I Can't Believe Angelina Said This!

Here Brad and Angelina were snapped at the premiere of ‘God Grew Tired of Us’ in West Hollywood last night.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

She is just a really honest person I guess!

No one will ever accuse Angelina Jolie of being tight-lipped again. Sure, she’s been secretive at times, but lately the Good Shepherd actress, 31, doesn’t hesitate to dish out some real doozies. This time the cover girl unloaded for the February issue of Elle U.K. revealing the truth behind her unplanned pregnancy with boyfriend Brad Pitt, 43; admitting she favors her adopted children over her natural-born child, and even dissing little Shiloh calling her a blob!

On playing favorites with her three little ones:
“I think I feel so much more for Madd and Zee because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her…I met my other kids when they were 6 months old, they came with a personality. A newborn really is this…Yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality…I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs, just because I think the others are more vulnerable.”

On coming clean on the “surprise” baby Shiloh:
“You could say he changed me. I wasn’t planning on getting pregnant. I’m the one that got knocked up!”

On building a family Mia Farrow-style:
“We definitely want a very big family. It might seem crazy to build it so quickly. But if we’re going to have 10 kids, we’d like to raise them while we’re young.”

On explaining the old Angelina:
“When I first became a public person it was terrible. I was unhappy and self-destructive. There is no reason for somebody to be getting all this attention just for doing a movie. So it doesn’t feel good.”

On wanting global residency:
“We’d like to have a base in the States. I’d like a base somewhere else too. I’d love to send the kids to international school and live in the middle of nowhere in Africa or Asia, just coming in for work.”

WOW! Poor Shiloh!



  1. kortnei cox says

    As the adoptive mother of children from the foster care system (yes we do have children in the U.S. who are desperatly in need Angelina and Brad). I understand the overwhelming, feirce love you feel for those children who need you so desperatly that it is almost anti-climatic to give birth. However to refer to this beautiful precious little angel Shilo as a blob that you have to remind yourself to attend to is so very very sad. I have a precious little girl just about Shilos age and almost identicle in appearance and I can’t imagine not being amazed by her every moment of the day just as I am by my 18 month old little man whom we are adopting and has so many needs and has from the moment we got him. When I first heard that Angelina was seeking to adopt shortly after Shilos birth I was so sad for little Shilo, I couldn’t beleive that Angelina couldn’t just enjoy her precious little daughter for only a while before she set off to save the world(forget the needy U.S. children). I have 5 children 3 biological 2 adopted and will adopt a special needs child from the foster care system once I get my two youngest a little older. so I have no problem with large families. I have a problem with a child being singled out as the outcast because she wasn’t born needy. I notice that even though Miss Jolies children come from poor countries they are all perfect and beautiful, how about a meth baby from the U.S. A. or mabye a baby from Romania with clubbed feet. I only hope and pray that the special love Brad feels for his daughter can ease any damage Angelina might do to her. Have we all forgotten what a screwed up mess she was shortley before she adopted maddox. Mabye Brad could leave her take Shilo and get back with Jennifer.

  2. Seline Alcaraz says

    A survivor?! What about all of the abortions that happen each year in this country. She should stop contracepting and start accepting that children come with sex, big surprise! Her child is a survivor, for a child to survive being in a home where he is not even accepted into is disgusting. Any child that is conceived within marriage is a blessing that should not be taken for granted. Some women cannot even get pregnant! She is absolutely disgusting to even think what she reveled, she should be ashamed of herself. All people and children are gifts no matter how they were conceived or where they were born.

  3. Karen Packebush says

    I will not pretend I like Angelina Jolie. She is a bonifide witch. I read her article on Shiloh and for you Angie lovers she does mean she does not love her baby as much as her first two.How sad that she brought a child into this world and will make her pay the price because she did not have a tough life. Well her other two don’t realize thier life was tough but I am sure Mommie dearst will remind them. Also with Baby shiloh there wsn’t everyone raving about how special Mommy was to bring her to America and give her such a good home. She did not get the coverage because shiloh is not poor. She trapped poor stupid Brad she knew he wanted a family so to secure and make him bound to her she had Shiloh.. Well it will be interesting to see how this plays out and see whose home she wrecks next.

  4. jeannette says

    maybe the silly woman should give away all her money,stop making movies and living the life that she has chosen,she has brought the child into a priveledged lifestyle,the baby is beautiful like mum,but i pity the day she is able to read what her mother thought of her.she`s a strange person,obviously her marriage will last as long as the normal hollywood marriage,what will happen to poor baby then

  5. ang says

    i think that if angelina keeps acting and treating shiloh the way she is the relationship might go bad and turn out like her and her fathers now. and if she really feels the way she does bout her own child that came from her body she shouldnt have opened her damn legs nor kept the baby. even though she has the other childern she sounds selfish and you know what else maybe she’ll turn out just like angelina did and have a horrid life growing up. maybe she’ll get what she done to people in her life but worst. im not haten on angelina cause i love her movies and i love brad pitt but that wasnt the best thing to say bout your own child that she brought into the world. no one else brought shiloh in this world and im sure someone would be pleased to adopt shiloh but lets just pray she has a better life growing up than what her mother did. keep up with the movies angie. sorry brad, ill have your baby and put it at the top of the world. dont stup to her level

  6. ang says

    i think that if angelina keeps acting and treating shiloh the way she is the relationship might go bad and turn out like her and her fathers now. and if she really feels the way she does bout her own child that came from her body she shouldnt have opened her damn legs nor kept the baby. even though she has the other childern she sounds selfish and you know what else maybe she’ll turn out just like angelina did and have a horrid life growing up. maybe she’ll get what she done to people in her life but worst. im not haten on angelina cause i love her movies and i love brad pitt but that wasnt the best thing to say bout your own child that she brought into the world. no one else brought shiloh in this world and im sure someone would be pleased to adopt shiloh but lets just pray she has a better life growing up than what her mother did. keep up with the movie angie

  7. KRISTEN says


  8. Nicole says

    wow…ya mad and zee came from brokenm places…but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel for your own child…if that’s the case brad and her won’t last forever!!! or shiloh will grow up to hate her and rebel…i guess we will have to wait and see!!!

  9. Just Asking? says

    But if you shouldn’t believe all the negative news on these two, who is to say that all the positive stuff is true? What if none of it’s true? Just asking, why should we believe anything we read or hear. What if all of it’s just poop?

  10. Nicki says

    I lived in northern Louisiana for 10 years. The local government is, or I should say was, I don’t know much about it anymore, so corrupt that if any money did come in from large donations, it would be unlikely the neediest people would see a dime of it.
    So instead of them buying thier home, you think they should have donated that money, say to who, the city of NO? Who would be in charge of that? Should Lennie Kravitiz sell his home he has in NO and donate that money? I just don’t understand why people think they should tell people how and what they should spend thier money on.
    Brad and Angelina did not flaunt buying thier 3.5 mil home. As a matter of fact it was bought by Mondo Bongo Trust. Brad or Angelina didn’t even sign the deed. How is this flaunting? To me it seems like they were trying to keep it on the downlow, maybe as to not look like flaunting, maybe.
    If the paprats weren’t crawling up thier butts and trying to find out any and every little thing about them, who would even know right now? All anyone would know is they are staying there while Brad shoots his movie. Which by the way creates jobs for many local people in the area.

    Anyway Connie, sorry about all you have been through with Katrina and the aftermath. It was, and is a devastating tragedy. Many many people died, and that never should have happened with all those buses sitting there waiting for someone to send them in and help those who couldn’t, evacute. (my friends Dad lost his life and it took her 8 days to find out he was dead).

    Is the mayor or the governor living in tents or trailers? I do understand how frustrating it would be to ANYONE living like that for so long, but I fail to see how or why Brad and Angelina are asumed to do sooo much and others with just as much and more money aren’t asked the same. Bill and Melinda Gates has 100X (probably more) more money than Brad and Angelina will ever have, why is noone saying he should not be helping to vaccinate all the children in third world countries, and they should rebuild NO?
    You have a right to be angry, but I don’t see where anger towards Bran and Angelina will help in your situation. Your elected officials, and the US government should get thier heads out of each others butts and and start doing what they should have been doing along.

    I hope this can be just a conversation between two different views and not turn into an ugly name calling spat. Thanks for your earlier response.
    *All above is just my opinion.

  11. Paula says

    I am from north Louisiana and don’t go into New Orleans but I do understand what Connie is saying. Does seem like a lot of money to spend on a house just because you can. A smaller priced house would have probably sufficed especially in the light of the way things are in New Orleans right now. It would be different if they were really making a home there, but everyone knows they’ll go elsewhere after this movie is made and this will be just another house on the long list of houses they have. Seems to me that Angelina only favors other countries and not her own. She would carry more weight with my opinion of her if she’d do more in this country too. But, that’s just my opinion. And all the media hype about how nice she is to everyone in New Orleans is only that, hype. I understand she can be a real bitch! The media doesn’t report everything!!

  12. Connie says

    I don’t expect Brad and AJ to single handedly clean up and rebuild. They just don’t need to flaunt their money so much. That’s all I’m saying. And yes I live in New Orleans. And yes, the gov. should do what they are supposed to do. I’m not talking about that. I was talking about AJ and Brad flaunting themselves like they seem to be so good at. Don’t come to a place so devestated and spend so much on a house when people are living in FEMA trailers and on the streets and have to go to tents for healthcare. They can go to all the third world countries and do but they can’t do for a city in their own country. That’s what I’m saying and if you can’t understand that Nicki you are hopelessly in love with AJ and Brad and can’t see past her big lips. Sorry, but I am angry and I’ve been through alot, that you will never know and I don’t need the likes of you telling me not to be. Oh and sorry if I didn’t spell PEDESTAL right. You, my dear are too full of yourself!!!!!!

  13. Nicki says

    Anita~you are so right…..EVERYTHING she says has been mis-quoted and taken in bits and pieces, and not in the whole context. People read this stuff, the bits and pieces on gossip blogs, and they are there to provoke people to post. The whole article, with authors notes isn’t as scandalous. A bit from here and there and they put it together to make hits to thier website. And people blow a gasket over this like they heard it straight from her lips. Just incredible how some people overreact.

    Connie, don’t get so angry. I’m not up anyones butt, nor do I have anyone on a (correct spelling) pedestal. I’m not sure what I am suppose to get over.
    But how about writing to the US government about speeding up everything THEY are suppose to do to aid the Katrina victims. Please don’t tell me you expect Brad and Angelina to single handed clean up and help rebuild what should have and should be handled by their state and the government. And again don’t get so angry. Your opinion is yours and mine is mine.
    The #1 couple in Hollywood will be around and #1 for a long time………..save a few blood vessels, don’t pop them all now.
    Oh and Connie are you located in New Orleans?
    And there were a few other people before you I didn’t respond to, Debbie, Gordy, Daze, Monique, etc, “my panties aren’t in a wad” everytime someone says something negative. Yours seem to be cutting off your air supply. Like I said don’t be so angry. Relax.

