Britney's Cautionary Tale & Message To Her Fans

Britney provides a cautionary tale…of what can happen when you party way too much. Britney Spears

Britney looked so cute in her little black shift when she appeared on David Letterman and she looked shockingly different on January 3rd at nightclub Le Deux.

Britney seems to wish to attone for her ways with the newest message that she has posted on her website:

Dear Fans,

It has been a while since I’ve addressed you personally here on my official website. The last couple of years have been quite a ride for me, the media has criticized my every move and printed a skewed perception of who I really am as a human being. Behind every decision I have made in my public life there always seems to be an apparent contradiction. I have come to terms with that which is why I usually don’t pay much attention to it.

The last couple of years have been very enlightening for me and now that I’ve had the time to be “me,” I’ve been able to sit down and think about where I want to go with myself as an entertainer with absolutely no strings attached. I am now more mature and feel like I am finally “free.” I’ve been working so hard on this new album and I can’t wait for you all to hear it and to go on tour again! I would like to exclusively tell you that I am working hard to release the new album sometime later this year, but the date is of course not certain yet. I look forward to coming back this year bigger and better than ever, and to also reaching out to my fans on a more personal level. I noticed today that one of my biggest fansites is shutting down soon and I want you all to know that I do understand all the reasons that went behind making that decision, and I am sad to see it closing. If I were you I’d be unhappy too if I had to read what I’ve been reading every day. But trust me, I get it. I know I’ve been far from perfect and the media has had a lot of fun exaggerating my every move, but I want you all to know that I love my fans so much, and I appreciate everything you have done for me, so Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Best wishes to Britney in her quest to take care of herself better. I think she’ll get it together.



  1. me says

    I think its sad and pathetic of what kind of mother you have become. You need to take parental classes and stop thinking of yourself. Quit partying and showing your crotch and what ever else attention your trying to get. Grow up and be a good influence on your children. What kind of love is it that you feel you can dress like you do, drink and what ever else you do. Your molding your children with what you let them see and hear. Some day they will see all the trash that is being told about you. Then you will have to show them and be ashamed of yourself or lie to them and still be ashamed for doing that. Plz, wake up before you lose every ounce of your respect. You still have time to gain it back. I’m praying for you girl.

  2. THEBEST1OFALL!!! says


  3. Nicki says

    MissyMama~my thoughts exactly. That video shows quite a bit, and nothing good for her parenting skills. I feel bad for her kids.

  4. MissyMama says

    Nicki, I saw those and watched that video. It pretty much made me sick. She completely ignored SPF, he even tried to reach out to her a couple times and she just walked away. Poor SPF, just wants mommy to carry him around, instead she’s cuddling that oversized rat.

    For those “fans” out there that say we are too critical of her and don’t know how she is with her kids behind closed doors….watch the video, that is how she is. She could care less. She is a selfish child. A DOG gets more attention out in public, with the paps all over her, you think she gets down on the floor and plays with her kids at home? Cooks them a nice warm meal, lays down and snuggles with them, puts them to bed?? Yeah right!

  5. Nicki says

    I just saw pics of Britney with a couple guys, I think one her manager and maybe new boyfriend??, with Sean Preston………………get this, at a pet store buying a little dog.
    I wonder how thrilled the nannies will be with thier new addition. Brit walked out with the dog while one of the guys carried Sean Preston. (I think it was X17online that had them and a short video).

  6. MissyMama says

    I’ve got it! I’ve figured out why she is NEVER with her kids…she has completely forgotten that she had them!!

    When she is home she probably wonders why the “maid” keeps bringing her kids with her to work, but Britney doesn’t say anything because she thinks their “cute” and “would like to have children of her own some day”!

  7. MissyMama says

    AJ-Stop YELLING at us in caps. We understand that parents need breaks, but going out EVERY night and STAYING out ALL night is a bit much. Not to mention the several nights she has retired to a Hotel INSTEAD of going home.

