Larry Birkhead Is 100% The Father Of This Adorable Baby!

Poor Larry Birkhead. Hard to feel that much pity for him as he did decide to become involved with the likes of Anna Nicole Smith, but to be denied access to his own baby daughter is horrible. He most certainly is little Dannielynn’s father! Cute! Thank heavens the courts are forcing paternity testing!

Anna Nicole Smith



  1. michelle says

    I really wish people would stop saying mean things about Anna Nicole Smith.Yes,she did have problems and she wasn’t perfect.But doesn’t anybody understand?When her mother revealed that Anna Nicole was on drugs,I believe she was telling the truth.A mother knows her own child unlike anyone else.If Anna Nicole’s mom said that drugs killed her daughter,listen to her.And listen to Larry Birkhead,bless his heart.He loved Anna Nicole,he tried to get her off of drugs.I’m sick of some of you defending that lowlife Howard K. Stern.He is a LIAR,for claiming he’s DannielLynn’s father.Larry Birkhead is the child’s father.And if anyone would recall,Mr.Birkhead was in pursuit of obtaining custody of his daughter,before Anna Nicole died.When Mr.Birkhead expressed his desire to have custody of his child,was Anna Nicole’s money an issue then?No,of course not.For one thing,she didn’t receive the money yet.And for another,Mr.Birkhead is already a successful man.He’s GOT money.He has a very good job making money already.He’s an entertainment reporter and a photographer.Do you think he’s that pathetic to go after Anna Nicole’s money?No,I think it’s Howard K. Stern who wants the money.He’s a selfish,sleazy,power-driven,money-hungry piece-of-trash.He puts me in the mind of that evil Michael Schiavo,who killed that dear,beautiful Terri Schiavo,just to get her money.And this attorney of Mr.Stern’s,this Ron what’s his face,reminds me of Michael Schiavo’s attorney.Whatever his name was,as if I care who he was,anyway.And this husband of Zsa Zsa’s,he is an irritating,annoying creep.Larry Birkhead,as I can tell,has presented himself with honesty,respect,and genuineness.And if Anna Nicole’s mother says that Larry is the father,then listen to her! Nobody knew Anna Nicole better than the people who loved her.I believe Larry Birkhead loved Anna Nicole very much.He was good and kind to her,and he made her very happy.Until that interfering creep,Howard K. Stern,came between them.I can tell that he’s a very controlling,possessive kind of person.I wouldn’t put it past him,if he threatened Anna Nicole to leave Larry,and he took over Anna Nicole’s life after that.And if Anna Nicole was taking drugs,and Stern was mistreating her,it’s probably because she was trying to deal with the pain.Nobody knows what that man could have done to her.If you also recall,in her last interviews,Anna Nicole seemed drugged out and spacey in every one of them.If she was high,she could have been covering that she really Hated Mr.Stern and she’s only PRETENDING to love him.Anna Nicole could have still loved Larry.But since she had a drug problem,she could have been so out of it,that half the time,she didn’t know what she was doing or saying.I also have a suspicion,that Stern might have had something to do with the death of Anna Nicole’s beloved son,Daniel.And not too long after that,Anna Nicole dies.She could have been so consumed with grief and pain,she gave up on everything.Who knows how that Howard K.Stern might have treated her?He was her attorney,he was trying to help her get that money.But she wasn’t able to get it.Then,not too long after that,her son dies.And pretty quickly after that,comes the demise of Anna Nicole herself.
    I’m not saying that Stern killed Anna or her son with a gun or any other weapon.What I’m saying is,he could have used other tactics.Manipulation,threats,blackmail,abuse,whatever.Just to keep them both under his power and control and to torture them.Maybe to the point where,Anna Nicole and her son started to self-destruct.If they were taking drugs,maybe they were just trying to deal with a painful situation.And,mind you,when people are on drugs,their whole personality changes.The things Anna Nicole did,and the things she said,were not rational behaviors.Drugs made her change and she started behaving in ways that she otherwise never would have,if she never took drugs in the first place.
    Please stop saying mean things about Anna Nicole.Even though she had her flaws[as we all have flaws of our own]she also had goodness in her,as well.She was kind and caring and loving,she adored her son,and she loved her little baby girl.Her death is just so tragic,and she should be honored now that she’s gone.She had loneliness and pain that she concealed from the public.She had hurt and sadness that nobody knew about.Instead of criticizing her and her family,try having some compassion.What if that were your mother,your sister,your wife,your girlfriend?Anna Nicole was a human being who was deprived of love and kindness from people she really cared about.Quit sitting in judgment on her and saying mean things about her.Think about the things about her that were beautiful and unique.You know,that might have been one of the things she wanted in life the most.To be thought of as special,to have made an impact on someone else’s life.To be loved,appreciated,and valued not because of everything she represented.But because she was a human being,and she was doing what everyone else in this world is doing.Trying to make sense of a world that doesn’t make sense,and trying to get by the best she could.
    I hope that Larry Birkhead is declared the father,and that he will get custody of his little baby girl.And I hope he can honor Anna Nicole’s memory,by raising that precious child in an honest,stable,loving environment.I believe Anna Nicole would be happy to know that,her little girl is in good hands.In the care and custody of a loving,kind-hearted,devoted father.Larry Birkhead will get what is rightfully his.And Howard K.Stern will have his day.And to anyone who disagrees with my theory,well,to each to his own.I just know that,I believe justice will be served,eventually.Justice for Anna Nicole,her son Daniel,Larry Birkhead,and little DanielLynn.

