Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Out On Starbucks Run With Violet

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jen and Ben were snapped out with one-year-old Violet on a Starbucks run in Brentwood, CA on December 16th. Such a cute family!



  1. kirsten says

    i love this family, i wonder why people keep on commenting bad things to them….Well, Ben and Jen don’t mind them, just stay happy and grounded.

    To Ben, Jen and Baby Violet, stay happy and God Bless Always…

    P.S. Advance Happy Fathers Day Ben!!!…ur some adorable guy..

  2. Fre says

    I’m a teenager (no children) and I’m always without make-up and in comfortable clothes! Since when is wearing make-up mandatory or good grooming?

  3. freddi-o says

    dang the baby looks just like mom what the hell happened to Jen look at those dumbo ears and that huge forehead and look at Ben what a homely family nothing like the jolie and pitt family

  4. crayola says

    #51 kelly ho has not bloged back because it was a miserable christmas for her. she’s probably trying to figure out a way to tell her husband that she is a whore with another mans baby.

  5. Lee Lee says

    Yeah, Garner is a super downgrade from JLO. She has never been a pretty girl. I think Ben only married her because she was pregnant. The baby is okay, but the mother is the PITTS. She looks like she stinks.

  6. Ellen says

    D’Anna. I too take my kids to all the normal everyday places. Don’t have a nanny to leave them with but their grands would be glad to. But taking them with me is always twhat I thought that hands-on, normal, everyday moms do.

  7. says

    I don’t care what anyone says, she is such a real mom.

    You know that it would be very easy to leave the baby with a nanny or friends just to take a trip to Starbucks. I love how devoted both of them are. We’ve never worried if Violet is their real child or if she even exists.

  8. Ellen says

    # 59. I’m not sure, but I think you agreed with me in a way. It does seem like mostly celeb and child bashing. And it does seem rude and feel like some are just sitting there trying to be nasty. I agree that all children are beautiful gifts. BOY do I know how I look at 7 am, Noon and 7 pm – often really bad!!

    And I do believe in freedom of speech. I just don’t feel that we need to be nasty to do it. Kind of takes the fun out of it.

  9. dori says

    Her hair was washed and is still drying in this pic as the statement above read she doesn’t use hair blowers. I wish you would read before you post!

  10. dori says

    hope I gave you all a good laugh
    please don’t take things too seriously
    life is too short
    Happy and Healthy New Years to you all

  11. BC Girl says

    I think they are an adorable family, congrats to them for now looking ‘Hollywood’ 24/7. Being comfy every now and then is the best feeling ever!! There is no need to look glammed up to go get coffee, that is unless you are very self concious about the way you look and feel the need to impress everybody every minute of every day. Way to go Jen!!

  12. Diana says

    Gracelyn – I do agree with you, however it is sad when people get so overheated and uptight about comments and then start swearing and being nasty towards people. It’s a shame really. Happy New Year to everybody that I chat to on here!! I hope that you have a blessed and wonderful new year!! 😉

  13. gracelyn says

    Dori just FYI, I was referring to the slowness of the updates in comment #46 not to any of the peoples comments!!! I think this site is most fun when everyone doesnt agree and all the angry people can be great for a laugh!!!!!!

  14. dori says

    well you do that Sue
    I used to enjoy this website and all Ive seen lately is a bunch of so called ladies bashing the celebs and their children.
    But then again thats what makes this site interesting. And it’s not for kids… it’s about kids.
    How rude is it that women sit here all days thinking of mean things to say about other people when they should first look in the mirror?It really ticks me off so I say what I feel.
    I stated my peace and now I’m leaving again and hopefully in a couple weeks it will improve again.
    No one here has the right to tell other people what web site they should or should not visit or what they should or should not say.
    It’s called freedom of speech right?
    It’s too bad some people have to be caddy about it.
    My personal opinion is all children are beautiful and they are precious gifts from god and should not be judged so ladies… lighten up .. Appreciate the children and remember when you walk out to grab a coffee how good do you look at 7am?

  15. Sue says

    Come on ladies. For this to be a site aimed towards women who are supposed to enjoy watching other mothers’ and their kids, some of us don’t respond in any manner that I would want children to see.

    Sometimes I wonder if these families ever check these sites and read the bitter and nasty remarks. Maybe that is why some of them are so distant to the fans.

    If I don’t like a site I just leave. And I try not to make myself look shallow while doing it.

  16. dori says

    When I read these posting I actually laugh to myself .You think I make strong abusive and bitter statements Nisa? why don’t you read ALL of the comments here? I am a pussycat compared to some of these women.
    They bad mouth everybody.and sit there on their big fat asses and comment on Jennifers greasy hair or how this couple is ugly and the baby is ugly. and so on blah blah blah
    I never have called anyone ugly except maybe you old hags out here making really nasty bitter abusive comments. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  17. dori says

    NISA…..Is your name Lauren? No it isn’t …so why don’t you mind your own business? I wasn’t speaking to you.
    Strong abusive bitter tone….nothing like blowing a statement way out of proportion…geez get a life!
    way to go…. you are laughable
    I am entitled to my opinion and if you don’t like it why don’t YOU go away???

