Heidi & Family In Aspen For The Holidays

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum carried one of her sons (Henry or Johan?) while husband Seal carried Leni. The family is enjoying a White Christmas holiday in Aspen. The snow looks so wonderful!


  1. says

    Tell me about it. Heidi must do it with the lights out. That is one really ugly creature that Heidi is committing bestiality with.

  2. says

    I wish that the lunatic were celebrating a White Christmas, but it looks like a pock-marked, coal-black Christmas to me. This is really disgusting.

  3. MJ says

    I agree that the pointy tip on the hat can be seen as looking “interesting” but I mean its’ baby clothes. I highly doubt that’s how it always looks it’s probably just way it settled on the child’s head….is all.
    As for Heidi I dont’ know how she manages the family, her show, and the modeling! Kudos to her! And Yes Seal is definitely YUM!

  4. Nell says

    Noosh, dream on that she is nursing him. She takes him to awards shows, that’s not really being a great nursing mom, is it?

  5. Noosh says

    Actually the reason Gwen takes the baby everywhere with her is because she is still nursing him so he needs to be with her a lot.

  6. Nell says

    Listen all these women are privledged. Their children are mere props for their careers, and this is very sad. Yes, many of them are seen with their children, but how many of them are actually spending time with their children. You are right, Katie Holmes is never seen with Suri, she is an awful mother, but at least she is an honest mother, the rest of these weird women are liars–Gwen uses gavin to jumpstart her stalled career, and Heidi tries to use her kids to help her career, but she’s so hopelessly dumb that not even her cute kids can help.

  7. Michelle says

    This is actually one picture in a series of pictures taken, if the other pictures were on this site you would all be able to see that she is carrying Johan and Seal is carrying Henry ( not in the picture displayed) and Leni is walking between them. As for expossing their children to the paparazzi, you are WAY off Nell! Heidi and Seal live their lifes with their children, and in NO way do they try to show them off for their own gain. Gwen has her child everywhere with her, and you criticize her for it, yet Katie Holmes leaves Suri at home with a Nanny, and gets criticized for it! These people are followed where ever they go, give them a break!!

  8. Nell says

    Heidi needs to get a life other than the one she has because of pimping her kids to the paparazzi. Heidi and Seal are in close running with gwen stefani and gavin for the couple who exposes their kids to the paparazzi the most for their own benefit. Anyone have any suggstion whom the winner might be?

  9. Nicki says

    14. jooo ~great site. I love all the pictures you have, so many. Got to go back and check them all out. Thanks.

  10. jenna says

    because heidi’s german and people insinuated that you were going for some kind race joke.
    However, Since she’s married to a yummy black man and has mixed chikdren so i think that speaks for itself.
    and not for nothing, there is nothing good about
    “the klan” so people (like myself) get riled up when hearing about that garbage

  11. BC Girl says

    Robin I agree with you, the hat does look a little klan-ish. And to everyone else before you attack me for making my comment, there is NOTHING wrong with saying it looks like a KKK hat. We are not saying that they are a klan or anything like that, why is it so wrong to say it looks like one??

  12. anon says

    why buy a new one if you dont’ have to? Talk about wasting money!! As long as whoever is in there is warm and cozy who cares? Robin…that is a horrible thing to say.

  13. lauren says

    Shes probably using Henrys hand me down snow suit. You think that she could afford a new 1 that fit.

  14. santa's little helper says

    the baby is henry it is to large to be the newborn. i think they are so cute together. beautiful family.

  15. MissyMama says

    Looks like a rather large baby in that bundle, but it does seem too small to be Henry.

    Geez, it’s only been a month and she looks amazing ( a little tired, but slim). I wish I had her genes…

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