1. name not important says

    What the hell is wrong with you people you people are bunch of uncaring assholes. I like to see what you like being followed around everywhere with a camera. You all suck and maybe you all should take a look in the mirror to see who really is ugly and I mean that literally if someone ever says you a pretty they are saying it to be nice.

  2. carleigh says

    Thank you Boo…I wish you the same! Hope wherever you are your happy, healthy and take care of yourself.

  3. boo says

    Yep Finding Mr right is always a good
    As for your daughter being sick on and off… I can only hope that that stage in her life has come and gone and she will have nothing but good health for the rest of her life.(which might I add will be Long and Happy:D…And might I add that Alyssa is a really pretty name.

  4. carleigh says

    Thank you Boo and yes I too, get peeved on here when the holier than thou’s speak about “bastard” children and blah, blah, blah. My second daughter was born out of wedlock and her father and I never married and never will. We are two people who love our daughter, work as a team to parent her and that’s the exact extent of our relationship in it’s current state. We were miserably incompatible and I having been married and divorced didn’t want to get remarried and have another “bad” marriage before I even turned 30 yrs. old. I chose to have her and I have never, ever once regretted it. I had reservations, apprehensions and fears because I was becoming a single mother but once I sat back and thought about it I was like..”hey you are already a divorced mother of one so what’s the difference really?” once I wrapped my mind around the situation and gave up control of things I couldn’t control I was actually able to enjoy being pregnant by myself. I wasn’t in a crappy relationship, I was OK with being alone and living my life on my own terms and didn’t have to worry about the stresses of having a bad relationship that I tried to hold together for the sake of my child. Alyssa has easily been the saving grace of my life. My older daughter was healthy, thriving and active from the day she was born. Alyssa was born with gastroesophageal reflux was hospitalized and almost died, then six weeks later she developed RSV and was hospitalized again. At three months we discovered she was also prone to acute asthma and she has been in and out of the hopsital no less than 8 times in the 3 yrs. she’s been alive. She’s fragile, in tender health and I constantly worry about her because I have come so close to losing her two times prior. I would never wish anything but health and happiness to any new parent out there and I only hope that all babies get the chance at life and love that all little children deserve. Thank you for your kind words and maybe my little man will come one day but I really need to find Mr. Right first this…but I am still dreaming about my little boy someday and would welcome him home with loving open arms.

  5. boo says

    Absolutely, I couldn’t imagine and No disrespect to you at all…but I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes and go through something so terrible… it’s so sad.
    When I was pregnant with my first son I was givin a little advice from someone who barely knew me to have an abortion cuz a baby would ruin my life….I could’ve knocked that f**ker out right there…needless to say I didn’t take his pathetic ridiculous advice, and today I look at my son & his brother (because I now have 2 kids) and think how wrong and unfulfilled my life would be if I didn’t have them in my life.
    I believe that every baby is a gift, no child is meant to come into this world unwanted….. if a woman ends up pregnant, that baby she is carrying has a purpose and if what happened to you happens ( the miscarriage I mean) thats just god’s way of saying that this baby isn’t ready to come in.
    All those comments on baby’s being mistakes and bastard kids fumed me, how dare anyone say things like that directing the terms towards innocent little kids who can’t speak up for and defend themselves…. politcally correct term or not…it sounds absolutely awful being directed towards a baby, and I take it personnal cuz both of my kids were born out of wedlock and I wouldn’t change a damn thing about my life or when my kids were to come into it.
    Anyway, good luck to you Carleigh and I hope that little man does appear in you life someday… and good luck to you with the recovery and and healing process of such a traumatic experience!

  6. carleigh says

    Boo thank you for your comment. Yes, the miscarriage was hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. I love all my kids and can’t help thinking this would or might have been my little boy….kinda like one of those life situations that you always carry around like a little piece of you and your heart is gone and you never get it back. I will always have a missing hole in my heart for this baby and can’t /won’t ever forget it, but I have moved past it and know that for some reason it wasn’t meant to be so if and when I am meant to have another child it will happen but only when the time is truly right. God sends us our kids as our rewards and miracles in this life and I still miss my peanut every single day. What could have been??? God only knows that answer so I just live with the pain, loss and questions. What’s meant to be will happen, but thank you all the same. You comment made me cry but in a good way like it’s all about healing and understanding now.

