Kate Hudson & Ryder In Australia

Kate Hudson took Ryder (he turned 3 on January 7th!) for a stroll in Australia on Sunday.

Kate Hudson

She went for a run Monday to keep in amazing shape. She looks so cute even when out for a jog!

Kate Hudson

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  1. Lauren says

    I love Kate Hudson. She’s soo cute. She has an amazing body. She’s seems like a devoted mother and she’s also a wonderful actress.

  2. Lauren says

    I love Kate Hudson. She’s soo cute. She has an amazing body. She’s seems like a devoted mother and she’s also a wonderful actress.

  3. K says

    Yes, Kate is flat chested but I have so much respect for a woman that does’nt give in to the “plastic surgery craze “and feels confident and sexy as flat as she is. I wish more woman would feel the same way as Kate and stop trying to place so much importance on having the “perfect” chest size.

  4. Jessie says

    I think Ryder is old enough to maybe be out of the strollers, but he could be hot or tired from being “down under” so that’s okay. I have no idea what goes on in celeb’s lives, but I’m just saying. I also think Ryder needs a haircut!

  5. dori says

    I think 3 year olds tire quickly when on outings with mom. I remeber my kids were 2 years apart and I would bring 1 stroller and the older one would get tired and want to get a free ride. I had to put them both in the buggy sometimes or alternate. Then I wised up and got a double stroller.

  6. vicki says

    hell yeah, if i had her body i would so show it off in those cute little outfits, she works hard to keep it.

  7. says

    I have a question: What DOES Chris do?? I know he’s the lead singer of the Black Crowes, but from what I know they haven’t released a song in years!! Is he living off of the money he made then or her money or WHAT??! I know she’s alluded to him touring, but for what, an album that’s 10 years old?? I’ve always wondered that. As for Kate, she’s so beautiful and down to earth and looks like a great mom…hope she finds a guy with a job!!

  8. dori says

    I know she was making a movie in Austrailia but isn’t that done by now? Has she taken up residence out there?
    I loved Goldie Hawn and I love this girl too. So cute and lovable. I hope she finds a nice guy who will appreciate her. So glad she cut Ryders hair. It was getting unruly. It’s cute now.

  9. KMisaHO says

    Nothing wrong with Kate’s jogging outfit…she has the body for it! Besides, it’s Australia and probably hot!

  10. BC Girl says

    She is so beautiful!! I have always really like Kate, she is a great mother and a great actress too!! 🙂

  11. MissyMama says

    I too wouldn’t buy my ex a suitable home. Chris made enough money with his band to where he should be able to purchase a nice home/condo/townhome. I’m sure he’ll probably get a nice chunk of change in the divorce as outlined in some sort of pre-nup (did they have one?) or settlement.

    Was it ever really confirmed that she and Owen were actually dating?? Just curious.

  12. carleigh says

    I wouldn’t “buy” Chris Robinson a damn house I know that much. If he can’t afford someplace “suitable” for Ryder to stay when he comes to visit then there’s always one of those 5-star Hollywood Hotels I’m sure that he could manage to rough it for a few days a month w/o complaint. Why should she be responsible for buying him a house? Unless it’s specifically in their prenup I wouldn’t give his butt one thin dime if I were Kate! How sad is that?? OMG, I wanted to choke when I saw that but then again how truly reliable are the tabloids anways?

  13. babyhates says

    US Weekly reports:

    “Since Owen kicked her to the curb, she has turned into a tyrant to everybody in sight,” a confidant tells the New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher column.
    “And she just backed off on her offer to buy [soon to-be ex-husband] Chris Robinson a house in Malibu.”
    Added the source: “They’re ironing out their divorce right now, and there will be a line in it about Chris having ‘suitable housing’ for when Ryder comes to stay, but she’s not going to buy him the Malibu dream house anymore.”

  14. joelly says

    Kelly May – she is filming in Australia with Matthew McConaughey (not at all a big party animal…yeah right!!)

  15. MissyMama says

    Why is it such a big deal that she is jogging in terry shorts and a bikini top?? A sports bra wouldn’t cover much more. Hell, if I had her body I’d jog with that outfit on!

    I respect how hands on she is with Ryder. She is a young mother who understands her responsibility to her child. And with going through a divorce, she is acting respectfully. Not out partying, but taking care of her child and working.

    Some other young mothers (Britney) should take note.

  16. carleigh says

    she has no chest and neither does her mother they are both pigeon chested women. Beautiful girl but no cleavage whatsoever. Ryder looks cuter with his hair cut though and glad to see no pacifier stuffed in his mouth! Katie is a very cute girl and she is having a rough time right now, at least she’s jogging, keeping fit and healthy and going out with Ryder. Unlike some other nonmentionable (cough “brit” cough), who instead of jogging for health reasons thinks that running from bar to bar to bar as a form of exercise! You want to site lack of clothes let’s not forget “Brit’s Bits in 06′” shall we ladies??? Leave Katie alone at least she is trying to be private and keep to herself and not out being a publicity whore!

  17. gracelyn says

    I love her!! Shes beautiful, but that definately looks like a bikini top from the childrens section!!! Not lovin the first pic of her though she looks a little rough.

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