Katie Holmes Gives Step-Daughter Isabella A Shopping Tutorial

Check out all the pics of Katie taking Isabella shopping! The commentary is pretty funny that accompanies the pictures!



  1. Jean says

    That one pic of the baby (looks like in a baby seat or car seat) is NOT Suri…Anyone could tell that this is another baby- albiet similar looking..but not Suri.

  2. Fancy says

    To quote those eloquent go fug girls a line from their 2006 fashion/celeb summary:
    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes “had” a baby , got married and performed unholy experiments with their bangs”
    Bwhahahahah. . . can’t wait to see what 2007 will bring!

  3. Carla says

    she looks excellent. and so does isabella. it’s nice to see them out together. katie is mad about shopping. since DC days what more you can find is pictures of Katie out shopping. I can’t wait to see her take start teaching Suri how to choose a good pair of shoes

  4. face says

    people who hate katie for no reasons at all are sick, unkind and are really, really jealous of her. as a stepmom she is so accomodating to her step daughter.
    this should be the obligation of kidman to take care of the needs of her kids. kidman’s world rught now is just focussed to her husband and this is not right. katie has the, husband , a beautiful daughter, and two step children to attend to. these must too exhausting jobs for katie. this a sudden change for her. i like her very much and i really hate and condemn people who say nasty things towards her. she is a very nice and lovely person. she is very beautiful in and out. people please be kind and fair to her.

  5. Guy says

    Does anyone think that some of those spreading black propaganda on Tom Cuise, Katie Holmes are not paid by some “drug pushers” (not street drug pushers) or Psychiatrist organization? If not, be aware of the fact that people are paid to spread black propaganda full time on any possible communication channels. Last time I was at a mall I didn’t see as many genuine smiles as I saw in those photos. Go to the mall and look at people!

  6. Nicki says

    32. Fitz – You are completely clueless or trying to make people believe something that is not. Tom is not popular anymore, been awhile now. More than one person thinks so. Fancy expresses it the way I wish I could.
    And it’s kind of funny you say – I repeat, Stop obsessing about people you don’t like, next you will be stalking them, stick to the posts of the stars for whom you are a fan or better get a proper job, gp to school (you seem young).

    Yet I have seen you quite a bit on the Jolie-Pitt threads.
    I say stop the Sciencetology and maybe you can think clearly.
    I wish Katie and the children all the best.

  7. Lorie says

    I would like to challenge everyone who said a negative comment about that shopping spree to try to say something positive. It is wonderful to see Katie and Isabella spending time together! As far as Katie looking bloated, depressed, etc. I bet there are many women who wish they could look like that on their best day. Tom, Katie, and their children should be treated more respectful, just like you want your families to be respected.

  8. carleigh says

    Athena where do you form your opinion of Americans from? Are you a radical Shiite Muslim or Al-Queda or something? Maybe better do you live in France? MG, get a life and a clue. American’s have the freedom to “elect” a president and while I did not vote for GW Bush there was little I can do because he won the POPULAR VOTE! I don’t agree with his politics and don’t like him at all but I am an American and will never be ashamed of the country I am from nevertheless.

  9. Athena says

    Americans haters = crazy, brainwashed, gullible, media drones, mouth full of shit, jealous, destroyers of countries and lives, and talented stars, re-elected ‘serial masses killer’ for president, insults, lies, spit, pollute, shit on everything and on their own children.

    Viva Tom Cruise 😀

  10. ???? says

    #41 “yes many of us can stand him and stll love him”, ha ha ha yeah probably you and a few scientologists ha ha ha!!

  11. **** says

    #40 What does your grandmother know, she probably thinks George Bush and Tom cruise are one and the same, ha! ha! ha! . And yes many of us can stand him and stll love him, male boobs, shaggy hair and all. We see a good father, a romantic guy (oooohh that castle wedding), a kind guy, and a really funny guy ( that couch jump was hilarious) not to mention a really sexy guy to die for. You are also right, many people dis him these days (especially those on anti depressants), but that is them, their loss!!!! after all they need anti-depressants any way!

  12. hello? says

    Where in the world has #27 been sticking his/her head into (under a rock?) these past TWO YEARS? Even my Great Grandfather knows about and can’t stand Tom Cruise for a myriad of the same reasons why the whole world is sick of this egotistical, manipulative control freak who will trash anyone who doesn’t go along with his charades.