  7. boo says

    Not cool to mock a miscarriage, that must be one of the hardest most painful things to ever experience…. I wouldn’t wish one on my biggest enemy…I can understand where your anger comes from carleigh…i ‘m a mom and couldn’t imagine not having my kids.
    I’m sorry to you for having had to experience something so horrible:(

  8. Bepz says

    C’mon people we live in the 21st century… People are having kids and not getting Married Period!… I have 2 kids (my oldest is almost 4) and I still am not Married, but I am with their daddy and happy as can be.
    The comments about Jennifer and Tobey’s looks…Give me a damn break, ugly or not (which in my opinion they are not but whatever) …everyone deserves to be happy including them so everyone with their negative comments please just keep them to your yourself.

  9. carleigh says

    IMO, why do you always have to be so nasty and hateful? Did anyone invite you or your narrow, small minded opinions into this?? I don’t recall doing it and from the posts above I don’t hardly thing KellyMay did either…are you feeling lonely and want to be included or be a joiner? There are plenty of groups out there that I am sure would be more then happy to have someone of your obvious class, candor and wits at their disposal. Maybe you could donate your time at a local animal shelter unless you are afraid they would mistakenly put you in a cage instead of the “real” animal. In the future IMO, unless you are specifically asked for your opinion in one of my blogs then please stop being the pathetic little cretin that you are and just bother someone else. As far as my living vicariously through KellyMay’s pregnancy……… is that supposed to mean you black hearted imbecile??? Because I happened to have a miscarriage a few months ago you want to rub salt in the wounds and make such a scathing, ignorant, offensive comment to me??? Everything you have wished onto me will come back to you 10X over, karma is a real bitch honey so I wouldn’t wanna be you when that comes around. Must be hard being such a sheltered, misogynistic, cynical, witch! I hope someday you get the professional help you really obviously need, you pick at someone’s tragedy that’s a true sign of someone with an imbalance in themselves…you are very disturbed.

  10. IMO says

    You two warm my heart. Carleigh…I’m sure that KellyMay would love to share the joys of her pregnancy with you! Maybe you can live vicariously thru her!

  11. carleigh says

    Toni, I am glad to fill your afternoon with entertainment and feel the same, so likewise. But, if you have the fulfilled like that you claim to have then why not do other more entertaining things with your time then sit here and wait on baited breath until I type a response to you? That’s the definition of “sad” to me, I genuinely hope you are not serious that I am all the source of entertainment that you have going for you??? Wow, maybe try some online games, online shopping, other blogs, etc., etc. there are other “online” venues out there for housebound shut-in’s and I hope you find a way to www. your way right on out there sometime. I find you both sad and entertaining, what a combination, I wish you could/would find some real friends, you obviously don’t get a chance to meet anyone with all this time you spend around here waiting to stalk me.
    To IMO, I didn’t post anything under your pathetic ID so don’t even attempt to accuse me of something like that. If on the off chance I have something to directly say to someone on here, I will. You seem to have been posting around here long enough to know how straight forward I can and will be when neccessary. Thanks, but no thanks, I don’t need to ID hack or ID infringe onto you for any reason whatsoever. Sounds like you are the one having delusions of grandeur about YOURSELF, it’s hard enough to be me why in the world for any reason would I want to be you? Flatter yourself all you want, but sorry, if it was me, I would own up to it first and foremost. Secondly, I have no problem posting under my OWN ID and have done so for quite a long time around here. Thirdly, I am not as pathetic as you think I am because to those who have known me posting on here know I am straight up and not going to “hide” or try to pretend…..sorry to disappoint you, but not me this time! Drats, curses, foiled again batman!
    To KellyMay, I would love to talk to you so I will fwd my email to you also. Take care of yourself and that new little one, I hope you have a great evening and things are going good for you. Take care!