    I also live paycheck to paycheck, and you know what? I can put myself together a hell of alot better than this trainwreck. She has NO sense of fashion. Is it a crime for her to put on a clean pair of jeans and a nice top? Maybe WASH her hair, and style it a bit? She is trashy! She was trashy before, she’s even trashier now.

    And to answer your question, If I were in her shoes, I’d be spending as much time with my kids as possible (they are in someway, losing a parent…daddy). I would be working hard on my “comeback” and doing things to PRESERVE my image, not taint it.

    Had Britney played it cool after filing divorce, kept to herself, do mommy things, make scheduled appearances and acted responsibly….I think we all would have a different OPINION of her.

  8. says



  9. **** says

    kellymay is just bitter because on a post she wrote about being pregnant after her husband has had a vasectomy. and people are saying that she jumped the fence or did the postman. sorry if you don’t like it you should’nt put life on screen for us to read.

  10. MissyMama says

    #46 Thank you. I hope you’re referring to my 1st comment. My 2nd doesn’t make much sense, my laptop keeps resetting the curser into the middle of sentences. I thought I had corrected everything.

    Anyways, what more is there to say? She continues day after day, to show her true trashy self. He looks hideous. I’d be embarassed!

  11. Stacey says

    Britney started off well but all hell broke lose when she started hanging out with the likes of Paris and Lindsay. These girls don’t have responsibilities like Brit does….it is like she is out of control. Those poor boys! Doesn’t she know that behaving like this does not help her custody case. For goodness sake, what is her management saying? Or rather what are her parents saying? True she is an adult but …you know what , she needs to get her act together on this one. Wake up Brits!!! You have kids, a career to revive and you are a good looking woman who has talent.. You were smart enough to get out of a bad situation now…not like Whitney….c’mon girl….get it together. Britney and Whitney…must be something in the names

  12. Elizabethann says

    I’m a mother of three and I have never seen such garbage in my life you of all people in the world would be partying and where are your children?????
    You are the worst parent in the world, you need to settle down before someone gets hurt could be your children or even yourself.. My 11yr old really likes you and I will not show her your pictures or music anymore you want to be a rolemodle to people who really like you then ship up or ship out lady there is help out there for you and to help you raise your children get a grip because my child will not be listening to your music or getting posters for her room…. You are loosing fans all over the world because of what you have been doing……..and every mother will tell you that…

  13. Elizabethann says

    I’m a mother of three and I have never seen such garbage in my life you of all people in the world would be partying and where are your children?????
    You are the worst parent in the world, you need to settle down before someone gets hurt could be your children or even yourself.. My 11yr old really likes you and I will not show her your pictures or music anymore you want to be a rolemodle to people who really like you then ship up or ship out lady there is help out there for you and to help you raise your children get a grip because my child will not be listening to your music or getting posters for her room…. You are loosing fans all over the world because of what you have been doing……..

  14. dori says

    In the last couple of weeks it has been quiet No Paris Hilton outings and no bearing of privates. Perhaps this is her way of calming down. There is this need to cut loose after ending a marriage and I think she did that for a few weeks ,but it seems that she is trying to clam down

  15. KMisaHO says

    I hope Britany can get her life in order. She really was a talanted, pretty girl. Can’t wait to see pictures of little Jayden. I’m sure he’s a little cutie pie like Sean Preston! Does anyone know if or when pix are coming out? I would really appreciate it!

  16. Ellen says

    Carleigh. Don’t worry. It is really hard to tell sometimes what is meant to be said off of print. Let’s face it. The human voice certainly adds to understanding. I’m always amazed at how bad my spelling is when I blog, since that has always been something I’m good at.

    Wikipedia. Wish it had been there when I was in college.
    : )

    Have a good day.

  17. N says

    I think the no strings attached refers to her ex-husband…… remember she just got a divorce. Furthermore….. she is not going to lose her kids no matter how much you guys want her too. Also, there are children whose parents stay around them 24/7 and they turn out bad… dont put harsh judgements on her children because no one knows how they are going to turn out. Its cool to have biased opinions but idiotic opinions are a waste of time.

