Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger At Family Wedding

Michelle looks soooo beautiful!

Michelle Williams

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams were snapped in Australia just before Christmas. They were there to attend Heath’s father’s wedding. The couple arrived in a stretch limo at the waterfront venue in Perth. Heath and Michelle may be heading to the altar soon themselves as they were allegedly spotted picking up a marriage license at City Hall in NYC a month or so ago. They have a one-year-old daughter Matilda Rose. Matilda’s godfather is Jake Gyllenhaal!



  1. says

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  2. You're homophobic says

    Did anyone else notice that she’s wearing white to a wedding?

    Poor, poor etiquette, just awful. Let the bride stand out, will you?

  3. Tigigirl says

    You people sure are critical! You should know something of what you are commenting on. I met Michelle when she was filming on “Dawson’s Creek”. She was very young and had “softness” to her frame. But, in person, she was very petite and wore a size 1! She just looked heavier because she was only about 5’1″ or 5’2″. Katie was a size1 as well. But, she was 5’9″. The camera really does add 10 pounds. Michelle is a very sweet person and I’m glad she is happy!

  4. MissyMama says

    She is WAY too skinny! She looked so good when she was on Dawsons Creek, she was even “too” skinny in Brokeback Mountain.

    Anyhoo, they seem (look) happy together. I wish them the best.

  5. Mumba says

    Defo agree she did look much healthier in Dawsons Creek, I dont think she is naturally ‘petite’ as a previous post claimed, I think her appearance now is the result of unhealthy dieting. just MHO tho

  6. jessica says

    Michelle looks like she is trying to hold up an oversized pillowcase. She doesn’t look beautiful to me…and Jane, you are correct. Giving someone the “bird” is a real immature thing to do and not a very good example for their child.

  7. BC Girl says

    I do think that Michelle is very pretty and cute. But I do agree with you Meg, she was alot more ‘healthy’ looking in Dawsons Creek, now she is way tooo skinny. But then again, if she did gain a few pounds everyone would harass her about being ‘fat’ because she isnt a toothpick like the rest of Hollywood.

  8. Shea says

    I also think she looks like shes 12 yrs old. she was ALOT heavier when she was on dawsons creek. those pictures of her and heath fingering the cameras were funny but not as funny as her one piece little girls bathing suit. Heath looked like a perv in those pics with her. she doesnt look good here at all either.

  9. Meg says

    She is not by nature ” a petite woman”. If you recall Dawson’s Creek she was more healthy looking. Now she’s hit the Hollywood trend of straving herself.

  10. Essie says

    First of all, not everybody needs or wants to be tan!! Perhaps she is being cautious BECAUSE her skin is pale!!! She is also a petite woman. What . . . you people want her to gain 50 pounds so she looks “healthy”? Idiotic!!! The woman looks great. Leave her alone.

    As for giving photogs the bird . . . great!! Ruin their pictures. That are intruders anyway.

  11. Diana says

    I think she is beautiful, but she does need to eat a little more. She looks a little gaunt and pale in these pictures. x

  12. Jane says

    Michelle soooo beautiful?! Please…she looks like a 12 year old girl. She looked much better after the birth of her daughter when she was still carrying some baby weight. And flashing the “bird” at photogs? Nice example they’re setting for their daughter.

  13. shirley&Laverne says

    she does not look soooooooooo beautiful like the webmisstress gushes. she looks awfully pale and skinny, and her posture is awful too.

    uggh the lack of imagination for the captions is so annoying, I don’t even know why I clicked on this webpage again.

  14. Kellymay says

    They look great! I wonder when/if they’ll tie the knot soon? I love that these two hate the press, more pics of them flashing the bird then smiling!

  15. says

    Is she ever thin! I’m glad to see they’re still together. I don’t know much about either one of them but they seem to be a perfect fit.

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