  14. Anita says

    I think Angelina has been mis- quoted, did want this child, and is planning on having another one. You just cannot believe statements from people who need desperately publicity and sensationalism for their magazines.

  15. Anita says

    I do not feel that Angelina really feels that way about her biological child, just does not want anyone to think she is partial, etc. They really were so young, that I doubt if they really even remember being in an orphanage. She has made their life so much better that they will not want to remember bad times. About her “unplanned pregnancy” is just a joke. She wanted to get pregnant, or she would have taken her birth control pills that she takes. She meant that when the baby is just born, they do not have the personality that the older ones do, but she has never had a just born child before, so maybe she does not know what they are like. They are precious and she knows it. Shut up.

  16. Connie says

    Nicki, go crawl back under AJ’s ass. I don’t care what your opinion is! I did read it and I still have my opinion. How do you know if YOU are right about anything? Just because you READ something? Obviously you are her personal pr person because you get your panties in a wad everytime someone says something negative about her. Well, boo hoo. Not everyone has AJ or Pitt on a pedistal, and ya know what? People on those high pedistals usually FALL DOWN AND GO BOOOOOMMMMMM!!! Get over it girl!!! And yes, it would have to be more than one house because there are thousands here that need to be cleaned out and no I haven’t seen her around here doing that!! UNDERSTAND????

  17. Nicki says

    Connie-Seriously now, if you saw her in a soup line mixing with the poor or helping to clean out flooded houses, and by your needs-it has to be more than one house for X amount of hours a day- You would shout Photo-op. And so how do you know she isn’t doing any of these things?

    “She “sees” how people do without but she’s never “experienced” it so therefore she can’t possilby know what it’s really and truly like.” WTF??? Are you serious? Try reading her small journal-Notes from my Travels.
    People help people everyday who have never lived the others life. That doesn’t mean they don’t do it from the heart. Doctors and nurses help without having the ailments or disease they are helping. And all the……..Oh never mind I could go on, but I don’t think you will even read this, and if you do you will see only what you want to see.
    JMO-as #179 was yours.

  18. Connie says

    Sorry Lacy but you must not know where the French Quarter is. There is no land there if you’re talking as in “acreage”, just lots with 2 and 3 story houses on them in the middle of the city. Maybe a small court yard in the back but that’s about it. I would think you could have just as much privacy in a 700 thousand dollar home. But of course with 6 bedrooms you could hide the kids from the paps in one of them. No, there is no excuse for the money these celebrities spend when there are people in the same city that have lost everything to Katrina. Seems hypocrital to me for them to do that. When I see her standing in a soup line mixing with the poor people and cleaning out a flooded house and not for just a few hours with her pr people around, that’s when I’ll say her heart is in the right place. Seems like her heart is only with the overseas countries. I guess she gets more publicity from them. Brad and Angelina are so “about” themselves it is sickening. And people that think they are so great don’t want to live in the real world with the rest of us. Angelina needs to do without all of the luxeries and money for at least 3 years and learn to live from small pay check to small paycheck then maybe she’ll learn what it’s really like for some one to do without. She “sees” how people do without but she’s never “experienced” it so therefore she can’t possilby know what it’s really and truly like. She just gives her money, sits with refugees, gives out a little food and smiles for the camera, then goes back to her luxery hotel for a nice hot meal and a hot bath. Nope. She don’t cut it with me. Just a publicity whore is all!

  19. Lacy says

    connie, i think angelina and brad have to buy a 3.5 million dollar home, not because they would prefer it over any other regular home, but because they need the land and property to be able to lead a normal life, even if it is in their own home. there, the kids will be able to play about without having to worry about papparazzi. all the other stuff and luxury is just a bonus. they wouldn’;t be able to have any privacy in a regular 700 thousand dollar home, they need that jumbo 3.5 million dollar home, and if they have the money to afford it, well, good for them.

  20. Connie says

    I am sorry to hear of the death of Angelina’ mother. I’d say Angelina will miss her but I’m not sure of that. Hopefully she will realize how short life is and do some thinking about whatever it was that drove her and her dad apart.

    As far as Angelina, her and Brad have bought a 3.5 million dollar home in New Orleans in the midst of the Katrina disaster. I don’t understand that. Angelina and Brad are all for helping the poor in other countries and I know Brad has been out helping build a house or two, but to me showing up and driving a few nails isn’t getting it. I do know that he started something with some building project, but that to doesn’t get it with me. Am I missing something or does it seem like a slap in the face that they can spend that much money on a mansion when a few miles down the road people can’t rebuild a very small home for lack of funding? I don’t see AJ out walking the streets hanging out with the locals that have lost everything and are trying to rebuild their homes. I see she’s been in the French Quarter partying which is fine, but she’s in a third world country “New Orleans”. I know Brads movie is giving revenue to the city but why is it that Angie isn’t doing what she supposedly does best, and that is doing charity work for Katrina victims. How come she’s not in a soup line giving out food to the homeless there? I feel she’s a hypocrite and only does what she thinks will make her look the best at the time. She adopts third world children and can’t seem to love her own biological child. Do you think maybe if her child would have been born phsycally handicapped she would have been more inclined to feel for her? Or would she still be priveliged because she was born into money to help pay for a treatment? Angelina is a very sick person, mentally unstable and unable to express love, and uses sex to get what she wants, very insecure and her and Brad won’t last the next two years. Why do we hear more of her and Brad doing good than we hear of our soilders in Iraq doing? We never hear about all the good they do, only bad things. Angie walks through a refugee camp in Cambodia for a few hours and it’s all over the news like she’s some kind of saint. Well, I’m hear to tell you, she’s only human like the rest of us and the only reason we hear so much about her is what Gordy said. It’s because she has money and fame and likes the attention. I’m pretty much done with these two. Brad deserves everything he gets from her. Sorry for the long post. Just had to get that out!!

  21. Monique says

    I don’t understand Angelina she takes men from there happy homes she is beatiful but how happy can you be ruining peoples lifes. She stole Billy Bob from his fiancee they took off and came back married and his fiancee was left alone, and she has said that she would never sleep with a married man well Brad was still married when she slept with him. I think she was pregnant fast cause she started showing in the tabloids so she had to fess up. But I think she is a slut and brad looked happier with Jennifer they actually seemed happy unlike with Angelina they seem to be just kinda there. I don’t know why “she said she couldn’t look at her self in the mirror the next day if she slept with a married man” Well maybe that’s why she’s not looking so excited these day’s.

  22. Debbie says

    good point Gordy, flying around the world with the kids is just awful they need a stable home and both parents should be home with there kids all 3 of them. thanks

  23. Gordy says

    As far as this comments intention…irrelevant. There is no jealousy from the honourable women who have posted their comments here either. It always comes down to some chick saying that we are jealous and raving at AJ. She is ok looking. Really look at her. When you make the kind of dough these people make, they can of course, go around the planet adopting and making it appear like they are “so” charitable”. Take the money away however and you won’t see them in the eye of all of us waiting to pounce on their every word. Kids are not blobs and in fact it is at this stage that it is magnificent. I am convinced the Shiloh is already on the road to the John Voight legacy which is her mother and her will not be speaking in about 2 years when the little blob begins to lighten up the world with her words. Can’ t wait for her to have a tell all book the year 2030?! I cannnot fathom having that hissy fit , never smiling(though she has everything in the world…literally kids included) to be smiling about bitchy,demanding, controlling entity as a mom. I really hope we stop hearing about this beautiful family and know that they are finally going to start staying at home instead of flying arond the world with these children. We are all dizzy from this dame and her charity work. They have to do that…it is all a write off for them. Everything they do, eat . sleep on and drive. Get it together people and realize without us as an audience these rich and famous assholes would not be that giving. I really don’t care about the feedback I am sure to receive.

  24. Debbie says

    wow iam surprise she said that “but” someone hit the button right on, shes never with her baby, and being a adopted parent she should never unlove or put any child over the other I say this because she went though a home study and they think shes honst with them well if she would of said that with the social worker guess what she not fit to adopt, it sounds like she depressed anyhow, iam sure she got pg when filming the movie and pitt still with jen its not hard to see that. I also know she thinks she didnt take jens husband away well she did she no real women because she knew he was married that means hes not open for her to even think about it, thats why shes so worried about there family she knows he up and left jen like nothing and shes not thinking here anyhow “Yes” she looks bad out there she went the wrong way about all of this, I cant image how jen feels he left her filed for Divorce and had a baby all in one year dam pitt you made the hit of the year with this one. Now i hope pitt understands that he needs to protect he baby from all of her mothers rudeness this is just the beginning she will not like the way her own baby is and thats sad well good luck and i truly dont think she should adopt any more kids shes not ready, why because she has to except baby shiloh first she was a unwant child in her eyes and that not good for the other 2 that are looking up to there mother, Now lets hope brad puts his foot down here and put her in check here I hope he dose, good night .

  25. Boo says

    She probably won’t willingly have another child…. but what if Brad “accidentally Knocks her up” again as she so Pleasantly put it in her interview… She is such a B***h!!
    Brad you should go back to Jen at least she was Beautiful inside and out.

  26. Daze says

    I honestly believe Angelina got pregnant just to hook Brad. She knew Brad was pushing 40 and wanting a large family (of his own). Jennifer didn’t/wouldn’t give him a child. That is what ended their relationship. B & A did that spread in was it Vogue? of the two of them as an elegant husband and wife with a whole houseful of little Brad lookalikes. I think the magazine even said it was based on a Brad Pitt fantasy. And this was before their “discovery” as a couple and before the pregnancy. I really doubt she’ll have another biological child. I sense from her interviews, that she hated being pregnant and she really has not and may not “bond” with Shiloh. But Brad, having wanted to see himself in a child, and able to do so with Shiloh…well, she will be Daddy’s little girl. I don’t see the relationship continuing much longer, maybe through another adoption, or even two (I think they have some already in the works, but in some locals, it takes time). Then when Angelina won’t have another bio child, Brad will take his daughter and move on. Leaving Angie with the ones that she loves, her international “collection”.

  27. carleigh says

    LW..your story broke my heart in two! I can’t imagine or even begin to understand the pain you have had to bear. I read your story and cried and wished you hadn’t had to bear that. Thank God for your son and you realize what a true blessing he is….I am sure you are a wonderful mother just from reading your words. Your son is very lucky to have a mother like you! I hope your life is very fulfilled and happy! You deserve every blessing in life and I wish you nothing but the best, and all the happiness in this world because you deserve it so much!