  18. carleigh says

    I made reference to the Wikapedia comment because as a student, I too, use this reference tool when needed. The site has a built in function that will not allow anyone to directly alter anything they use from this site because of plagarism laws, I wasn’t trying to insinuate anything so please don’t take that comment out of context, I apologize.

  19. carleigh says

    Ellen I think we had a miscommunication, the first part of my post #28 was addressed to you. However,the second part if you see is only addressed at the person posting under the ID of FYI. Sorry for that misunderstanding but it wasn’t the whole post directed at you….I was just agreeing that I know how you felt about having your info hacked into and stolen.

  20. Ellen says

    Carleigh #28 I didn’t throw around “hacker” nor call anyone on this site such. I was just responding to #26 reference to hackers. My comment about Wikipedia wasn’t about plagerism but a remark as to how I have not attempted to enter or alter their info yet something or someone is close enough to my info to prevent me from doing so.

    I too use the plain old post becuase I just know there are people out there with nothing but time and/or desire to get the goods on us. After the eBay incident I feel vindicated when some people (usually my teenager) tell me how I miss out on all the convenience that interet banking permits.

  21. Ellen says

    Carleigh #28 I didn’t throw around “hacker” nor call anyone on this site such. I was just responding to #26 reference to hackers. My comment about Wikipedia wasn’t about plagerism but a remark as to how I have not attempted to enter or alter their info yet something or someone is close enough to my info to prevent me from doing so.

    I too use the plain old post becuase I just know there are people out there with nothing but time and/or desire to get the goods on us. After the eBay incident I feel vindicated when some people tell me how I miss out on all the convenience that interet banking permits.

  22. Paula says

    Carleigh I disagree about the her being a train wreck about to happen. I think the train already wrecked!!!!!

  23. Nicki says

    dori —- The full frontal pics that your girl l Brit has allowed to be seen ( to everyone in the world, , in at least 3 different days) would prove that she could never be castrated!!! She made sure the WHOLE world saw her ” secret, special, only for you” area, and full on shots, three times!!!! She needs help, and she needs it now…. I hope her boys have special qualified (sp) nannies to be taking care and LOVING them every day. I hope Brit gets her sh*t t together soon. Her babies need her.

  24. carleigh says

    Dori, your right about Britney being young but she has also been in the media spotlight for many years and should be a seasoned “pro” by now. She’s had chance after chance after chance and she still keeps drawing the press to herself like a bad rash. Going through a divorce is painful and difficult but doesn’t give you an excuse to make a public spectacle of yourself and abandon your young children. If she weren’t a mother then for one thing she wouldn’t even be on this site and we wouldn’t have to ponder and question her lack of morals and underwear now would we? If she weren’t out there every single night being a drunken lush we wouldn’t be questioning her motives would we? If she were at home with her babies instead of making the front pages of every gossip website and tabloid in the world we wouldn’t sit here now and make these scathing comments about her lack of judgement or should I say BAD judgement would we???? No, if she stayed at home, kept a low profile, stopped the incessant partying and drinking and drugs…she might be able to salvage what’s left of her “career”. But, alas, I digress and stick to only the facts that are clearly present in her situation she does NOT stay home with her kids, she flashes her bits all over the front page news, she makes bad parental judgement calls, doesn’t spend any notable time with either of her kids and then turns around and whines when that the press treats her badly and says inaccurate things about her. If she didn’t court the bad press she gets she wouldn’t have anything else going for her because she is what she is and that’s a trainwreck waiting to happen. Sorry, I feel bad for her but she has the money, time and resources that most people only dream of having so the only person to blame is Britney for her own stupidity and for that I don’t pity her at all.