  13. Winter says

    I am really surprised by all the comments on this page. I thought that this site was for people who have had children or have young babies or are really interested in babies and motherhood. KATIE HAS A YOUNG BABY!!! Sorry to break this to most of you but when you have a baby you actually get tired from looking after them and also from lack of sleep! Jeez!! And if your baby is teething or ill then you are kept awake quite a lot. It?s like most of you don’t know that, which really surprises me, seeing as this is a baby website.

    Its like that other comment said, she can’t do anything right it seems. Along with other celebrities. If a famous woman is pictured looking fantastic after giving birth then women complain that they feel intimidated and it?s too much pressure for mothers to look great after having a baby. If they look awful then everyone remarks on how terrible they look and that they must be depressed or have the baby blues.

    The reality is that most women are somewhere in the middle. We are having the time of our lives with our babies but most of the time we put our babies before ourselves and our appearance. That?s the reality folks! Motherhood is a tough job! Even though the benefits far outweigh the negatives, it?s still a tough job! Get used to it!

  14. santa's little helper says

    she is finally morfing into an alien. tom finally implanted an alien into that dumb bitch. look at those dark circles nasty ass hair and elephant legs. run the aliens are coming.

  15. Dani says

    #32 Fitz, It’s Dani not Fancy.She’s more amusing than me by half. Again with the character assasination! What is your problem? Like you wrote in your post and I also agree with “last I heard it was a free country”. So,would you have it be more free for some than others?

  16. Fancy says

    That’s right Fitz I’m every poster on every website who doesn’t like them. In fact only one person in the entire world thinks that something is off there and it’s me.
    Someones getting paid here alright but that isn’t me. Where did you suddenly come from and the big question if I’m such a sick twisted tormented soul as you say : WHAT”S IT TO YOU WHAT I THINK?
    Frankly its you who sounds a little over invested in all of this.
    Thanks for the good wishes.
    Gandhi also said that one must be slow to form convictions but then must defend those convictions against all odds. Toodles!

  17. ***** says

    I really hope she is, I love all the news about these people, it is the most entertaining and amother baby can only add to the fun and they have gorgeous babies too, amother won’t hurt, a boy this time I hope, who looks just like Tom!!!

  18. santa's little helper says

    she is not pregnant. we will all know when tom implants his alien into katie. the world will go dark.

  19. Lola says

    I hope she is having another Baby, Suri is too cute for words, I hope it is a boy this time, let me keep my fingers crossed. She seems pregnant since the wedding, but It could just be a heavy meal. I hope it is another baby! But I also want her to go back to the movies , I love her movies, whatever, as long as she is in the news and I get to see her and her family.

    It is lovely that she is bonding with Isabella, step kids can be diffficult, it is a long journey, but she is a nice and sweet person and Bella and Connor seem to like her at the soccer games, they are nice kids too.

  20. Fitz says

    Fancy, I thought it was o.k to post at at any blog site, do you have any problem if I have the same thing to say on each site, you are similar losers on these blog sites any way! Teenage Suri, who is actually, fancy, Dani, Meoow, mean girl e.t.c all in one, you seem so concerned about Katie’s welfare, then again in a strange way you don’t seem to like her, I have also read your posts on the Brangelina blog, you actually seem to think these two families are competing and it is your personal duty to represent the BAMZS family (I hope they pay you), if you are disappointed in the way Shiloh looks, deal with it, don’t take out your anger on the cruise family.

    With so much anger you will end up like your hero Angelina too broken for repair- but I won’t go into detail because I don’t comment on people I don’t like pretending that i care for them, I find that a little sick………
    Who put a gun to your head to buy the cruise relationship? If you stopped reading any thing about them or their child and stopped being obsessed with their posts (you are the first to comment most of the time), you would not hurt so much, the last I heard, it was a free world.

    I repeat, Stop obsessing about people you don’t like, next you will be stalking them, stick to the posts of the stars for whom you are a fan or better get a proper job, gp to school (you seem young).

    I will tell you a little secret, in all your posts, you come off sounding green with envy, it is like the happiness of this family is eating away at you and you convince yourself that they are not happy, your words sound like a mantra repeated to soothe your jelousy…she is a zombie….they are acting….. suri is not beautiful….the wedding is a sham….Tom is sick…blah blah blah. I wonder if it is working, my guess is that it is not, since you seem as angry as the first time I read your posts. good luck in your hate!

    Advice: Hate is a powerful emotion, it eats away at you slowly till there is nothing left but a shell……… Gandhi, Don’t waste your life on this family you dont like them anyway!

