Britney, Sean & A New Puppy Pal

Britney Spears

Britney was snapped yesterday afternoon at a Bel-Air pet store with 16-month-old son Sean Preston (carried by manager Larry Rudolph) where they left with a new critter.



  1. boo says

    No Tiffaney “she” doesn’t take care of her kids…she pays other people to do it…. While she goes out and gets trashed and parties with different people Every night of the week…it’s the nannies and help that are bonding with her kids , not her…. every piture you see of her with the babies ( or Sean at least) , someone else is holding him…I find it to be a bit ridiculous!

  2. says

    ok…. you all need to shut the fuck up. britney is a celeberty. she does take care of her sons if she didn’t they wouldn’t be all chubby. obviously no one understands how hard it is to be a celeberty. and for the person that said she was too young to be a mother no she’s not shes was what over 20. well i have a 1 year old daughter and i’m 18 that is not too young.

  3. stephanie says

    she is nice she is trying her best but i think she has the right to go out with her friends and let her baby daddy take care of the kids?

  4. Lizzy says

    hey brit – put down the puppy and pick up that other little baby boy of yours … why don’t you stop giving a f*** about the money and bring baby jayden out of hiding …

  5. debs says

    what’s with another chihuahua? i thought she already had one….. or more? the number of pets you own should be proportionate to the amount of time you can give them, i think. then again, she has enough money to pay people to pet-sit for 50 years straight.

    little sean looks so confused by everything, all the time. and no wonder.

    i hope she IS with larry. he seems like a good guy.

  6. says


  7. says


  8. boo says

    kelly may by the way i read that you were expecting a little miracle. so how are you doing with that?

  9. My birth story says

    I had sex
    I got knocked up
    I got fat
    My water broke
    I pushed
    My baby popped out

  10. says

    **way off topic, sorry**

    Boo, I am a nurse and birth doula with aspirations to midwifery. Deadlines for applications are February, with your grades you need to submit a thesis as to why you want to be a midwife. This program has limited numbers (38 seats) with only 4 schools that teach it in the province I live in.

    I would like to write my paper on the influence of midwifery practices on the birth processes, I would like to accumulate stories to see the use of intervention and outcomes, Homebirth versus Hospital etc… Also I will touch a bit on breastfeeding but not my main focus. Basically, I want to knock their socks off and hopefully get in to a part-time program, my latest revelation throws a small hitch into my schooling but we think we’ve found a working solution 🙂

    I am also very interested in hearing what made your births special 🙂 For instance when my midwives left they thanked me for allowing them to be a part of my special day 🙂 I can reflect on the births I have attended but I generally work with the same practioners so not too much changes in procedures (the occasional surprise though). So I would love to hear different stories to broaden my view 🙂

  11. Jessica says

    No 2 births are the same.

    Everybody has a unique & individual birth story that they find necessary to share.

    Im just trying to figure out what any of that has to do with Britnay buying a dog?

    any-ho, ABOUT THE SUBJECT—–

    Britnay is obviously an empty person looking for love & acceptance by any means she can.

    First, she tried to fill that void in her life with a husband, then kids & now a dog.

    All her relationships fail as will this new relationship with her dog and we’ll probably see little “Snow White” on a Chinese menu in a town near her soon.

    Bon apetite!!!!!

  12. boo says

    Kelly May- what do you need birth stories for?
    I have some pretty good ones…but why do you need them exactly?

  13. **** says

    i don’t care what the stinky b**** does. she is plain nasty every time i see her picture all i can see is that nasty rashy ass snatch of hers. she tries to make herself look good like she has changed but she is still trashy.

  14. Whatever says

    You guys need to get a grip – just because SPF reaches out for her once on camera … you guys freak out!!! Get a life!!!

  15. Ellen says

    I had a baby born at 7am. I was home for dinner that same evening (take out) and in a college class two days later. And that was 23 years ago.

  16. Lacy says

    why the heck is she buying puppies for!!! she has a 16 month old baby and a new one. dogs are a hassle. she should try to improve her mommy skills before she brings another babe into the family, even if it is dog.

  17. says

    Anyone else hear about this? It was a posting at a job site for Britney, interesting….

    From Craigslist:

    In cooperation with Zomba Films and MTV films, LCAA prodcutions is working on a new reality contest for a major network.

    Britney Spears is getting ready for a big comeback. “The last couple of years have been quite a ride for me, the media has criticized my every move and printed a skewed perception of who I really am as a human being,” the 25-year-old pop star says. Her goal? “I want to show my fans and critics that I’m coming back this year bigger and better than ever”.

