Heidi & Seal's Son Johan Makes His Debut!

Yippee…a crisp, clear pic! Many thanks to Britt! Some may disagree with me, but I think little Johan is identical to Henry!
Heidi Klum


  1. Funny says


    Actually, Johan is a German derivative, you dumb, miserable worthless pale pig. There must be something really wrong with you whites. It’s just amusing to watch you die in frustration and anger. Insecure queer.

  2. Dawn says

    Heidi Klum is disgusting and so are her black offspring.
    She disgraces German heritage by naming that ugly little thing Johan..she should have just went all out and named it Raheem or Tre’Kwon. Not everyone is thrilled at seeing her all over magazines advertising that she loves nigguh dick.
    I feel sorry for Leni, for what she has as a mother.

  3. says

    i agree with all of yall but some babies are ugly and cute but thats not there fault thats how god made them.people are pretty in different in many ways in side and out you just cant judge anybody by the way they look.

  4. Lauren says

    Johan is adorable. I think Henry and his lil bro looked exactly alike when they were born. Heidi and Seal make beautiful babies. Leni looks just like her mommy. Congrats to the beautiful family. I hope they have a girl if they have another one.

  5. CluelessCunts says

    BC GIRL,

    I knew I was right that you’re just another clueless white broad. You on the other hand, in your infinite idiocy, failed at a corny attempt to predict my demographic. Now stick to what you’re best at and stay gargling jizz. Dumb cunt.

  6. CluelessCunts says

    BC GIRL,

    I knew I was right that you’re just another clueless white broad. You on the other hand, in your infinite idiocy, failed at a corny attempt to predict my demographic. Now stick to what you’re best at and stay gagging on jizz. Dumb cunt.

  7. christy says

    how sad, i hope heidi and seal never read this thread. the baby, like all babies, is a precious gift. both his parents have the new parent glow. thank God they saw beyond the barriers of skin color, and found the love that shines out of them in every photo seen of them. the happiness between them, and the love they have for their children is so incredibly obvoius…

  8. nikki says

    OK i think all new born baby`s are so cute!!!
    oh and ….#43 OMG you are so right
    100%!!!my friends dad is black and mom is white and he is fair skined whial his younger twin sisters are dark skined!!!
    and also my mother had fair skin and my dad was …dark tanned and i came out perfectly in the middle but my brother cam out light!
    🙂 totally genetics 😛 lol

  9. mell says

    Owww he is soooo cute just like henry and leni, it is nice for henry to have a baby brother and so for leni to have a secound! i wish them all the happiest in the new year and a very merry christmas!!!!

  10. hann says

    he is very very cute! And so is his brother and sister, i wish them all the best in the future and all the happiest in the new year! And oh CONGRAGULATIONS!!!!!! and be happy no matter what anyone says bad about him because you have a very beautiful baby boy!!!

  11. says

    As a cultured Asian woman, (married to a white man), and a family who has married members of several ethnic backgraounds, and variations of colors, I think I can say something about babies resulting from different mixtures, based on sound experience, and knowledge . First: Ms. PHD knows nothing about genetics, If the education system in the US has deteriorated this baddly, for a person as ignorant as she, to be accepted by a university for a doctorate program in genetics, we really have something to worry about!! It ,probably, must be a correspondence “university”…. Full term and late babies are born looking uglier then premies, even by a week. Asian, Black and Brown babies are born looking much cuter, because they are not sooo pink, full of pimples as some White babies are. However, as time goes by, with exceptions for the baby’s inherited beauty, as a pretty baby, most White babies will look a lot cuter than its conterparts. But, as baby reaches mid teenagerhood real bad or good looks will show, independent of how they looked as babies. Yes babies are cute, but, they can be ugly!!! But as I said, it means nothing as to how they will look in the end.

  12. BC Girl says

    CluelessCunts – Thats a great name for yourself. Yes, I am a ‘white broad’…. I take it your a ‘black broad’?? People like you piss me off so bad. Get over yourself!!!!!! #4’s comment was not racist in any way!! She was merely stating that she doesnt think Johan is cute but that she think Leni is cute. How in the hell is that racist???!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life!!

  13. CluelessCunts says

    BC Girl,

    If you think marrying or adopting outside of one’s race automatically renders them not racist, then you’re really oblivious. If you don’t find what #4 said racist, then you’re just dumb. I take it you’re a white broad.

  14. Kellymay says

    LOL I had to laugh about #26, hmmm as a nurse I took a few courses on genetics as well and I do not believe Heidi had an affair because if that’s the case the I delivered the wrong children LOL

    I am a brunette from a family of brunettes, I also have very naturally curly hair. I have two beautiful white blond children with blue eyes and straight hair, how did that happen! LOL hmmm must have been those recessive genes or someone had an affair an transplanted the embryos in my uterus!

