Sylvester Stallone With His Wife & Three Daughters

Oh! I love Rocky! Here Sylvester Stallone, 60, was joined at the world premiere of Rocky Balboa by his wife Jennifer Flavin, 38, and their three daughters. Sophia Rose is 10, Sistine Rose is 8 and Scarlet Rose is 4. It’s cute that they all share the same middle name!

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone


  1. says

    I was recommended this website by means of my cousin. I’m now not certain whether or not this post is written through him as no one else recognise such specific about my trouble. You are amazing! Thank you!

  2. Sonia says

    Still one hot Italian stallion. Glad to hear he went back to the Catholic faith. way to go, Rocco! God Bless you and your family.

  3. Barbara says

    Silvesters wife Jennifer is beautiful and seems very down to earth.She has a cosmetic line on HSN TV and does very well. Silvesters face looks like botox or even steriods makes a persons face look like that. I bet he’s on both! A guy that age with a body that’s built well that’s steriods.What ever makes you feel good Sly go for it.

    • bibi says

      what you have with botox,his face is normal,he just gained weigh,You really might be stop say these stupidity of him,what arent true,or you just read stupid tabloids,and make your opinion

      • Sarah says

        OMG, Bibi, you’re such a victim. Wherever I read an article (or something like that, or anything) about Sylvester Stallone, I see you’re comments. Everywhere, spread around the whole internet. You’re always repeating that you know him and his family personally and that he hasn’t had any plastic surgery and that he looks naturally hot and full of sexual energy (sic!). Like a Mantra.

        Girl, stop stalking that poor man and get yourself a hobby. Afterwords it’ll work with a real man – means, a man with whom you have sex with in real, not just in liquid dreams. A good experience by the way, you should try it. (probably the hobby you need? Exactly what I should do now instead of comment on stupid comments)

    • bibi says

      Barbara you can bet on your sick brain,I know lot of people who looks great,and they ahavent any botox,even SLY

  4. RAHUL says

    Even though he may look old and looks like as if he had gone through plastic surgery or something like botox,but nobody can match his facial features he is a man of matter. Nobody can match his handsomeness at that age. He is a real STUD.

  5. KirstyRobson* says

    Isnt he just gawjuss!
    Wat A lovely family =]!
    I love stallone aspecially in rocky =D!!

  6. ravi says

    hi rock , u and ur family looking nice together. really u have very lovely kids and beautiful wife.i disagreed with bethany.who’s commenting on stallone.

  7. Devie says

    I have always thought he was a talented writer and actor. I am glad for him that he is doing so well. He is trully blessed, and I wish all the happiness for he and his family.

  8. lija says

    First of all Sly is 61 and you cant expect perfection at bthat age, still he will always remain hot in my eyes.

    What is so important about the age difference between them? Slyand Jennifer met in 1988 and Sly was totally gorgeous then heres the photo album

    Jennifer will get old as well as everybody does.The most important thing as both of them say theyare soulmates and veryhappy together

  9. ashley pierro says

    thank you to all the people that said that sly was hott!!!!! he is one hottt 60 yr old italian. who cares if he got plastic surgey, i dont hes still hot!!! now doesnt every celebrity these days get plastic surgey. i hope most people agree with me.i love him nd im 13 lol.

    thank you

    ashley age 13

    • bibi says

      no he hadnt any plastic surgery,The reason why he looks so different in Rocky III,is his body fat was about 3 percent then,You have fat,and muscle also on your face,when he was becoming riped his face was changing it is normal,

  10. ??? says

    Im shocked about sylvester and the porn and that his wife is 22 years younger than him but i do fancy him in the rockys xxxxx

  11. Derick Arujah says

    He is one handsome guy,

    He really touches my feelings when he is in the boxing ring . i wish him long life and peace.God bless his family.

  12. carleigh says

    If Sylvester get’s tired of Catholicism there is always Scientology..they are always looking to brainwash some levelheaded rich celebrity!! Sorry couldn’t resist!

  13. Kamineko says

    Well, as to looking so happy lately, Stallone just went back to his Catholic faith, and says he is extremely contented. So good to know these sweet little girls will be taken to church now, and raised better than most secularly parented Hollywood kids!

  14. Katlyn says

    i think everyone on here that is talking about rocky in a bad way is just jealous… i think he is one of the nicest looking older people there are… dont hate b/c you wont be that sexy when you get older.

    Katlyn- birmingham

  15. greens says

    “I did NOT know that Sylvester got his beginings by acting in soft porn movies”

    Eww. ew. ew. Just all kinds of eww.

    • bibi says

      and know you he was homeless,and 3 weeks he was sleeping at station,and he found insert about porn movie,so he hadnt what lost,I adore him,he is figter,you need know all about him not just you read in tabloids

  16. carleigh says

    His mothers name is Jackie Stallone and she’s a nutty phsycic to the “stars”..she’s embarrassing because all she does is peddle the Stallone name everywhere and anywhere she can to make a buck. You think he looks funny you should see his mother she looks just like him in drag with BAD fingernails, just dresses outlandishly and quite garish.
    His wife is gorgeous and his kids are pretty. He also has two older sons from his marriage to Sasha Stallone. They are Sage and Sergio and I believe one of them to be autistic as well. I have read about him in the past and the facial deformity he has is from a forceps delivery when he was born and apparently his facial muscles on the right side of his face were paralyzed from it.
    This man I don’t know about him. He broke up w/ the current Ms. Stallone via a fed ex envelope back when he was chasing and bedding Janice Dickinson several years ago. He’s lucky that Jennifer Flavin (yes she was a former model) even looked at him again after doing that. I will try to find clippings and links to this info for anyone who is interested. His family is beautiful though and he’s a lucky, lucky man.

    • bibi says

      so when you dont know of him why you write,first I knowing person and then I write,then you write just nonsenses

  17. daze says

    What is wrong with Sly’s face? He didn’t look like that on TV just the other day, so I think it is a bad makeup job. His wife and daughters are lovely. His middle daughter, Sistine is going to have to grow up to be a model or an actress. She has such a natural pose and is extraordinarily lovey.

  18. katie says

    What a lovely family they are! Gorgeous!

    i still have a crush on him! I think hes hot! have done since i was 14!! and im 24!!!

  19. 2kids2many says

    I didn’t realize that Sly had so many young daughters. His wife is very pretty (probably a former model??) and your right, his face does look kinda strange…like too much botox or something. Although I have seen all the Rocky movies, I don’t plan on seeing this one. I’d like to remember Rocky as the young lad that he used to be! Sly…I think its time to hang up the gloves.

    • bibi says

      strange,you looks at bad pics,and you tell he looks strange,no he looks amazing,I send you lot of my bad pics ,and no there is not any botox

  20. Karen says

    pretty YOUNG wife- poor sylvester all that plastic surgery trying to look as young as her. sometimes it just makes you look weird. he looks weird! just grow old naturally.

    • bibi says

      It is called good genes,Plastic surgery dont make you looking younger,my father is 65 and also looks pretty younger,and dont remember,he has had any plastic surgery

  21. BC Girl says

    Ughh he is getting very ugly as he gets older hey!! LoL…
    All of the girls are very pretty though!!

  22. bethany says

    I would say that the females are a beautiful family…..Sylvester looks like he’s had a bit of plastic surgery. He is one ugly guy.

    • bibi says

      Betany probably you has had plastic surgery on your brain,what is unnormal when man looks younger his age,If you see my father,he is 65 and looks at 55,its called good genes

  23. kt says

    i have always wondered what his family looks like and if he and Ms. Flavin were still together. they are a beautiful family and they look very close knit and happy!

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