. I wish that upon everyone, and beautiful things come of love.

  13. jojo says

    kellymay you are just saying that about tori cause you are the same kind of person NASTY . Sorry i remember your little story. Ha ha ha ………..sorry for you!!

  14. greens says

    “This has nothing to do with Tori (I already made a comment), but I was just wondering?does anyone know of a celebrity that has a child with down?s syndrome? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! ”

    John C. McGinley who plays Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs does.

  15. says

    Sorry Lowla I’m Canadian and don’t think she’s a homewrecker. I believe that we don’t always marry for love but we soon learn you need love to be married. Tori and Dean seem very much in love. I watched “What’s for Dinner’ for a few years that Mary Jo cohosted, she always spoke of Dean in a catty manner like he was her slave. She was an aggressive woman so it doesn’t surprise me that he moved on to find love, I really don’t blame him.

  16. says

    ok tori britney julia and jennifer all stole husband or boyfriend away from anthor women some was even pregant with thire baby and you guys dont labled them homewrecker but in the same case angelina stole brad away from jenn and you guys labled her as a homewrecker i think angelina is she’s been singled out because she’s high profile.

  17. Jessica says

    If Tori is happy, why knock her?

    Correct, Babyhates…not all marriages last forever.

    Just wondering. Lowla…in Canada, what do you call Jennifer Lopez & Julia Roberts (other women who have “stolen” husbands??!)

  18. babyhates says

    All some of you know how to say is “home wrecker”… get over yourselves !!! Not all marriages will last forever and it’s a part of life !!!

  19. star says

    so that is where my horse went. for a while i thaught she was lost. i know it’s her because of the pony tails.

  20. Lowla says

    I agree with Essie. Up here in Canada , we refer to Tori as a homewrecker ! She swooped down and sank her claws into her current husband Dean, who was married to his wife Mari-Jo Eustache, at the time. I wonder if she will tell that story to her children and grandchildren…………

  21. dori says

    I don’t think she’s particularly “cute”. Pregnancy seems to give her a lovely glow though.
    Her taste in clothes is not what I would call “cute” either.

  22. Essie says

    I don’t believe I said anything about her NOT being a good mother. I SAID . . . I don’t understand how you people can tell from looking at a person that she will be a good mother. I don’t care if she “turned her life around” or still gets falling down drunk. It’s no business of mine. I was just responding to this web mistress who seems to ADORE Tori Spelling and thinks she’s “cute.”

    To each his/her own!!!

  23. Anon says

    Essie: “…she used to be a drunk.” ?? So that means she couldn’t possibly be a good mother now? I’m sure everyone USED to be things they aren’t proud of but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your life around and be a perfectly suitable mother/daughter/wife, etc.

  24. sillygirl says

    She needs some fashion help in a very bad way. Hair style help as well. She is to old and looks so stupid to wear pig tails. Aside from that, I to think she will be a good Mom. She had a rough year last year and I hope nothing but the best for her and her new family. I also hope she makes up with her Mom.

  25. MissyMama says

    I think it is refreshing to see an actress so overjoyed about becoming a mother. I like how she is “impressed” with her belly. By 8 1/2 months I was mortified!!

  26. Psychlori says

    come on people, she isn’t ugly. We are so used to seeing perfect images on the media. Take a good long look in the mirror people who say Tori is ugly-are you that much better? Anyone who doesn’t like her should check out the DVD for So NoTorius. She is so funny, and able to make fun of herself. She doesn’t need to have plastic surgery so that strangers find her attractive. She is lucky to have a loving husband and it seems like she is smart enough to know that.
    Congrats Tori, I’m sure you will be a great mother!

  27. scarlet says

    Now this a so wonderful to see…A mother to be so happy of her bundle of joy soon to arrive…Tori seems like she will make a wonderful mother….Best wishes to them both…

  28. kalinsmommy says

    I think she looks adorable, even with the Pony tails, she is an “ACTRESS” for all of you who dont know, her Job is to act so maybe by wearing the pony tails and the Awkward clothing she is in Chracter. why Hate on these people, in all actuality this website is about the babies not about their parents per say. so with that being said.
    YOU GLOW GIRL!!! lol

  29. Essie says

    Tori may be a lot of things but CUTE ain’t one of them!!! She is quite ugly, even after having hundred’s of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery done; she dresses badly for her age and she used to be a drunk. No, nothing pretty about that mess!!!

    I also don’t understand how you can look at a woman and “see” that she will be a “great mom.” From what I remember, Britney absolutely glowed during her first pregnancy. We see how that has turned out.

  30. sweetpink says

    I never really watch any of her shows but she seems to be a really nice person. i think she will be a great mom and she looks great!!!
    good luck with the baby!!!

  31. anonymous says

    Tori and Dean spent Christmas in my home town. Everyone adores Tori. She is kind and generous and nothing like she is portrayed on TV.

  32. anonymous says

    I agree that she will probably be a good mom, but I really do dislike her. She seems very immature and catty.

  33. says

    yea KMisaHO he is a baseball player- A daughter for St. Louis Cardinals player Albert Pujols
    St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols and his wife Deidre welcomed daughter Sophia Adela on November 5th. They also have a four year old son together, AJ, and Albert has adopted Deidre’s daughter from a previous relationship, Isabella, who has Down’s Syndrome, to whom Deidre says he is the ‘best father in the world
    hope that help

  34. KMisaHO says

    This has nothing to do with Tori (I already made a comment), but I was just wondering…does anyone know of a celebrity that has a child with down’s syndrome? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  35. gracelyn says

    I think she will make a great mom!! But she needs to realize that shes to old to wear pig-tails. Its really not a flattering look on a 33 year old woman! IMO

  36. KMisaHO says

    Yes…Tori is absolutely glowing! I hope she has a safe delivery. You can tell that this baby will be loved and adored!

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