1. Diana says

    Of course I will KellyMay! No problems, sounds like a plan!! 😉 I will try and take a look at your myspace some time as well! 🙂 No one is perfect, only God is, and that is a good thing as He is the only one that we have to answer to and that is the great thing!! Some people have said hurtful and nasty things to me in the past also but if you can rise above it and just pity those people, you will end up a stronger person, that’s for sure!! Well, its nearly 9pm in the UK here so chat tomorrow!! I hope the pregnancy is going well too!! I have been praying for you xx

  2. gracelyn says

    OMG!!!! Doh & Cher! That explains more than everything!
    Im stunned but it all makes perfect sense! KellyMay, I really dont know you but I personally think that you are a sweet person. IMO you have way to much time on your hands, get a life!!!!!

  3. says

    Thank you Diana, God knows I am human too!

    The labels placed upon me were done so by one person, she formed those opinions and then I didn’t live up to the expectations she placed upon me then I was sent to slaughter. I am not perfect nor did I ever claim to be, she labeled me! So whatever it is that she wanted to happen to me, let’s just say it happened! Not sure what her intent was to single me out, did she want me to leave the board (when I could just as easily post under another name ;)), no she just wanted to belittle me but why I don’t know. She’d have no clue who I was on the street, whether I was the nurse in the ER to treat her or her children or I could be the person to help her in the time of need but yet she does not know me,.I really hope that my children don’t have the cup half empty approach to life, I offer my advice because I have a vested interest in it, I am educated! I do not mean to demean another by giving facts but if that’s the way the person takes it then that is their choice, we do choose wthe way we feel about situations. I hope my child never comes home and says “I hate my teacher because she tried to tell me something and she just doing it because she thinks she’s smarter then me”. That is not the way my world works, I am learning everyday and I know that makes me a better person then being an ignorant one.
    In reflection it truly is silly that this has happened again up until all this occured I had not even known this person but obviously she wanted to know how I was?!? Yes I am a Christian, I believe in Christ, God and Heaven but how does that change who I am? That is part of the bigger picture in my life, my purpose and so much more but again that’s personal what I have as vices is my business and Gods, I did not claim to be perfect! I actually never claimed to be anything she said I was, she chose that for me.

    So even though IMO thinks I’m trying to get the last word here that’s fine I had planned on posting anyway to say I was done. Family and friends are now calling me just livid about this person on that blog.
    Guys don’t worry I know who I am, you know who I am and I know that this is just an internet blog, especially when the person involved choses to stay unanonymous, she really has no intention to ever be nice to anyone hence the false facade. I do live my life in light, I am sorry she chooses otherwise but again that’s her choice.

    So IMO, it’s yours you won I stooped to yet another low level to post back but truly I don’t care. That is not what matters here. I am everything you wanted me to be or not to be, whatever you set out to do is done! Well wsihes to you IMO, Doh and Cher (kisses)

  4. Diana says

    I have to say that reading these comments on here, I can’t believe how nasty you are all being about KellyMay. Christians can and do make mistakes and I am sure that KellyMay would be the first to note that fact. I am a Christian however I am the first to say that I make mistakes. Sometimes things get heated on here, and people say horrible things about one another that they wouldn’t normally do. KellyMay is a wonderful, beautiful person. I don’t know the rest of you on here that well apart from reading your entries, however I am sure that you have a lot of good things to say and therefore should just let it rest before it gets out of hand

  5. KMisaHO says

    By the way, Bitch…I’m thru messing words with you (this time around). I am going to be the mature one and stop. So…go ahead and make one more belittling jab at me- i won’t respond. But it will show all the other ladies on this website who is the immature one, has to have the last word (to make themselve look good) and can’t keep her big mouth shut! Go ahead and prove to everyone you’re a predictible, pathetic idiot and say one more thing…

  6. KMisaHO says

    You’re right KellyMay…it should be kellyMay is a FUCKING bitch. Ha…and to think on your “MySpace” page you call yourself a Christian. What a hypocrite you are!

    I’m sure that God is real pleased in the way that you conduct yourself on this website. But then, you think that you are holier than him.

  7. KMisaHO says

    You’re right KellyMay…it should be kellyMay is a FUCKING bitch. Ha…and to think on your “MySpace” page you call yourself a Christian. What a hypocrite you are!

