Gwen Stefani, Gavin & A Giggly Kingston!

Captioning on the photos courtesy of Perez Hilton. The “too-cute-for-words” family was spotted at Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood today doing some shopping. I love Kingston’s squirrel friend! And Kingston is so giggly!
Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Photos courtesy of and Celebrity Babylon.


  1. Nell says

    Yeah, yeah, the woman loves her childs…whatever! she loves his looks and how they benefit her. I’d like to see her shun the camera once, just once.

  2. christy says

    For crying out loud, the woman loves her child and wants him with her. How is this a bad thing? Too many children in this country are left alone, and too many are unwanted, neglected. Its great to see a woman doing what she does for a living and still making sure she spends lots of time with her baby!!

  3. Kamineko says

    Yep, I think they spend a heck of a lot of time doing relativley “normal” activities with little Kingston.I don’t hear anyone complaining about the pics of Jennifer Garner taking her daughter Violet out to the market or for a walk! No,I don’t like Gwens hair either, and I think her music has gone to seed lately. But for heaven’s sake, a baby needs to be with his family, not nannies all the time,and he also needs to be outside in the sunshine! At least they haven’t been caught driving around with him not in a carseat, etc. like Britney. Looks like the paparazzi only catch this family doing regular, ordinary stuff. Thye seem to be trying to be decent parents, considering that they are living in a fishbowl, with people shoving cameras at them.Besides, that baby always looks happy!

  4. rae says

    at least she is taking care of her son you don’t see her going out leaveing her kid and parting all night like a certin ms. spears i think gwen is a good mother

  5. Jessie says

    Okay, for one, a lot of you need to stop being so judgemental about celebrity’s lives. Okay, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but you don’t know why they’re making that face in that picture or why she has her baby outside then… so give them a break. Oh and also, Gwen just came out with a rockin’ CD, so whoever says she needs to get a life and stop using her son for fame needs to get a life themselves! Peace out!

  6. Nell says

    perhaps Gwen should look farther than her own hair loop and realize that there are other people in the world.

  7. MissyMama says

    Kingston is so cute! Gavin looks hot as usual, and Gwen is beaming. You can tell how happy she is.

    It is so refreshing to see a celebrity being as “normal” as possible. And you critics out there, Gwen has said she is still nursing Kingston, hence having him by her side at all times. My God, if I could have I would have stayed home with my kids to nurse them instead of having to pump at work…those things are annoying!

  8. Diana says

    That baby is adorable. Nell, I actually do think that Gwen has a life, she does a lot and has her own career. I think it is great that she is always with Kingston rather than palming him off with nannies all the time. They all look great and I am sure are a very blessed family!1

  9. Nell says

    This family is pathetic. Get a life of your own and stop using your adorable son to get you a life.

  10. Nell says

    This family is pathetic. Get a life of your own and stop using your adorable son to get you a life.

  11. Lucy says

    I’m so sick of this family, particularly gwen and her ridiculous loop hair. She should get some talent and top using her son to get her publicity.

  12. Natalie says

    Kingston is soo adorable!! Look at that smile! I love that he is always with Gwen,,,he is such a cutie

  13. Kelsey says

    I think this family is adorable and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that both Gavin and Gwen are outstanding parents. I just wish we could have a little more variety on this site…it seems like Gwen is the new Heidi.

  14. gracelyn says

    Also they are a cute family, little Kingston is gorgeous! But Gavins shoes look like something my grandpa would wear!

  15. gracelyn says

    My GOD you people bitch about everything!!! Take your kid with you , leave your kid home! You people are so out of your minds, your crazy. Why dont you figure out what is wrong with yourselves and your lives then maybe you can stop being so negative towards people you dont even know.

  16. lala_brit says

    Kingstons cute, has a lovely smile. Gwen is always so polished and immaculate. Not keen on the pushchair

  17. Lucy says

    Does she have anything better to do than step in front of a camera. It’s kinda of pathetic that everyday her and her adorable son are in the media. Gwen get a life of your own and stop making your son the reason you are in focus.

  18. Juliet says

    From what we have seen, courtesy of the paparazzi, Gwen and Gavin are awesome parents giving their son real life experiences that will benefit his development. It’s a hell of a lot better than leaving him in his home all the time, with limited stimuli, being raised by someone else.

  19. Nao says

    Geez, does Gwen ever wash her hair.. She’s been wearing that do for days! Unless she re-does it daily. What a chore.
    Cute family though. Love Gavin’s shoes.

  20. amy says

    #1 It’s snorks!! We just watched it the other day. #2 I take my son out every single day of his life unless it is freezing out. Most people do, it’s how they learn how to act in public. #3 Stop critisizing!! I think she’s doing a great job. On her child, I mean. Not so much on the hair.

  21. leah says

    i agree with lala!
    theres no stabaility in that childs life or for any celebrity childs life for that matter they have a weird on the go 24/7 clock its not healthy!

  22. Nicki says

    I love Kingstons smiling face. He has to be used to the paps by now, we see pics almost everyday.
    He is too cute.

  23. lala says

    well she’s just doing what the people in this site love “oh she’s always with her baby”, I don’t think it’s healthy to have a 6 or 7 month old out EVERY SINGLE day at all hours!!! Not a normal life !

  24. mrs. claus says

    run it’s a real live snorkel. that hair has got to go. i’m talking about the cartoon snorkels. let the husband push the kid. my goodness what a hog, ever pic she has to be the one holding or pushing that baby.

  25. babyhates says

    Do you think he’s getting use to taking pictures or just passed gas ???? He’s soooooo cute ! No comment on his mother !

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