Catherine Zeta-Jones & Her Bodacious Bod In St. Barts

Catherine looks amazing…and I’d like to believe that her bodacious bod is thanks to augmentation!

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

She has always had an eye-catching figure.

But strolling along the beach in a bright yellow bikini there seemed more of Catherine Zeta Jones to enjoy than usual.

The actress’s breasts seemed to have grown several sizes, leading to speculation she had undergone enhancement surgery.

Yesterday experts said her expanding chest showed signs of cosmetic work, especially as she has had two children.

Harley Street plastic surgeon Apostolos Gaitanis said: “There is a considerable difference in the volume of the breasts. She has put weight on over the years but it looks suspiciously like she has had breast augmentation because the breasts are full and have more volume.

“They look firmer and project to the front. They are very full, which is a sign of a boob job”.

Miss Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas are holidaying on a yacht on the Caribbean island of St Barts along with family.

The 37-year-old actress was spotted strolling through the streets wearing a black top, white skirt and white cowboy hat, accompanied by her mother Pat.

They later returned loaded down with shopping bags.

Miss Zeta Jones and her husband also spent some time on the beach together.

The star looked stunning as she walked by the shore in her yellow bikini. Mr Douglas, 62, also plumped for some bright coloured swimwear but did not cut quite a svelte figure as his wife.

Over the years Miss Zeta Jones has fought a constant battle with her fluctuating weight. She previously told how she ‘ate for Wales’ while pregnant with her first son Dylan, now six, putting on 50lbs to tip the scales at 13 stone.

However while pregnant with her daughter Carys, now three, she cut a slimmer figure because of the rigorous exercise regime she followed to get in shape for the part of murderess Velma Kelly in the movie version of the musical Chicago.

Last month she looked to have dropped a couple of dress sizes when she attended an awards ceremony in New York.

In 2001 it was reported that the actress had undergone surgery to her eyelids. The National Enquirer said she had had a three hour operation to have them “lifted”.

At the time her publicist denied she had had anything done.

Women’s breast size normally increases during pregnancy again but decreases again in the months after their baby has been born and can sometimes end up a smaller size than they were before.

Back in 1990, the year before she shot to fame in The Darling Buds of May, Miss Zeta Jones was pictured in publicity shots in a red bikini looking slightly less voluptuous.

A spokeswoman for Miss Zeta Jones was not available for comment.

Oh well, I experienced massive downsizing after breastfeeding two children…sorry for the TMI! Now that my daughter is 2, I am regaining perkiness, but where did the volume go!?



  1. smoon says

    Re: surgicalscalpels comment – Lol, well that’s the first time I’ve heard Catherine being called “common looking” (although I take surgicalscalpels comment with a grain of salt since he/she seems to have something against Ms Jones). Right from the moment she broke through in the USA, she’s been heralded as one of the most classically beautiful women in Hollywood. That isn’t a personal opinion, but quite a generally accepted one.

    If you trace back to her early work in the UK (even as far as age 15-16, the stuff that a lot of the ignorant Americans don’t realize she did) you’ll find she virtually looks the same today, so anything she’s had done (if she has) has been minimal. With the current scalpel craze in Hollywood, I don’t quite get why this article is even here.

  2. says

    enjoyed your analysis carleigh, yes you are right. she has used all the wealth wisely. That surely makes her a shinier trophy, but does not cut it in the talent or youth departments. hollywood is a vicious land, and with all the nubile youth and talent, catherine can never hold it on her own. she came in too late, and is quite common looking. she has improved herself quite a bit with discreet surgery. Today she is surrounded with yachts, diamonds, and an attentive sugardaddy. being a reformed s-addict, he must be pampering her other needs as well. so she has done well for herself. add to the mix two kids, her portfolio grows everyday she sticks with daddy. and oh, unfortunately for him, he is looking clown-like with nips and tucks as well. i used to like him before, and now he is cuts a pathetic figure trying to keep up with zeta who incidentally looks better beside all fairness, he could have picked anyone and created a legend about her due to his own accomplishments. in this union, catherine has done well for herself, while michael has cut a sorry figure despite his talents and accomplishment. but they chose to do that!!!!