  15. Jessica says

    I think he is so cute. When she told everyone on Ellen she did not know if he was a boy or a girl and she did not want to know I thought he was going to be a girl.

  16. says

    I find it rather interesting that #26 has yet to respond again to all of this…perhaps she’s registering in different courses after learning a thing or two here!!
    As for Hanna, get a life. Stop using this site to vent your unfounded problems with the rest of the world. You need counselling if you can throw that subject around so freely.

  17. Gigi says

    Your genetics puzzle solved! Okay, #26, for someone getting their Phd in genetics, one could only hope that you have passing understanding of high school genetics, but unfortunately your lame Heidi had an affair statement indicates otherwise. Recessive genes can become expressive in an individuals phenotype. The little baby here is such an example. Seal is mixed somewhere along his lineage, thus, the recessive gene became expressive with Heidi’s gene. It’s that simple. And for further thought, the baby doesn’t look that white–more like hispanic. He’ll be tan as he gets older.

  18. BC Girl says

    Hanna – How do you figure that “all white people are racist deep down”?? That just makes me angry!! I take it that you are NOT white!! Who cares that we have “all the power and advantages”, that does not mean that we are all racist. People like you piss me off so bad. You dont know me, or anyone else on this board, so yes some of us may be racist, but are you saying that Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryan are racist?? They are white, so they must be right?? Even though they have adopted out of their race?? You need to open your eyes lady!!

  19. Cindy says

    #33.. This blog is about Heidi and Seal celebrating their new baby. Not for you to spread your ignorant , predjudiced views on the white race. Your comments are offensive. I’m very happy for Heidi and Seal and to hear all went very smoothly and she didnt have to go through a c section as I’d read previously.

  20. Hanna says

    It is normal for a child whose parents are of different races to either look like one race or the other. I went to an HBCU and my friends who are ‘Mixed’ look either white or black very few look ‘mixed’. Also I am tired of white people getting mad at being called racist. You all are deep down. You have the power in this country so dont get so mad you have all the advantages..

  21. Daley says

    As for as Michael Jackson’s kids go, it is possible for some biracial people to look near/completely white. It’s rare, but it happens. Michael’s little girl’s hair looks curly/wavy and his son’s hair looks as though it’s been permed as his own and bleached blonde. I don’t think it’s in it’s natural state, but of course I could be wrong.

  22. BC Girl says

    When I was little I was so dark skinned (my whole family is white) that my Grandpa used to call me his little Eskimo Girl. I was the only one darker skinned, I am not darker skinned anymore, I guess you could just say that I grew out of it?? Well me and my brother (Who was always lighter skinned) look identical other than the skin part. So affairibelieve it full of you know what!!!! 🙂

  23. MissyMama says

    HA! Thank you honey. My mother has dark blond wavey thick hair and my biological father has dark dark brown , extreamly curly THICK hair..me?? medium blonde stick straight verrry thin hair, won’t even hold a curl.

    Genetics play a major role. I’m blonde brown eyes, my husband is dark haired, blue/green eyes..both our boys are blonde with blue eyes. Go figure. So…affairibelieve, does this mean I also had an affair?!?!?!

  24. says

    Wow, perhaps you should pursue something else…he’s HALF her and HALF him, which makes it possible for him to receive either of their genes. But then again, you know all of that in the BIT of understanding about genetics you have. There are dominant AND recessive genes, you know. Who gives a crap about Michael Jackson?? We’re talking about Heidi, who you’ve accused of having an affair because her child does not look the way you expected him to. It’s like saying a mom with curly hair should automatically produce a child with curly hair because it’s dominant. Go read your books, lady!!

  25. diva says

    IN MY OPINION i think both johan and henry are cute BUT they are not good looking babies. And before you all get on my case i’m NOT saying that they’re ugly just not goodlooking. But the family look very happy and i am very happy for them all.

  26. affairibelieve says

    I am pursuing a Ph.D in genetics, so hmmm, I DO understand a bit about genetics. I just expected her kid to be a biiiit darker skinned and maybe have curly hair, at least. I’m guessing you believe Michael Jackson’s kids are his biological kids?!?

  27. lala_brit says

    I think he looks alot like his daddy and Heidi is glowing. Does she ever have a bad hair day or bad photo day at all?

  28. ruby jackson says

    Hey, how ’bout this…. ALL newborn babies are ugly!!

    It’s true! Their heads are misshapen, there eyes are puffy, if they have hair, it’s always a patchy mess. BUT…. they grow out of it!!!