  12. says

    Hmmm it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who posted that under your name imo, perhaps the previous poster?!? Who just happens to have a tiff with Carleigh right now, the immaturity runs high between you two! Perhaps you should talk?

    Hmmm I would say we aren’t the trash here, you have painted a beautiful picture of yourself,. If we are such trash then why are you obsessed with us, mixed messages here! Holier then thou, not trash material?!
    I’m just dying to talk to someone to share my goods… still laughing! Nervous girls you are!!!!! Really if you have nothing to hide then you should have nothing to worry about, simple isn’t it! Cheerios!

  13. IMO says

    KellyMay or Carleigh…(which ever one just used my handle to make yourselves look better) I am just “IMO” with no … (dots) after it. If you’re pathetically going to try to be me, get it right! Anyway…Isn’t it sweet that the 2 biggest bitches on this website are going to “chat” privately. Dang! Even on a blog… trash finds trash! What a small world. I’m sure that KellyMay will give Carleigh all of her little “Spy” secrets that her computer genius uncle downloaded for her (so she can see all of our ISP addresses) She’s so worried about what other people think of her….!

    (and KellyMay, if it wasn’t you who just used my handle, look up that ISP address…Told you that I’m NOT the only one who HATES you!)

  14. imo... says

    Watch out ladies, KellyMay and Carleigh are going to find out who you are. They’re going to “chat”! Is nothing sacred anymore??!! Those two are just alike. Holier than thou!!!

  15. toni says

    Don’t worry Carleigh, I’m not miserable. I was just curious. Actually I have a very fulfilled life thank you but people like you are interesting. Sort of like a soap opera. Don’t like to watch it but can’t stop doing it. Ta Ta!!

  16. carleigh says

    Toni, I never said I wouldn’t respond I am just simply not going to argue beliefs and views with you and let you bait me into a sparring match. How did I contradict myself? You stated above the remark about condoms and my bf on the barstool and tried to bait me and make it personal. Sounds like you are the one with the issues you claim that I have. I do believe that both of my kids are gifts and the circumstances surrounding their conception and consequent birth are my business. They are growing up to be well rounded, polite, well adjusted young ladies who know beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are the most precious and loved people in my whole entire life. I never said either one of them were a mistake…you so kindly felt it was your personal civic duty to point out my birth control habits and facts about something personal that i’d rather not remember..I think you were trying like hell to make me angry. Well, so sorry it didn’t work. I let that part of my life go and as well as the bad parts of it and now I am opening myself up for the good things that are meant to happen to me. Everyone has choices to make and you can either sit on your butt and do nothing and wait for life to happen, accept your circumstances and live with it..or embrace the alternatives and that’s what i have chosen to do. I am no longer courting disaster and will not ever settle for less than 100% of what I want again. I have one life on this earth and I intend to live it being happy, free and by my own decisions. I could have let the bad things destroy me but I have more reasons to get up and go then to lie down and die. You sounded so pious I just naturally assumed you were trying to pass yourself off as a perfect person Toni, sorry if that hit a nerve with you but if you don’t want people to think you are perfect then maybe you shouldn’t sit there and spout off about other people and about things you have little or no knowledge about. Are you always that miserable in your own life that you have to log onto a computer, look for me on a blog and say something to deliberately be spiteful, stupid and hurtful??? Wow, I do wish you a better situation and some kind of happiness because if this is the extent of your entertainment then you are much sadder than i think I orginally realized. I feel sorry for you, I truly do.

  17. minkysmom says

    I agree Jennifer is just not cute, and they have plenty of money and I’m sure nurses and nannies, so she can definitely make more of an effort to look like something.