  18. Meg says

    They just seem so boring to me…and this photo is pretty much old news as it was all over other sites about two plus weeks ago.

  19. Angelina says

    What the hell is wrong with this site? does it like totally not update? fuck u i am leaving this joint.

  20. Nisa says

    Dori the difference is that you used some strong abusive bitter tone which was unprovoked. The rest of us are just complaining about the lack of updates. There is a difference.

    On that note, have a happy new year every one. I enjoyed this last one with you guys.

  21. dori says

    I wasn’t the only one who made that statement lauren did you read posts # 48 46 45
    yes you are a sad little person
    get a life you big fat meany

  22. Diana says

    Hey KellyMay – How are you doing? How is your early stages of pregnancy going? I bet it was so exciting for you this Christmas!! 😉

  23. lauren says

    Dori, if you don’t like the site, don’t come to it…plain and simple! From, one of the sad gals

  24. Nisa says

    I am very worried about this site, it is my favourite, atleast here you could write your opinion to people who made some sense. Does any one know what is happening?

  25. karen says

    Maybe the webmaster needs to hire some part time help?? Her sponsors would appreciate it, as well as us celeb mommy junkies….

  26. Tracey says

    Does anybody know what is happening with this site? I am a frequent reader and don’t understand why it is not being updated.

  27. babyhates says

    Ummm wow eww no comment on the Jen thing she looks umm yeah…………… The baby looks just like her…

  28. DJ says

    I like that she is secure enough in herself and not pretentious and has a down to earth beauty and maybe Ben likes her that way. I have a sister so vain she wore makeup to bed for years and her husband had no idea what she looked like without it and I was shocked at what a diference she was without makeup. Jen can pull it off, all the power to her and her gorgeous family. They are a “real” couple and I like it when they do not feel they have to impress people in a false way.

  29. Ellen says

    #35 “Stupid Women on this Site” I don’t know for certain but apparently you weren’t feeling very “Christmassy” or Christmas Eve with your remark to the bloggers or the picture subjects.. Especially to the other’s on this site.

    Let’s not forget , this is a FREE site, where all of us whether we want to admit it or not, are enjoying pictural stalking on people and their children who actually don’t owe us a thing. They produce entertainment and we pay for it. Beyond that, I imagine they are free to look, dress and act however they want on their off time. There are plent of days where I choose to dress down when I am off work.

  30. Jane says

    Everyone is commenting on how bad Jennifer looks…what about Ben?!? He’s scruffy with bed hair and mismatched sweats…but he matches Jennifer perfectly! It would be a different story if he was suited up and she was looking bad then you all could say she was putting no effort into it. They are two peas in a pod in this picture, with a day off, making a coffee run and looking very content.

  31. wheng1221 says

    I love this family, God Bless Ben, Jen and Baby Violet….it’s nice seeing a picture of the family again…

    Merry Christmas to all!!!!

  32. stupid women on this site says


  33. Litz says

    Good point Pat #32. These men you can’t trust, next thing you know he has a movie with Angelina Jolie, then she starts looking forward to going to work ( as she did with BBT and BP), before you know it Maddox is calling him Daddy……..bang, mark you I think Zahara can now talk too, so Mad and Z call him Daddy, they realise they have a lot in common and want same things in life, then they fly off to Cambodia, Ethiopia and Afghanistan too this time to check out Orphanages and do some charity.

    By then he has discovered that he has been leading a meaningless shallow life and suddenly he is feeling whole! Violet gets on so well with Shi, Z and Mad, infact Mad has a crush on violet and Ben wants violet to grow up travelling the world and learning many cultures and see how people in other parts of the world suffer.

    Jen be ware, this is hollywood not little Rock Arkansas!!!! It has many vultures and your man is a dish!

  34. pat says

    With a good looking guy like him she had better start perking herself up a little more. At least put on a little base makeup and touch up the eyes some. She can spend a couple of minutes on herself and make a difference. Ben may decide to look elsewhere sooner than later.

  35. layla says

    even with makeup…i just don ‘t think she;s attractive…she has big ears or something…ah well…to each his own i guess

  36. Ellen says

    Oops. I went to WalMart, a local hardware store, and McDonalds today with my family. And although I did have a shower this morning, I didn’t put any makeup on. Think people are accusing me of stinking and being dirty? Or cursing me? Nope, today I was a Mom off her regular job and doing family duties clean but without makeup or a fancy hairdo..

  37. says

    25. Lindy
    Yes he does exist!, Britney has made a deal with vanity fair or people! so we’ll have to just wait, besides i aint that interested in him i’m sure he doesnt differ in looks from his brother!
    2.4 Layla
    shes very pretty shes got no make up on there and look how amazing her skin looks she has great features to, small nose, nice lips, nice eyes!
    she just has large ears!