  25. dori says

    Brit is young and has made some poor choices I agree, but I don’t think she should be castrated for it. Give the girl a chance. She’ s just gotten her freedom from KFed and thats really a reason to celebrate. Have any of you gone through a divorce? It a terrible confusing and stressful time and being in the limelight only makes it worse . It’s easy to pass judgement ,try to understand her situation. It’s so easy to point out her mistakes but you can’t imagine her life so think for a minute before you make these harsh statments.
    And can we stay on the subject and not carry on and on about subjects that are not related to the post?

  26. Nicki says

    29. Isabel – that was a joke. Courtney Love, who I don’t like, looks great now, 100 times better than Brit right now.
    In Courtneys drug induced party days she looked like Britney does now………..How sad for Brit. Go home to your babies Brit… Party once or twice a week, but come on EVERY night…………that is pitifuly sad……I hope those babies have a trained and qualified (sp) nanny!.
    I pray for Sean Preston and the lil baby we have never seen.

  27. carleigh says

    Ellen, I don’t pay anything over the computer and if I make an online purchase I got one of those prepaid Visa debit cards that I go to the store pay a certain amount of money when I want to buy something. It keeps “hackers” from obtaining my credit card information for illicit or illegal purchases and as far as paying bills or checking bank balances….I have never nor will I ever do that it just seems like making myself an easy target. It’s gotten to the point where even online bill paying makes you a hit for someone to obtain the slightest info about you and BAM you get slammed and your ID is compromised. I have gone back to the days of bank drive up windows and buying a stamp and mailing things again. Just seems to make more sense to me to do it that way. I know how you feel about having your info stolen, it’s violating.
    FYI I agree with you and thanks for the info I was aware of it before but what KellyMay was talking about wasn’t classified as hacking. She was talking about tracking a static IP address which is legal when someone has infringed on your information and that software can be bought and paid for at any electronics store nationwide. That part is NOT illegal. While I do also agree with having your online id stolen and secured for illegal purposes and usage, KellyMay didn’t do that to my knowledge so you shouldn’t throw around the “hacker” title w/o bonafide proof that she has actually done that. That was my point. Wikipedia will not let you do a paste and copy because it is called plagarism and anyone who has used an online research tool knows all about that.
    There is really no way to totally secure yourself online and anyone who has a bit of knowledge and experience will tell you that. Like I said before what we do online while in the privacy of our homes should be our own private personal business but unfortunately it’s not. There is software available to anyone that can track websites, keystrokes, emails, im’s, and anything else a person who want’s to spy on someone else can install on one’s own computer. It’s pretty sad but it’s the price we pay for living in a high tech society where nothing unfortunately is sacred anymore. I am going back to good old US Mail and postage stamps for my own protection and peace of mind. Maybe that is a bit niave’ on my part but hey it does give me a sense of security knowing I am a helluva lot less likely to be cloned or hacked by using a simple stamp and an envelope to protect my privacy.

  28. Ellen says

    Hacking is illegal. I work for the Bureau of Prisons and sometimes hackers get caught and do time with us.

    Last year someone used my info and bought $400 of stuff using my money and had it mailed to Israel through eBay and PayPal. I don’t have an account with either. We found it when the money came out of my checking account. eBay reimbursed me after a couple of weeks without any trouble but I don’t bank, pay bills, balance my checkbook, etc at all with my computer.

    Another example is everytime I use Wikipedia a notice comes up that I can only do research but not edit because I have been guilty of malicious altering. I laugh because I don’t have any idea how to alter Wikipedia.

  29. FYI says

    Carleigh, you can call it what you want, ethics, right to privacy or whatever. It is against the law to hack into others computers. Hackers can get information on all of your personal accounts and steal your identity. And I’m sure you didn’t like it when someone caused you problems. Look at what you had to do to try and make your computer safe for you to use again. Hacking is unethical and bad manners to boot. There was an account of a student at one of our local high schools that hacked another students computer and was suspended. Look at all of the hackers that have been arrested for hacking into bank computers. Yes, hackers have been arrested and thrown into jail. Now, of course there are the innocent hackers just playing around with computers like KellyMay, but that still doesn’t make it right to do it. It’s like going into someones house when they aren’t home and snooping around.

