Teri Hatcher & Daughter Having A Blast In Cabo

Teri Hatcher, 42, and her daughter Emerson, 9, looked like they were having a lot of fun yesterday in Cabo San Lucas. Teri looks a lot better these days…healthier and more natural looking.

Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher


  1. debs says

    emerson scares me (jokingly)- she must be my height (i’m 5’1″) and she’s only 9 years old!! her father must have been 8 feet tall! AAhhh!

    by the way-
    Shea, Nisa, babyhates and alex: you are clearly the same person. if you don’t like the site, don’t come on it. nice how everyone likes to critisize.

  2. lala_brit says

    Hot News: Victoria Beckham is pregnant says Geri Halliwell and Katie Holmes is Pg with No 2!!!!!!!

  3. pat says

    This is a pitiful site …….Hey, you won’t waste time here just look in once a week because nothing will be added anytime soon. Celebrity-moms and celebrity-babies ( a much better place to go look)

  4. MissyMama says

    Teri looks great…I hope I look that good at 42! She seems to be a very good mother, some other celebrities (I won’t mention names) should take notes.

  5. Nisa says

    I think I shall officially retire from this site. A pity because it was my favourite, of course before it was completely run down. Au revior.

  6. carleigh says

    Teri is looking so much better these days not like the walking skeleton she was even a few months ago! I like her and have since Lois and Clark, she seems like a very involved mother with good morals. She’s involved in Emersons’ life and value’s her daughter because she puts her first and foremost! She’s a good role model.

  7. sue says

    How NICE and refreshing to see a Hollywood mom who spends so much quality time with her child! Kudos to Teri! PS – Britney – do you see this??

  8. Sara says

    They always look like they are having fun together! Her daughter is so sweet and Teri looks fabulous for 42!~

  9. stephanie says

    Hey! looks like ur having a blast! im a huge fan of urs i watch every single episode of desperate housewives! me my mom my aunt and a couple of other friends all get together every sunday to eat a nice dinner and watch your show1 its really FUN! luv ya ! byeee 🙂

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