    Give this kid, and all kids, time to grow in to their faces, their bodies. Right now, he might be goofy looking, but he’s still a BEAUTIFUL CHILD, because he’s a child of god.

    God bless them. They seem happy and family oriented, and there is not enough of that inthe world today.

  29. says

    awww he is so cute! He looks exactly like Henry but has a little lighter hair and lighter skin. I wonder what a little girl would look like when they have one

  30. says

    WHY?? Because her son is not as dark as his father?? I’ll have you know that 2 of my 3 kids look identical,fair hair, green eyes, while the third managed to receive the Native blood in my husband’s family and is way darker, dark hair, dark eyes. It’s so offensive to me when people ask me why she looks so different. I feel like I need to bring along a family album to prove she’s ours. It’s called genetics, perhaps you should go back to highschool and learn a thing or two.

  31. Cindy says

    Some of you are too quick to call somebodies comments racist.. Do you really even know the meaning of the word? I think not. People are entitled to their opinions and should be respected for them. In my opinion little Johan is no way the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. You really cant tell what the baby looks like , He was born on the 22 of November. This picture was likely taken a week or so later. He doesnt look like a c section baby unless that was just a rumor. Still looks like he went through a bumpy birth ride.

  32. Nicki says

    What a beautiful family. Little Johan looks precious. Best wishes to Hedi & Seal. I’m sure Leni and Henry will be wonderful with thier new cute baby brother. Best wishes to this family.

    Only someone with a dark heart would say ANY baby was ugly.

  33. Isabel says

    AWW look at them!! Henry was a cutie when he was born, i agree with #13. Henrys hair has always been curly but he is still a cutie!!

  34. Heartbroken says

    Henry wasnt that cute when he was first born but now he is GORGEOUS!!!! Some kids grow into their looks.

  35. Harriet says

    #4 you should be ashamed of yourself!!! He is a very cute baby just like his older brother and sister!!! How dare you say something so mean and harsh!! You have no heart clearly! He is just an innocent, sweet baby and you call him ugly! You have an ugly and should feel terrible for saying that. The fact that you called him and his brother, who are both mixed, ugly but called his sister, who is Italian and German, which is still classified as white in this country, seems very racist.!! All babies are beautiful, even the mixed babies!!!

  36. carleigh says

    People are messed up when they say a tiny baby is ugly! That’s just wrong! It’s maybe not racist but it’s just wrong. I have heard people say some nasty things about Suri Cruise/Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and other celeb babies too and it’s just BS! People need to realize that while in their opinion they may not think an innocent baby is cute or whatever, but those kinds of comments are why people get so defensive and angry. All of Heidi’s kids are beautiful and all babies are special, unique and beautiful in their own way in that they are in the image that GOD made them and that’s that. They are a wonderful, happy, sweet, blessed little family and while all you messed up people who say a baby is “ugly” you probably have no kids of your own. If you sit and think about it as a parent would you like it very much if someone strolling by you in public with a blurting problem said aloud “OMG that is ONE ugly KID YOU GOT THERE” how would that make you feel????

  37. says

    he’s really cute. he does look a bit like leni but a lot like henery when he was born. awwwwww, he’s really sweet. and 4 all those people who can look at a baby and say that he is ugly, something is definately wrong with u.All 3 of them are beautiful children! I love this family and i wish them all the best.

  38. MissyMama says

    He looks just like Henry did! Except I think his hair is straighter, Henry’s hair has always been really curly.

  39. BC Girl says

    I agree that Johan is a very cute baby. But I do have to reply to #8 – How can you even say that just because Carla thinks this baby is ‘ugly’ she must be racist?? Thats what I hate about this world today, if one even remotely bad thing is said about a black person (not even meaning to be racist at all) people just all of sudden assume that it MUST be a racist comment because the person they are making the comment about it black. Makes me sick really. If this were a white baby and someone said it was ugly, racism would not even cross anybodys mind. Why is that??

  40. Lynda157 says

    Yes…all babies are a miracle, but they are NOT all cute! (Johan is a prime example of that) and it’s okay to say that. It doesn’t mean you’re racist. It just means you think he’s not cute, that’s all!

  41. justsaying says

    The funny thing is that Johan looks exactly like Leni did when she was born. But people didn’t say that she was ugly then. I suspect that deep down is some deep rooted racism. Just my opinion though. Johan is super cute.

  42. ladiesman says

    #4 that is a shity thing to say about a baby if u have nothing postive to say ,shut the f@ck up

  43. sammi says

    omg hes soo light!
    wow hah i thought he was gonna be darker but hes sooo cute and hes gonna be gorgeous when his older , those mixed babies. also i see henry has blondish hair super cute!
    the whole familys adorable!

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