    Legal Implications
    Some hackers feel that they are no more than explorers out to see how far they can get into other computer systems. Some of them use their skills to help companies and agencies to find errors in their computer security system. Others, usually known as crackers, are out to find information, change something, or cause damage in other’s computer systems.
    Hacking is covered under law Title 18: Crimes and Criminal Procedure: Part 1: Crimes: Chapter 47: Fraud and False Statements: Section 1030: Fraud and related activity in connection with computers. The federal punishment for hacking into computers ranges from a fine or imprisonment for no more than one year to a fine and imprisonment for no more than twenty years. This wide range of punishment depends upon the seriousness of the criminal activity and what damage the hacker has done.

  30. carleigh says

    FYI, not to be a smart ass or to undermind your post but I am curious just what did KellyMay do in your estimation that is against the law? I am just curious as to what specific law you believe has been violated and please don’t say the right to privacy. We all know that whenever we log on to our computers there is the very active possibility that someone is scanning our ID’s, hacking into our information and stealing information. It happens all the time, I got a letter from my local telephone company that my internet account was being suspended for “port scanning” violations, I don’t even know what port scanning violations are but someone has cloned my static IP address and stolen some user specific information and it happened all w/o my knowledge or consent. I had to have a corporate firewall installed, have my computer rebuilt and sent a letter from a LAN administrator to my phone company telling them that I had doubled up the security on my computer and a bunch of other information. I don’t know how it happened but it did and I had to take extra precautions to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. You can buy a spyware program or a descrambler program from any local store that carries software and that does not make it illegal, while some may call it unethical and a violation of privacy I’m sorry but as with anything you do online, it can be tracked and traced because we leave a “footprint” so to speak with each keystroke, period, sentence and word we type. That’s the reality of it, but I am just curious as to which specific law you believe might be broken in this case? Thank you for taking the time to respond, I am genuinely interested in what you believe.

  31. FYI says

    Jessica, just put a spyware protector on your computer and the likes of KellyMay won’t be able to hack into your computer. Although as I’ve said before it doesn’t always work. You should have that anyway if you pay bills on your computer. Most people have that installed anyway and I really don’t think KellyMay saw as much as she said she did. And she really shouldn’t go around telling people she did that because it IS against the law!!!!!!!!!! And, you really don’t know who is on here posting. Could be a detective or somebody like that looking for people that hack into computers.

  32. carleigh says

    Uh yes Jessica unfortunately that does happen and not just on a blog. Go to and search under computer identity theft and you’d be suprised. This site it’s quite easy for someone else to blog under your name (I have had it happen quite a few times to myself) because the webmistress doesn’t require us to register ourselves w/ this site. So all anyone has to do to pose or post under your id is use any old email address they like and type in your name and click on the submit button and viola’! There’s been lots of that going on and that’s why a lot of the more enjoyable bloggers got sick of it and left. I’ve been around here for awhile but there has been at least 4-6 others who used to be quite regular on here and don’t even bother anymore. Just an FYI Kelly May isn’t a hacker she was talking about her uncle showing her a program…which anyone who is curious enough can go and access for themselves. Just goes to show how ignorant some people can be they don’t even have enough balls to post under a real ID so they post some stupid stuff under “quotes from KellyMay”….oh well it’s only a matter of time before the sicko’s who drift in and out of here do it to everyone so it’s kind of like baptism by fire in a way.

  33. Jessica says

    Poor Britney!! Such a pretty girl with so much talant gone to waste!

    By the way…what is an ISP address and should I be worried? I just started blogging. I thought that it was relatively safe? Can someone really hack into my computer thru me posting a comment? Just wondering….

  34. quotes from KellyMay says

    Just a fair warning ladies. We have a hacker in our midst…

    ?I had the best laugh of my life last night, my uncle builds computers and he showed me a trick to see where the posts come from by showing your ISP address?

    ?I just laugh everytime I read these posts! It is the ISP address that I see?