  21. Fancy says

    Interestingly Fitz’s and Why’s comments appear verbatim on the x-17 site. Hmm. . .
    Did anyone else notice how Katie trails her right hand along the wall so the paps will be sure and get good shots of her rock? Or maybe she just really loves the shoes. . . Kinda sad.

  22. Teenage Suri says

    Why? If you really want to know it’s because this whole affair has been weird from the start. It’s the type of thing which if it happened to your best friend or sister you’d be calling the deprogrammers. IMO people sense something is seriously off then get irritated that they are constantly being asked to buy this sham. Read up on it from the start. Katie is nearly incapable of a coherent on point answer in any interview she’s given. People are worried about her. Tom is just plain evil in the evil is mundane way of so many pint sized despots. She gave birth to a cute kid, that doesn’t make it all ok it just makes it worse. It’s not even his bio child. There is so much lying, and spinning , and brainwashing here they should open a laundry mat.

  23. Why? says

    God no one seems to like this family for whatever reason. Everywhere i look, everything i read in the press, whether it be tabloid or respectable newspapers and reviews, they are always making fun or critising them. Now It has become the ‘normal’ thing to do to take pokes at Tom and Katie. Because of this, they have become a figure a ridicule worldwild. This has gone way too far in my opinion and this has to stop! I mean since when have Tom and Katie become the most hated couple in hollywood? This is too weird. Yes they are a bit over the top sometimes but they are celebrities and that’s what being a celebrity is all about. If you have it, flaunt it! But these two are being crucified alive. Why? Do you only imagine what effect this will have on their kids? Leave this family alone! It’s their life and they have a right to live it the way they want!

  24. Leah says

    This staged shopping trip with Isabella is just pathetic and laughable, body language between both of them tells all, I can see Isabella keeping her hands in her pockets pretty much the whole time, body language tells all, honestly I feel bad for this child…also Katie looks 4 going to 5 mos. pregnant, (we know is not the midget’s) watch them announce she is pregnant pretty soon, and yes I believe they have used Tom’s relative sperm to get her pregnant

  25. Dani says

    You’re 100% right Fitz , I don’t always have positive things to say about this family but ONLY the adults. What type of fool has only positive things to say about one of the most intriguing ,um, situations of the last 12 months? Any person who has worked with Tom Cruise in the last ten years knows about Tom Cruise. I see Katie looking this way and alarm bells go off. Where can I see these photos of her looking great on the same day? I find it interesting that posts like yours never adress the points others bring up but instead
    attack the character of the person who asked the question.
    Tell me do yoga and Scientology mix well?

  26. Fitz says

    I entirely agree with you Ida#22, this has become an obsession, Dani, I have seen pictures and videos on other sites, where she looks well and happy on that same day, there were many pictures on katieholmes.com but they have now pulled them down.

    We all have our bad days it is just that they are not always splashed all over the news. And when someones makes a statement like ”this proves money can’t but happiness”, my assumption is that this person is still looking and has not yet found riches.

    It is common psycholgy that it is unhappy people who bitch and trash others, when hurting, people inflict hurt on others. So I believe and a couple of other bloggers here are either poor, bored or very unhappy, you don’t have to defend/ justify yourself to me, you are entitled to your opinion/ miserable life and to live it the way you want, some people get a kick out of bitterness and that is the way they like it, I noticed you don’t always have positive things to say especially about this family. Have you ever tried Yoga? It heals a bleeding hurt.

  27. Ida says

    Celebrity bashing has grown to ridiculous heights, people now spend hours bashing people on the internet who are strangers of for fun, that is sick!, they look at the picture and rage and hate and tear their hearts out as if some one is going to reward them for their efforts.

    I see a child and a step mother out shopping and to say they are not enjoying it from the video and the pictures is rather presumptious, desperate and down right stupid. If you think she is a zombie, I think you are worse for being a hateful loser. Celebrities owe you nothing and are not responsible for the misery in your lives. If they are happy you say they are acting, get a grip! go swallow some anti-depressants.All sites these days are just for hate hate hate, when did the nation degenerate to this, it is one thing blasting britney for spreading her c**t but bashing Katie for shopping, that is bordering on desperacy and hysteria, what has she doen wrong?she is one of the most beautiful people in hollywood inside and out and all she gets is crap. Atleast she has it all!You are so obsessed with the idea that rich people should not be happy that if they are it is all an illusion, by god, what losers you all sound like!