  18. toni says

    Thank you Carleigh for responding. And you condtradict yourself. First you say a baby is a gift then at the end of your post you say you hope I never make one single mistake. Which was it a gift or a mistake? And, yes I have made mistakes and I have learned from them like everyone should, including you. Make one mistake, it’s a mistake. Do it again, it was on purpose. That’s the way I look at things. And children aren’t basterds anymore. That “phrase” went out in the 80’s. And just the fact that you commented on my comment was just like the “old’ Carleigh so you still got it gal!!! Is this comment productive enough? If not, on topic. I think this couple is really down to earth and should be left alone. You can see how mesmerized he is with his baby. The way he’s gazing down at her. Good luck to the happy couple!

  19. carleigh says

    Toni, how nice that you preferred the old carleigh to I guess what you consider to be the “new” carleigh. I appreciate the fact that you liked the “old” carleigh, it’s always nice to be recognized and appreciated by others, thank you, I am most flattered. I am no fun anymore because I chose to not engage others and vice versa. Your comment about the “condom” failure, oh well, how unfortunate for you that I will not be baited into a full blown sparring match with you about the virtues of birth control. I believe that a child is a gift and whether it comes from the results of a marriage or just from the love of two people is entirely irrelevant to me. I don’t think it’s very nice or appropriate to refer to an innocent child as a “bastard” and I personally do NOT like the word and find it personally offensive. But, since this is a free country and people like Lala can use it in its proper context and justify it to her/himself then all the more power to him/her. Differences of opinion quite simply are just that, nothing more and nothing less. I hope you have a pleasant evening and never make one single mistake in your entire life because god only knows how you can possibly handle being the only other perfect person in the entire world..the only other one is Jesus Christ..and i say AMEN to that.

  20. Nikki says

    ok Lala was that derected at me?? Cuz
    i was just stating a point ! i didn`t say anything for you too bring that up.

  21. IMO says

    Hmm…the last 2 posts have me confused KellyMay? I thought you were a midwife? Why would you need to “expose posters” at your work?

    I have nothing to hide. You just made an fool out of yourself trying to scare people into not posting anymore with the threat of your computer uncle’s little party trick revealing ISP addresses. You made it sound like you could see all….that was until you were called out on it!

    I never claimed to know anything about computers. You were the one who claimed that you could see where the posts were coming from….Those were your exact words, KellyMay and you can’t deny it! It’s posted for everyone to see!

    And I would rather be a troll then someone who goes boo-hooing to their computer genious uncle, crying that some girls are being mean to you on a post and tarnishing your golden image. You are a liar and you used a scare tactic that back fired in your self righteous, holier than thou face.

    The only reason for my fuss is because I hate self righteous know-it-all bitches like you who use thier big words (and google) to belittle others and make themselves look better. You have been exposed as the bitch you are.

    Oh by the way….was your “suggestion” for me to stop posting perhaps a threat? Sounded like one to me!

  22. says

    By the way, I am the guilty party that showed her how to do it! We call people like you trolls!!! I should install this on her system for her, might as well while I’m here!

  23. says

    It seems that ‘imo’ has no clue about computers!!! ISP stands for internet service provider, anyone can get this number which is usually from the proxy server. This is very different then your IP address which is much more difficult to obtain and the illegal aspect of hacking. What this woman did (which many people do all the time) is nothing and is something we do here at work a lot to expose certain posters. It appears to me that you quite obviously have something to hide making all this fuss, it seems perhaps she’s got something on you?!?. All that we are able to see is if someone is posting under different names (from the same ISP address) but if someone else on this site has the same ISP address then there is no way to decipher the two. imo I suggest you stop before you turn yourself in to a bigger idiot then what you already appear to be.

  24. KellyMay quotes says

    ?I had the best laugh of my life last night, my uncle builds computers and he showed me a trick to see where the posts come from by showing your ISP address?

    ?I just laugh everytime I read these posts! It is the ISP address that I see?

    ?It is quite comical to go back on past posts and see the web of lies spun by others (and their numerous handles), this ISP thing is pretty neat and quite easy to acquire.?