    ?It is quite comical to go back on past posts and see the web of lies spun by others (and their numerous handles), this ISP thing is pretty neat and quite easy to acquire.?

  35. carleigh says

    This girl is on the verge of a very sad mental breakdown. She tried “blaming” the media before back when she did that tacky interview with Matt Lauer and went on whining about how she was so vulnerable and such a wreck even back then. She said she “depended” totally on Kevin because she was such a wreck, doesn’t anyone remember that interview?
    Seems to me our young Britney likes to party, marry quick and divorce em’ even quicker, leave her kids w/o a mother while she goes on a pantliless party parade with Parisite Hilton and Firecrotch Lohan. We don’t have to wonder where it all went wrong with Britney because besides her kids what has this walking, talking media whore ever done that’s very impressive?
    If she doesn’t want all the media attention like she claimed she didn’t even almost a year ago then why do the things you do Brit? Why drive with your kid in your lap? Why expose him to the press constantly (take a note from Katie and Tom, Brad and Angelina there are ways to expose your kid to the press w/o the endangerment)? Why go on these tacky interviews and write open letters to her “fans” (does she have any besides the few defenders above)
    She states she is “free” well we all know what part of Britney is free thanks to X.17 and various other media outlets who posted those shots of Brit’s bits for all the world to see! What the hell did Britney think they were going to do to her in the press when she was flashing her nether regions for the whole world to see??? OMG, she really is her own worst enemy.
    She courts the press like a media whore when it suits her and then cries foul when they print unflattering or was it “exaggerated” information??? What the hell is wrong with this girl? Someone needs to take her to a life coach, get her some major image help, a couple parenting books, and some UNDERWEAR! Britney we are tired of your whining and wise to your crap, the only thing we want to see you do this year is cover up your bits and pieces and stay at home with your babies. We don’t care about a “comeback”, right now this girl is perilously close to the edge and if she doesn’t throw herself or leep over the edge, someone else is gonna help her over it! She’s a loose cannon! Rehab girl, get you and your underpants over there quickly and ADMIT YOURSELF!

  36. Ellen says

    #18 Lots of really nice hardworking people live in trailor parks. But Britney does need to evaluate her behavior. Even a good mother who has projected the kind of image she has lately could cause herself irreparable harm.

    I don’t think her behavior would raise many eyebrows if it wasn’t for the children. Children change – like it or not – what society expects in the behavior of mothers. When children come, one owes them and the parent should act mature and responsibly. And no, acting mature doesn’t mean never having any fun and having to become a recluse. If that is too difficule then maybe having children should be delayed until one can.

  37. Jill says

    I’m skeptical that she even wrote the letter. Did she have input? Sure. But, If you have ever heard her speak in public or in interviews, she rarely says more than a sentence or two at time. This is probably her “training” to produce good sound bites for the entertainment shows. People who speak like this usually have a hard time expressing themselves at length using written language. Remember, this girl barely has a High School education. If you saw the Matt Lauer interview, you will never believe that she wrote this.

  38. britanys one fan says

    alright yall need to back the hell off what has she ever done to you
    before you bash anyone eles you need to look at yourself
    let the bitch enjoy her self for one damn day with out yall in her face
    people drive everyday with there children in the car not buckled but you dont see the media following them around
    so shut the hell up

  39. sue says

    Skanko sleezeball! She hasn’t a CLUE!!! K-Fed was her sperm donor! Check yourself into rehab Britney before you lose your kids!

  40. Sally says

    This is mean. On the letterman show she had gobs of make-up and flattering lighting… the second photo is after a night of partying. It’s not drugs, it’s sweat.

    Lay off.

  41. Paula says

    Sounds to me like she’s in a huge state of denial. That’s what most addicted people do. Blame everyone else for their problems without looking at themselves. It’s not the media, honey, it’s you. You just feed them. Too little too late. #10, you are right about her not knowing what motherhood is. Most new mothers read countless books on childcare. I doubt Britney has every picked up a book on child care. Probably has the nannies read it. Not a good role model for young mothers, teenagers or anyone for that matter. Your sunk Britney. Get a clue!!!

