Victoria Beckham Cares For Bluebell

Victoria Beckham was snapped giving former bandmate Geri Halliwell’s 7-month-old daughter Bluebell her bottle during a mini Spice Girl reunion at London’s Natural History Museum Ice Rink on Thursday. Geri took to the ice with Victoria’s boys.

Victoria Beckham & Geri Halliwell

Bluebell is adorable…and I’m starting to really like the name!



  1. carleigh says

    Thank you so much Diana most appreciated and I wish the same for you as well! I hope everyone has a banner 2007 and makes the most of this new year w/ every new opportunity they are granted or graced with. I am much, much better! Hope is alive and well in me! LOL

  2. Diana says

    Wow, good luck Carleigh – I take my hat of to you for going back to school, it is hard work but I am sure you will do great!!;-) Glad that things are going well for you. Many blessings this year and for the future. x

  3. carleigh says

    Hi Diana, no I haven’t talked to Braydie in awhile. I am going back to school full time and working so much now I just have a few minutes here and there. Life’s going much better as I hope it is for everyone out there. Happy New Year to you all and may you all find your own happiness this year.

  4. Diana says

    Hi Carleigh – nice to see you back on here, haven’t seen you on here in a little while. Did you manage to contact Braydie? I hope she is doing okay x

  5. says

    I too want to see a “hybrid Victotia/Becks female” ( I liked that Kalista LOL). That babe sure looks big in her arms though!
    I’m not sure about the name Bluebell, gosh we see what some adults do to other peoples names on this blog just imagine what the children of these parents would do to poor Bluebell in person……

  6. yara says

    posh is the girl.she styles like anybody can do nowadays , she dont need to be famous she is famous. many people says that she is famous because she is married to DB wrong she was famous before him and she brought him to the spotlight. if she do a lot of a shopping that?s because she as money for it. if you dont it like we’re sorry get a man like her and propably you do the same.

  7. Sara says

    It’s just my opinion, but she looks kind of uncomfortable holding the child….I never see pixs with her kids but ALWAYS of her out shopping.
    Some people have child after child to fill a void they are missing in their lives….the child gives them something they don’t have. I hope she just concentrates on the ones she has NOW.

  8. Jenna says

    Christ’s Sake, I wouldn’t leave her in charge of my kid! Poor Bluebell doesn’t look very comfortable as she’s being fed there.

    I feel really sorry for Posh though, she just seems really sad and desperate. Desperate for a daughter, desperate for more money, desperate to be famous, desperate to be liked, desperate to hang onto her husband. . .

    She’s a really bad role model too, imagine how many young girls starve themselves to look like her.

  9. Nisa says

    Yeah, stacy I have watched her interviews and I must say she seems such a different person from the Victoria we see in pictures, she actually grew on me and now am one of her staunchest fans.

    When asked this week whether she was appearing in a Scientology movie, she said she could not act to save her own life. Another time she was asked about the Butt in intimate Beckam adverts and she said ‘if you have none, you force it by pushing it out’.

    She really has a great sense of humour. I think we judge her too harshly, not that she minds.

  10. stacey says

    I’m a posh spice fan, I’ve seen her on documentaries and she seems quite down to earth. Maybe she poses for the camera because she knows whats in store for her if the paps get a really crap pic. It’s good to know Victoria and Geri still get along after all this time. And Bluebell is a gorgeous baby 🙂

  11. Sabrina says

    She doesn’t like her teeth that’s why she hates smiling. My sister’s friend is the same way.

  12. dori says

    I agree with #4. Always posing… she’s very strained all the time. Beautiful as she is I don’t find her interesting. Just a pretty face like so many other pretty faces in show business.

  13. BC Girl says

    Even though she is not smiling, I think this is the very first pic I have EVER seen of Victoria showing her teeth!! I was starting to wonder if the girl even had teeth, she needs to losen up and get over herself. I do think she is very beautiful, but I hate it how she NEVER smiles, always a cranky-old, serious model looking face in every picture!!

  14. NABE says

    i loved these girls, the 5 of them, i actually was too old for it but hey, they’re colorful and cute. Now with their babies it’s almost more interesting. Bluebell’s cute, just like Geri. I want to see Vic have more babies just to see what name they’ll have !

  15. Kalista Brat says

    I hope Victoria gets pregnant next year and has a baby girl! I would love to see what a hybrid female of Vick and Becks would look like!

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