  2. lala says

    anna nicole, is she weren’t soo selfish, she’d be submitting to the testing, it is too bad, so sad, oh well

  3. boo says

    I see a serious resemblance in these 2 pictures…If Larry wants to know whether or not he is this babies dad after originally being told that he was… then I don’t think anyone has the right to deny him the truth behind the paternity.
    I can’t understand why people don’t see a resemblance between the 2 pictures…i think they look identical.
    But I guess it’ll be known for sure within the next couple of weeks , who the babies daddy is!

  4. Nicki says

    Isabella ~~ yours is a sad statement, when in the last 15-20 years where many Dads haven’t even stepped up to the plate. This man wants to know one way or the other. And if he is willing, then NO it is not Anna’s choice. She can’t even make a coherant (sp) SENTENCE, let alone a simple choice. And IF he is the DAD he has AS MUCH RIGHT as the mom. I just wish she would have the test done and if she wasn’t afraid of the answer, why not?
    Just as long as she has her “meds” she doesn’t have to think about it. I wish Dannilynn the all the best. My prayers are with her.

  5. christy says

    maybe possibly the woman was going through the grieving process over her son dying and just didnt think she needed to give Larry or his claims any serious thought, since so much else had to be on her mind. no matter what you think of her, try losing a child, its the worst feeling and it does not go away over night. the pics i have seen of her in recent months-you can just see the grief in the womans face. i dont think she is really giving a lot of thought to a lot of things, but then grief can and does do that to people. JMO

  6. Isabella says

    Even if she is larry’s kid, (although, I personally see no resembalance) I think it should be Anna Nichole’s choice who she wants to raise her baby with. She is the mother. My mother was married again after she divorced my father and I was raised by my mother and my stepdad (who, to me, was no different then my real dad)even if my dad wanted say in my life.

  7. lala says

    This site sucks now… I don’t care what you people say am sure he sponsers are pissed that NO one is coming here anymore ! Others site that are also free !!

  8. dori says

    There’s probably a dozen guys who could claim to be the father. The woman is a slut. But I hope Larry is for the only reason to protect that beautiful baby from being raised by that incompetant woman. I don’t like to trash people but she gets my blood boiling. She should be held responsible for death of her son. I belive she gave him drugs and raised him in a very unhealthy environment.
    I guess no one will know the truth until the paternity test is actually done.

  9. Lisette says

    Larry Birkhead is scumbag paparazzi and I’m sure what he wants is not to see his daughter but a big fat settlement, or child support.

  10. says

    And your right #34. Why is it taking so long?
    I knew people who weren’t 100% “sure” and they took blood the second the baby was born. Whats up with the delay, if the baby is “Larry’s” like she said, you would think she would have done the test and gotten everyone off her back. But she is running scared! Not fair for anyone, if she hates Larry so bad she should have thought about that before she went to bed with him. That is the problem now a days, people don’t care who they sleep with and then when a baby comes about they fight and try to stop the father from seeing the child, BULLSHIT, people should keep thier legs closed and really think about who they are having sex with, cuz lets face it ya never know! JMO.

  11. Kalista Brat says

    I do think that Larry Birkhead is the father of this baby, I could bet anyone he is cause I have seen a major resemblance, but in different pictures.These pics make both their faces look distorted and ugly!

  12. imo says

    wow shea, I’m surprised you called Tom Cruise “Fagtom” isn’t your own brother gay? I would of thought the word “Fag” would offend you? Just wondering?