    Britney has agreed to open up her life again to the TV cameras. But this time, it won’t be her in the spotlight Instead, it is you! Britney is looking to surround herself with a new team. Each week, a new contestant will walk and work by her side 24 hours a day, for 5 straight days. Your job will be to give her guidance, perception and help her with comeback. For this 16 week audition/interview, we are looking for 8 males and 8 females to compete for a position on Britney’s new team.

    “I’m thrilled about this new chapter in my life and even more excited to involve my fans in my comeback”, says Britney.

    Please send us a brief summary as to how you can help improve Britney’s image and why you are the right candidate. Must be a US Citizen. Must have valid passport. Position open to anyone 21 years of age or older. Please DO NOT include your phone number. We will respond to your email with additional casting information once we reviewed all inquiries.


  18. says

    Boo, Thank God that isn’t the case! I had an emergency C-section with my first begged to be discharged at 24 hours but Dr made me stay til 48hrs and was still disgruntled because I didn’t stay the 72hrs (likely because he got less money) so I opted for a homebirth with my second. Amazing experience, I gave birth at 315pm, midwives left at 530pm so I could dive into my spaghetti dinner I was starving!!! Never even went near the hospital that time!
    Kudos to you for a quick delivery! Would you be willing to share your birth stories with me? I need to write a paper soon and am in need of birth stories for reference.

    My email is

  19. Worst-mum-award-goes-to-Britney-Spears says

    What a stupid bitch, she doesnt deserve to have kids… I dont think she will ever redeem herself

  20. MissyMama says

    There are new photos of her out yesterday with SPF and her “bodygurd”. The man is carrying SPF, Britney, she carrying her lunch…on her way to the tanning salon. I’m sure SPF enjoyed that “quality” time with mom….

    Then, like this is so surprising anymore, she spent the night out partying! She’s got those nasty extentions back in, she was wearing what looks to be the same mini skirt she was wearing in the Matt Lauer interview….oh and she is out with that new guy of hers, the one from the boat…

  21. says

    I agree age has nothing to do with it. I had 2 babies by 24 and had no desire to go out and party but I also wasn’t single so….

    N Here in Canada we commonly discharge woman and babies hours after birth, as long as there are no complications then there is no reason to keep a healthy woman and baby after a completely natural event. If you ask to be discharged it is in your right to be discharged.

  22. boo says

    Ummm, I’m sorry “N” but yeah they did… I had a midwife deliver me at the hospital…and provided that everything went well with the baby and myself I was free to leave and take the baby home…which might I add I did…because he was in perfect health.
    And actually I gave birth at 7:51pm and was home By 11:00 WITH My 3 hour old baby, so I would be there to take care of my 2 year old ( at the time)…The midwifes then did home visits to keep tabs on the baby and make sure he was healthy and growing properly.
    Believe me if their was anything even remotely wrong with My son… I never would’ve left the hospital with him…. but he was healthy so WE went home.
    Thank you very Much… I have NEVER EVER spent a night away from either one of My kids!

  23. Paula says

    On our local radio station this morning they were talking about how someone said she was not a good pet owner. Now she ran out and got a dog. Funny it didn’t bother her for someone to say she wasn’t a good mother, but the minute she hears she’s not a good pet owner she has to show everyone she is. Poor dog, poor babies.

  24. N says

    Boo….. you gave birth that morning and the hospital discharged you in the same day….. Thats very hard to believe. Im sure they didnt discharge the baby the same day….so you did spend at least one night without one of your children.

  25. Jenna says

    I like how she’s carrying the dog and letting someone else carry her son. And where is Jayden?

    Anyway, why is she trying to look after a dog, she can’t look after her kids. She shouldn’t be left in charge of ANY living thing. Possibly even herself.

  26. boo says

    I agree with “babyhates #20….her age has nothing to do with it, she herself is just super immature….I was 19 years old when I had my first son and 22 when I had my second … and I never leave them…literally… My oldest is 3 and a half and to this day I have NEVER left him over night.
    Even the night I gave birth to his brother I was home.

