Heidi & Seal Share Their Joy!

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Heidi, 33, and Seal, 43, have a lot to celebrate this holiday season!

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel arrived weighing 8 lbs., 11 oz. on November 22nd and Heidi said it was “easy!” Johan joins big brother Henry, 1, and big sister Leni, 2. “Everyone had the biggest smiles on their faces once Johan arrived,” Heidi said.

And Henry and Leni are “so helpful,” Heidi says. “Leni helps us sing lullabies when Johan has trouble falling asleep.”

Heidi and Seal have three children under the age of three! “It’s never boring or quiet in our home,” she says, “but we are truly blessed to have three healthy children.”

Heidi shares: “We love that they will grow up close in age,” and “This is what Seal and I have always wanted: a home filled with children’s laughter.”

I’m so happy for them!



  1. Emily says

    Beautiful baby. Looks like my mixed parentage son as a newborn. Stunning.

    Have noticed how many ignorant morons there are using this site.

    lee – the child is of mixed parentage. Not white.

    And TheBobster – How charming and well educated you sound. Not.

  2. says

    I think he’s the only one here who isn’t brainwashed into thinking this abomination is a good thing. In that respect, he really is a class act, and you’re a moron.

  3. says

    Wow, that’s one ugly shaved gorilla the insane bimbo has shacked up with.

    She should’ve bought a jar of jam and a chow chow dog to get her jollies.

  4. Lauren says

    Lil Johan is adorable. He’s the perfect mix of both his genetically blessed parents. He looks like his dad but has his mom’s skin tone. The whole family is just genetically blessed. Congrats and for many more to come.

  5. nikki says

    well aparently im outa my mine #14 Lee…
    cuz i don`t care if he`s balck , white , purple, green , red , yellow….ect all i care is he is happy and healthy!! i think he is absolutly amazing!!! a true marical 🙂

  6. Rebecca says

    Why all the concern regarding this beautiful new human being’s race and skin tone. We should be thankful and happy he is healthy and is loved by both of his parents!!!!

  7. Brandy says

    #14 – A very dear friend of mine (white) and her husband (black) have two children, at first both of their babies appeared to be “white”, but they sort of darkened up a little. Either way he is georgous and I am happy for this family. Stop judging unless you would like others to judge you. Were you there when she conceived? She knows who’s baby that is, and he doesn’t seem to be worried that it’s not his, so why does it matter to you?

  8. gracelyn says

    Hes soooo cute! I love newborns they are the absolute sweetest things in the world. I kinda wish mine would be that little again and stay that way!!! They look like a very happy family. Lucy why would you even think this would be for publicity? ( just curious)

  9. Alana says

    I am of mixed race and came out looking “white” and I am not really that dark, I got a light tan and all my siblings are very dark. Anyone who would assume “something” because this baby is “light” ,is ignorant! Fools!

  10. Lucy says

    Here is another couple like Gwen stefani that uses thier children to get publicity. She is so boring and he has done nothing in years.

  11. jill says

    who cares what color the baby is? andwhat is meant by anyone in their right mind would think the same thing?? the mom is white and the dad is not so why be suprised??

  12. carleigh says

    I love this family and think they make a beautiful couple. Their happiness radiates from their smiles and you can see the delight Heidi and Seal share just in sharing their children. I think they have what it takes to make the long haul and they deserve every happiness in the world! They always looks so in love w/ each other..I loved the pic above of Heidi just gazing at Seal with the baby, it’s pure love and it’s adorable!

  13. Julie says

    I love this family. What I think is so great is that they know people want to see the pics, and they happily share them. They seem so proud of their babies and just want others to share in their joy. They don’t screw around, waiting for the right moment to enhance their Hollywood image, or waiting for the right price. They just happily share their joy, seemingly without some alterior motive. Heidi looks fantastic, and they look like such a happy family. Good for them!

  14. Lisa says


    babies born of mixed couples and even some babies born of 2 colored parents are born light. The baby is white anyways 50% white

  15. says

    i hate to say this but that baby is white and i know it can happen but anybody in there right mind will look at that picture an think the samething

  16. anne says

    Don’t expest too much from the other pics. Henry and Leni are only shown from behind.
    Heidi doesn’t like pictures of her older children in magazines, thats the reason their pics are always blurred in german magazines.

  17. Karen says

    he looks like her son without the curly hair. what a big baby. Seal looks like a very proud daddy. cute! I really hope this couple can make it. there one of my favorite celeb familys.

  18. 2kids2many says

    (part of my post didn’t show up? What the heck??!!.)

    anyway, no problem Missymama–you’re absolutely right! C-section or natural, Heidi does look awesome. Some people are lucky. When my 2nd baby was 3 months old, I ran into someone who I hadn’t seen in a while and she said to me “When are you going to have that baby? You’ve been pregnant forver!” OMG! I would of cried if the totally embarrassed look on her face wasn’t so funny! 🙂

  19. Lola says

    This couple is so unlikely, they are the last two people in showbiz I expected to hook up! and yet they turn out to be one of the most beautiful couples in hollywood, the kids are gorgeous too, leni is my favourite she seems to have a lot of character.

  20. MissyMama says

    2kids2many- no problem, I wasn’t lashing out at you, or anyone else….I was just saying she looks great! :o)

  21. MissyMama says

    I don’t care how she had the baby….she looks friggen awsome after her 3rd child in 4 years!!! I’m still tryin gto get my body back after the 2nd!

    I think Heidi is beautiful. She was beautiful before, during and after her pregnancies….some are so lucky!

  22. 2kids2many says

    Celebrity Baby Blog is reporting that Heidi did NOT have a C-Section. She had this baby natural…just like the other 2.

  23. Fancy says

    Hey KellyMay, according to pregnancy weekly.com she did have a c-section this time but not the first two.
    Congrats to the beautiful family. Johan is such a sweet newborn, I love the way he’s watching the angel on Dads shoulder in the 2nd pic!

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