  8. says

    I absolutely love your new handle!!!! It warms me to the heart that you care so much about me to include my name in your handle! Beautiful!

    Oh and please don’t give me the credit for making you look bad, gosh you do fine job on your own! I know you don’t have the confidence to post under your own name but come on now you can’t be all that bad, just a bit angry perhaps or jealous, that green eyed monster is nasty habit to beat!!

    Hmmm for one to think that another is “holier then thou” simply means you feel inferior to me which really you should give yourself more credit that’s likely half the battle here when your obsessed with me 🙂 Ahhh I’m smiling again…

    LMAO Perhaps your new handle should be KellyMay is a bitch!

  9. KMisaHO says

    Just trying out my new ONE and ONLY handle that I will keep forever and ever just for KellyMay!

  10. IMO says

    Again…you make me want to vomit with your holier than thou attitude, KellyMay. Your not vindictive and yet you have so many negative things to say about anyone who (god forbid) doesn’t like you. I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings towards you. I’ve seen plenty of negative things written about you that didn’t come from me. But…if you would like to live in your little dream world and believe that I am the only one…you go right ahead! Keep on dreaming that everyone loves KellyMay-if thats the only way you can get thru your day….go right ahead. I love how you have to belittle me to make yourself look holy, KellyMay. You have to say something to make yourself shine! You call me YOUR stalker and yet aren’t you the one who had your computer genius uncle install “Spyware” on your computer to find my ISP address? You contradict yourself and right now your trying to take the negative spotlight off yourself and put it on me. You’re hoping by saying all this crap about me people will forget how you hacked into this website to reveal everyones ISP addresses. I think that I’ll change my handle one more time and keep it just for you. How does “KMisaHO” (KellyMay is a HO) sound to you…then you’ll know who I am everytime I blog! By the way…please keep you and your 2 legitimate(?) and your .5 (illegitimate) children out of the good ol’ US of A. We have enough unwanted people in our country.

  11. says

    Thank you Nicki, I appreciate your kind words and I know that ultimately who I am and who IMO is will speak for themselves…. (that wasn’t meant to be funny LOL) I have been on this board since it began and IMO has never liked me, I truly think it is much deeper then the superficial stuff we see. I never boast about myself, I never comment in a negative fashion nor do I offer an opinion if it is ill-willed! Although I do quite often offer my knowledge which I treasure, I love my career and my place in i! I really don’t think that is a shameful thing, atleast it certainly adds to it rather then takes away! The opinions from IMO about me are solely hers, no other person on this site has formed the same opinion.
    In my humble opinion ;)She has issues with people whom are very happy in their own lives and quite obviously she must be miserable because you never see a happy person intentionally hurting another. Personally I prefer to lift a person rather then step on them… That is exactly why she doesn’t like me but so be it, life will not stop if an anonymous blogger has a deep hate for me, I hope she can find peace within herself. I am who I am, and guess what I like me 🙂

    Oh and my laugh when seeing the addresses was in regards to all the work a certain someone went to to change names and post multiple times in hopes of getting her point across. It was comical and still is, I much rather post and own what I write then be a fraud. Tootles!

    I am not a vindictive person but I also will not allow someone to step all over me especially when they can’t even ‘own’ what they are saying…Fraud!

    I was thinking later today I’d load up my 2.5 kids in my SUV, and drive across Canada to seek out my stalker because yeah isn’t that why I looked up your info to be malicious! WHATEVER

  12. Nicki says

    43. IMO -ISP addresses and IP addresses are totally a different thing as far as “how to reach” you.l I didn’t say it was “ok” to hack into someones personal sh*t, but it can be done, and at least KellyMay said she could do what she did. Which by the way is only a big deal because you are making it.
    I have my computer protected, as much as I can and I don’t think the mother of 2, soon to be three would be using her time to sabbotage my computer. And if she did, she would be bored out of her mind with my info.
    Best wishes KellyMay on your 3rd baby!

  13. IMO says

    That’s fine Nicki, you just go ahead and converse with KellyMay. And when she gets your ISP address, don’t come crying to me. And if I am more than one identity, KellyMay will be able to tell you cause she can see where all the post come from…she said so herself! Don’t be so naive’ Nicki. Ever heard the saying “Sheep in wolves clothing!”