    Britney just has a lot of growing up to do herself, she’s pathetic and doesn’t know what she’s missing when it comes to her kids… and I would know cuz everything that Sean P is doing , My baby is to they were born within a few days of each other and every single thing that my son does is amazing… I can’t begin to wonder how much of Sean P’s life Britney has missed since beginning her partying ways.
    I will defend her though with the fact that o.k sure she was home for 2 and a half years being pregnant or caring for a baby and she does deserve a little freedom. But I will continue with saying that I think she is taking advantage just a little bit…. to go out once in a while and have a good time with your friends is great…go for it have a ball…everyone likes some adult time and conversation…, but remember that you are still a parent you still have 2 little boys at home that NEED and WANT their MOMMY NOT their NANNY.

  27. says

    I think you guy cant talk that way about her, I mean you dont even know her, you only see pictures, I think that she really cares about her boys, she is just learning how to be a mom, nobody is an expert.

  28. N says

    When she was carrying sean all the time and almost fell people said let your bodyguards carry him or put him in the stroller….Now she lets someone else carry him and you guys still arent satisfied. Make up your minds

  29. Essie says

    Carleigh, I understand what you’re saying BUT, I still think her mother and father and everybody else around her are scared to death to “bite the hand that feeds them.” Britney has been supporting her family since her Mickey Mouse Club days and she has the power to cut them off and they know it. I think she is vindictive enough to do it.

    However, it does look like somebody has put a bug in her ear about neglecting her kids and this photo-op at the pet store shows that. Unfortunately, that video shows that she still doesn’t have a clue.

  30. marla says

    I cannot believe that she is buying a new puppy, does anyone remember how she used to have dogs before her sons were born, but then got rid of them when Sean p arrived? She said it wasn’t working to have dogs running around, and have babies at the same time. Dogs are not disposable objects!

  31. babyhates says

    SORRY but age has nothing to do with it ! Everyone keeps saying “she’s to young”….. NOT A GOOD REASON TO ABANDON YOUR KIDS !!!!! I hate when people make excuse like that because am sorry I had my son at 21 and I don’t leave him alone or go out and party. She’s trash and always has been trash ! If you go back and look at her stuff (pre-babies) she was messing with most of her dancers (guys & gals) !!!!

  32. kim says

    oh those poor little boys…I can’t bear to watch the video… I have a 2&1/2 yr old boy, and a daughter Jayden’s age… I can’t imagine not scooping them up when they reach for me!!! However, I’m also 39 yrs old and understand nights out partying were over long ago!!! Poor boys…

  33. Jamie says

    Wow, my heart broke when little Sean Preston put his arms out for Brit but she just walked away. I mean all Sean wants is his mom to hole him not someone else.I mean would u rather carry a dog or your own child?

  34. carleigh says

    #6 Essie I can see where your train of thought comes from but..however…don’t you think her mother Lynne who has been so active in all area’s of Brit’s life would say something?I know if this were my OWN daughter my foot would be IMBEDDED in her ass crack till the little hooker woke up and got a clue! I don’t think they are scared to “bite the hand that feeds them” so to speak…I think Britney is so far gone she just doesn’t listen to anyone or give a damn anymore. She’s so into the clubs and shakin’ her ass she’s got no time for the “seriousness” or responsibilities of raising two little boys. She’s pathetic and a real mess. ( I am not tearing into you I just found your comment interesting and had to respond.. : )

  35. Marti says

    Has anyone seen a picture of Jayden? Anyone???? I can’t help but wonder if Brit is trying to pull a “Where’s Suri”? kind of a thing w/Jayden, but is getting no response. 😮 I’ll bet he’s a doll and, I , for one, would love to see a picture of him! 🙂

  36. MissyMama says

    ok, well I see my snipping and pasting didn’t quite work…lets try again:

    I’ve got it! I’ve figured our why she is NEVER with her kids!! She has completely forgotten that she had them!!

    When she is home she probably wonders why the “maid” keeps bringing her kids with her to work, but Britney doesn’t say anything because she thinks their “cute” and “would like to have children of her own someday”!

    Maybe I just think I’m funny……

  37. MissyMama says

    I posted this on another Britney thread BEFORE I had seen this. But I still find it amusingly fitting:

    I’ve got it! I’ve figured out why she is NEVER with her kids…she has completely forgotten that she had them!!

    When she is home she probably wonders why the “maid” keeps bringing her kids with her to work, but Britney doesn’t say anything because she thinks their “cute” and “would like to have children of her own some day”!


