Brooke Burke Welcomes Her Third Daughter!

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke, 35, and her fiancé David Charvet, 34, welcomed their first child, a daughter, on Monday, her rep confirms.

Heaven Rain Charvet was born at 2 p.m. at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica. She weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz. and was 18 3/4 inches long.

“Brooke had a very smooth delivery, with her fiancé David by her side,” rep Nancy Iannios shares. “They are thrilled to be back at home now with their gorgeous baby girl. It’s a very exciting time for them.”

Heaven joins half sisters, Neriah, 6, and Sierra Sky, 4, Brooke’s daughters with ex-husband plastic surgeon Garth Fisher (they split in 2005). David proposed to Brooke during a summertime party in August 2006. “It was a total surprise,” Brooke told People magazine. “It was all very romantic. He’s my best friend.”

David gave his fiancé an eternity band because, “it’s forever,” Brooke explained, adding that the two have known each other for years but started dating in 2005, during Rock Star: INXS.

As for their wedding, Iannios says, “Brooke and David are looking forward to getting married sometime this spring.” Burke told People magazine that they were waiting for the baby to arrive before they began planning. “We’re not going to stress ourselves out,” she said.

Wow…another girl for Brooke! I love the name they chose!



  1. Lauren says

    Congrats to Brooke and David. I’m sure their little girl is beautiful as her parents are. I love the name they picked out. It’s soo pretty and fememine.

  2. **** says

    I’m sure she got the name from the V.C. Andrews novels. those are the names of the characters in the books. come on she should give her baby a real name. Good thing she did’t have a boy she probably would have named him dirt or tree or earth.

  3. BC Girl says

    HAHAHA Carleigh!! I completely agree with you!! Heaven Rain…….. Definately sounds like a stripper name!! Its almost as bad as naming your baby Candy!! 🙂

  4. Chris says

    To Minnie:
    You’re misinformed about the French law.
    I’m French so can tell you it has changed since 1993. You no longer have to choose the baby’s name from a list, and are free to choose whatever you like; you just can’t be “granted the right” to give your child a name sounding or looking ridiculous, coarse or whimsical.
    Heaven Rain sure wouldn’t be in this category!

  5. Chris says

    Great, beautiful name!
    There’s a lot more deep meaning in it than in Sierra Sky, IMO…
    Congrats to this gorgeous couple!

  6. carleigh says

    The name brings about images of trailer parks and/or stripper poles for me..sorry I don’t like it. Baby is probably beautiful though and congrats on a healthy baby girl but that name is just craptastic!

  7. dori says

    Heaven Rain…. Sierra Sky…. what kind of names are these? Don’t these people realize the kid has to go to school and will be harassed by other kids?
    For goodness sakes are these peole on LSD when they name their kids. What are they thinking?To send a child through adolescence with crazy names like that!!!!!
    What ever happened to good old names like David, John, Allan, Ken, Bob ,Linda ,Sharon,Marla, Joanne ???
    They try so hard to be different, that they are laughable.

  8. gracelyn says

    I bet their baby is adorable! I kinda like the name, my friend named her daughter Heaven Leigh Power ( Power is her last name). Its weird but it grew to seem normal!

  9. Garimbder says

    What a flake…

    I’m glad Burke and baby are healthy, but Burke is desperately running out of names… ‘Sierra’ is so unoriginal in its attempt to be orginal that it’s become cliche. And SKY? Heaven? Rain? These are the most blatant attempts to project a new-age/back-to-nature image when the nature of Burke’s work is anything but. Perhaps working in the environment that she does sucks the creativity right out of her.


  10. carleigh says

    I don’t like that name it sounds kinda trailer park to me like angel or precious or even ‘britney”…but I am sure she’s a beautiful baby and at least her name has some sort of substance whereas apple–we won’t even go

  11. Diva says

    I’ve read in quite a few other blogs that even though the baby’s name is Heaven Rain, they just call her Rain.

  12. Minnie says

    Just as an aside – in France you’re only allowed to give your child a name from a certified list. When you go in to register the baby if the name isn’t on the list you can’t have it.

  13. KMisaHO says

    What a beautiful “Christian” name…I’m sure that the baby is just as “Heavenly” as her name! Congratulations!

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