  28. SRENE says


  29. Jen Gallegos says

    I think Angelina is a weird one anyways! I don’t really understand what Brad was thinking !

  30. Anglina is a Whore says

    I hope they publish this and she sees it!! She is a Slut and and a whore and she could care less who she hurts during her selfish life!! Why should her child be any different!! It’s bad enough that she broke up Laura Dern and Billy Bob, now she broke up Brad and Jennifer, but to have the nerve to so cavilierly say that about her own flesh and blood proves there is something wrong with this person! I will never go see another film by her or brad pitt, they are disgusting human beings with no concious or morals!!! The media gives them to much power which they don’t deserve!!!!

  31. Nell says

    This is the point: alot of these celebrities are so wrapped up in their own ego that they have no idea what real pain is like, except their own. Anyone who expected AJ to think about her own child is nuts, this woman is SELFISH, she only thinks of HERSELF!

  32. Boo says

    Wow, that was a very sad story….I couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain you must have gone through…Now for someone to have to go through something that completely and utterly horrifying as you did, you are most definitely a very strong Woman… and I’m so glad that your Son turned out to be the Healthy and I’m sure handsome Man that he is today!

  33. LW says

    What a loving mother! Ms. Jolie needs to hear from women who have had experiences that are much worse than having a blob for a natural-born son.

    I am compelled to tell my story.

    I WANTED my own children. My first pregnancy, I lost at 9 weeks.

    Several months later, I began my second pregnancy. I was sick the first 4 months…24/7. I was 1 1/2 weeks late. As difficult as labor was, all pain disappeared the minute she popped out. There are no words to describe the complete elation, love, or immediate bonding that continued to grow to this day. She is 25.

    My third pregnancy, I was sick for 9 1/2 months for 24/7. My stomach looked like I was expecting twins, and the rest of me looked somewhat anorexic.

    Things started going badly at delivery when they could find only a weak heartbeat, and worsened when it was so close to gone. The nurse examined my cervix, asked if I was experiencing any pain ( I wasn’t.), and then she told me I was dilated to 5.

    My doctor was rushed in, examined me, and said something was poking out, had not broken the placenta, but whatever it was, it wasn’t supposed to be there. He immediately sent me for X-rays. Well, fireworks went off, because I knew that X-rays were a no-no for pregnant women. My husband, having a medical background, knew that, too. I began to shake uncontrollably on a cold gurney in the radiology room and in the hall. I knew in my heart that I was not going to hear good news.

    After, returning the “holding tank”, my doctor quickly came in, leaned his back against a wall, breathed in deeply, and said, “Well, I have some news. It’s not good.” My husband and I held each other and the doctor said, “Your baby has anencephaly.” Being a special ed teacher, I knew that anything with the root word “cephaly” referred to brain and/or cranium. I had not, however, heard this word before. I asked, “What does that mean?” With a long pause, and a very deep breath, he said, “It means your baby is not going to live.”

    Well, only those who have ever been told their baby was not going to live, would understand the depth of grief and the magnitude at which it was released. I kept saying, “NO! NO! NO!” But I knew I couldn’t deny what the x-rays showed and the severity of diagnosis.

    Thus, my third pregnancy ended in the still-born death of a daughter, who would now be 23.

    I went through depression and had experienced what no parent should ever have to.

    4 months later, I found out I was pregnant (unexpectedly) again. My fourth pregnacy, with only one living child to show for them was the worse pregnancy of all. I bore guilt, fear, went through too many prenatal tests, was a high-risk pregnancy, was sick 9 1/2 months for 24/7. I did NOT want to be pregnant. Counting my previous pregnancy, I was pregnant 19 out of 23 months, and had not recovered from my still-born baby.

    We went in to be induced when my labor started. They couldn’t find a heartbeat. All my husband and I could say was, “This cannot be happening again!”

    An ultrasound revealed that the baby was transverse, and because of my history, a c-section would be best. I was administered a painful eidural, that only took on one side. They put me under quickly.

    I delivered a baby boy that I didn’t want to see, because I was still so depressed, frightened, and still very sick from before, and I stayed that way for many, many months.

    My son at 21 days, was hospitalized at Texas Children’s Hospital and was seen by the same doctor who treated, “David, the Bubble Boy”. They believed that he had the same autoimmune deficiency. There had been advances, but the long-haul was bleak. As God would be faithful, he did not have that, but his immune system was seriously depressed. He, at 22, now has no trouble with his immune system.

    However, when he was 10 months old, my pediatricians thought he had cystic fibrosis. More hospital tests, and fearful waiting. God, once more, in His faithfulness, cleared him of that disease, too.

    Through almost two years of A LOT of crying, my son warms my heart, makes me laugh, makes me so happy, and so proud to call him my son. It is unimaginable. All of family and all of his friends love him for the same reasons.

    The moral of the story:
    Ms. Jolie … you have mothered a child that was given to you by whomever or whatever you believe in and deemed you worthy. You have been given the most precious of precious gifts. Give it some time, and hopefully, hopefully, you will love and treasure your birth-son as much as you adopted children. He, too, is need of all the love, compassion, and guidance that the adopted children need. The only difference is that your son was not born in poverty. Big deal! He’s yours, and that’s the really big deal. I hope your own son, will give you the same wonderous joys that my son has given me.

  34. keerah says

    i spent all day reading all the comments one by one..everyone has a point..so let me give my own point of view..first, why are they everywhere (only four of them)?I don’t think they protect shiloh from the paparazzi, if SHE wants to be w/ shiloh she could carry her around..Brad has a lot of money to spend for nannies and securities..Second, i admire her for making a big difference in Mad and Z’s life, but it doesn’t mean she should feel less for shiloh,shiloh didn’t ask her to sleep with brad and be pregnant..and i agree we love differently,but what she said SHE FEEL LESS..third, blame her big mouth..maybe that’s the purpose of her mouth to speak something that could hurt others..and maybe she agreed to the reporter babies are blob,how can she say if shiloh has a personality,she dont spend quality time with her right..

  35. Nikki says

    #117 if you used your brain you probably would be able to read it BIG woop i wrote Not instead of don`t
    Im so scared!!!
    i mean …..it happens GET OVER IT !

  36. Nikki says

    #117 if you used your brain you probably would be able to read it BIG woop i wrote Not isstead of don`t
    Im so scared!!!
    i mean …..it happens GET OVER IT !

  37. marie says

    she’s a bitch..man-stealer..and damn she loves her adopted children more than her biological child?crazy bitch..so what can you say brad?

  38. Proudprefmom says


  39. KMisaHO says

    Nell-I think that I must agree with myself in asking you to shut up about the whole Down’s topic. Have I pursued it anymore since your first “tongue-lashing” No..I have not. So, why are you still talking about it? And if the topic is so offending to you, why are you looking it up on the internet? (Which, by the way, I just tried again using your “suggestion” and still came up with nothing) Drop it, okay? Can you do that? And by you go on and on and on about me “straying from the topic” you are doing just that yourself….Did your post (#154) have remotely anything to do about Angelina? No…it did not. So…I suggest that you take your own advise and keep to the topic instead of bashing me because I asked one question about Down’s Syndrome-which you obviously have a problem with or else you wouldn’t be making such a federal case about it! (Makes me wonder!) Anyway, I will NOT apologize again, I’ve already done that, but you are obviously NOT mature enough to accept my apology and move on like an adult.. My closing and last words to you, Nell…SHUT UP…you are beating a dead horse. Get a life and move on, for Gods sake. The more your little mouth goes yakkety yak, the more you draw attention to my (so called “pathetic”) topic of Down’s Syndrome.

  40. Nell says

    Kmisaho–I think i must agree with Candy that reserching a paper or getting the leads for research on a gossip site is pretty pathetic. An internet search headed “celebrity children with down’s syndrome” might yield more productive–a site devoted to this was my first hit. So, perhaps, before cursing others and “shooing” them to other sites, you should do your research!!!!!!!

  41. your#1fan says

    due, all you haters need to just chillax. angie knows what her children need, not any of u haterz. angie’s my girl and i’ll always have her back no matter what she says. you are all reading way too much into this. she is not saying that she loves any body more than any body. she’s just stating the obvious. anyone with eyes could see it. mad and z will need a little extra comfroting and love, but no dought shi will get enough. she’s just telling you what you should already know. i think any one that has anything negative to say about my grl angie in just an ass-hole!!!

  42. Tinkker says

    Goodness, for so many people not caring for AJ this is a blown up argument. Maybe blob was the wrong word for her to use. I dont think I would call anybaby a blob, but if I did who would notice. I think the way we judge famous people is crazy. They are not perfect and are entitled to say the wrong thing same as you are. Maybe we should all pay more attention to our childrens teachers. Do you know why these people are rich because we make them rich. This is crazy most people are willing spend money and time on making these people rich and then feel entitled to judge their lives. No matter what AJ Brad have a right to love and raise their thats right their children the best way they can.

  43. KMisaHO says

    Candy, did I not already apologize for simply asking if anyone knew of a celebrity with a child that has down’s syndrome. Oh my gosh, I did not realize that such a question would step on so many toes. How many times would you like for me to apologize…10, 20, 30? Let me know how many times you are going to rake me over the coals for asking 1 question. And I am NOT using this site for “research”. I used this site to get a name and THEN do research. (The people who come to this website are obviously interested in celebrities and their babies. The people on this website would know if a celebrity had a baby with down’s)…AND I prefer to use the internet not the library. THank you. (and I have used the internet, but my search came up empty). So…once again, Candy, I apologize. God forbid YOU EVER say anything that perhaps may stray for the subject because I will remind you. Now take your little attitude over to the thread about “Britney Spears buying a dog” and tell the person off who has turned that WHOLE entire thread into research for a paper about labor and delivery stories. If you don’t, you are a BIG hypocrite! My goodness!

  44. Minnie says

    Back off Candy!
    She wanted to know if there was a celebrity baby with Downs… this seems like the idea place to ask if anyone knew of one.

  45. Candy says

    AT the risk of sounding really screwed up, this is the last place you should be doing research for Down’s sy drome. I suggest A) a library and B) another library. Seriously, I”m afraid for you (and anyone who is a directly affected by your paper) if you are turning to this site for a paper on a serious birth defect–down’s syndrome. This is a site for gossip not for research….Please, go to a library.

  46. Helen says

    I wonder what she was thinking when she that about her own baby. When that child grows up and she hears what her mother said she will be very hurt. How can Brad even think of staying with someone when they feel that way about their little baby. She might love her adopted children but come on, what kind of a mother she?