  42. CanuckMom says

    Yes Poor Brit…her life is a mess…it’s all her own doing. But before we give those kids to her Mom remember that it was SHE who manufactured her kid into a superstar who can’t find her undies in the first place! And where was SHE or any other of her handlers who I’m sure get a fortune, to tell her that it’s a ‘rear-facing’ car seat?! It’s tiring to hear her say, “I’m sorry” all the time and see her minutes later out at the bar AGAIN. But, this poor woman wouldn’t know good sense if it smacked her in the face. Those boys are caught in the middle of this mess and Brit would do well to accept the consequences of her choices. Quit trying to be the greates popstar and try to be a decent mom.

  43. BC Girl says

    She is just a waste of fresh air. Social Services needs to take her kids away from her!! Or even K-Fed, right about now I am thinking he would take better care of those two little boys than Britany every could!!! Dumb tramp!!

  44. Grandmother of 4 says

    Well…..after reading Britney’s pointless memo plus the above comments, I am convinced she absolutely does not have a clue how she is perceived. She blames the media all the wile putting herself squarely in front of them.

    Personally, I think she needs to get a few good books, about 6 months of groceries in her house, and STAY HOME! AND, STAY OFF the computer! Dropping out of sight for a good long while and giving herself and the media a chance to recover from her total foolishness would be the best thing this girl could do.

    She had no idea what motherhood was, how to do it, and when to stop acting so outlandish…right from the highchair incidence to the driving the car with the baby on her lap to the carseat situation to almost dropping S on his little head while balancing a drink in her hand to this completely OVER THE TOP recent behavior. Britney……it is NOT the media doing these REDICULOUS things……it is YOU!

    BTW…….is there anyone who can control this behavior???

  45. MissyMama says

    No strings attachewd…, I don’t think so. You have two babies YOU DUMB BITCH!!!!!! For Gods sakes will someone, ANYONE save this hoe from herself?? Poor JJ, doesn’t know that the nanny that take scare of him ISN’t his mommy, and poor SPF, the mommy that he had grown to love is now gone and nowhere in sight. is the mommy he knew …who is raising you’re kids you stupid bitch! I’m 30, I have 2 smalll kids, work 45-50 hours a week…. and ya “ll….I’m there for my boys. Th know who their mommy is and they know I love them. They know thqat I would rather spend the night with them than spend a night out at thebars…

  46. luck says

    ME me me me me me…

    I agree with Lisa above. No strings when you have children is absurd. Get over yourself Brittney. Maybe let your Mom have those children until you can grow up yourself.

  47. Lisa says

    “With no strings attached”? Nice. Once you have children, it is too late to want no strings. I feel bad for those two little boys who need their mother. Britney, prior to K=Fed, said in many interviews that she always wanted to be married and a mother at an early age. She got her wish but her innocent little boys are paying the price. How very sad.

  48. MissyMama says

    This girl is delusional! Blaming the media for a skewed perseption of who she is??? Uh, no honey, your doing it all yourself…never home with your kids, out partying EVERY night, flashing your bagina all over the place, and looking like SPF applied your make up….

    She is a PR disaster. Someone take away her keyboard. This rambling e-mail was probably typed at 6am this morning after she stumbled in from her night out at Area.

    She is so gross!

  49. Are you kidding me? says

    I am sitting here shaking my head! Britney is living in her own sense of reality! Seriously, is there a parent out there who is going to let their kids go to any of her concerts or purchase her CD’s after she deliberately managed to show her entire self all over the Internet?

    If she intends to “reinvent” herself, she might start off with her seatbelt! Picture after picture of her driving…no seatbelt! This “mother” has absolutely no brain whatsoever!

  50. MissyMama says

    My God! Looking at her makes me physically ill!!! I am by no means a Britney fan, but I had hopes for her when she appeared on Letterman. She looked good. She has been on a downward spiral since. She looks like a crack whore!

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