Please See "An Inconvenient Truth" If You Have Not Already

How can you talk about babies and love babies without mentioning this film?

Al Gore

This film made me feel in equal parts like becoming a crusader and having another (the one too many) glass of red wine. From the age of six I have considered myself a conscientious person, and this movie while washing that away also confirmed it. I know that sounds odd, but the movie showed me the dissonance in my life. I have been so caught up in the survival mode that parenthood can thrust upon one so suddenly, that I forgot what I really wanted, needed and was put on this planet to do. I now feel shame for the oversized SUV I drive and BECAUSE I HAVE TWO BEAUTIFUL AND INNOCENT CHILDREN A NEW ABILILITY TO CHANGE MY OWN WAYS AND SPREAD THE WORD IN WHATEVER WAY I MAY. I do not want them to pay for my extravagance. Luckily, my two-year-lease (on an oversized SUV) expires very soon and I can make a more educated and moral choice and I can do so many things to help on an individual scale. I am deeply saddened by how uneducated I had let myself become. Please rent, Netflix, or purchase An Inconvenient Truth. It won’t allow you to wash away your fears but it will allow you to be a more informed planetary citizen/parent. A fancy cocktail (which even the most hardened prohibitionist will crave while watching this film) will only delay the pain….trust me. Just let it in.



  1. mage says

    I have been pushing for these types of concepts to be more mainstream for over 20 years. So glad to see another method to get the word out that there is more to the world than the individual.

    “Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.” -Yeats

  2. Dawn says

    I also just saw “an Inconvenient Truth” last weekend and feel that I can no longer ignore the problem of Global Warming. I have 2 young daughters and feel that I owe it to them to spread the word about this film and do my part to reduce my contribution to the carbon dioxide emissions that are so hurtful to our environment. Although it may feel insignificant – every person makes a difference! When my lease is up on my SUV – I also will be making a more conscientious choice of vehicle. See the film – I hope it’ll change your life!

  3. keppa says

    I think that generally the people who find it to be “no big deal” or who find Al Gore, or any other environmentalist (he shouldnt be singled out specifically for who he is) non-credible are the people who can’t be bothered to make a change to a different type of car, or switch to canvas bags instead of paper or plastic for the grocery store.

    And this, in my opinion, is not only very sad but very disrespectful to the Earth and everyone of us who lives on it and actually cares how much more it can take.

    Granted, I don’t have children yet, but I think of myself as young enough that soon enough my generation and I will have to come up with much more drastic ideas than simply driving hybrid cars….and that scares me….and if it doesn’t scare you, then…..well I can’t even fathom.

    Anyway, thank you for putting this up…
    And I’m also hoping to see some snow up here in the Northeast soon….very strange to not have any and I’m sure it’s only going to get worse

  4. jesse says

    OMG I live in Canada (you know where we live in igloo’s and use our snow dogs to get to work! It’s now Dec 17th and we have only had ONE snow falls. It wasn’t even enough to shovel our driveway, we haven’t used out snow brush on our car once! This time last year I had already called in to work twice b/c the roads were closed and couldn’t go, my kids had missed 5 days of school due to busses being canceled. And todays’s temp is 5 degrees! This is not right! The forcast is saying we MIGHT get flurries on Christmas Eve – other then that no snow!


  5. ruby jackson says

    Robin, I just have to say again how ignorant and selfish you are.

    How are you going to ‘Enjoy” living on a planet when in the summer it gets up to 110 every day, and in the winter it’s down to zero and worse? What about the report that says within fifty years there will be no more sustainable seafood in the ocean? I enjoy eating shrimp and fish, but I won’t be able to “ENJOY” the time on this planet without food supplies, fresh air, limited clean water, etc.

    We’re not going to trundle along until one day the world stops. It’s not just going to end overnight with some explosion or massive extinction. It is a long, gradual process that we are seeing now, and it’s only getting worse because of spoiled, self absorbed people like you.

  6. Jill says

    Jackie you need to go educate yourself hon.

    We are running out of room for our garbage, the cancer rates have skyrocketed and these are just a few of the reprecussions of our neglectful actions and overconsumptive lifestyle. How can this be denied???

    In the past, people didnt drive cars, had practically no waste, grew their own food and didnt use things like disposable diapers. Their lifestyles were healthy and environmentally sound.