  47. Suzanne says

    I admire Angelina so much for not showing a preference towards Shiloh. She understands that Madd & Zee need
    to feel equally loved. I think Angeline and Brad have a very
    generous and loving heart and I follow every bit of news on them. Too bad for anyone who did not understand what she meant and are all upset.

  48. boo says

    I’ve lost all respect for Angelina Jolie..she’s a b***h…And Brad Pitt seems to be following in her footsteps… I mean honestly how many family pics have you seen with them and all their kids…or with them and just Shiloh….it’s ridiculous…they are spotted all over the place carting around “Madd” and “Zee”….but I never ever see them with their daughter Shiloh…I feel so bad for that poor baby, I bet she is another SPF and JJF…spending more time with the Nannies then with her own Parents..it’s sad.

  49. KMisaHO says

    Wow, Nell…I’m so sorry if my Downs Syndrome inquiry touched a nerve. i didn’t mean to step on your toes. Many times on this blog the topic changes. I just read the thread on Britney buying her dog. That thread has now changed to everybodies labor and delivery stories. You must not of read that one yet or else you would of told them to also “stick to the topic”. Anyway, I am doing research for a paper on Down’s Syndrome and needed some help. Tought I could find it here. Obviously not. Again, so, so, SO sorry for touching a raw nerve. Please except my humble apology!

  50. Candy says

    AJ has just entered the catagory of Gwen stefani–pretty women who make other pretty women look bad. Basically, Gwen stefani and AJ are pretty but brainless–they are true celebrities–pretty and dumb. They use there kids for their purposes and that’s it… not good parents at all. I feel bad fro their kids.

  51. Nell says

    All of you who have defended AJ need to reasses your lives. Enough is enough, this woman is holding a govermental position and she is spewing out stupidity…let’s get a grip, she’s an AMBASSADOR to the UN, the United Nations for children, and she’s saying horrible things. Why should she hold the position she holds if she believes that newborns are “blobs” and have no personality.

  52. Nell says

    Why are you latests bloggers interested in finding a celebrity whose chid has downs syndrome? What does this have to do with AJ’s stupid comment?

    Getting things back on track here, this time AJ seems to have really stuck her foot in her mouth. Aside from some bizarre supporters, she appears to have ticked off half the world, which is good, because I find her to be irratating and false, not to mention a pea-brained and verbally ridiculous. Anyhow, I think we should all re-realize that beauty doesn’t bring qualifications for governmental positions nor does it give one license to freely espouse whatever he or she feels–AJ, as an abassador to the UN, needs to learn some diplomatic and verbal skills so she doesn’t sound like a jackass.

  53. Granny says

    No. You hear of some other disorders such as Autism such as Sylvester Stallones second son has but I don’t believe I have heard of Down in any. With prenatal testing the numbers with DS are decreasing.

  54. KMisaHO says

    I posted this question on another link yesterday, but since the topice kinda came up on this thread, I was just wondering….can anyone think of a (major?) celebrity who has a child with down’s syndrome. I have been racking my brains for days and I can’t think of one!!! Help!

  55. Granny says

    Lacy. I forgot to add that you will always look at the world a little more kindly also than you ever thought you could. And I’m certain that your sister loves you in a special way too. That is love you receive in its purses form. You are really lucky!

  56. Granny says

    Lacy, everytime someone give us a sympathetic remark or glance I remind them that our little man isn’t a burden but a blessing. He is not a burden to our family but a reminder of how important each member of the family is. All people contribute to their family in their own unique way.

    Our boy slows us down to appreciate things and not to take ourselves to seriously. Families with “special” children are God-blessed in a good way.

  57. Lacy says

    you know granny, i have a sister, and she isn’t down syndrome, but a more rare case. i believe down syndrome has one extra chromosome so all together there are 47, but my sister julie, has a half extra, 461/2. she is one case of the three there are in the world. doctors don’t know what to give her or what medecine will work because she is so different. she has many problems, and the doctors say her mind goes only as far as a one year old, but i think she is much smarter than that. she is really sweet and has a big personality. i love her very much. she is older than me, 22. she was my moms first. she is the family’s little baby. i think she is my grandpa’s little choosen one. she is so different to all of us in my family, except to one person, my grandpa. that is probably why he loves and appreciates her so much.

  58. Granny says

    Since I introduced my grandkids, I will do a little bragging. Grand #3, our only boy who happend to have Down Syndrome started calling me Gee Gee this week. Every word is a miricle and he is indeed special to me. I may have to change my handle and everyone else in the family may have to learn to say GeeGee..

  59. Lacy says

    by the way, all of you guys are talking as if you haven’t read another side or point of it. no one has commented on what claudia said, and i think she said it very well, along with granny.

  60. Lacy says

    i totally agree with CLAUDIA and GRANNY,
    #1 she loves her kids differently,
    #2 she feels more for Mad and Z because they will feel different compared to Shiloh.

  61. Mommy35 says

    I hope her daughter never ever reads what has been said. How sad that someone would make such a comment about her own child. That beautiful baby did not ask to be born. I hope this all blows over.

  62. joelly says

    OMG – these posts are almost as comical as watching Angelina make a fool of herself all over the media.

    I think #123 put it the best….VERBALLY RETARDED.

  63. Nicki says

    Well Minnie if she ever mentions it in an interview, I will be glad to let you know.
    I do remember Brad saying recently, in an actual interview, that they were potty training Zahara now, so she won’t be in those diapers long, but if it mentioned in an interview I will let you know.

  64. Minnie says

    Nicki – From your post I can tell you have spent and enormous amount of time with her such that you know her and her family really well. Lucky you!
    Mind if I ask what kind of diapers Shi and Z wear?

  65. Nell says

    Once again, at the risk of sounding repetitive, AJ is supposed to hold a prestigious postion–ambassador to the UN. As someone in that position she should have some common sense regarding children, afterall she’s representing children around the world. But, I guess, AJ is like most of today’s leaders, incompetant, underqualified, dense, and verbally retarded, so what more can we expect?

  66. Nicki says

    121. Jacki -Aj is shooting heroin with Marylyn Manson and Brad is heavily on coke. Some thing will give soon. Watch this space.
    And you know this to be fact because…………ummm maybe you are there doing it with them? And please don’t quote page six “blind item” it would only seem lame.

    Also the agent in the Maddox adoption case is in jail for fraud…………………And again LAME… She went to jail after Angelina adopted Maddox and Angelina had no idea that there was anything illegal with the angency. She would have never used them if she knew that. Her adoption of Maddox was THROUGHLY checked out after that scam artist was aressted and it proved EVERYTHING with Maddox’s adoption was legal. Yeah please try and pin anything that lady or angecy did on Angie.

    Any way her own father thinks she is insane and calls Zahara- Shakira is that a dysfunctional family or what-

    So that only shows HE is the insane one.
    someone earlier said “who better to know about her” than her Dad? What a f*****g joke. He left her Mom by the time she was 1, and came back here and there for very short times. YEAH, he knows his daughter. Please if anyone is crazy it is her dad for trying to play this whole thing out in the media.

  67. Nicki says

    120. cony -They are the coolest couple in the world. I admire them and envy their family.

    That is why, they just don’t want to see it or admit it.

  68. Jacki says

    She does not have to say anything, she could just say.”..no comment….” this opening up is P.R and boy it is backfiring big time. Even if the reporter suggested blob, she should have said no to the description. She has done more harm than good for international adoptions. No one buys her charity apart from the loonies who seem even more f****d up than her.

    Any way her own father thinks she is insane and calls Zahara- Shakira is that a dysfunctional family or what. Also the agent in the Maddox adoption case is in jail for fraud. Aj is shooting heroin with Marylyn Manson and Brad is heavily on coke. Some thing will give soon. Watch this space.

  69. cony says

    She NEVER called her child a Blob. Facts should be researched before posting!!! why don’t people let them be happy!!! and stop judging them as if they had the right to do so. They are the coolest couple in the world. I admire them and envy their family.

  70. Poor little Blob!!! says

    #117 Nikki, do EVER proof read your posts? You hardly ever make sense!!

    Angelina is a ditz, that’s all there is to it.

  71. Nikki says

    OK team Aniston im really getting sick of you!
    we have already gone O-V-E-R this paparazzi
    adore Shiloh and if she takes Her out they will never leave her alone!
    Second Granny said it perfectly!!
    and for you team Aniston so helping an under nuritured county mean?? than what is the ****
    is your definition on a nice person? no really in curious! Do you know her?…(no!) then how can you not think about the fact that people will strech the lie to make people but it
    i truley think she loves all three kids diffrently

    not i hate YOU but i love you two !
    but she has a profound love for Shiloh a love that is diffrent from her older siblings M/Z

    i wish you all woould just stop being so mean about it !! Yes , saying that was stuiped butm get over it we all makes mistakes
    (not having Shiloh , NOT say it)
    ok? ok!

  72. Diana B says

    Remeber she has the nerve to call her own blood words, but we all know she is a skank and a homewrecker so at least her daughter will know that when she grows up. PS. Angelina you don’t get points for having children out of wedlock dear. I’m sure you have a special place in heaven waiting just for you. I know I’m a sinner but I don’t display it to the whole fucking world you skank.

  73. Olivia says

    Well, I see the critics are alive and well. One of you oh so perfect ones asked the ? early on up in the 113 know it all thoughts and comments, “Does she think before she opens her mouth? Does she realize how stupid she sounds?” (AJ) ~~~~~That was the jist of it before some of you rush on back to make sure I repeated the quote word for word and then point it out to put stupid Olivia in her place~~~~~~~.. Perhaps you lovely critics should take a bit of your own advise and listen to how stupid you actually sound. All babies no matter how cute, cuddly, perfect, (human or animal) are, pretty much blobs with out much personality beyond their need of the moment. I adore them I treasure babies of all kinds, but face it ladies, blobs they are until they reach that delightful stage when they are aware, able to react, and communicate. I also noticed after 3 months of being away, Carleigh still has the lead on common sense here on this blog. No wonder you all pick on her, your too stupid and nit picky to realize your mostly a bunch of idiots. Thank god for Angelina Jolie, or your’d have no one to point your sticky perfect fingers at, in your shocked out rage, oh ya, there is still Britney, forgot that ditty.