  38. Jooo says

    theres a difference tho between garner and the rest of them!!
    they all have nanies! and so many other people to take care of their children because all they care is about is THEM looking good!
    she doesnt look dishevelled or worn out! she just hasnt got any makeup on its call natural beauty and thats what everyone would like to see
    GO JEN!

  39. Lola says

    I can fathom why anyone would pine over Ben/Lopez relationship when it was the most sickening thing that year, it was even worse than Brangelina. Ben admitted that it was the worst mistake of his life!!!! He is better off with Garner

    Though I agree jen(Garner) is letting herself go, once in a while a new mother is allowed to look dishevelled but she is making it a habit, here she looks more put together than her last photos, other star mummies of her stature like Heidi, Claudia Schiffer even Katie holmes try harder, they may have a bad day once in a while but they do not make it a habit!!!!

  40. Grace Kelly says

    Kellie Grace

    Jennifer’s hair is wet, she does not like to blow dry her hair so she let’s it air dry. I remember her mentioning that in an interview in a magazine.
    Another thing, Jennifer Lopez must not have been that great for Ben to have dumped her.
    It’s sad that you can’t get over the fact that Ben and JLo are done. It must be hard for you to accept the fact that JLo and Skeletor are together now and your JLo is a has been that nobody cares about anymore. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but paparazzi don’t hang out and stalk JLo like they used to. Jennifer Garner can’t even go out of her house without the Paps taking a picture of her every move, case in point. Can you say, JEALOUS!!

  41. Reina says

    hey, i don’t think she should be looked down on because she cares more about her daughter than her appearance (when she’s not working)! her daughter is dressed warmly, and well taken care of, who cares about if she has make-up on or not? her hair is probably wet….maybe she just jumped in the shower and went for a stroll with the Ben and Violet. seriously, give the girl a break!! if you’ve had a baby, you know it is basically a waste of time to even attempt to put on makeup to go to the store, or for a walk around the block. we all know she cleans up good. 🙂

  42. Kellie Grace says

    Jennifer’s hair looks SO greasy, ew. What a down grade from stunning Jennifer Lopez to stinky and dirty Garner. So much for those hot Elle pictures of Garner looking pretty…..

  43. Erin says

    Good for her to feel comfortable enough not to wear make up!! She is cute enough she doesn’t need it. I wish I had that self confidence to be “a natural beauty.” We really shouldn’t criticize her for just being herself.

  44. Brandy says

    This site is SOOOO SLOW to update now it’s pathetic! Seen this pic on another site like two weeks ago. Anyway! They are a cute family.

  45. anon says

    Jen’s hair looks greasy. My daughter is 10 months old and although I am very busy I try to at least make myself presentable before I go out of the house and I am not near celebrity status. Webmistress…don’t listen to homophobic, she/he sounds a little nuts to me

  46. lala_brit says

    honey- everyone has off days, just coz you are famous doesnt mean that you have to perfect all the time. Besides its the holidays. Shows this couple are keeping it real!

  47. says

    I agree, that Ben is looking kind of scruffy these days too. But on this site we see a lot of Jennifer, and I certainly wouldn’t “expect” her to look glamorous every day by any means. But she’s kind of that mom you see at the prescool every day who looks frazzled and unkept in her sweats and ball cap and you know she’d look AMAZING if she put just a bit more effort into it. Believe me, I can totally appreciate the need to not care, and take it easy…kids will do that to you!! I’m not hoping for glamour, like some of those ridiculous Hollywood moms, just a little more put together.

  48. 2kids2many says

    What do you guys expect Jen to do? Put on a ball gown, hire a make up artist and hair dresser just to go to Starbucks? How silly. It’s nice to see her so down to earth!

  49. ???? says

    Couldn’t agree more honey, she is a really nice girl and dedicated mum but she does not care about herself anymore that it is getting to a point where she looks strange in anything elegant.

    Come one girl, you are a beautiful star, I know the temptation to let yourself go is great, especially when you have a little one to take care of but it doesn’t have to be the case. Show us more glamour Jen!!!!

  50. says

    Violet is the spitting image of her mom! I hate to criticize Jennifer, because she seems so sweet and like a really great mom, but have any of you noticed that she literally does NOTHING with herself pretty much every day? All the pis of her look like she’s enjoying her life and her baby, like we all do. But at least put a bit of effort into it!! She’s a beautiful girl and can pull it off, but not every day.

  51. Jackie says

    Webmsstress you are getting slower these days, you do not have to post the Etheridge twins, that self appointed spokes person can take his or her vile language elsewhere and look for them on another site. Do not forget yoru methodone homophobic!!!!

  52. kerri says

    wow, whats with the name calling? thats harsh, how do you even know?
    but very cute baby, violet always looks so serious 🙂 but still cute

  53. homophobic says

    You still haven’t shown any pictures of Melissa Etheridge’s new twins… You are homophobic. So sad.

    You are a vile piece of sh!t, a waste of human splooge.

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