  13. Paula says

    She might not be for sure who the father is. Could be either one. She needs to go on Maury. He’ll find out for her! LOL!! I myself kind of hope it is Howards baby.

  14. BC Girl says

    Gracelyn, Gwen DID put Kingston in a car seat, check out the link that Mumba just put up. That paparazzi were just trying to make her look bad, but she threw it all in their faces!!
    As far as this little baby, I think Larry is the father, even regardless of much or little the 2 look alike, if Anna Nicole knew for sure that Larry was not the father, well why not prove it to him with a preternity test?? No, instead she is scared to take the test cause she knows that he is the father.

  15. 2kids2many says

    and another thing…all the websites are reporting that Julia Roberts is pregnant again! Don’t know if it’s true or not….I thought that the story would be on this website–I guess I presumed wrong! (It will probably be on here next week!)

  16. 2kids2many says

    Thank you, Mumba….I was just going to tell Gracelyn the same thing….Gwen DID put Kingston in the car seat at the last minute! The headline read “Did Gwen pull a Britney?”…making it look like she held her baby on her lap. But at the last minute, just before the car started to move, Gwen buckled him in! Either Gracelyn just read the headline or she didn’t see the whole entire video until the end! There is no way in hell you can compare Gwen to Britney!

    Oh…and by the way, if it turns out that Larry Birkhead is NOT the father of Anna’s baby, will the webmistress post a retraction stating that she “100% jumped the gun and was wrong!”

  17. Paula says

    It’s all a money thing anyway. If Anna does get all that money for her deceased husband then having a child with someone will set you for life. IMO!

  18. Elaine says

    There is a slight superficial resemblance, but I don’t think it is enough to say he is the father. The shape of their ears, nose and eyes are all quite different. Dannielynn only has chubby cheeks like the picture of Larry because of the way she is sitting.

    I don’t like the Webmistress’s comments about Anna Nicole either, I don’t think she can really know what is going on and why AN may be convinced Larry is not the father, or even if he possibly could be, maybe she has reasons why she doesn’t want him to be. Larry is certainly making sure HE has a lot of positive publicity. If all he really wants is confirmation that he is her father and wants contact, this is unnecessary, and could be upsetting to DL in the future. Anna Nicole doesn’t seem to have commented about the situation as much as Larry, or at least I haven’t seen it being reportered

  19. Megan says

    Another terrible “exclusive” like the fake Suri picture that the webmistress could never manage to take down despite numerous comments from readers requesting she remove it from the site.

  20. Megan says

    Such a lame post. It may be a slow news week, but it’s not that slow that this is the only thing out there to post.

    If I were an advertiser, I would be incredibly upset with the lack of posts on this site.

  21. Shea says

    in my opinion…if anna was so sure larry wasnt the father then why should she have to drag anything out? if i was so sure that he wasnt the father of my child i would just do it , get it over with and not have to worry about it again. i can see alot of larry in danni.

    as for this site…it’s going down hill. sorry web mistress…even before the holidays you didnt post anything new for awhile. at least say your not going to be around, or post anything.

    as for gwen stefani, seems alot of mothers are doing the “britney” ….katie holmes also did that with suri on her wedding day to fagtom.

  22. gracelyn says

    Oh yea, almost forgot to mention that Gwen Steffani held poor little Kingston on her lap in a moving vehicle!!!! So that makes her just as bad as Britney now doesnt it? Maybe child services needs to give her a visit!

  23. gracelyn says

    I too was fooled by the headline for about two seconds until I realized what site this was, this would be the absolute last site on the internet with the breaking news of anything!!!!!

  24. Nicki says

    I think Dannilynn looks exactaly like the guy claiming to be her Dad. Cheeks and eyes are the same. Her nose is different, must have her Moms nose, and the ear we see isn’t isn’t pointy like his. But I think she looks exactly like him in these pics. I have 19 nieces and nephews, and I can honestly say, NONE of them looked like this ever. So all babies don’t look like this. Of all my nieces and nephews, only about (on my hubbies side) 7 looked like each other. (meaning you could tell they were from the same family). As they aged it was more evident they were all from the B****** family.
    My brothers son looks nothing like my other brothers daughter, and from day 1. Only 2 yrs apart.
    At 1 month, 2 months, 8 months old, etc. and they never looked like Dannilynn, those cheeks and eyes are hers, and (??her Daddies??) I do think this guy is her Dad. JMO.
    I do hope Anna will do the right thing and do the test and prove what she has been claiming. It’s the only way to put the issue to rest. Until she does, I think she has something to hide. Again, JMO.