  74. amy says

    hopefully angie doesn’t have anymore children as she doesn’t deserve them after the comments she made about baby shilou…how terrible it is for a mother to favor 1 child over another but to actaully out it in print where she can some day read it…..Brad should have stayed w/ Jennifer as she has more class in her litle finger than Angie could ever image having….How sad that she felt the need to say such rotten things about a baby

  75. cee cee says

    well honestly that’s horrible that she says such a thing about her baby shiloh but then again the media makes people seem like monsters. baby shiloh is beauiful and AJ should love all of her children equally no matter what the circumstances are. Every child needs attention, love, and support. I just think people should mind there business and let her be happy with her family. angie is a good person and she does alot for people all over the world. GIve her the respect she deserves and for all those women who have children just remember always appreciate your child because alot of women aren’t blessed with a biological child and would love to have one. This is just my opinion

  76. jade says

    Hey People-let’s put this blob incident into perspective and remember that there is a war going on. And what if she had said that she favored Shiloh over Maddox and Zahra-wouldn’t there have been an outcry of a different kind then?
    Put your negative energy into what really matters-bringing out soldiers home not sending more in

  77. Nisa says

    Kmishmao, we have all made mistakes in the past but we choose to correct our mistakes and not make new ones at the rate she is making hers. As a UN ambassador I do not see any changes she has brought to the countries she has visited apart from superficial highlighting of causes which are ignored anyway.

    I do not understand the criteria used by the UN to get these ambassadors of good will, for chrissake in 2001 when she first became an ambassador she was a heroin addict with strange sexual obsessions and a vial of blood around her neck, not to forget that she had an affair with an Asian girl. To me it is a self serving act on their part especially Jolies who carries it around like a trophy.

    Angelina is not as stupid as you all think and the public is not as gullible as she thinks it is. Not many people I know buy her ‘kind acts’, this may sound harsh but come on she is not doing anything new or that out of this world. She is not the first goodwill ambbassador nor the first to adopt kids, she just exploits it the most!

    On her blob of a baby, I do not think that all babies are blobs, mine had so much character right from the day they were put into my arms, they could smile, kick and squeal if they did not get their way, they had all these little things they did that never siezed to amaze me like puckering their lips if you wanted to feed them and they were not hungry, any way Shiloh does seem like a blob I thought she seemed lifeless in most pictures and her mother just confirmed this . So I do not agree that newly borns are blobs that feed and sleep.

  78. KMisaHO says

    Angelina is a beautiful woman who has made some mistakes in the past (haven’t we all). She has alot of compassion for those less fortunate then herself which makes her a target in the media. She is also very passionate and vocal concerning her beliefs and her words can sometimes be taken out of context. She is a great humanitarian and it is not up to us to judge her! God bless her and her beautiful family!

  79. Minnie says

    You know what? It was worth reading all this. Because the line “Obviously, AJ is incompetent and stupid” is going to keep me giggling all day.

  80. Nell says

    All of you need to remember one thing: this stupid loud mouthed, non-thinking women is supposed to be an “ambassader to the UN.” HELLO! this is a presitgous and esteemed position to hold, and the women holding it is spewing out idiotic comments about her biological child…let’s all wake up. Obviously, AJ is incompetent and stupid and therefore, should not serve in any type of political position, especially for children. But most of all, this should be a lesson that celebrities are celebrities and not ambassadors because what they do best is act for the public is act and not advocate fairly–AJ certainly has shown she does not have the mental capacity to do both, act and advocate. So, in the future let’s hope our politicians and the public act responsiblity and choose better people, who are mentally stable and metally comptetant to represent our children. I say shame on you Angelina Jolie, shame, shame, shame……

  81. JACKIE says

    If she did not want to have a child, she should not have, how many years has she been sexually active,? since she was 7 (seven) she should know about birth control. She gave birth to that Blob of hers because it was a perfect way to trap Brad the loser.

    Even if the reporter suggested the word blob, she should have taken offense for someone to refer to any child thus let alone her own child instead of adopting the word. She is a cold unfeeling sick woman.

    I understand from the recent pictures Shiloh does look like a Blob, she does not seem to have any character whatsoever, but may be those are only a few pictures.

  82. d says

    I am NOT an AJ fan but if you do your research like what was said before the wording of the interview was changed, just like the adpotion deal w/ Maddonna.

  83. Paula says

    Funny how people always say that we take what AJ says out of context. How bout them taking what Jennifer A. says our of context? Walk both sides of the street ya’ll!!!

  84. dori says

    It sounds to me like Angie perhaps didn’t bond with this baby. Maybe working got in the way or she just doesn’t have a nuturing side. Not every woman is motherly and nuturing. She might love to play and connect with young children but a newborn is boring to her. Very interesting.

  85. jade says

    This is so ridiculous-I can’t believe all the noise about what was written. Remember magazines are meant to be sold and lots of things are left out to cause a stir and sell more magazines-guess it’s working. No one can truly believe that Angelina doesn’t care for Shiloh as much as she cares for the other two. And why are people still saying she is a homewrecker? Do you think if Brad was truly happy anyone could have broken him and Jennifer up? I say he’s better off. And if he and Jennifer were supposed to be the golden couple God save me.

  86. Heather says

    You know what, Nat….you’re right…scroll up to #74…..
    And please take your own advice…..PEACE

  87. Chayra says

    vicki, if you truly are supporting angie for her “lack of concern for what others think of her”, then perhaps you should continue doing so “support her”. as for her keeping quiet on the subject of “blob”, perhaps it means nothing by it and just as long as Brad and her family understands the definition! so she leaves it up to people like “us” to assume whatever we want. this just proves the point that she doesn’t care what people think of her and she’s smart and doing a great job at it……again, i am not a brad or angie’s fan, but this one…..GO angie! as for her defending herself about madonna is different because the truth of what came out of her mouth was omitted! angie supports “adoption” and “humanitarian” work, that just points out the chance of angie only having the nice things to say and support madonna is GREAT! like i said, it’s people like “us” out here that stir up things and so are the interviewers!!!

  88. Charm says

    For all you American Women who think you are all “Mother Theresas”, it was just an innocent comment made by Angelina and why cant you get over it!!!!!!!! That no way makes her a bad mom. Have you women ever stepped out of your closed shells? Have you seen how mothers in the third world countries bring up their children? Trust me, i know because iam from one such country. There are no car seats, there are no helmets, there are no life jackets, basically there’s no safety devices for children there. And somehow miraculously these children survive. My mom brought me home from the hospital when i was born in a bus. A bus in my country is somewhat the same as a tractor here. Yet, i survived. And iam so proud of my parents. Iam tough because of them. I would go to school by a 3 wheeler vehicle called “rickshaw” with some 6 other kids riding on the same vehicle, which be half the size of a mid-size car.

    I dont blame my parents for having put me in a small rickshaw and sent me to school. Did that mean they did’nt love me so they did that to me? No way!!! They loved me more than they loved anything else in the world. They made me tough and showed me how to survive. We third world people are toughies. So, my point is, Angelina sure loves her baby and that innocent comment might not have been an intentional one and it does’nt matter in the long run. So, You ladies stop claiming you are the “best moms” who would never utter such things or do no harm whether intentional/unintentional to your babies. All mothers love their babies and that’s the bottom line.

    If you women claim to do everything right with your children, then why is that America has the highest rate of teen pregnancy and teen drug addicts? See, thirld world parents are doing a better job there!! Peace!!!

  89. vicki says

    i am an angelina supporter and have admired her for her good works and her lack of concern for what others think of her. i want to understand the statements about the children. i am confused as to why she would correct things taken out of context concerning madonna and her adoption of david but she has kept quiet on the whole “blob” bit etc.

  90. Chayra says

    Those are harsh things to say about Angelina for calling Shiloh a “blob”. I truly think you are ALL taking it out of contexts. Who are we to sit here and judge everything that comes out of Angie’s mouth??? First, It’s normal that babies are “blobs”. They truly are sloppy and dirty in their first year. I don’t see any harms to it when Angie said what she said. I am sure Angie loves all of her 3 kids and surely happy to have Shiloh with Brad. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have spoken such great things of Brad as a father to her 3 kids. She’s just saying that Shiloh is having it easier and more previleged growing up in a family already rich and no need to struggle! Unlike, Mad and Zee, they had to go through alot to get here. I am sure Shiloh will grow up to understand her “adopted” brother and sister. Pictures speaks of a thousands words, these kids are not only grow to be brothers/sisters, but best friends. It’s people like “us” out here that stir things up. I am not a Brad or Angie’s fan, but I applaud Angie and Brad for their humanitarian work and for being a GREAT example of parents!!!

  91. Nat says

    I like and agree with your points Minnie.

    Heather, we all have OPINIONS – please respect other people’s – even if they differ from your own. I think we’re all adults on this forum?!?

  92. Minnie says

    There’s a point?!

    I said my bit about Angelina, and about the peopel who post here who irritate me (that’s not of topic as far as i can tell – there seems to be more of that than stuff about babies here) and then you made a point about $3 words which intrigued me so I asked what you meant and why you were saying it. Didn’t seem that absurd.

    Anyway. Babies, eh?

  93. Amber says

    Please also remember that when Angelina adopted Maddox, Billy Bob Thornton was supposed to be his father…but he left and now has nothing to do with Maddox. It’s a possibility that, while she knows Brad is a good guy and doesn’t doubt that he loves Shiloh…in the past someone has left maddox, and she doesn’t want it to happen again.

    I’ll reinforce what Granny and a lot of others have stated – you love differently, and because she feels Mad and Zee need her more, it’s more of a protective love then an ‘awe’ love.

  94. Pattye says

    I so disagree with the people that defend Angelina Jolie. She did not have to agree with whoever said that, she did not have to sleep with a married man and get pregnant. With all her money, she didn’t have any clue how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy? Give me a break!! I agree with the person that said she was just trying to hang on to Brad and she figured that was the only way, since her track record is so poor with men. They like her for a few years and then they are gone. If Brad has a brain in his head, he would get out NOW!!! But as we have all discovered his brains are in his pants!!!

  95. Minnie says

    I’m curious – which would you value at $3 and why would you imagine that anyone would use vocabulary with the intent to impress people they have already stigmatised as people who don’t read what is being written in the first place?

  96. Tiffany says

    I hate when people constantly remind themselves that Mad and Z are adopted. Its like being adopted makes them different. I was adopted and mother constantly remind me of it, not intentionally but it still hurt when she did. sometimes i question her motives for doing it although i never doubt she loved me. Its clear that Angie worships her kids can’t we all be happy and leave the woman alone.

  97. says

    Angelina’s a very insensitive person all around. Look at what got her so popular in the first place-######## a married man. She has always said she doesn’t care what other people think, even if it totally offends them. She says in another interview that Brad has to remind her to slow down and appreciate each moment and consider the kids and family time in everything…yeah, like, don’t forget the baby at home!! She’s a person too and might want to know her mother one day!! Angelina’s all about proving a point in everything she does – good and bad. But she can’t just live in the moment and appreciate the good life she’s got. It’s like Shiloh doesn’t have a purpose like the other two therefore she’s not as valuable to the world.

