Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Son

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 45, and her son Charles, 9, were snapped at an L.A. Lakers game on December 6th. She also has a son Henry, 14. Her husband is Brad Hall, and interestingly Julia’s father is a French billionaire!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus



  1. says

    what a wonderful son….nice to see a son and mother together…so refreshing after all this trash with jessica, paris and the likes

  2. says

    Julia looks so good I can’t believe she’s 45! If you go back and watch those old episodes of Seinfeld, her hair on that show and the clothes she had to wear were insane!! Remember the permanent “poof” of hair she had??! She looks so good now, good on her. And her son looks just like her : )

  3. Lolitha says

    What a cute boy i also did’nt know she was married with kids, i know though that she is an heir to her father’s fortune

  4. Essie says

    Okay. I looked her up and . . . sure enough, her father is a billionaire and her grandfather was in the French resistence.

  5. Essie says

    Are you sure Julia’s father is a French billionaire? I’m not doubting you but I’ve just never heard that before.

  6. greens says

    Love, love, love her! She looks fantastic. Even better than her Seinfeld days. Great to see her looking so happy with one of her boys. He’s a cutie.

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