Jodie Foster & Her Son

Jodie Foster, 44, was snapped with her son Kit, 5, at a cafe in LA on January 3rd. She also has an eight-year-old son named Charles. It has never been revealed who the father of her children is. It is thought that an anonymous donor is the father of Charles and Kit.

Jodie Foster


  1. mo says

    Jodie Foster is perhaps one of the most intelligent, honorable, and noble individuals on this planet. Hooray for her life. What an inspiration to just live life and make it what you want it to be!!!! All the best to you and yours Jodie!!!!

  2. leandra says

    It would appear a little “small-minded” to look at one picture (obviously not a picture posed for) and make a statement of anothers good (or not so good) looks. I have always admired Jodie Foster’s work…..and I would congratulate her on her life, and family…personally I think the boy looks a lot like Jodie….and I think she is a very attractive woman….and therefore, I think he also is a handsome young fellow…..

  3. Sally says


  4. Jessica says

    It’s spelled “psycho”

    My, my, my…some people get so defensive!


    I do believe this is the first time I have seen her son.

    Amazing how she manages to avoid the spotlight.

    Obviously, a sign of good parenting!

  5. gracelyn says

    You know dori maybe its you that needs the help!! Not everyone has the same opinion, WELCOME TO REALITY!!!!! I dont understand why you would think Im angry because I dont think this boy is cute. Maybe your just really defensive because your ugly and youve been told that your whole life!!!! Anger management for thinking a child isnt cute, huh, I’ll check into that one. I’ll be sure to tell them you sent me!!! (PHSYCO)

  6. dori says

    What kind of help do you need? How about some anger management help… how does that sound????
    response to #12

  7. BC Girl says

    I agree with you Gracelyn!! Saying you dont think a child is very good looking is harmless.
    To those who think saying a child is not good looking is cruel and evil, what is the age limit on your view of a ‘child’?? Once a person hits 20 we are allowed to say they are ugly without being mean?? Or maybe the age limit is lower, like around….. 16??? Please let us know!!!

  8. gracelyn says

    Correction-Meant to say one of the least cutest. Could we all just grow up? How does it offend any of you if I think her son is cute or not? Im entittled to my oppinion too, so get off my ass!!!!!!!!!

  9. gracelyn says

    #7&10 you people are so fake, your gonna sit there and say that you have never seen a child less cute than another? Im gonna have to say your LYING, Id be willing to bet you think your own children are cuter than others!! I didnt say he was ugly, so why dont you learn how to read and quit twisting my words!! Dori, what kind of help would you recomend for me since Im not sure where I can go to get help for saying this child is one of the cutest Ive ever seen? Please enlighten me!!!!!

  10. KMisaHO says

    #6, Gracelyn…I’m so sorry, Sweetie. i didn’t mean to step on your toes. Jodie Foster is a woman to admire. And to call her son ugly was a very negative thing to say. Judging by the other posts (7 & 9), people agree with me. Honey, try to look at the cup as half full, not empty….Peace and love, Sweetie! Have a SUPER day filled with joy, joy, joy!

  11. Essie says

    You are so right, dori. Calling a child “ugly” makes the person doing the insulting look bad. That child (and his brother) are two very lucky little boys. Jodie Foster wanted children and she had them and from what I’ve heard she’s a very, very good mother.

  12. manny says

    Amen and Right On! I agree 100% with the comments made here by dori and by Jenny.

    I add my belief that Jodi Foster is the finest American actress of our time..and she is a brilliant lady (an honors graduate of Yale).

    How can anyone not admire her and her son ???

  13. Jenny says

    I think it’s wonderful that Jodie prefers to be a private person. In today’s media-driven world, it’s easy to get caught up in who’s gay, who’s straight, but really, who cares?

    I am a straight woman, but I can appreciate anyone who is in a healthy relationship raising responsible children. Way to go Jodie! 🙂

  14. dori says

    Jodi Foster is an amazing actress and director and it’s refreshing to see her pout and about with her son. I have never seen a pic of him before. He looks like she did as a child. Very cute.
    Anyone who calls a child ugly has some serious issues.
    There’s a lot more wrong with you than dishing out insults.
    Get help!

  15. gracelyn says

    #5, you of all people dont need to be telling someone not to be negative!!! Just look at all the crap you did to KellyMay. Maybe you should Practice what you preach!!!!!!!

  16. KMisaHO says

    #4. yes…you’re right…you shouldn’t of wasted your time saying that. People can be so negative sometimes. Try being positive. It does wonders for the soul.

    Jodie is such a private person. It’s nice to see her out and about with her handsome son!

  17. gracelyn says

    I know I probably shouldnt even waste my time saying this, but this is one of the least cutest children Ive ever seen!

  18. J says

    The father has never been revealed because she likes girls. Duh. See the gold band? It’s a gay wedding or commitment band.

  19. says

    Wow it’s like a mini me!! He looks so much like her!! I had no idea she was 44! She’s a great actress and has managed to stay out of the public eye for so long…impressive!


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