  38. scarlet says

    Once a dirty tramp…Always a dirty tramp…She can’t not change her true colors…The sad thing is anyone can have babies…It takes a real mother to bring up a child which she FAILED ON BOTH COUNTS…

  39. ginger says

    Why would anyone think anything different? She became a mother way too young. She was dying to become a mom not realizing what came along with it. It doesn’t mean your life is over or you can never go out, but it does mean that they are your priority and you think of them before yourself.
    When your that age you are still thinking of yourself instead of a little one. Yes she could be more mature than others because of her celebrity status or since she hasn’t really experienced what so many people have, it could make her less mature

    Her judgement also wasn’t too good either – dating someone who has someone else pregnant and then marrying them in such a short time. Then on top of that having 2 kids within 2 years.

    I don’t think anyone thought this would ever last. Whether you like her or not, thats not really the point. She was young, niave and made a huge mistake and now it will effect 2 other lives. Very sad

  40. MissyMama says

    Carleigh~EXACTLY! My heart goes out to those poor boys. I have a son who is 14 months old, just a mere 2 months younger than SPF. It tears me apart having to be away from him (and his brother) for the 9 hours while I’m at work. The looks on their faces when I come to get them, oh, it’s the most heart warming thing I just cannot explain.

    This little guy is probably looking at her like, “hey, hey, HEY YOU, where did you go? Aren’t you going to pick me up?”

    And Jayden, well, maybe it’s better he doesn’t know that this is his mother. Hopefully the nanny is swaddling him and rocking him back to sleep at 12, 2 and 4 am.

    In a way it’s kind of sad. She just really DOESN’T get it. She doesn’t understand the scrutany. She posts this apologetic letter, but it’s all, me, me, me; then continues to parade around night after night from club to club not being seen spending anytime with her kids or doing normal things like going to the grocery store, getting her hair done….you get the point.

    I really do not know what else more their is to say at this point…

  41. Essie says

    Poor Britney is a train wreck and she appears to be too stupid to care!!! It’s a shame. Her career is down the toilet and she doesn’t have the talent that Whitney Houston has so Whitney will probably make a giant comeback and Britney will soon be a “who cares”!!!!

    The reason nobody (mother, father) is telling her anything is because (1) she won’t listen; and (2) she’s the one who pays for their housing, etc. They are afraid to tell her how awful she has become. As someone said: money is power and whoever has the money has the power!! Nobody around her is going to tell her anything!!!

  42. carleigh says

    She’s doing this for a “photo” op trying to make herself look more maternal…well newsflash Brit it didn’t work and it backfired dreadfully. She then proceeded to dinner and out for another night of frolicking in the local bars in LA. She’s pathetic and she’s trying to use Sean P. as a “prop” to say look at me, look at me. Poor little boy and I feel sorry for Jayden too-their mother isn’t a mother at all. She’s a confused, mixed up,pill popping, trainwreck. I can’t imagine she is there when they are put to bed at night and I hate even more to think about her drunken ass staggering home at 3-4 am going in to “check” on her babies. Mommy comes home wobbly, bleary eyed drunk and stinks like booze, cheap sex and cigarettes. She probably sleeps til 1-2 in the afternoon and can you imagine what kind of “quality” time she is giving those babies???? OMG…someone needs to smack her around and make her wake up. I actually rooted for her after the K-fag thing but now I have ZERO respect for her because she has none for herself. She makes me sick and I feel sorry for her innocent precious little boys who probably have NO clue as to who their mother is between the drunken blonde they see recovering at 2pm or the nannies that care for them while the galavanting bimbo rides again!

  43. Brandy says

    My thoughts exactly. Why the Hell isn’t she carrying her son and letting whomever that is carry the dog? Her son should be more important than a pocket sized ankly biter anyway! Why haven’t we seen Jayden yet?!? I hope someone steps in and sets her straight or takes her children b/c they need a mommy not a nanny to love and look after them!

  44. MissyMama says

    x17 online has video of this excursion. It’s quite pathetic. Larry is either carrying or chasing after SPF while Britney adores the puppies. There are even a couple instances where Larry is holding SPF and SPF reaches out to her and she just walks away. She’s too busy stroking the oversized rat in her arms.

    Another poor soul for Britney to ignore and the “staff” to take care of.

    The saddest part is when they are getting into the car, Larry or someone else is putting SPF into the backseat and Britney just goes and plops herself into the front passenger seat. Lets her manny or whoever he is sit next to SPF as she pays attention to her new dog….

  45. cupid says

    what the hell is she trying to prove. To hell with her i don’t like her she is trying to hard to change everyones perspective of her and think that she is leaving all the parting ways and be the mother everyone wants her to be. Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!! you all got punked to fall for this one.

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