  25. imo says

    Actually, don?t bother reading it?here?s the summary: KellyMay got pregnant AFTER claiming her husband had a vestectomy, some people went ?whoa?that sounds fishey?, KellyMay then claimed that her uncle downloaded a spy program that hacked into this website and could read all of our private ISP (computer) addresses. After being exposed, KellyMay got her panties in a knot and is now saying that ?we miscontrued the truth? to make herself look good. KellyMay you?re a pathetic loser who tries to make herself look better than others. You were exposed as a would-be hacker, reading all of our ISP addresses. Ladies, read it for yourself and see KellyMAy treading water faster than a drowning fish! It?s quite humorous how she tries to redeem herself?I got a huge laugh.

  26. MissyMama says

    I do have to say Jennifer is not one of the best looking ladies I’ve ever seen, but Toby isn’t anything to write home about either! Yeah he had a smokin bod for Spiderman, but, he really is just plain looking.

    I hope they enjoy their little girl. Babies are such a gift!

  27. imo says

    Hey Carleigh…Since Toni made you mad, why don’t you ask your friend KellyMay to give you Toni’s ISP (Private) computer address. KellyMay has informed me that her computer genius uncle has installed some kind of “spy” program on her computer that hacks into this website so she can see all of our private computer addresses when we post. Wow! No more changing handles, no more disagreements, no more voicing our opinions in an anonymous forum. KellyMay sees all and has made herself judge and jury of Babyrazzi. Watch what you say girls! You’ve been warned!

  28. carleigh says

    Hey Toni–Happy New Year and hopefully a happy new YOU! This blog isn’t about Carleigh now is it? Nope so why not stick to the subject and stop trying to make things personal…oops unless that is that you are truly pathetic and like to pick and make light of an unfortunate time in my life. Why don’t you get a grip and leave a PRODUCTIVE comment and don’t worry about me, I appreciate the concern and all but it’s really not warranted since I made absolutely no comment directed at you! Grow up and maybe your mom will let you play around on the internet more.

  29. lala says

    They got paid for the pictures and they look like crap !!! HONEY you are right ~ You know when I had my son if I look like crap I didn’t go out to the F’ing park and hug my so called boyfriend………… ALSO THE WORD BASTARD IS THE CORRECT WORD TO USE FOR A KID BORN OUT WEDLOCK…. If you don’t like it write WEBSTER a letter !!!!!

  30. ellie says

    Regrading Jen’s ‘industry’…she’s a jewelery designer. I’m not all that sure what the standard gear is for that profession. Maybe one of those little lampy things that you wear around your head with the light on it?
    Just as an aside. In the article related to these photos they do not state that this is a photo shoot. From that I infer that this couple hadn’t planned on having a full scale photo shoot. Hence the lack of hair products.

  31. Diana says

    Lalala – To call a baby or child a “bastard” child as you put it is very offensive. I don’t agree with having a baby outside of wedlock but I wouldn’t go prejudging people for it in any way, that is just my thoughts and opinions on the subject.

  32. Diana says

    I think they both probably wanted to portray how relaxed they are in real life with one another, and not get glammed up purposly for the fact that they would appear in a magazine. I think it is nice and refreshing to appear like they do. Rather that than appeared all glammed up which I think is not always reality anyway. They have just had a baby together and are not going to look 100% their best all of the time!.

  33. Paula says

    But, you have to wonder if this is how they look all the time and maybe they just aren’t in to the whole glam thing. They maybe comfortable like they are and to me that makes me think they are more like the rest of the world. Look at Michael MaCon–. He doesn’t care how he looks and has admitted to not wearing deoderant. Still Yum tho. All boils down to take me like I am or don’t take me at all.

  34. says

    I do agree that the parents could have tried a little harder to present themselves better-NOT “glammed up” but just something more. I’m so tired of women here complaining that we are too ####### these new moms, I DO have 3 kids, and I DID have sleepless nights and I DID look like #### for the first 6 months of their existence. HOWEVER, I did NOT get paid to have their first photos published in a magazine, knowing billions of people would see me, and if I had, believe me, I would have made the effort for ONE day to look half decent, and I’d be willing to bet most of you would too! I know these 2 are just trying to portray a “normal” family, but they’re NOT!!! And THAT’s the difference, and they’ve asked for the criticism by being in the industry they’re in!!!