  25. Kelsey says

    I must say that I am truly dissapointed in this site. It is one thing to not post for a few days during the holidays (which is completely understandable), but it is entirely different to abandon the site for weeks and then randomly post some lame story that can’t be confirmed. What is going on?

  26. Paula says

    Yes, I have to say that this doesn’t sound like the webmistress usually sounds. She doesn’t usually give such a low opinion of someone, even when it’s warranted. As far as the two babies, I’d have to see Howard Sterns 2 month picture upside these two before I could say for sure.

  27. ???? says

    At first I thought it was Shiloh Jolie-Pitt from the size of her head lol.

    I can see a slight resemblance between Larry and Dannielle around the lips. Then again it is from a website and could have been doctored to suit himself. The head shapes are totally different, Larry’s shape looks kinda abnormal.

  28. Nisa says

    I agree with you Lacy, but still, she owes us an explantion of sorts since we are dedicated bloggers, of all the baby pictures out there she gets this news which is so outdated. I mean our Sweet Violet Affleck was baptised. I think we deserve to know what is going on.

    On the subject of Anna N Smith, I do not think she is fit to raise any child knowing what happened to the last one she tried to raise. I do not also see a resemblance betweed these two pictures since they look like an average white baby.

  29. 2kids2many says

    Yes…a very mis-leading headline indeed! When I first read it, I thought that it was a legitimate story…not someone’s personal opinion based on a baby picture. What is this? The National Enquirer? At 2 months old, all babies with bald heads and chubby cheeks look alike!

  30. Lacy says

    i just wanted to add, people shouldn’t be calling the webmistress a slow idiot. we can see this for free. if you had to pay to look into this website, i’d understand, but you don’t. i know that america is a free country and you can say want one likes, but this is just mean. she is probably busy, she has kids. those of you who have kids know that it is hard to find any free time. shame on those of you say such things!

  31. Lacy says

    i think both babies look very similar. i mean, come on, look at their eyes, can’t you guys see the resemblence? i know nothing is 100% certain until you have a paternity test, but these two really look alike. i think that they both even have the same ears. the little girls ears are just covered, so you can’t be certain about it, but i bet they do.

  32. Susan says

    What a ridiculous headline! Nothing is 100% until the paternity test is done.

    What kind of idiot is running this site?

  33. Jenna H. says

    I think it’s a little premature to be saying this, as the paternity test hasn’t been done yet…

  34. dori says

    As far as I have heard on Et and the Insider the paternity test has not been done yet. Anna will drag this on for months… she’s so evil.I hope he is the father and gets custody because as far as I’ve seen of that trashy woman she’s not a very good mother. Her son died because he took HER DRUGS!!!!

  35. Another Melanie says

    I will belive it when I see the paternity test… I don’t think that Anna Nicole even knows who her baby’s daddy is. She was (documented!!) promiscuous… how many people have stepped forward saying that it is their child now, 3? And besides, isn’t it weird to have “danniel” as both of her children’s names? I mean, she had to give herself a new name and she sticks her daughter with that?! Lame…

  36. Melanie says

    I too have been wondering what’s up with this site. It used to be one of my favorites. I’m a little disappointed.

  37. Jess1516 says

    You know you guys, this really doesn’t soun like our normal webmistress. She rarely (never) posts anything like this. Any of you wonder why she hasn’t posted anything since the 21st? Has she been hacked?

    On the photo–they do look alike, but then again (sorry to all the moms out there), most babies are all similar! Can’t wait for the results of this test. The Anna Nicole Show was a guilty pleasure of mine a few years back, so I’d like to keep up with her.

    Hmmm…your thoughts please!

  38. Melanie says

    wow if paternity was determined by comparing photos then poor Larry is not only the father of my babies but of like, millions of others that look just like these 2!

  39. AnnMichelle says

    Is Larry part elf?? Look at his ears! Thank goodness little Dannielynn didnt acquire those babies!! To me it looks like Larry’s pix is doctored…look at the length of the eye socket…a little distorted. hmmm.

  40. BC Girl says

    I agree with you rachel, when I read the webmistresses comment, I thought she was implying that the test was already done and Larry IS the father…. Hmmmm I wonder??

  41. Ellen says

    Sorry, but I don’t see it. The little lass has chubby checks that look as if she has her little head just bent down. Both pics show babies posed the same direction. Both pics, although cute, have a “generic” baby look to them.

    It will be interesting to have the DNA tests to prove who the father is.

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