  14. Nicki says

    I’m not sticking up for KellyMay, nor am I knocking her, But if I had to pick who i would rather converse with it would be KellyMay.
    I think, without the spycrap thing, ” imo,” you are more than one idententy on here, just my opinion, and by the way it means NOTHING, jack sh*t, just my observeration. But in the long run, who really cares? Hope evereyone has a Happy New Year!!!
    KellyMay Congrats on your new baby!!! All the best to you and yours!!!

  15. IMO says

    Sorry if you think I pick on her, Nicki. I have a problem with someone who claims they can get my computer information thru a blog. You obviously don’t know the real KellyMay. She is a self righteous FAKE bitch. Only nice to make herself look holier than thou.

    “I had the best laugh of my life last night, my uncle builds computers and he showed me a trick to see where the posts come from by showing your ISP address”

    Does that sound like a nice person to you? No! It sounds like a hacker to me!

  16. Nicki says

    Oppps…………Grier is absolutly adorable. This is one of the cutest pics I have seen of her. I agree with the poster who said she looks like she is “givin hell to the cameraman” (not the quote) but I laugh everytime I see this pic, and it deserves a front page in the photo, I love this pic.

  17. Nicki says

    imo— Why pick on KellyMay??? She is one of the nicest people here, with basically positive things to say about what ever she posts on. You pick on most everyone here, and it is getting old. Why not go to a site that everyone fights on, and not one that isn’t???

  18. quotes from KellyMay says

    ?I had the best laugh of my life last night, my uncle builds computers and he showed me a trick to see where the posts come from by showing your ISP address?

    ?I just laugh everytime I read these posts! It is the ISP address that I see?

    ?It is quite comical to go back on past posts and see the web of lies spun by others (and their numerous handles), this ISP thing is pretty neat and quite easy to acquire.?

  19. imo says

    Actually, don’t bother reading it…here’s the summary: KellyMay got pregnant AFTER claiming her husband had a vestectomy, some people went “whoa…that sounds fishey”, KellyMay then claimed that her uncle downloaded a spy program that hacked into this website and could read all of our private ISP (computer) addresses. After being exposed, KellyMay got her panties in a knot and is now saying that “we miscontrued the truth” to make herself look good. KellyMay you’re a pathetic loser who tries to make herself look better than others. You were exposed as a would-be hacker, reading all of our ISP addresses. Ladies, read it for yourself and see KellyMAy treading water faster than a drowning fish! It’s quite humorous how she tries to redeem herself…I got a huge laugh.

  20. kay says

    just had to tell you all, i’ve been told of a moderator myself on a diff website, someone claimed to know my isp and the mod kicked off saying their very diff!

  21. KAY says

    the voice of reason-you are absolutely right! isp’s on forums like this are totally different from the ones we have!

  22. imo says

    Angela (27)…I hope you didn’t think that my remark was threatening. You stated that this site sucked and I just meant to sat that it would suck even more if someone (KellyMay) was tracking down our ISP addresses thru the post we leave.

    “The voice of reason”…I hope you are right that KellyMay is lying and cannot access our ISP Computer addresses. That scares the heck out of me thinking that an average, everyday blogger can find (and expose) my identity just because we may disagree about something. That takes all the fun out of blogging and is wrong, don’t ya think?

  23. Angela says

    It’s okay. I did not say anything threatening, yet received a threatening response back.
    I love babyrazzi, I just dislike coming every day and not finding anything new.

    Furthermore, I never swore, or made any racist comments or otherwise.

    But thanks to all, happy blogging!

  24. the voice of reason says

    Kellymay is lying. She cannot gain access to ISP from a website unless she has special access to that forum via the sitemistress. I have access to ISP on another forum that I am a moderator on. ‘Normal’ posters dont have that access.

  25. imo says

    #23 (jenna)….just read your post—I’m not talking about the webmistress. I’m talking about KellyMay, a regular blogger. Yes, the webmistress has every right to track our posts (I totally agree with you), but I don’t think a fellow blogger has any right to hack into her website and find out who her fellow bloggers are. It’s just wrong! Would you want me to know (and expose) your computer address and where you blogging from? Right now, I’m at work. Would I want it exposed that I’m using a work computer to blog? Hell no!

  26. imo says

    Thank you Ellen for your info. I do realize that your computer leaves footprints, but KellyMay isn’t the sitemistress, she’s just a (regular) blogger who has downloaded some “spy” program to track down and expose anyone’s ISP address who disagrees with her (or makes her upset). Basically, she has appointed herself judge and jury of Babyrazzi.