  28. MissyMama says

    EEK! She looks like a well dressed zombie! Her face is all sunken in and those big black circles under her eyes….geesh, did she look in the mirror before she left the house???

    And why has she started dressing so, bleh. She needs to dress her age.

  29. Dani says

    Fitz are you blind? LOOK at her. She looks like death warmed over. Let’s give the benefit of doubt and say it’s the stomach flu. She still looks like caca. If she’d just rolled outa bed and hit the mall she wouldn’t be in Barney’s wearing high heels and fishnets. I’m seeing a cry for help here or maybe the flu. Either way it isn’t pretty.
    Just curious, (and amused), what makes you think we’re all poverty stricken?

  30. FITZ says

    Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t, if she smiles, she is a zombie under a spell and is only acting. if she doesn’t she is very unhappy and looks horrible, if she wears jeans, she has no style, if she wears a skirt or designer clothes, she thinks she is Jackie 0.

    If she is with Suri, she is using her child for publicity, if she is not with her, she is neglecting her, this girl can’t win, this is the happiest I have seen her in years, we all have our bad days, you get one picture which is not the best and pour out your hate on it, people get a life, that girl is much happier than all of you, money doesn’t buy happiness but poor people like you scare me more, because poverty and hate are a dangerous combination.

    I have never seen a celebrity in tip top shape every time they leave their houses. Us ordinary people would like to believe these people are miserable in order to justify your own misery, I saw a whole range of pictures and Bella looked like she was out of place, and she would be since this was her first time, but enjoying the novelty of the experience.

    Please don’t blame your loser life styles on other people. I say she looks great and happy and she has it all, money wealth, a beautiful baby, a handsome husband, great step kids and a supportive family, what more can she ask for. Haters are gonna hate, but that is their loss, go out and find some happiness guys! You are seriously pathetic.

  31. N says

    Why is she an object of pity? She looks like she rolled out of bed then went to the mall. Just because she is a celeb does not mean she has to look fab every day. Im sure they have their bad days. With stylist charging $600 and up to do a style… I dont care how much money I have i would not get my hair done everyday by them. I would also assume that most celebs dont even know how to do their own hair. That is a realistic assumption because my cousin is “broke” (compared to katie) and she cant even do her own hair… she goes to the salon once every two weeks.

  32. ...it's sad really.. says

    Need any more proof that money isn’t everything? Just one look at her proves it. I don’t care what her pre-nup will give her when this farce is over… just look at her, she’s totally messed up… sick… old. And for all her future fortune holds for her, she has become an object of pity.

  33. Mina says

    Bella is lucky she doesn’t have their genes! As parents Tomkat should not use her for their own ‘we are the perfect family’ image/publicity ploy. She is only a teen kid, and teenagers are mentally fragile at that age. All this media attention cannot be good for her. So Tomkat leave her out of it! Leave her alone for god sakes!!

  34. ??? says

    She is disproportionate. Skinny from the waist up and chunky from the waist down. A skirt is not a good look for her as it accentuates the disproportionality of her body and puts the emphasize on her tree-truck legs. She should stick with jeans and trousers and get a new stylist to show her how to properly dress according to her body shape.

  35. silly me says

    WOW!! Katie looks like she has been reading too many gossip blogs lately. She looks miserable and lifeless. It seems she is letting herself go. No make-up, no hair dressing, no nice/trendy looking outfits or accessories. No enthusiasm. No sparkle in the eye. She barely manages to force out half a smile to the shop attendants… Maybe she should put the oversize glasses back on, at least they would hide those dark circles around the eyes.

  36. ha ha ha says

    Look here! Katie is the picture of health and happiness….NOT!!!
    she looks ill, old and drained. Her hair is a terrible mess, she is all bloated in the tummy area and her pasty zombie-like complexion with dark circles arround the eyes is not helping. She looks sad and unhappy. The look in her eyes is empty. Something is dead inside. Tom has sucked the life out of her. The poor girl needs help.

  37. SallyAnne says

    #9, and the magic word (scientology) finally came out of your mouth. Why am i not surprised.. I sorta knew from your writings, which now obviously totally discredit everything you have to say. Oh well never mind..

  38. Georgia Dawnes says

    In the video clip, Katie ignores Bella pretty much the whole time with Bella trailing behind her like a lost puppy. How un-natural and uncomfortable! They are not bonding at all and Bella looks bored to death with the i-wish-i-wasn’t-here look on her face. My guess is daddy Tom is not happy with Bella’s tomboy ways and has ordered Bella to spend a little girly time with Katie so that Katie can teach her how to dress and act (i.e. shop all day long!) like a proper ‘Beverly Hills Lady’. How sad! I feel sorry for Bella, she seems such a good down-to-earth and normal kid. Please Tom and Katie, don’t screw her up as well!