    I dont understand why anyone would not want to help contribute to making our world a healthier and cleaner place.
    Yes the world may end but I want my children and grandchildren to live the best lifestyle possible for as long as possible.
    Who wouldnt??

  7. Lori says

    Thank you for posting this and bringing into light the importance of our decisions on this planet. I hope that everyone will not only watch this movie but will also take some steps to reduce their impact on our planet.
    GO VEG!! It makes a bigger difference than you might think!

  8. Jackie says

    You guys have no faith in the human race! People throughout history always thought that the world was going to end but scientists always come up with something new before we exhaust what we have. They used to think we’d run out of trees and the world would stop but before that happened… coal burning engines!

    Al Gore is just a loser that wants to be in the spotlight. He’s playing on people’s fears for the attention but HE IS NOT CREDIBLE.

    By the way, the planet goes through stages of warming and cooling all by itself. Some have said that periodic global warming is GOOD for the environment.

    Don’t believe everything you hear and especially when it’s coming from a wannabe who has already proven his ignorance.

  9. ruby jackson says

    Like I said, Robin, you either choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

    I don’t analyze every mile I drive because I drive an alternative fuel car. Simple as that, I made one change and now I don’t have to think about it any more.

    The whole point of the title of the film is that it is an inconvenience to have to remember to take your canvas bag to the grocery store, have to address the problem of what type of car you drive, etc. But as with ANY habit, it’s not a big deal once you get used to it.

  10. Robin says

    ah just what I need around the watch a depressing film about the end of the world…well so be it! if we are driving this planet into the ground then maybe that is what is SUPPOSED to happen…we came, we populated, we populated some more and things got used up along the way, that is the natural course of life… if we exhaust the planet until it is no more then maybe somebody somwhere will learn from our experience…but I REFUSE to analyze every mile I drive in my car, every plastic bag I dont recycle, every light I have left on because my kids will suffer!

  11. Kellymay says

    Fancy excellent suggestion the books, they truly will put life into perspective!
    Webmistress, it’s nice to read your insight! I will definitely rent the movie and perhaps get a bottle of wine :-

  12. Trino says

    I am so glad to see this post on this blog! Climate change is such an important issue that everyone should educate themselves about. An Inconvenient Truth is a great movie that I wish everyone would see. Thanks for suggesting it here…

  13. Fancy says

    Jackie I did read the link and found it very interesting.
    However, even if Al Gore is the biggest hypocrite on earth the facts stand, we are killing our planet and unless we all change our ways the damage we do will not be reversible, some feel it is already too late).
    We can start by not name calling those who might feel differently than we do about this issue.
    Thanks administrator for raising this topic. For those who haven’t already seen them I suggest everyone look through the books “The Material World” and “Women in the Material World” not just to see how our counterparts on earth live and with what, but to put our own lives into context.

  14. petite-boo says

    I too have been trying to be much more conscious of my actions and options since learning of this crisis. It’s scary to think we’re at a tipping point and all the while our governments (Canadian and US) are doing little about it. And by that I mean educating the public and not backing out of Kyoto.
    I want clean air for my children and a chance for their children to actually live above ground and not in some man-made cave because our air is too toxic and the sun’s rays have become a deadly hazard. Sorry if this is depressing but why sugar coat such an “inconvenient truth”. Thanks for posting.

  15. kaz says

    I’m very happy to read this!

    for more resources besides what’s included on the dvd, definitely check out the website (, which links to ways you can support alternative energies and offset your carbon footprint.

  16. Ruth Thomson says

    very impressed by the honesty and intelligence of this person’s reasoning and outlook. Looking at life beyond our immediate and convenient comfort zones..

    Mature, balanced thinking.

  17. DJ says

    I agree…it’s an important film. The truth is sometimes scary, but we can’t afford to ignore it, for our kids’ sake!

  18. mair says

    Thank you for your eloquent bid for “wake-up calls”. And congratulations for your personal change. IT’s the best use of a blog I can think of….

  19. obviously anon says

    There are people on here that complained about sitting through Happy Feet, you really think that they will be able to watch An Incovenient Truth?

  20. ruby jackson says

    We have options available to us, for instance we don’t have to drive gas vehicles. There are alternative fuel vehicles available within a reasonable price, such as the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius. Existing diesel cars can be converted to run on vegetable oil. There are choices we can make in our everyday life that maybe won’t fix the problem, but won’t contribute to it.

    You can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

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