Prince Christian At Fredenborg Castle

Denmark’s one-year-old Prince Christian joined his mother Princess Mary, his grandpa Prince Henrik and Queen Margethe at the pre-Christmas get-together for the annual royal hunt was at Fredensborg Castle on the island of Zealand. This time next year there will be a new addition to the family, as Mary is expecting her second child in May!

Prince Christian

What an adorable bundle!

Prince Christian



  1. Jessie says

    Yeah I would have to agree with bethany and gracelyn on that one. I know someone who smokes and their teeth are definitely not yellow like that! But hey, she might have just eaten something yellow, I’m not one to say. Anyways, I love this site! I’m so happy there is a site to see all of the famous babies because sometimes tabloids and cool magazines just don’t update or get good phots so keep up the good work “babyrazzi!”

  2. gracelyn says

    That was the exact same thing I thought Bethany !! Thats really gross, Im a smoker and my teeth dont look anything like that. Actually cant say Ive ever seen any teeth that yucky shade of yellow!!!

  3. Nicki says

    KT~thanks for the link. Now I can see why young Prince Christian is adorable. His parents are a nice looking couple. Yes, healthly babies are always the first on the list. I’m kind of hoping it’s a girl this time, of course, healthy.
    Again thanks for the link.

  4. Nicki says

    Prince Christian is an absoulte doll. If I remember there were pics of him on here on some cruise or something? He is very cute. His Mom is very pretty, (forget what Dad looks like) and it looks like his Grandparents are ‘over the moon’ with him.
    KT~ do the people in Denmark want a little Princess next, or it doesn’t matter?

  5. anne says

    it would be nice to see the british monachy a bit more relexed like this, but you have to respect the queens shes class!

  6. Lovethebabies says

    I also love this family and would love to see more of them! I’m an Aussie too!! Here’s to Princess Mary!!!

  7. KT says

    I live in Denmark, so I LOVE that you keep putting pictures of the crown prince on this site. The royal family here is very “normal” and well respected. Bethany- The Queen’s a smoker so i think that is why her teeth are that way but it is not something that people care about here.

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