  39. Lee says

    Well Sally Anne, It doesnt seem to have stopped them enjoying their lives, of course every one does not like people ridiculing them but it matters if you let it get to you and change to appease these people. And am sure scientology teaches to have a thick skin, Tom has one and am sure Katie is learning, by their 3rd wedding anniversary she will be a pro!

  40. SallyAnne says

    #5 Lee, you say you’re glad they don’t care about what people think, haven’t you read/heard of the VF article interview? That’s what Katie said on the subject, and for your information yes they do care:

    “She (Katie) opens up about the hurtful articles and TV coverage, which she admits she follows.

    “I do know what is being said in the press,” she says, explaining that she keeps up on the gossip because “this is my future. This is my family, and I care so much about them. The stories are not O.K. It eats away at me because it’s just not O.K. To see how someone as caring and good as Tom is—to see how things can just get so twisted and turned around. I mean, where does it come from? It’s been heartbreaking to see that.

    “I know he’s more used to it than I am. I was overjoyed in being pregnant and then had to withstand ridicule about my pregnancy when it was the most normal, non-controversial thing imaginable. All those things were invented,” she asserts. About the rumor that they had purchased ultrasound equipment to personally monitor the child from their own home, she says, “All that garbage about the sonogram [machine]—we were followed by paparazzi and so my doctor had to make house calls. The sonogram was for his use!

    “Some of the crap that’s out there—the stuff that’s said about my parents and my siblings [tabloid accounts implied that Katie’s family did not hit it off with Tom]—it’s really frustrating the amount of shit that’s out there. And the stuff they said about Suri?! You shouldn’t say that about us, and you can’t say that about my child. As a mother, you hear it and it’s just not O.K.”

    If you don’t believe me: http://www.vanityfair.com/fame/features/2006/10/suri200610?currentPage=3

  41. Fancy says

    If Katie were my daughter and I saw these photos of her I’d be on the phone or on my way over to her. She does not look well. Bella the picture of health only underscores the contrast. What is going on?????

  42. Nicki says

    I hate the fishnets on Katie!! Her top and skirt are nice, if only she were 45 years old. I think it’s nice she is out shopping with Isabella. She is smiling in some of the pics, who knows, maybe at the choices Katie is pointing out to her, but doesn’t look like she is having a having a horrible time. Katies hair is stringy and needs a good wash and blow out.
    If Bella enjoys her life and is happy, which she seems to be, then why try to change her?

  43. Lee says

    Frankly I found the whole exercise of them shopping togather rather sweet and endearing, now Bella can stop being a tom boy since mama Katie is here. I actually think Katie is a great person beautiful inside and out. Thanks webmistress those pictures are priceless, I hope they bond more as step mother and daughter. My step daughter and I have a precarious relationship, but we try our best.

    Love this family, I am glad they don’t care about what people think, too many sad people out here, I understand watching other people shop when you have no money can be annoying!

  44. Jenna H. says

    Isabella looks bored, I feel bad for her! Katie looks awful! She kinda looks pregnant too, but we say that all the time and half the time it’s not true… I guess we’ll see.

  45. Meoow! says

    Whoa! Is it me or does she look like one of the undead? Is Porky sucking the life out of her or what?
    My first thought was she must be one of those gals who has to get skeletal from the waist up before the waist down slims. That ill fitting skirt and the fishnets ain’t helping things. Maybe she’s just really tired from all the pretension. But her face! Her sunken eyed pasty face surrounded by that stringy hair. Somethings very wrong. Scaaarrry. . .

  46. amy says

    Wouldn’t you think being married to such a rich man would leave you looking pampered? She looks like crap. And her calves are huge!! PS I would shop too, if I were her.

  47. Nina says

    Tsk. Rumours that Scientology leaves its followers hollow, unfulfilled shopaholics are so unfair. Anyone can see Katie is passing down an excellent example to Isabella of how to be happy and secure in herself, through these kinds of outings. Anyway, the economy ain’t sufferin’, with Mrs. Cruise on the streets! Cheers to that!!
    Oh and Katie – Lara Flynn Boyle called. She wants her haunted, Morticia-Adams-image back.

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