    Blogging was meant to be anonymous…where people could express their personal opinions without consequences. I just think its wrong to expose people…it will stop people from expressing their opinions for fear that thier personal ISP addresses would be exposed to the world. IMO if you don’t like what people say, don’t blog.

    Just a fair warning ladies….your personal ISP address is being monitored by KellyMay. Don’t piss her off!

  27. Jenna says

    Its perfectly normal for an eight month old to have teeth, my sister is eight months old and has seven teeth.

    Grier is so cute, that photo made me laugh. She looks all offended at her photo being taken.

    #20, if you worry about the webmistress checking up on your ISP address, I advise that you DON’t make racist comments or swear unneccessarily in the first place. Its her webpage, so I think she has every right to track what people post on it.

  28. Ellen says

    #20. Anytime you use your computer you leave a “computer fingerprint”. I learned that because I worked for the Bureau of Prisons and we get yearly refresher reminders that anything we do on a computer can be traced back to us. Plus we have plenty of “visitors” doing time for computer crime

    Furthermore, I have never used eBay. Yet last year someone actually opened an eBay account with my info, bought $400 work of merchandise and until the money came out of my checking account I didn’t know it. Ebay made it right (after 2 weeks) but computer whizes can do just about anything they want.

    I don’t think that the sitemistress would send viruses to your computer. It would be much easier to just do as many other sites, and refuse to print anything that she considers questionable. Course I always keep my spyware and virus tools updated! : )

  29. KellyMay says

    It is quite comical to go back on past posts and see the web of lies spun by others (and their numerous handles), this ISP thing is pretty neat and quite easy to acquire.

  30. imo says


    This software (according to Kellymay) is telling her all our (private) ISP addresses. No more blogging anonymously. If you change your handle, she will knows who you are. If you swear, make a racist comment, say something she doesn’t agree with…she knows who you are! Wrong, wrong, wrong!

    Can anyone tell me that now that she has my ISP address (and an uncle in the computer industry) can she send me a virus if I piss her off? Thats a scary thought!

  31. gracelyn says

    Shes adorable!!! I also want to mention that after seeing Britney Spears ignore her own child on camera, she disgusts me!!!! There is a video of Britney, her nanny and Sean Preston in the back of a SUV. The nanny is trying to give Sean his bottle and hes trying to reach it and Britneys sitting in the middle of them and she doesnt even try to help her own baby!!!! Shes disgusting to treat her son like that. I defended her many times and will NEVER do it again. Its really sad that she thinks shes to good to help her own son!!!!!

  32. Angela says

    You suck babyrazzi! You never have new information on here. I come here every day, and it’s the same stuff.

    Shame on you.

  33. Rose says

    I think she is so cute!!!

    I knew she would have reddish hair too! I think Grier looks more like her dad while Rowan looks like Mum and Dad.


  34. says

    #11-Brooke’s kids both have red hair from their dad. I remember Brooke telling Oprah that while she was battling postpartum depression with her first daughter, Rowan, that one of the things that bothered her most was that her child looked absolutely nothing like her. Neither of them do, and they both look just like their dad (forget his name). They’re both adorable kids, and she seems like a wonderful mom…very cute photo!!

  35. Wanda says

    Hey guys… cute picture, she’s adorable!! One thing, isn’t this hiding sorta strange? Mysterious….

  36. Kalista Brat says

    How cute she is starting to look older! hahaha I like the face she is making.Amazing she already has teeth?

  37. Brandy says

    My oldest got her first tooth at 3 months old, second baby was 10 months old before a tooth came in, third (and final) baby is now 10 months old with six teeth on top and two on bottom. All are different. Grier is definately a cutie – where did the red hair come from though?

  38. Pika says

    Great picture! Love the expression on Grier’s face….she already knows the photogs are part of her life.

  39. babyhates says

    She looks like that lady from Wife Swap ! Hahaha it’s s funny picture… she always seems to be looking at the camera……

  40. Winter says

    I think its normal. My daughter definitely had top and bottom teeth by 9 months old. All babies are different. Some are even born with a tooth!

    My baby is now 16 months old and she has 10 teeth now and is getting another two at the moment. She seems to get them in pairs! : ) xx

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