  3. carleigh says

    #18 LMAO…sorry I enjoyed your comment! Even if it was a bit pointed towards me. I just think that Catherine is a gorgeous woman and anyone who complains about her having her breasts lifted..well..who cares. I don’t see an obvious surgeries she’s had maybe other than the breasts. However, she has obviously had teeth corrected, and has the best stylists, cosmetics, clothing,shoes and hairdressers money can buy! She looks fantastic and not overly done like say oh..Pam Anderson. Catherine may have had work done, I don’t disagree at all here, but whatever work it is in question it was done with the uttmost subtly and finest surgeons’s not blatantly obvious..but then again her own husband has had more surgeries than Joan Rivers..check it his pic’s hows that for Mr. Obvious! LOL

  4. FYI says

    #17, I didn’t see them on the internet. I saw them in a magazine at the book store. Can’t remember which one at the moment because I was thumbing through a number of them. But her and Michael were on a boat with the children and she had on the same swim suit. I can’t find the photos on the internet but I’m sure they’ll surface sooner or later. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

  5. says

    first her father was a candy factory worker, next he was the owner, and now he lives in a multimillion pound home. michael has treated his lady well, and hopefully she better treat him well. after all, she married hollywood royalty. dignity becomes her, even if she flashes one perk-ed up b— now and then. as far as looking like her on the worst day, even she does not look like herself anymore with all the surgeries. with that kinda money, even carleigh can look like cathy on her fine day.

  6. carleigh says

    She probably has nannies to look after her kids and in-home health to look after Michael. I think she’s stunningly beautiful though and who cares how much she weighs or if she’s had her boobs lifted, tucked or enhanced she’s still gorgeous and doesn’t look obviously stretched, pulled or lifted. She’s a truly beautiful woman and her children are gorgeous also, she’s living her life clean and enjoying herself AND she wears underwear and doesn’t go around flashing herself like a common street hooker…she’s a genuine lady and I would love to look like her on her WORST day!

  7. N says

    I never any pictures of her with her children… Although I dont see pictures of her in nite clubs….i never see pictures of her with her kids. Just pictures of her at the islands…. I wonder who is taking care of her kids……Nannies…… TAKE HER KIDS!!

  8. TMcGill says

    Ouch, I’m feeling those claws . . . Catherine is an awesome classic beauty. She is one of the few true women in Hollywood who don’t look over botoxed or surgically enhanced. Many of us can hope we age as gracefully. She and others like – Sela Ward, Christie Brinkley, Rene Russo and Julianne Moore exemplify what real womanhood should be.

  9. says

    I would like to see zeta next to someone young. She always positions herself among senior citizens or someone flattering to her in contrast. She is a work in progress always. From her common looks in the past, she has used all the resources and works. But lately, her face is overbotoxed, nips, tucks, lifts are transforming her into the next michael jackson. truly her mouth looks like the joker’s, her elbows slowly are in sync with mike’s million dollar neck, she cannot do much with her thick fingers and coarse feet. all said and done, she did very well, her brains to choose michael for career advancement or permanent retirement is to be commended!!

  10. says

    She’s clearly had her breasts done, and I’d be willing to bet the rest of her has been touched too. But, like someone said, what’s the big deal??! I think you’d be hard pressed to find a female star who hadn’t!! By the way, does anyone know just how much 13 stone is in pounds? I don’t know the conversion and I’m curious.

  11. Paula says

    Is this a new webmistress? She sure doesn’t sound like herself lately!! Soooooo…….what’s so strange about this picture. All the hollywood stars get boob jobs and everything else lifted. Sounds like webmistress doesn’t like Catherine.’s my experience with breastfeeding…your breast will evenually fill back out after a few years although they won’t be perky. Mine are back to the original size and very full….so worry not!

  12. 2kids2many says

    Who cares? Plastic surgery is the “in thing”…everyone is doing it! Why single Catherine out? It is her job to “look good” for the camera. If she needs alittle “help” that is her business!!

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