  98. Nell says

    I’m glad to see that so many people agree with the fact that AJ is a fool and an idiot for saying what she said. Perhaps, the UN will reassess who they have chosen as an ambassador–stupid people shouldn’t hold such esteemed positions.

  99. mamabear812 says

    All I can say is “Thank God Shiloh has her dad”. I always believed Angelina was the awesome person who would and could love ALL her children equally. I honestly cannot believe she made those comments about baby Shiloh. No matter how people try to defend her – she said what she said! Mothers are supposed to love and have empathy for ALL their children equally, and to say she is less inclined to feel for little Shiloh because she was privileged from the moment she was born is wrong – and inaccurate. How can any of us, least of all her own mother, not feel deeply for this beautiful little girl who will spend the rest of her life actively being pursued by the paparazzi cameras?

    If she truly feels this way, maybe it’s a good thing she continues to adopt and DOESN’T have any more biological children.

  100. Denise says

    I’m sorry, but there is no way I would agree to calling my child a blob. My daughter was in the NICU for six weeks because she was born @30 weeks and 2′ 2oz. At that size and age she still had a personality. She didn’t like being swaddled, so she would fling her arm and legs until she was free. That part of her has carried over. She is now 7 months and everyday she show more and more of her personality. But she always had one. Some women just don’t understand how having a healthy baby is a blessing. My oldest son was a stillborn and my second was premature. Now if I have a third child and he/she comes on time and doesn’t have to struggle, then I should feel less for that child because he/she didn’t have to struggle. I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with that. I just think Angelina is a hypocrite. Sorry for the long post, but she just irked me.

  101. joelly says

    In my opinion, she got “knocked up” on purpose just to lock Brad into being a father to her two children. He seems more committed to them than to her and what better way to secure a father for her children. That may have been the push he needed to abandon his marriage….a biological child. People stay in unhappy relationship for years thinking this is the best for their children. I can’t wait until he leaves her and takes Shiloh with him.

  102. cherisse says

    I dont know what the hell she was thinking saying that. Hell i dont even like the homewrecker. And that boyfriend of hers can kiss my ass.

  103. Minnie says

    Thanks Essie!

    Thanks also to BC Girl for proving my point. I don’t say you need to agree with me (heck – I don’t even say that with accepted science though I believe that’s generally a good start for not letting too much of the crazy into your life. But I accept that’s a personal choice. If you want to anthropomorphise your baby, be my guest. Just try and prove it is all…) just that commenting on what’s actually written/ stated and arguing from a point of logic is what would suggest that you are capable of reasoned rational thought and thus that one is not emotionally infirm/ psychologically troubled.
    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that you are. Well… not in so many words. I’m sure you’re lovely and all.

  104. Sue says

    omg for gods sake man!
    why are the majority of you so illiterate?
    i’m not taking sides here but if you read the damn interview
    ALL the interview you actually know what Angelina (whos thick with her words is trying to say)
    she knows that shiloh is hers from the minute she was concieved and she would have everything she dreamed of, from the minute she was born and before.
    Zahara and Maddy their kids she’s adopted their special because at the back of your mind you think to yourself whilst watching them grow right infront of your eyes
    “wow look what i’ve saved from poverty and corruption”
    “what if i’d never adopted where would these angels be now in what state?”
    adopting is sometihng so emotionally strong theres no words for it because i HAVE adopted and i have HAD my own!
    i can’t begin to describe how i felt and what i still feel.
    You love all your children the same!
    but with adopting its a totally different emontional rollercoaster

  105. Paula says

    It all amounts to some people like AJ and Brad and some people don’t. The ones that do would take up for them even if she gave her kid away. They’d see some positive in it. The ones that don’t like them will always see negative. I for one don’t like them so naturally I am going to see negative in them even tho I try not to. On a positive note, I think it’s great she’s adopting underprivileged children from 3rd world countries. But, and this may be negative. We do have children here in America that need adopting also. Just because they live in the US doesn’t mean they are underprivileged. JMO!!

  106. BC Girl says

    Minnie and Essie – Maybe it is you 2 who have ‘issues’… yes you may not agree with what some of are posting, but that does not meen that we have ‘issues’. Apparently everyone in the world should 100% completely agree with what you two think right???

  107. Essie says

    Minnie, thanks for such a sensible post. I feel the same way about the posters on this board . . . they all seem to have “issues.” Of course, all the sense you made will make absolutely NO difference to any of them!!!

    Thanks #73 for the report on Brooke Burke giving birth to yet another girl. However, Heaven Rain sounds like a stripper!! Congrats to Brooks and David. (Even though I have no idea who he is!!!)

  108. Heather says

    For all of you who say that “babies are blobs”, I think it is really sad for you to say. Of course, that is my opinion. You can choose to agree or disagree. However, my child had a personality from the moment she was born.

  109. babyhates says

    LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — It’s a girl for television host Brooke Burke and actor-singer David Charvet.

    Burke, 35, gave birth Monday to Heaven Rain Charvet in Santa Monica, her publicist Nancy Iannios said.

    “They’re doing great and resting at home now,” Iannios said Tuesday.

    It was the third child for Burke, who has daughters Neriah, 6, and Sierra Sky, 4, with former husband Garth Fisher, a plastic surgeon who has appeared on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover.”

    Burke and Charvet, 34, were engaged in August and plan to wed this spring, Iannios said.

    Burke hosted the CBS reality series “Rock Star: Supernova” last year and the E! cable channel’s “Wild On…” from 1999 to 2002.

    In the ’90s, Charvet had roles on the TV shows “Baywatch” and “Melrose Place.” A native of France, he has recorded several pop rock albums released in Europe.

  110. Minnie says

    Oh for the love of Pete. I’m only saying this to get it off my chest because, having spent some time checking on this site for my own perverse amusement (created by the people who post and not the babies, clearly), I am very clear on the fact that the majority of the people who post here are doing so because they have emotional and/or psychological issues and don’t actually think. Responding on impulse without consideration and reading what you want to read because of prejudice seem to be the stock responses to the “articles” posted here.

    That said – babies are blobs. For the first couple of months they eat and sleep. They are incapable of focusing on what is around them, of cognitive thought, or logic or reason. Babies are in the first few weeks, to all intents and purposes, barely sentient. I say this having had two.

    Recognition of how formative experience develops the mind is essential for anyone hoping to bring up children. While they start off blobs, babies are conditioned and formed by early experiences. If you (as apparent parents to children you profess to love too much to call blobs want to know more about this so you can be better parents there is plenty of literature on it). It seems Angelina did her homework before adopting damaged kids.

    She doesn’t use the word “love” – why do you? Context people!

  111. Jenna says

    These comments were taken completely out of context. Ok, they DO seem a bit harsh and if I was her, I don’t think I would have phrased my feelings quite like that. However, she NEVER ONCE said that she loves little Shiloh any less than Maddox and Zahara. She simply said she feels less inclined to feel (empathy? sympathy? sorrow?) for her because she didn’t have such an underpriviliged start as the older two.

    To those people who said Mad and Z won’t remember their life in orphanages: no, they may not have direct memories, but socialisation and bonding in the first 6 months has a massive impact on a child’s lifelong development.

  112. Pika says

    I can only imagine what Shiloh will think when she’s old enough to read mom’s “honest” interview. Ouch.

  113. Paula says

    Oh, and if you watch the love scene in Mr and Mrs Smith, I don’t think they were acting. Looks like that is what helped them get together!!!! Like I said, “wild” side!! Yep, ole Brad got a thing for the weird stuff!!!

  114. Paula says

    #62, actually, I did see on and E show about 100 Celebrity mistakes and one of them was Angie giving her brother a really good full opened mouth kiss, and was all up against him like no sister should be with her brother. I never believed that until I saw it with my own eyes. Now, that’s just not right. Maybe Brad has a thing for stuff like that that JA just couldn’t satisfy. And now that he’s with Angie he’s walking on the “Wild” side. How old is Shiloh now? Angie adopted the other two at 6 months. Were they blobs until then? So Shiloh should be getting some “personality” by now, so what is her problem with the child?

  115. Tess says

    Maybe Angie would have a better understanding of her little “blob” if she spent more time with her. She would realize that children have their own little personalities from birth (some would say before that). It is not something that develops at a certain age. If Brangelina intend to further expand their family I certainly think it should be by adoption. no more via nature.

  116. Elaine says

    #60 Both Brad and Angelina have been out promoting movies recently, isn’t that them appearing as celebs? Ang in particular seems to be doing lots of interviews.

    I have to disagree that a new born is a blob with no personality. My daughter who is now 3, had a definite personality pretty much from day 1 – bright, alert and anxious to see what is going on in her world. I was very surprised as i had expected a new born to just feed, sleep and fill her nappy.

    At best she is over-compensating for Maddox and Zahara’s feelings, at worst she is being an idiot . Also I really didn’t need to know she got herself knocked up by accident – there is such a thing as too much information.

    I have noticed that Brad is careful to make it clear he considers all 3 to be his children and there is no diference between them. Angelina should take note of that.

  117. KMisaHO says

    FYI….Just incase this website is slow in posting this news: Brooke Burke had her baby on Monday…a girl, “Heaven Rain”.

  118. Nell says

    The bottom line with her is that she is an idiot and says whatever comes into her small little brain. Whatever the content, the fact that she, knowing that the press would be all over the statement, would even suggest she felt more of an affinity for Mad and Z makes her a class-A fool. But, when you think about what Angie is really after, which is publicity however it may come, it’s now surprise that she wouild make this type of a statement. This is why all of you who laude these celebritites, especially her, claiming they are wonderful mothers, and lovley people are just as foolish. Most of these celebrities, particularly, Angie, are only out for themselves, this last statement should be a testament to this, as well as to her stupidity.