  35. toni says

    Carleigh, I guess you didn’t think to use a condom with your boyfriend, didja? Hope you do next time, specially if he’s still on the bar stool! JMO!!

  36. ellie says

    I don’t suppose that any of you who are calling this woman all kinds of lovely things are willing to put your picture on a website for others to discuss. And as for the genius terms being used to describe her…are you still in grade 9?

  37. carleigh says

    BTW…like the name Ruby and won’t even bother commenting about the parents or the middle name.

  38. carleigh says

    Lala, I have to agree with the comment about keeping one’s legs closed as being the only 100% sure fire method to prevent pregnancy. However, that being said, condom’s are not only good for birth control they are WONDERFUL for the prevention of STD’S as well…why does nobody ever mention that anymore? Everyone is having sex and everyone will continue having sex it’s a fact of life but nowadays, I would have to BOIL someone before sleeping with them because I would be more scared of HIV than anything else. JMO, JMO, JMO…go ahead people start slammin’ me I can take it.

  39. BC Girl says

    Oh come on, look at the year we are in. It doesnt matter whether you wait for marriage or not to have a baby. Just living together as common law now pretty much is marriage. The baby is going to be loved just as much regardless of whether the parents are married or not. And thats all that matters. No couple should get married JUST BECAUSE they had a baby either, it should be for love and love only.

  40. Ellen says

    Would me nice if the marriage came first. It would make me feel as if I came a long as a result of my parents loving marriage, not as if the marriage came along as a result of my birth.

  41. lala says

    you keep your damn legs closed ! or use a condom ! With as much money as they have am pretty sure a 6 dollar box wouldn’t break the bank !

  42. lala says

    UNIQUE ? That’s just another word for ugly ! Sorry am not being mean just calling it like I see it. She is just nothing special. Also what is wrong with there “hollyweird” people don’t they know it’s marriage and then the baby ? Not bastard kid then maybe if we still like each other marriage ?????

  43. kerri says

    They really do look happy but tobey and jennifer, will end up same as ben and jen care so much about the baby that they dont care about them selves, I bet the baby will be cute. Jennifer is’t ugly she just has a “unique” look no one else has lol. but for tobey the facial hair HAS to go.. YUCK … 😉 but i do wish them the best!

  44. Diana says

    Lala – I have to disagree. I don’t think she is as pretty as some people, but she isn’t ugly. That’s just plain nasty.

  45. amy says

    # 5 Very funny. I also looked like crap weeks after giving birth. But I stayed home!! I’m probably going to get yelled at, but I hope for the babies sake she doesn’t get her looks from either parent! They are the fugliest family on this site. They do look happy though.

  46. lalala says

    She’s just ugly ! She was ugly before and now she’s FUGLY ! He’s not a prize either… what a goofy name for that poor kid ~

  47. Winter says

    I’ve noticed that the comments on this site quite often complain about the appearance of some of the new Mothers. Have you got your own kids? I know when I had my baby and was breast-feeding I didn’t give a damn what the hell I looked like. I was absolutely exhausted and spent every available moment I had sleeping which is what you are supposed to do. Not tarting yourself up in the mirror! This isn’t a movie where you look absolutely glamorous after giving birth , its the real world folks!

  48. Mumba says

    Shes a new mother for christs sake! Leave her alone! The glasses are probably covering the bags under her eyes from sleepless nights.

  49. NH Lady says

    Congrats to both of them, they look happy regardless of how she looks weeks after giving birth.

  50. BC Girl says

    #3 I agree, you would think with the first family photos with their new baby to hit the magz, she would have lost those glasses and maybe done a little something more with herself. Im sorry, IMO, she is not pretty at all, she is very weird looking. Cute baby though, Congrats to Tobey!!


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