  119. freddi-o says


  120. says

    I suggest people read the entire article before passing judgement. Angelina in no way said that she loves Shiloh less than her other two kids. I think people read into these interviews what they want to see. If you hate her and think she’s a home wrecker you put the wrost possible spin on her words. If you put your prejudice aside you might view the article differently

  121. says

    For a person like AJ who knows everything she says will be printed, you’d think she’d be a little more careful about the way she says things so we don’t all have to interpret and read between the lines. The people who love her will make the best of it, the ones who hate her will read into it. I am neither, a little indifferent. But what I can say is that I thought this about her a long time ago – she never brings that baby anywhere, and seems a BIT too preoccupied with teaching Mad and Z about their countries and the world in general. Like, what can you really teach a blob about the great things in the world, anyway? Don’t any of you notice how the only time B and A come out in public is for some worldly purpose?? It’s never just to be celebs. And we’d criticize them then too, but I think BOTH their heads have grown too big and they really do think they can change the world one kid at a time….too bad cute Shiloh got in the way of their big plans…

  122. Paula says

    I disagree with everyone that said babies are blobs when they are first born. I think they are a part of you and just holding them should put you in awe. The moms that don’t agree haven’t bonded with their babies. Sorry, just my opinion. Angie should have never had a natural child. I guess her not being from a foreign country doesn’t help…Oh, wait a minute…she is from a foreign country. Guess her looks don’t help. Blond, blue eyed. She looks too American. Maybe is she’d turned out dark with asian eyes Angie would feel differently about her. I hope Brad takes better care of her than Angie does. They will probably adopt more children which is fine but Shiloh will always feel like the different one because she will be different. She will never be poor or underpriveleged, and will always know that Angie is drawn to children that are. She’ll be the red headed step child. That is precisely why Angie doesn’t parade her through the papparazzi. She’s just not special enough in her eyes. She’d rather the poor underpriveleged, adopted children get all the attention. One day, it will all turn on her and bite her in the butt!!!! Interesting just how all this will play out. And we’ll all know because she can’t keep her mouth shut any more than Britney can keep her drawers on!!

  123. Rach says

    oh yep and iv’e no doubt when he does finally leave, that will only actually add more resentment towards poor shiloh, because iv’e no doubt after reading her other comments regarding kids, she only went ahead with the pregnancy because of him.

  124. Rach says

    yep AJ comes out with some pretty dumb comments sometimes. she should think more before opening her mouth. as for the comment on brad should wake up and run away..in time like any bloke with masse’s amounts of kids (most of which won’t even be his), the strain will get to him eventually and i bet u he will scarper. well that and AJ being too busy saving the planet to spend time with him. he fell for her looks though and will pay the price but at least he’s got a much wanted child out of it which jen probably wouldn’t of given him for another few years.

  125. Nat says

    Y’all need to chill out. Granny said it perfectly that AJ just loves her children different, not any less. All of you are AJ haters are nailing her to a cross for being honest: Shiloh was born into privilege, and YES, babies are blobs – at least for the first little while. I have three children myself and could never stand the first couple of months because they were pretty much crying masses of nerve endings that only slept, pood/peed, and ate. She said things in that article that I’m sure a lot of mothers feel but would never have the courage to admit in public.

    From what I can tell, AJ seems like a wonderful mother. Those children are very lucky, and it is clear that they mean everything to her as well.

  126. heather says

    And they want more children????? That is sure to boost Shiloh’s self-esteem even more…..LMAO Team Aniston!!

  127. says

    And I am sorry it is SO OBVIOUS that she likes the other two better, she is never out with Shiloh. I am curious to see how these kids turn out, and don’t give me this crap about how she loves them all cuz she doesn’t I agree with the post that if she didn’t wnat to get pregnant she should have prevented it, but no SHE HAD TO MAKE BRAD STAY and that was the only reason, now she does not appear to be getting along with him and she feels stuck with his kid!!!
    Way to go Brad GOOD DECISION YOU MADE!!!!

  128. says

    FYI – you all can keep defending her, blame it on the reporter and the magazine and the air exchange in the building, whatever helps you sleep at night!
    WAKE UP, THIS IS HER TRUE SIDE, THIS IS WHO SHE IS, LIKE IT OR NOT! I told you she is evil on her insides, and that won’t go away!!!!

  129. says

    AND YOU ALL DEFENDED HER!!!!!! Shame, Shame…

    What kind of Mother says that about her own child.
    I don’t even know what else to say,
    Stupid Brad I hope that makes him feel good, to know his homewrecker whore girlfriend doesn’t even like the child he so desperatly had to have!
    Losers, they deserve eachother,
    What goes around comes around.
    I have heard of step parents saying the don’t really feel for the kids of their new spouse but to hear a blood parent say is truly disgusting!!!
    if Brad has any class and brains left that idiot will take that poor Shiloh and get his sorry ass out of there!!!!

  130. Paula says

    #44, if that’s the case and it may be, then poor Shiloh is only going to remember a missing depressed part in her mind from a mother who has less inclination towards her than the other two.

  131. says

    if angelina said that, maybe in the future, Shiloh is going to have problems and the other two maybe not, Shiloh is going to felt not wanted or less wanted

  132. Nicki says

    **If you have a healthly happy intelligent (2 years ahead in her schooling) child you are thrilled and count your blessings.

    Corrections, sorry about that. (maybe more, just noticed those)

  133. Nicki says

    32. Fancy I totally agree with 31. Granny . Very well said Granny, you said it perfect the first time, problem is most of them aren’t reading it so they can harp on half quotes so they can say I told you so. Doesn’t make thier selective reading any more true.
    If you have a healthly happy intelligent (2 years ahead in her scholling) you are thrilled and count your blessings.
    Nine years later you have a son, who is born two and a half months early, and your hubby needs to sign away your reproductive organs in order for you to live, and don’t know if your baby will make it or not,(or know he has to make a life or death decision for you) and then the baby struggles on and off for a month or so. And even after that it he is still iffy, how can you say you couldn’t feel differently about both children? Not saying anything about LOVE because caompassion and empathy for any living being would be in most of us.
    Angelina and Brad LOVE all 3 of thier children, and it shows.

  134. says

    I think she loves her three kids very much, but obviously they are different, and she feels a differnt love between them, maybe she has to protect more Mad and Z.

  135. Alyssa says

    for the people who say Mad and Z wont remember it all. did you know that the first few months of life if it isnt filled with the feeling of LOVE it can make them feel depressed for basically their whole life ?? why dont u do some research on how babies emotional state grows in just a few months after they are born. They may not remember what it was like but they certainly do feel a missing depressed part in their mind but may not no why. but it is because of how they lived..

  136. BC Girl says

    Amber – Not to argue against what you are saying in any way, Im just going to comment on what you have said that Angelina said. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!! Her saying that having her own child is one less child she can save from poverty. Like she isnt going to adopt 10 more kids anyways!!! Shiloh is NOT stopping her from adopting anymore, they have already said they are going to adopt again, probably this year. She needs to wake up and realize that she is just Angelina Jolie, not some saviour from another planet. She would “feel guilty for have given birth to Shiloh”?? Hmm I really hope that Shiloh never gets ahold of that article when she gets older!! Some of the stuff that this lady comes up with is way beyond me, she makes no sense!! I am surprised that she never put Shiloh up for adoption into a ‘different race’ family herself. She needs to wake up and smell the coffee. And Brad needs to wake up and run away!!!

  137. MissyMama says

    Amber, I understand what you are saying, but if Angelina never intended to have a biological child, she should have tried harder to prevent it. And feeling guilty for creating a life? Give me a break. Any “normal” woman feels BLESSED to be able to create a child.

  138. Amber says

    Also, please understand that Angelina feels guilty for having given birth to Shiloh. That is one less baby that she can save from a world of cruelty. She has said many times in the past that she wouldn’t be able to stand herself if she created a new life, when there are so many other lives out there already that need her.

    If she didn’t love this baby, she wouldn’t have had it even if Brad wanted her to. I think she is trying to make sure that she doesn’t favour Shiloh because she’s her own blood, as some adoptive parents unconsciously do. In time, she will realise that she can’t overcompensate.

  139. Amber says

    Whoever wrote this; “admitting she favors her adopted children over her natural-born child” in the article changed Angelina’s wording making it easier to interpret as harsh by us readers.

    Angelina implied more that she has more of an ‘inclination’ to be proud of her other children because they are, as she stated “more vulnerable”. This in no way means that she loves Shiloh any less, simply that while she loves her because she’s her daughter, she doesn’t have that secondary love that you can only get when you appreciate, admire and respect someones personality.

    Let’s face it, baby’s don’t have personalities straight away… nature vs nurture.

    I think if Angelina really had “favourites” then she wouldn’t have said so in an interview she knows millions will see.

  140. Nisa says

    Some how I have gotten so tired of Angelina I just wish she could go away! Is that possible? I do not wish bad things happen to her, but she and her family just vanish off the face of the earth. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. These last two months, her PR machine has been into overdrive and all those interviews are one day going to turn into a monster that will eat her.

    I just feel like going to one of those red carpet events and wisper in Brad’s ear
    ‘ you are done for, wake up brother, you are looking really foolish and are the laughing stock of all the news rooms’

    I know we love to sell tabloids but it is sad when it is at the expense of some one like Brad Pitt, who was well liked and respected.

    I know you Brangelina fans love to thinks otherwise, but just walk out and ask anyone ‘ what do you think of Brad Pitt?’ unless they are 15-20 who will say he scored.

  141. dori says

    Children don’t develop a memory until age 4. So Mad and Z will only remember their privledged life as it is now. Shiloh was born with all the privalges, so I can understand what she’s saying. She’s not a good speaker and not very eloquent with her words but I believe her intentions are honorable and she loves all her children.
    The adopted 2 kids are special because they needed saving and she saved them.
    As granny said it so well each child is loved in a different way not really more or less.
    I will be a granny in 6-8 weeks myself and am very excited to meet my grandson. I’m sure I will love him differently then I love my 2 girls.

  142. Paula says

    Angie admitted she got “knocked up” so Shiloh wasn’t planned and I think she never had any intention of having any natural children. I think she just wants adopted children. But, it was in poor taste what she said about her. She should love all of her children equally, not just because she was born into a rich family. Maybe Mad and Z won’t want to be treated differently just because they were adopted. And they probably don’t remember any of where they came from. Angie wants them to so she can lord it over their heads later in life that she took them out of poverty. I feel sorry for Shiloh, because I don’t think she was really wanted in the first place. Maybe by Brad but not Angie. She’s not carried around like a prize like the other two are either.

  143. Jacquie says

    Carleigh I’m in Canada.
    Diana you have a good point too, I just think we see alot of Mad and Z out and about though. That site you have the link for looks cool thx.

  144. KL & BL says


  145. MissyMama says

    I guess on some level I can understand what she is trying to say, but it’s hard for me to understand how a mother can feel ANYTHING more for one child over another. But I guess that’s just me.

  146. Nikki says

    to: #21 , Sabrina

    Did you ever hear Angelina Jolie say
    “I hate Shiloh!” ???
    nope, so “read” the post before commenting ok !? no mother would ever say they hate there child!

  147. Granny says

    She may not have stated it well but I think I know what she meant. With my own children each of them was a bit of a suprise I think becuase they were each so different from the child/children before. And since my eldest was the first infant I have ever been exposed to there was serious shock.

    And my grandkids are the same. I don’t love one any more than the other but somehow I love them different. I love #1special because she was the first and much like me. I love #2 special because she struggled in NICU for so long and looks so much like my own children. I love #3 special because he is the only male and has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Equal llove but yet somewhat different.

  148. BC Girl says

    I CANT STAND ANGELINA!!! You know what hilarious about this post…. its the fact that Angelina has always said that she feels an adopted child should never be though of or treated differently than a biological child. Hmmm, who is the hypocrite now Angelina!!! Its so harsh that she said that she feels for Mad and Z more, there is no way they remember anything about where they came from, even if they did remember that, they probably have more now than what Shiloh does. I dont think that Angelina ever wanted to have a biological child, and unfortunately, that is showing now… I wish that Brad would just take that beautiful little baby girl and leave Angelina’s ass!!

  149. Kalistabrat says

    Woah! Poor Shiloh, I feel like she is going to grow up on a mission to always get her mother’s attention and love, this reminds me of a story called ” the winning horse” so sad! I think Brad Pitt is the better parent! Not Angelina!

  150. Annette says

    If you don’t want to hear what I have to say then you should have a post for members only.

  151. Annette says

    I think it was in poor taste that Angelina said she feels more for her adopted children then for Shilo.Shilo didn’t have anything to do with her being born priveledged.Just as her adopted children didn’t ask to be born under-priveledged.But to feel more for one child then another I just find that unbelievible coming from any parent. It doesn’t matter who you are.Being a parent is loving all your children equal no matter what.

  152. Diana says

    Jacquie – perhaps we don’t see Shiloh in pubilc because Brad and Angelina want to shelter her from the public gaze at some times. Have a look at http://www.teddyandmoo.com and there are some gorgeous pictures of the whole family together. Just a thought.xx

  153. STarrr says

    wooooooooo i love me some angelina jolie and i think she is wonderful BUT damn that is kind ofharsh to say…i think she is just saying that b/c she doesnt want people to think she loves her natural chil over her adopted kids but she didnt have to say i like them more…b/c shiloh hasnt been thorugh anything(like thats her fault)…im sorry but thats wrong…and i love that she spoke her mind but there are some things u should keep to urself or rephrase…

  154. Jacquie says

    I knew I didn’t care for her when all this “Brangelina” stuff started, she had me almost convinced that I was wrong about her. Phew thankfully she didn’t pull that wool over my eyes and probably countless others. Now it makes sense why we hardly see Shiloh out in public.

  155. Sabrina says

    Angelina makes me SO sick! Poor baby Shiloh. It’s like Angelina hates her, and wants nothing to do with her.
    Angelina is so stupid, Shiloh is NOT more privledged then the other two. Yes they wers saved from poverty, but they were babies they don’t remember it at all. They have the same things Shiloh does. I never see Angelina with Shiloh. I hope to God that Brad will step up, and take care of the sweet little girl. I really wish I could adopt Shiloh, i certianly would and give her the love she really needs, and the care.

  156. claudia says

    KMisaHo- where did you read the whole interview? do you know if it might be on video? anyone?

  157. Dianne says

    I think she’s a fucking idiot for saying something like that. I would never love one child more than the other. What the hell was she thinking, they are really going to be on her case about this one and just because she adopted the other two shouldn’t mean squat. She should love them all the same, unconditionally. That is what a real mother does. Maybe someone should teach her.

  158. joelly says

    #15 – Scarlet – I was thinking the same thing, neither Maddox or Zahara will remember anything other than their priviledged globetrotting existences.

  159. Heather says

    KMisaHO: I never said that Angelina called her child a “blob” the interviewer did. I said that she agreed with the interviewer. I read the article, too!!!!

  160. scarlet says

    OMG what a comment to say about her baby…I think she is a strange person to start with..At 6months old how the hell do the adopitive kids have a clue as to how there live is?

  161. claudia says

    i am going to have to side with AJ on this one. she never said, “i love Mad and Z more than Shiloh”, she said she feels for them more. heck, i do too. they fought for their lives since the moment they were born until AJ adopted them. she said she feels for them more because they are more vulnurable, and they are. they are going to feel way different compared to Shiloh because she has moms lips and dads hair and eyes. they will sense the difference, and feel different. AJ feels the need to give Mad and Z more attention because she doesn’t want them to feel left out. the good thing is that she knows and understands that she should not ignore Shiloh or leave her out because she too can feel alone. she understands her kids and loves Shiloh just as much as she loves Mad and Z, she just understands how they must feel and how Shiloh must feel. by that you can tell what a good parent she must be, she understands her adopted kids and also understands Shiloh because she knows she should not ignore her just because she was born so privileged. everyone one knows that her adopted kids will need more attention. and we all know that she won’t ignore Shiloh. about her calling Shiloh a blog, all babies are. she is starting to see Shiloh’s personality, she see’s how she is becoming a person with a mind and attitude. Shiloh was really different for AJ because she was the small newborn without the personality, whereas Mad and Z already came with it.

  162. KMisaHO says

    “BLOB” CLARIFICATION: I read the whole (original) interview. When Angelina was talking about Shiloh, she said “A newborn is really this…” and she took her hands and made a motion like a someone molding clay. The interviewer than used the word “blob” for printing sake. She NEVER called her child a Blob. Facts should be researched before posting!!!

  163. says

    I don’t see the harm in her article either and I’m sure Shiloh will understand that statement more then any of us one day as she’s older after living with and loving Mad and Z herself. I don’t see it as any discredit to Shiloh at all, she is her own identity was so even before she was born. Mad and Z need Angelina in different ways then Shiloh, in ways she’ll never understand which is a blessing and adding Brad to the mix makes even more sense! I really don’t think Shiloh is lacking in love especially with Brad as her father, I see balance every way I look at it.

  164. Heather says

    I am the Mother of a 13 month old. I would have been very offended if ANYONE referred to my newborn as a “blob” and certainly would have not agreed with them. And the last comment about her other children being more “vulnerable”?!!? And a newborn baby is not???? I hope she is being taken out of context b/c if she’s not then she is just plain IGNORANT!!!!

  165. joelly says

    Everytime that woman speaks publicly about her personal life she makes herself sound more stupid, let’s just hope that when she speaks as an Ambassador she has someone writing her speeches for her.

  166. carleigh says

    Yes, the Brangelina “haters” (aka: Pack Leader Team Aniston here) will have a hay day with this revelation. I read the whole entire interview and just because she made the “reference” to Shiloh at being a “blob” (the interview suggested that terminology and AJ agreed) doesn’t mean a thing. Who has ever had a newborn??? They are somewhat of little blobs that just cry, sleep, eat and pooh. That’s what she meant by saying that I am sure. She doesn’t love any of her kids one more than the other she’s trying to say she understands that Mad and Z have had a rough start in life and need the extra time and attention and yet in the process she’s got Shiloh who’s a baby and she was talking about trying to make sure ALL her kids get the equal time and amount of attention that they need. Is there any mother of more than one child out there adopted or biological that hasn’t wondered how they are going to manage having to take all the time and attention and spread it out? I kind of did when I found out I was preg. with second child, first one was 8 y/o and used to being alone, self centered and all about her so sharing my time and attention with a newborn who takes every spare second of your day..well I worried about how she was going to adjust and how would I manage. It’s normal, AJ has a blurting problem and if anything she’s been way to open and honest and while that’s a good thing in some ways in others it’s not because we all know the press skewers things and spins things to their own agenda. And hell no I am not even going to talk about how or what the press has done to Britney Spears that bimbo has done it all to herself and there is no comparisons to be made here. AJ spends all her time with her kids and there’s no doubt in my mind that she loves them all greatly and they are the joy of her life.

  167. carleigh says

    Yes, the Brangelina “haters” (aka: Pack Leader Team Aniston here) will have a hay day with this revelation. I read the whole entire interview and just because she made the “reference” to Shiloh at being a “blob” (the interview suggested that terminology and AJ agreed) doesn’t mean a thing. Who has ever had a newborn??? They are somewhat of little blobs that just cry, sleep, eat and pooh. That’s what she meant by saying that I am sure. She doesn’t love any of her kids one more than the other she’s trying to say she understands that Mad and Z have had a rough start in life and need the extra time and attention and yet in the process she’s got Shiloh who’s a baby and she was talking about trying to make sure ALL her kids get the equal time and amount of attention that they need. Is there any mother of more than one child out there natural or biological that hasn’t wondered how they are going to manage having to take all the time and attention and spread it out? I kind of did when I found out I was preg. with second child, first one was 8 y/o and used to being alone, self centered and all about her so sharing my time and attention with a newborn who takes every spare second of your day..well I worried about how she was going to adjust and how would I manage. It’s normal, AJ has a blurting problem and if anything she’s been way to open and honest and while that’s a good thing in some ways in others it’s not because we all know the press skewers things and spins things to their own agenda. And hell no I am not even going to talk about how or what the press has done to Britney Spears that bimbo has done it all to herself and there is no comparisons to be made here. AJ spends all her time with her kids and there’s no doubt in my mind that she loves them all greatly and they are the joy of her life.

  168. Joanne says

    I have to defend Angelina here, as I think I know what she means. Her other children came with a history and were also older when she met them and adopted them. Compared to a baby, toddlers and preschoolers have more of a personality and therefore can be more active and “fun.” I don’t doubt that she loves Shiloh very much.

    I have adopted children at various ages, by the way.

  169. Joanne says

    I have to defend Angelina here, as I think I know what she means. Her other children came with a history and were also older when she met them and adopted them. Compared to a baby, toddlers and preschoolers have more of a personality and therefore can be more “fun.” I don’t doubt that she loves Shiloh very much.

    I have adopted children of various ages, by the way.

  170. Fancy says

    It was the interviewer who said “blob”. That’s why she’s saying “yes, a blob”. She’s talking about empathy not love. I’m sure Shiloh get’s plenty of love. Mad and Z had unspeakably difficult beginnings that will always affect how their mother sees them. Anyone who has adopted a child from similar circumstances will get this. That said AJ really needs to rethink how much she should be revealing to the media.
    I’m certain all the um, ladies on this blog will have a field day with this one!!!

  171. Stephanie Johnson says

    Now she’s on the pill so she say’s. Before she became pregnant she obviously wasn’t. She needs to welcome baby Shiloh with open arms or give her up for adoption to Jen and Brad and Jen can start over since she’s such a blob!!!!!!

  172. MissyMama says

    Wow. That is kind of harsh. Favoring any child over the other, adopted, biological, whatever is just wrong. No child should grow up knowing that mommy “feels” more for her siblings because she adopted them. What a bitch.

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